Amaka Episode 8

Peter blinks a couple of times to make sure that what he is seeing is actually what he is seeing. If it wasn’t Amaka that was on the bed before him, if it wasn’t Amaka he slept with last night, then it was this stranger that looks awfully familiar.
‘’Are you still trying to process the information I just gave you my senator” Ngozi was smiling broadly .
It was still early in the day but the little light was seeping into the room.
She made to get up but he moves back raising up his hands.
“Don’t! Stay there’’ he says. He grabs his boxers and quickly puts it on, grabbing his trousers and shirt he wears them, he was going to call security, he made for the door.
‘‘Where do you think you are going Peter? ’’ She raises an eyebrow
He turns and faces her ‘’to call security and maybe the police to get you arrested. You broke into my room, laid on my bed. God knows what you had in mind for me. I don’t know you so this is a crime young lady. So be a good girl and stay there, the authorities would handle the rest’’
He turns away grabbing his card key to swipe, the door opens. But it was her cold laughter that freezes him on the spot, he turns to look at her, she was rolling on the bed and was laughing, not paying mind to the fact that the duvet had slipped away from her body to reveal her naked flesh.
There was no way he would have picked this girl at night to sleep with her. He liked his girls fair and with a little flesh, easy on the eyes and a somewhat kind of innocence about them, that’s why when he saw Amaka he went for her immediately before realizing she was a virgin. This girl on the other hand was dark, slim. She looked wild and definitely not his type. So how the hell did she end up in his bed.
‘’Why are you laughing like a crazy person?” His jaw flexes
‘‘Because for a senator you are quite daft. I mean, would I have appeared out of nowhere in your room Or you think this is some sort of Nollywood movie with their voodoo and black magic? No darling, it’s not. I came with a key card in here, a key card you gave me. And last night..whoa, was epic! Do you remember pounding me two- ways sideways, hanging my legs and reaching my Gspot. I nearly bit my lips from not screaming out but you were a tiger, roaring and moaning like an animal, turning me and positioning me to get in rightly, you were a great lay but I am the queen of the bed and before long you were saying “oh ride me harder, harder…oh yes yes..Baby am coming!” right before you squeezed me tight and came into me, almost crying like a baby. And it made me wonder just how you have never had it this good. ‘’
She rolls off the bed and walks to him naked, he backs away from her till his back hits the door closing it. ‘’ didn’t I tell you I was going to blow your brains out Senator Peter?’’
Why did that sound very familiar? what she said and how she said it, it made him remember some incident.
Her face looked slightly familiar but he couldn’t place it.
‘’who are you?’’ he hisses
‘‘I am Ngozi. I told you that already’’
she was standing infront of him now. Tentatively playing with his buttons, he hits her hands away
“who are you?” he grabs her by her wrists, she raises an eyebrows and looks at her hands as he grabs her, she leans in to kiss him, he turns his face away pushing her away from him
Staggering, she looks at him and smiles, turns and goes to sit on the bed.
“other than being Ngozi and the girl who blew your brains out last night. I am the girl who you screwed over when you picked her friend instead of her in one party over a month ago now, the boys club, done once every month when the big fishes come out to play. Your girlfriend Amaka.. rings a bell?’’ she trails off
Oh, that’s it.
She was the wailing bitch who was jealous as a muse when he picked Amaka that day and cried foul. Even if he didn’t see Amaka that day he still wouldn’t have picked her but would have picked some other girl instead of her. She was definitely not his type and it would have been a waste of his time, money and his energy.
“so, let me get this straight because it’s a little bit fuzzy, how the hell did you get in here with that key card because its only I and Amaka that had it. Because I doubt she would have given it to you and again, how did I not know who you were last night?”
“you were drunk and horny” she laughed
“I never drink to get drunk and being horny..still fuzzy. Doesn’t make any sense .!”
“lets just say I helped the process. Your water’’
she points at the empty bottle by his bed side
It dawns on him. He is shocked
“ drugged me?”
She shrugged
“I mean you needed to be drunk and I helped with the horniness too. You were as hard as a rock, damn. So good babe’’
‘‘I am calling the police, you just confessesd to drugging me”
he goes to the bed side and carries his phone
“if you can prove it’’
“the bottle ” He tells her
“untraceable contents’’ She says
‘‘You are here’’ he faces her. Clearly breaking and entering.
‘’I have a key card which you gave me’’
‘’which you stole from my girlfriend’’
She is liking the back and forth words, she knew where she was going with this, but does he?
‘’which is actually my roommate, who is to say she didn’t give me or that you were sleeping with us both?’’
