Banking Episode 58


Since the news of Ife title got to her, Ireti had been pacing nervously in her living room. How in the world will Nike become a queen? From where to where? Has the prestigious Ife title began to been extended to foreigners? To hell with the Adekanbi’s birthmark she has. Since when does that count?

She knew Ifarotimi was responsible for the revelation. Perhaps it was high time they have him replaced. Old age was starting to affect his consultations. She thought.

The screeching sound of a car brought her back to reality. It was evident she has company. Shortly, Deji stepped into her living room. Ireti’s stare was already frigid, but when Nike walked in beside her son, it became hyper-frigid.

‘’Good evening, mom.’’ Deji stated calmly.

‘Good eve….’’ Nike wanted to say but Rachael quickly cut her off.

‘’Eh! Eh!’’ she uttered disgustingly at Nike, ‘’just because my son brought you here doesn’t mean you’re welcome.’’ To her son, she said, ‘’what’s the meaning of this?’’

’Mother, please take it easy,’’ Deji beseeched. Deji stepped few feets closer to Ireti. Nike stood right where she was, close to the door.

‘’This attitude will only get you into more problems with me.’’ Deji said.

‘’Problems? We’ve always had that whenever you’re with this social climber.’’ Ireti stated nonchalantly, sharing a quick glance between her son and Nike.

‘’This one’s different, mother.’’ He paused. Stealing a quick glance at Nike and back to her mother. ‘’Why did you have to separate us back then at Ife by setting her up with Alani?’’

There was silence in the room. Ireti could see their faces expressionless. This girl has influenced her son.

She sighed. ‘’It was all for you, son.’’ Ireti said in an usual soft tone.

‘’How was your evil act done because of me?’’ he demanded.

Noticing the unpleasant stern in his son’s tone. She said, ‘’you were blinded by your infatuation for her and were going to deny yourself quality education. I couldn’t let that happen.’’

‘’Mother, did you know what she went through before she could get through school?’’

‘’I wouldn’t care. I just wanted the best for my son…’’ She stated deadpan. ‘’I didn’t regret the act. Look at you now, son, you’re a branch manager in a bank at a young age.’