“that’s a lie. Amaka would never give you and I have had nothing to do with you’’
“it didn’t seem so last night. And speaking of Amaka, who is to say she wasn’t scared of you and wants an out because she found out about us and you beat her and raped her to keep her mouth shut’’
His hands pauses as he was about to dail
“that’s not what happened’’
“then what did, pray tell!”
she laid on her stomach, her legs were up behind her and she clasps her hands under her chin to stare at him
“go on’’
“it was a mistake’’
“that’s not the way the police would see it’’
“you wouldn’t dare. You want to lie about that. It was an honest mistake between two lovers, and I didn’t beat her up, I mean I didn’t rape her. We had $3x..I just slapped her’’ he is sweating
“how many times, once, twice and raped her. Why?”
‘its not like that!”‘
‘’or how do you think Amaka would feel, I mean I could easily tell her that we have been dating and you beat her up because you were tired of her and shits along that line”
Ordinarily he wouldn’t have cared but he needed Amaka,
“she wont believe you” he rests on the wall
‘ ‘No! ohh ohhh I have a better one. The wife. Mrs Nwambeze, I wonder what she would think about this, her famous loving husband is a frequent customer in the night club, the big boys frat club where all men, the good and bad, gets to sow their wild oats with a girl or two depends on how high their $3xual libido is and not a word is told outside. I wonder if she would look at you the same, especially if she finds out you have a girlfriend there too, a young university girl whom you may possibly marry as a second wife. You guys have a hideout which is this hotel where you have so much $3x that even the $3x god would be ashamed. Oh and what if I tell her that you have two girlfriends, one is Amaka and the other one is me..of course and you have other flings here and there and all she knows about her husband which is you is a big fat lie. You are a fraud and a serial cheat and a senatorial fxxkster. What do you think would happen..what do you think she would do..
One, divorce your ass, sue you and take you to court and take half or if not everything you own or…choose option one again”
she laughs continuing
“oh not forgetting how the whole world would get to know who Senator Peter Nwambeze is for real, you might get dropped as a senator because your stench would be over powering and they don’t need someone like you to soil and break down the ministry. I have no idea what you men do in the frat big boys club after hours and when the girls are gone but I know they would drop you faster than shit from a hole. So go figure’”
He slowly slums to the ground
“why are you doing this. What do you want?”
“I want you. All of you. Your money. In fact Your wealth, your time. You!”
He should wriggle his way out of this
“I would not go down, you have no prove of all you say. All fictitious lies,. I am calling the police’’
He grabs his phone again and begins to dial, she rolls off the bed, grabs the camera, turns it to him and presses play
“how about this for a start ?”
The moans and groans coming out was enough to tie his tongue.
It was obviously dark but the Infared camera was as clear as day showing him sucking and kissing, pounding her and having the time of his life.. he didn’t move. He couldn’t
‘’hello, hello sir? “
Someone speaks through the phone
“sir, senator are you there sir..sir?”
“oh I even have some amazing pictures we took together, see, I would show you’’
She browses through the camera to show him pictures of both of them naked and in compromising position with his hands grabbing her breasts, his lips to her mouth and his hands inside her thighs. Her face was not exactly visible
“you like?”
He is speechless.
‘’ should I go on with the video?” She plays it
“turn it off!”
“Turn it off” he repeats. He was finished. If this video gets leaked out he was finished.
“what do you want. You want money, I will give you money. Just give me the video, how much do you want..tell me”
“yes I want money, lots of it and I want you. My official atm bank’” she laughed .
“I want you to be my official boyfriend., you know, kiss and have $3x, take me out and flaunt me and spend on me and give me all what you are promising that stupid girl Amaka. Yes, take me to Lagos as soon as I graduate and buy me a car and get me a know what you both talked about, that’s all I want. And yes, break up with her. I don’t care how you want to do it just do it. And I would keep this video away from your wife and the press and media and it would be happy happy all the way. Yes?”
“Okay” he agrees
No, he cant break up with Amaka
“No I cant” he says
“I can do what you ask but I can’t break up with Amaka” he says.
He needs her to cure him.
“why not?”
‘”because..because.. I love her “
he lied
‘”bulshit!! I don’t share my men and if you don’t break up with her I would leak the first pictures and video by this evening. Dont you dare me mr Peter Nwambeze,. I didn’t come here last night without carefully planning this thing. I have a friend who is smart and dangerous and he is in the media. He was the one you punched that day at the club, the one who was feeling up your dear Amaka that night. Oh yes, it was staged. Amaka is so stupid. But you took the bait, it was so nice to see her black eyes and bloated face. I felt happy. So where was I , oh… I have already sent him the pictures and videos and he is just waiting for the go ahead so if you don’t do what I tomorrow your life would be ruined. Don’t test me’” she threatens
” You set your friend up? What kind of person are you??”
“The person who gets what she wants and hates to be bested by some stupid girl.”
She grabs her cloths and gets dressed. ‘’ by the way, I have your number so I would be giving you a call”
“I thought you said she was your friend, Why do you want to break her heart? What did she ever do to you” not that it should concern him but, why would a friend want to make another friend hurt. It didn’t makes sense, now he was caught up.
“when it comes to man matter, friend no dey,. Plus I hate her for stealing you away from me. You were meant to be mine’’
‘” you are sick and dillusional. I wouldn’t have picked you up in the first place even if the place was scrawling with snakes’’ he spat
Anger flashed in her eyes
‘’well now you have no choice, you are stuck with me. You didn’t seem displeased last night. I give you till this evening. While we are at it… I need some money to drink to my victory “
She stares at him fully dressed. He doesn’t move.
‘‘I am waiting “
He sighs going to his bed, grabs his briefcase, opens it and throws a few bundles of money on the bed. He was supposed to send his wife some money.
Happily she grabs them and flings it into her bag. Walking to him she grabs his face and kisses him, he turns away wiping him mouth in disgust
“see you soon baby. When you are done, come pick me up by 6pm today, we can continue from where we stopped,. Trust me, you would forget about Amaka in no time’’
She walks away leaving him shocked to his bones…
What should he do?
He proceedes to call krume but his number isn’t connecting. If he breaks it off with Amaka how would he get healed
He grabs his keys and heads out, before he does what Ngozi wants he has to make sure the Guru gives him another alternative for a cure.
Then when he gets cured, he would ditch her and Amaka. Yes, the Guru must find away for him. He has to. He is the Guru
Why the hell wasn’t he able to get through to krume? He flings his phone to the passenger seat in anger, running a hand briefly over his face as he holds on to the car wheel lost in thoughts.
Then something occurs to him.. if he had $3x with Ngozi and without protection, it was possible that she too had gotten the worms into her body too.
Amaka is pure, which is what the Guru said so she would be okay, the worms would leave her body and nothing would happen to her. She would automatically heal herself.
Then he would find a cure for himself, leave the city. Ngozi would probably never realize what she had gotten herself into and may just die from the worms without cure.
Then he began to laugh and laugh and laugh..
Ngozi got to their hostel, enters the room to find them still asleep despite that it was around 9 am already, she slowly goes by Amaka’s bed to make sure she was sleeping, she places the key card where she took it from, she throws her bag with money underneath her bed, climbs the bed and goes to sleep.
It was a good night and an equally eventful day. She felt tired. She couldn’t wait for the day to break fully and see Amaka’s face when he breaks up with her.
She had a plan B if it didn’t work out, there is an abandoned house deep in the outskirts of the town, she remembered because she and her friend had come unpon it.
It had been a client she wanted to blackmail and they had him kidnapped and kept driving until they came across it. It was stale and abandoned. They left him tied up for two days without food and water until he came to his senses and signed the check. She had wondered what it would be like to forget someone there entirely.
She had her friend dig a hole in the ground where a full human can be thrown in and buried alife. That would be Amaka’s fate if things doesnt go according to plan. She had so much opportunities to go chase in lagos, did anyone know how she had been survivng in school, sleeping with lecturers to pass her exams, sleeping around to feed and sleeping to look good and the fact that she gets paid chicken change was painful. Her younger sister too was a slut but she had more expensive men come her way. Her mother was in the village enjoying the sweats from her daughters and even encouraging them even more. She had no problem with the life, it was enjoyable but she wanted to hit big and make it big. She wanted to travel the world and be amongst the girls who made things work. She wanted to be rich and famous and maybe appear on forbes magazine.
Have her own mansion and have girls working for her. She knew she was going to be a good leader but she just had to get there first. The money she was saving up would only take her halfway, she didn’t want to go to lagos like a begger, she wanted to go to lagos like an already made girl to get her respect and up her fame. Its been difficult getting into the big boys club, those frat parties that happens once a month.
Over time she ends up not getting access just because she either wasn’t pretty enough or $3xy enough. She had heard of the club and the caliber of men frequenting the place and knew they rolled in box..
If you meet the right people, they would treat you right…she was told but she had never been that lucky. A few thousands or more, she hated those clients but she could do nothing. Her anger and pain was the fact that just one party she had carried Amaka to and the girl hits the jackpot of a lifetime, a big fish all in one night, Mr Peter Nwambeze.
There was no way she, Ngozi , was not going to cash in on him and make him hers. This was the key to her happiness she was looking for and it doesn’t matter the length she was going to go to…she needed to have him for herslef and by the time she squeezed him high and dry and he had gotten her to her promised land of lagos flowing with milk and honey, then she would kick him to the curve.
Yes! There was no way Amaka could destroy her dream. No way.
Senator Peter would be hers until she says otherwise whether he likes it or not, for Amaka’s sake she prays Peter breaks it off with her, if not..she would have to take Amaka far away and dump her in that hole. Maybe the creepy things of the earth can eat her alive.
Smiling, She trurns on her side and allows sleep take over.
Amaka is feeling better, she rolls off the bed, her fever is gone and every pain she was feeling isn’t felt anymore. She yawns and turns on her side.
Ngozi and Anita are sleeping.
she seats up yawning, hitting a plate that dances on the ground.
‘‘oops !”
she says, Anita springs up and turns, Ngozi is woken up from her sleep, she frowns
‘’Amaka are you okay?” Anita ask rubbing her eyes
‘’ oh sorry, I was trying to sit up but I hit the plate,. I didn’t mean to disturb you’”
‘’okay, its fine. How are you feeling … are you better? You gave us quite a scare oh yesterday” Anita touches Amaka’s neck,
“ No fever, no pains, I am good as new. Thank you Anita, thank you Ngozi you both are the best friends any girl could ask off. See as you took care of me”
“its no problem” Ngozi yawns, she wished Amaka had died in her sleep and didn’t have to wake them up.
‘‘if we don’t take care of you who will?” anita smiles moving away. if Amaka falls sick, it would be bad. How would money get to her. If her boyfriend Peter keeps sending money it would go for drugs and hospital bills for Amaka and no extras for her. No. Amaka needed to be well. She, Anita too had things she needed to do with money and ever since Amaka started dating the senator, she had had more money to sort her self with, buy cloths and spend on her boyfriend, he was demanding and needy too. Her clients usually dont pay as much. She wished she could get a maga like Peter. Life was so unfair
‘”Oh am so greatful’” Amaka smiles
There was a commotion at the door, then there was banging
‘”Ngozi? Amaka? Anita? Tessy abi Gloria? Who is here, please come out we have a problem biko. !”
Bang bang bang!!!
“ ah ha, what nonsense is that?” Anita exclaims grabbing a shirt to wear, Amaka flings her singlet over her head to cover her bra. Ngozi is on a short dress since from last night, she sits up immediately.
Bang bang bang!!!!
‘’Na who dey, anybody? Open the door and come out oh’’ someone calls out.
They could hear voices, more than one
Ngozi gets up and flings the door open, ready to pounce on the fool trying to break down the door.
“whats is this nonsense about, why are you people banging on the door, what is it eh?”
Anita comes to stand behind her, Amaka gets up too. She is feeling way better she noticed.
‘”Ngozi, Amaka and Anita, where are your other roomies?” the girl in front askes
‘’Out! Why you dey bang the door? Weitin de do una?” Anita is frowning
‘’Look, we didn’t come here to quarrel. Something is happening in this hostel and we want it addressed. For a couple of days now we have been noticing strange things in the toilet but we have been brushing it away. One time someone noticed it but we thought maybe a roach or rat had died close by and they carried it or something. We swept it off.
Sometimes its lingering in the shower or around the poo or on the toilet ground. We thought that maybe its crawling from somewere but we cant find the hole’”
“what are you people talking about? What you are saying doesn’t make sense to us. Biko Speak simply English ” Amaka is impatient.
‘’wait let her talk now?” Another girl in the crowd speaks up
“As you are cutting her how you won take know ?”
“Well if she dey enter class dey sabi know how to read and write and make simply grammer, I am sure what is coming from her mouth would make plenty sense” Anita leans on the door
‘‘let her talk jor! Anita your mouth too dey sharp for this hostel I dey look you’’ Another girl who obviously has a beef with Anita points to her
“Eh eh …don’t even call my name there!! ” Anita is leaving the wall and pointing back to the girl.
“Eh if I do what would you do. I go treat your fxxkup for this hostel you think you be big girl? “
” Eh, See I will floor you!!” Anita is ready to fight.
“Eh eh eh eh, make ona no come here come fight.” Ngozi is irritated
“Yes that’s not why we came here for” the girl in front says, the others nod. Anita and her rival does as stare down
“Yes, tell us why you came here instead of coming to shout infront of our door” Ngozi says becoming really impatient
“ehen as I was saying, we have been seeing this thing but we don’t know how come or from where. Until yesterday we realised that the reason why we haven’t been able to find where it comes out from any area na because no be from ground im de come out from, or hole or from rat or cockroach wei don’t die rotten. Those ones tiny tiny”
“Yes and this ones is a bit long, sort of threadlike and black crawling things ” another girl cringes
“‘what is that now?” Amaka cuts in
‘‘Worms!!” a chorus answer
“WORMS! !!’ Amaka, Anita and Ngozi exclaims back to them repeating it
Different girls are nodding, their face is a mask of obvious disgust .
“yes worms, and it is evident from yesterday to know that na person dey shit or piss am commot. Someone used the toilet yesterday and when another person entered she screamed and ran out”
‘’ I was the one who screamed when seeing it’’ the culprit indicated raising her hands,
“Yes and we went to see, it was plenty inside the WC, plenty crawling inside the poo. Shit you know dey brown but these worms are black, fat and long. Person for this hostel dey shit worms. And we want to know who the person is.’’
The bigger gurl folds her arms and stares at them
Everywhere is silent , the group of people standing at the door are waiting , everyone is staring at them.
‘‘hmm! okay so you think its us’?” Amaka is taken aback?
“we don’t know who but we want to know who, we have gone around the hostel asking every girl since yesterday. Everyone dey deny.
Now today this morning I entered the toilet to find that this worms are on the floor too and it looks like someone had peed on the ground. Is it not disgusting? You leave WC go piss for ground wei person dey step.
Abi is the person a witch or she is a walking corpses.? We don’t know whether this worms carry disease and girls are using that toilet and you know how sensitive girls are?
I no want catch anything so the person we has these worms in their body should come and tell us which kin disease she get, we can help her and take her to hospital so she can treat it and if its not treatable or worsens transferable, Omo she has to leave this hostel and go away, because my dear, odikwa very risky.
I like my life I don’t want to die from something I don’t know. If that kind of worm dey person body do you know wether its from a rotten stomach or from rotten vijajay?
Biko na so epidermic they take start, before it would be spreading from one girl to another. so if any of you girls are the one, kindly say so make we begin from here’’ she finishes.
‘’it’s like you are mad!” Ngozi spat
“are we the only girls here?”
‘‘ its not us’’ Amaka backs her
“how are we sure? after all na una be the original runs girls superior for this hostel. Different men here and there. maybe una go don go carry am come from younder’’ A girl in the crowd spat back
“Na we be the only girls we dey fxxk guys for this hostel? Maryjane wie be official slut nko? Or is it chinma who sleeps with girls and boys, or even you, you that is talking, no be you I see leave nightingale club with one old man last night? “
Ngozi attacks the big girl in front who was leading the girls.
“ I always use protection” she defends herself.
‘’ abegi clear from my face, you people are judging people yet na ona closet naim skeletons full pass, we are not the ones you hear? my bobo na clean boy, Amaka’s own na senator and Ngozi doesn’t move with cheap assholes and there is no way tush girl like us can be infected with..worms. talk less of shitting and pissing them out ” Anita is pissed
“ you peiope should have checked yourselves before asking us “ Amaka joins in
” see all this ones na dust una dey yarn, shei we have gone from room to room to ask, everyone dey deny. Okay!!
we go lock the toilet. everyone would use shitting pane to shit and piss. lets be our own moniting spirit, shei everyone would have to go outside to pour your piss or come and ask hostel warden to them to give you key to flush your shit abi? we go find the culprit and we go disgrace am. You can not come and kill us with whatever you carry. Whoever the person is we go find am. We are being nice asking no one wants to step forward, when we catch that person na beat we go beat am, disgrace am and push the person out, that person is a devil. A witch. a dead corpse !!!”
‘’ yes we would find am!”
”Yes yes!!”
“How disgusting!!”
They all start to talk loudly.
“Abeg leave my room jor, don’t come and give us disease too” Ngozi says nudging them away, and shuts the door on their faces dulling out their noise.
“we are getting someone to come and fumigate the toilet and senitize it. Who ever that person is we go catch am , abi the person na ghost?” was heard through the door
“Abeg get out from my door you hear?” Amaka screams through the door
‘’pot calling kettle black” Anita says
‘’Don’t mind them, clean girls like us they think we are public toilets like them, what nerve” Ngozi shakes her head
“ I swear I felt like slapping that one mouthing infront of me’” Amaka fumes,
” the way she was just talking, what if the person is her and she is trying to shift the spotlight from her nko eh?’’
“ Na so. Lets forget jire. Amaka, see you dey sharp mouth, are you really strong to fight, one blow now you would fall on the ground’’
The three of them laughs
“But who be the person na, kai God, worms inside someone. Ewww” Amaka cringes just thinking about it.
“That person is rotten inside oh, they said black fat and long, didn’t the person feel it inside her?” Anita is disturbed, she begins to rub her arms ” I saw a movie ones, how worms eat up a girl’s inside . God it was a gory sight. Those American movies na, I was screaming . I no watch again”
“Maybe the person is already gone sef, might be a visitor who don’t stay here. How can worms be coming out from a person. Na death be that na. Tufiakwa . No body should infect me oh. Hain, my punani oh!!” She holds her private part and begins to jump
They all laugh again
“I swear Ngozi you are a clown ” Amaka is laughing hard
‘’ wh- what do you mean you don’t know any body like the Guru who stays here. He is tall and has grey hair and long goatee, he stays here in this house with his boy Zachariah, what do you mean you don’t know him?” peter was standing just right outside the house, which looks deserted.
‘’ but oga it is as I am telling you. There is no one named the guru here. Who is he, what does he do?’’ The young man asks him
“what sort of question is that? he is a spiritual head, he prays and sees things and gives solutions to problems.”
The man laughs
‘’spiritual head ke? Oga you are funny. We don’t have a church here in this place, its on the next street where we have all the churches. Here is a quiet environment sir”
No, what nonsense is this man telling him, Peter shakes his head
‘‘But he lives here and this is where he holds his sessions. I was here a few days ago to consult with him”
“sir, this place has been vacant for months and uncompleted, the landlord was unable to complete the house because of money, he just sold it to my oga yesterday and I am the supervisor, I came to check out the place to see what work is needed to be done because we want to turn it into an office for office supplies. There is no one like your Guru or spiritual head because this pace has been empty and unoccupied for months, I have been coming here for the past few days and I can say for certain that not a soul lives here. So I don’t know who you are looking for , but if you don’t leave here sir I would call the security”’
“what do you mean, do you know who I am?”
The young man looks him up and down
“oga, I don’t care to know”
“ am a senator and you have no right to talk to me like that” Peter takes a step towards him
The young man looks around, there was no security detail with him
“A senator that does not carry a security detail with him is that one a senator, or you are those kind of senators who likes to do shady deals and inappropriate dealings with girls and the likes you don’t want anyone to know so you go solo, abi you are a fraud, a yahoo big boy or na agbero you be. ?”’
Peter grabs him “ I am not, I would have you arrested young man and you must produce the Guru. It was your plan to dupe me right, you and the Guru?” does he think he can trick him
He held the young man’s shirt tightly
“ where is the Guru, where is he? You would rot in jail’’
‘ “oga leave me, leave me” the young man struggles
“help oh, help me!” he screams , passerbys are staring
“ you must produce him today” Peter is shaking him.
“ leave me , I don’t know who you are talking about, let me call my oga…leave me oga”
They both struggle, people are beginning to gather.
Peter looked around and realized that if people begin to ask questions what would he say, what if someone recognizes him and someone takes a picture of him.
Good thing he didn’t carry a security detail, he had stopped carrying them ever since he joined the fraternity, they didn’t need anyone to suspect him or follow him around when he made deliveries or stocks himself up, and when ever he was meeting a woman he didn’t want news to get back to his wife. They could be loyal to him but money could buy anyone’s loyalty.
“oga weitn they happen, oga leave am, weitn him do, him thief?” someone in the crowd askes
“ I no thief oh, him just dey harass me. Leave me oga leave me” the young man screams
peter doesn’t let go, someone needs to tell him where the Guru is and this is the only person who can
“ tell me where the Guru is, just tell me, it’s a matter of life and death” he whispers to the struggling man.
Can’t he see he just wants the Guru?Can’t he see that he is a man desperate too.
“please” he begged ignoring the crowd of people shaking the young man
“ oga I no know who him be I swear” he turns his head “ abeg who sabi any guru abi spiritual head wei dey stay for this yard?” He asks from the crowd of people.
“guru ke?”
“ spiritual head kwa’”
“which yard”?
‘” oboy you high, here look like shrine”?
“ church dey the other street”
People are talking , no one is making sense
‘”the Guru, he-he stays here” Peter says, looking at their faces, insisting. Where they all in it together. To make him sound crazy?
‘”oga no body lives here, here has been empty. Person just buy the property’’ a bigger man comes into view
Oh God, it cant be
“ but ..but “
peter stammers
“ oga have we met before? your face looks farmilar”
“ na you get that sweet ride for corner? Another person whistles
“ he said he is a senator” the young man says
“ shut up. Shut up!!” Peter shouts letting him go, pushing him, someone flashes in his eyes , was it lightening ? He looks away from the light.
“ weitin senator they find for this area, who be the Guru’”
They are talking, Peter’s head is spinning..
“abi is he a victim of one chance”? someone laughs
He cant breath, he backs away as their faces begin to blur around him..
“there is no one like the Guru here”
“The guru doesn’t exist!!”
“Is he mad?”
“I have seen this man before, I know him” Someone is snapping and recording him
“Such fine handsome man”
“Abi is he one of those people using people for ritualist, let’s call police “
“Him they craze? Be like them dupe am”
“Chei? Hope he hasn’t given them money oh!!”
Click click. More phones have been brought out
” Oh! work of abgero boys”
“I swear, I have seen his face before, but where?”
Too many voices , too many faces, his head is spinning , his vision blurs, he cant breath.
He hits them pushing through the crowds, flings himself into his car and speeds away..
Krume’s number wasn’t still going through.
He reaches his office complex, takes a lift and gets to krume’s floor. He ignores the secretary and heads to krume’s door.
From the secuirty to the reception area, people greeted and nodded to him as he passed. They knew who he was and that he was a senator as well but in another district, they also knew him and krume were very good friends and he had often come here to visit him. But today they also stared at him curiously. He was looking unkept.
He didn’t have time to take a bath this morning. he was wearing his shirt not tucked in, his hair uncombed and he looked like someone the cat dragged in.
“ sir, sir” the secretary ran after him as he breezes past her, he ignores her not stopping
“sir please you cant go in there “ she says trying to block him
He shoots lasers at her throw his eyes” what do you mean I cant go in?’
“ sir you can’t go in, that’s the order I am given’’
“ do you know who I am, fanny is it? Are you high to stop me, you know I can have your job ?”
“ I know sir and I am sorry but the orders came in from Mr krume sir”
” what?” he can’t believe his ears
She looks at him apologhetically
“from him to stop people from coming to see him or stop me?” he turns to her
She didn’t say anything other than
“am sorry sir”


couldn’t believe it. First he just found out that the Guru was a fraud and doesn’t exist and that he may have very well being talking to a ghost or rather some agbero boys who was looking to get quick bucks and looked for the most gullible fool to dupe, him.
And now they are no where to be found.
Now his friend, krume doesn’t wasn’t to see him .
There was only one thing that made sense here. He was set up by non other than his friend krume he pushes her aside but she blocks him
“ Get out of my way, get out!!”’
‘ I am sorry sir I can’t. If you don’t leave I would call security” she tells him
“call security for a senator of the senatorial body of Nigeria, are you mad. ?’ he thundered
‘‘sir sir sir” she pleased , getting more angry
He nudges her to the wall and takes long strides to krume’s office and kicks the door in, startling the people seated.
Krume was having a meeting, but was on the phone when the door bounces back on its hinges
“I should have known it, I should have known it was you who set me up. You …you krume . “
Krume is shocked to see him here, his secretary comes behind him and has fear in her eyes, she didn’t want to lose her job
“ I am sorry sir I tried to stop him”
Krume nods dismissing her
” gentlemen please can you give me a minute ‘?
They nod standing up
‘”no they should stay and hear me. This man is a fraud, a liar and a scammer “ he points to krume
Gasps escapes from their lips
“ Peter control yourself and don’t say anything that is a lie because of anger. Gentle please let’s reconvene the meeting ” he beckons to the door
“ me, a liar me?” Peter enters the office and continues
“ you set me up. You lied and took me to that spiritual head, that Guru when you knew he was a flux. You asshole. It was your plan. Its because of you I am sick. You introduced me to that club, you brought that girl Maggie into my life and you ruined me. I can see it all clearly now. It was you,..why?”
“ I did no such thing Peter. shut up”
No one wants to leave, someone grabs his phone to record, krume grabs it and smashes it to the ground
“leave !!‘ he thunders, they scrurry to the door and out, but they linger outside as the door remained open
“ tell me why krume , tell me why”? Peter is fuming, he glenches his fist.
He wants to know why before he beats him to a pulp. His life was already ruined, he wouldn’t mind ruining his face
“ I swear Peter I didn’t do anything, how is the Guru a scam?”
Because he doesn’t exist you liar or if he did he was a scam from day one. No one is there and no one knows who the hell he is. I had gone there to find him and Zacharia gone. Not a soul and people say that place has been vacant that means they were thieves using that place for their criminal activities. Something you should know because you planned it.
My money is gone and I still have this–this things inside of me and I am feeling sicker by the moment and now you don’t want to see me…tell me why”’
he moves closer to him, krume pushes a chair between them
“ look Peter, I am really sorry but I had no idea”
“liar!’ Peter screams at him and made for him,
krume runs to the other end
“ stop Peter, look at yourself “
” you planned all this why” Peter is pained” Just tell me why?”
“ I swear I didn’t. but, I don’t know how deadly those worms are inside of you and I don’t want to get them, I was trying to save myself and I just didn’t think and acted, the only crime I have committed here was to stop my secretary from letting you in to see me. That’s all. I am sorry Peter but I swear I had nothing to do with all these’”
‘’you introduced me to the fraternity men club, it was you. You destroyed my life”
‘ No! You were already a womaniser already, I just introduced you into a platform where you can do it freely without hiding..’”
‘ I met maggie there , its because of you, you planted her there and sent her to me. She gave me and it was because of you
You did this to me. You sent her to me didn’t you.”
‘’so what if I took you to a club. Did I force you to sleep with one there. Did I force you to sleep with her, let alone without a condom. Only a fool sleeps with a prostitute and don’t use protection. That’s basic common sense. You brought this upon yourself, no one but you is to blame for your carelessness because you are stupid and careless and have no sense “
He ran the opposite direction as peter leaps for him stumbling to the ground as he hits a chair.. he doesn’t get up, he lays there and begins to cry
“krume you have killed me, you have killed me!!”
Krume feels pity for him but there was nothing he could do, he can’t even comfort him because he doesn’t want to touch him
“ No Peter, you killed yourself. You had a beautiful wife at home with two lovely kids. You had a good life and a good job. You had a good home. But greed killed you. Lust killed you. Womanizing killed you and love for more money killed you. Even if I introduced you to the Frat club, you still would have said no. You wanted more, you wanted to enjoy the world and the pleasures of the night and yet you became careless, sleeping with a stranger without condom. You killed yourself. I was a friend to you Peter, I helped you and I followed you around, but I have to save myself and save people around you too. God knows if those worms inside you are deadly. If the Guru was a flux which ,means you just also infected an innocent girl too. If you are dying that means you are also killing an innocent girl too. You are a murderer if she dies. Its your fault not mine. I am sorry, you need to leave’’ he says
“Now I can understand when the bible says, vanity unpon vanity, all is vanity. Or that passage that says, the wages of sin is death. “
Peter is shaking his head and crying uncontrollably.
“ Ha, krume oh God! the fraternity head..he can help me, maybe if I talk to him?’’
“What can he do. they revoked your membership. He was the one I was on a call with before you came in. I also saw the video. I just got the mail before you came in sent to my phone.. I had faxed it to you. Someone had seen a video of you having a ruckus with a total stranger and the fraternity have seen it. Apparently someone had taken a picture of you and recorded your conversation asking of a Guru and all. they don’t want any of their members in the wrong public light he had called me and I told him the truth, I couldn’t lie, I have to protect my head and my name, you are out. They want to protect themselves and others too. They want to protect their fraternity and their name. You being a member would expose them. You have been kick out. Because they don’t want you having ties with them. You are already on the media, someone even got interviewed saying he knew your face and put two and two together , he gave them your name. This would affect you badly, your position, your life, everything. I am sorry, I would adviced you to call your wife and tell her, and both of you find a solution together…I am afraid even your senatorial post would be affected and I cant be seen with you am sorry. You have to leave ” Krume says with an heavily heart
“ you can’t abandon me krume, you can’t, where would I go, what would I do. Where do I go from here?” Peter is crying
“ I am sorry ” Krume brings out his phone to dail security, they come in immediately
“please escort ,Mr Peter Nwambeze to his car, don’t ever let him in here again’’
“Yes sir”
Peter turns to his friend, he can’t believe whats happening to him as the security men drags him up to his feet and pushes him out
“ krume, krume??’’
Krume turns away and backs him, ignoring his friend screaming his name
As they leave he calls his secretary and asks her to senitize his office as he steps out..
That would be the last time he ever lays eyes on Peter

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Peter cries like a baby in his car, before long he knows the entire news outfits would carry it. He sees the mail from the fraternity head revoked going through his phone.
He gets a mail from his own office, a panel had been set to probe him for illegal activities using his office as his cover.
His life was over. Officially.
He puts a call across to his wife, she would be sleeping now,she was in the states, it goes to voicemail
‘’Donna, I am sorry, I am so so sorry, please forgive me. Tell my children to forgive me too. I can’t tell you what’s going on but just know that I am sorry for being a lousy husband and a father, for being a lying cheat, for treating you badly. I am sorry and I realize my mistake, even though it’s too late. Please forgive me. I know you would hate me but please forgive me. If I had listened to you… I would not have gotten into this mess. I am sorry my wife. Tell my children I love them. Tell them I am sorry. I can’t tell you all right now but Soon you would know everything. Soon ‘ he says crying into the phone, then cuts the call.
An unknown number calls him , he picks
‘”My senator, I do not see Amaka crying yet, have you done what I asked you to?” It was Ngozi
“ No! I haven’t and I wont. Go screw yourself” he says
“ Then I guess since I can’t have you, she cant either, I hope you both have said your goodbyes because I am going to send her far away and then I am also going to come for you and ruin you?”
“I don’t care, do what the hell you want, I am already going to hell, I hope to meet you there soon”
He cuts the call and heads to the bank.
He clears his account, transfers half of it to his wife’s, opens another account in another name and transfers half his money into it calls his lawyer and writes his will
Then he takes a pen and paper and writes .
“Dear Amaka,

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Continued. …