Amaka Episode 7

Amaka woke up to find him getting dressed ..
She yawns turning, once she stretched she sits up rubbing her eyes
“Goodmorning baby” she says to him. He didn’t answer, he was putting on his shirt
“Don’t baby me Amaka, just don’t.” he grabs his trousers and puts in on.
She gets up from the bed, goes to him and then goes on her knees.
“Baby I am sorry please forgive me. Please. I can’t bear your anger. “
He ignores her because of her stupid behavior he had slapped her a couple of times and also had to rape her.
He felt bad afterwards and guilty, but she deserved it. That was what he used in consoling himself. She deserved it.
“Please Peter, I am sorry. I swear I won’t be stupid anymore or ever be in that uncomfortable situation anymore. I promise” She held on to his leg to stop him from moving. “Please forgive me. Please I can’t bear it baby. Please “
He sighs staring down at her. He couldn’t wait to get rid of this worms and then get rid of her too but for now he needed her, hopefully she wouldn’t be stupid again to let some other guy touch her .
He bends down to lift her up, “it’s okay. I forgive you” he holds her to himself and stares at her face.
Dark patches was around her eyes and her left eye had swollen during the course of the night. .
“am sorry I hit you, you need to get that checked out, it’s giving you black eye “
She touches her face.. “Its okay. I would go to the chemist. I have black shades that can cover my eyes. Don’t worry, I deserved it. I won’t err again.” She winces when he touches her eyes
“Good. You go get dressed so I drop you off at school. Have to go to work.”
And hour later he drops her off and zooms to work..
Amaka doesn’t remove her glasses till she got into her room, Ngozi and Anita where going through some cloths on the bed.
“How na?” She greeted them, sitting on her bed, backing them
“Oh Amaka , you are back.”
“I was pretty worried about you yesterday, Ngozi told me that your bobo came and saw you making out with a random dude and he got angry and dragged you away. By the time I ran outside you both had gone. My question na, why you let the dude anchor you like that for room dey feel you up eh? ” Anita comes to stand beside her
Amaka’s phone is ringing, she checks the caller and ignores it. That woman should stop calling her already. It’s being ringing nonstop since yesterday and she had to put her phone on vibration
“Amaka I am taking to you?”
Amaka sighs ,
“I wasn’t making out with the dude and I didn’t let the dude anchor me or whatever you are thinking. I was dancing, drinking and smoking with Ngozi and you too at some point. Next thing this dude comes and we are dancing..Oh, which wasn’t bad, next thing before I knew it he had his hands around me and was forcefully kissing me and touching me everywhere and smooching me. I might have been drunk but I know when I consented to something and when I don’t. And I didn’t consent to him doing that. He was forcing himself on me and Peter walked in there at that moment and he got angry , punching the guy and dragging me away. But I wasn’t doing anything with the guy, he was in fact trying to take advantage of me. Is that not so Ngozi? ” Amaka says turning to her
Ngozi looks at Amaka and Anita as both stare at her
” Well, I suppose but you know I was pretty stoned too, but I only just then turned and saw you kissing the dude and I screamed your name. Next thing I noticed Peter standing by my side and he flew into action. I didn’t know what to think. It really did look like you were having fun with the guy, I mean you both were kissing and his hands was already up inside your dress and the other one was kneading your breasts. I mean; from where I stood it was like you really was into the guy and a little longer and I was sure you guys were going to do it there thus I screamed and Peter probably must have been there watching and swung into action. ” she replied to Amaka who had her mouth open
“But I wasn’t doing any of that. He was forcing himself on me”
“So you were enjoying it weren’t you Amaka ?” Anita askes her shaking her head ” if you wanted to cheat don’t you think you should have been discreet, doing it out there in the open. Infact sef, why are you looking outside again, I thought you were claiming love for Peter and all, with all the money and influence he has, I thought you were saying no one but him and yet you are screwing some other guy in the club. You no get sense ni?”
“Don’t insult me Anita. I said I wasn’t. ” Amaka turns to face her
“Na wah oh. But, that’s what I saw and that’s what Peter saw. Yet you say that’s not the case but we saw different. So you can’t blame him for reacting and dragging you away” Ngozi cuts in
“It wasn’t like that. It was just a misunderstanding and I was in a compromising situation. I wasn’t doing anything wrong. I wish I knew who that boy was so I can give him a piece of my mind for causing my boyfriend to hit- ” she cuts her sentence and looks away
“What??” It didn’t go pass Anita and Ngozi
“Complete what you were saying Amaka?” Anita leans in
“Nothing . I wasn’t saying anything ” she turns away from them, grabs her bag and fiddles with it, emptying her cloths on the bed and proceeded to fold them
Ngozi goes to her and turns her to face her..
“Why are you wearing shades inside the room, there is no sun here ” she tries to remove her glasses but she hits her hands away, turning her face and tries to move out of her reach
“Yes I was wondering the same thing, ” Anita blocks her from moving away from them
“Can you both give me space to breath, you are blocking my personal space abeg. Move ” but they wouldn’t bulge
“Not untill you complete what you were trying to say and take off your glasses..”
“Leave me please”
“No” Ngozi grabs her face and forcefully removes her glasses. .
“Oh my God, Amaka your eyes. What happened. ?” Anita grabs her shoulders
” No. Nothing happened ” she turns away but Ngozi held her face put
“Did Peter do this to you?”
She shakes her head
“Don’t lie, did he ?”
Her eyes pools up remembering the incident of last night
“He didnt mean to. He was angry and pissed and thought I was cheating on him and he ..hit me. And ..he he ” the tears came pouring down. .
“Oh dear, am sorry. I shouldn’t have been hard on you” Anita pulls her into an embrace… “he shouldn’t have hit you if you explained to him that it wasn’t your fault”
“He said I was and I know it’s my fault. If I hadn’t drank I would have been sober enough to push that stranger away but…I was stupid and drunk and I put myself in that situation . He was so mad and as I kept begging him he got so angry and hit me, and he forced himself on me too, ” she cried on Anita’s shoulders holding on to her
“Oh that’s bad now eh” Ngozi was towering over them,
“Oh sorry Amaka, maybe we should have a talk with him.. he didn’t do well”
“No no no…” she cleans her eyes ” Its my fault, He told me that I was his girlfriend and I shouldn’t be with anyone else. I understand he was jealous seeing me like that and thought I was cheating on him and he only reacted in anger. I am not angry with him because I deserve it but it still hurts. I was so scared I would lose him or lose his love for me. I begged him but he didn’t listen. It was this morning that he apologised to me and I know he did it out of love. He was really remorseful and even dressed me up and told me so many times he was sorry and he won’t do it again. To tell me how sorry he was he gave me more money than he did last week. So I know he is sorry. I just felt bad, and my punani hurts from the force he used to have $3x with me last night and I have a headache from the slaps. But.. I am okay now. I know I was stupid and I should have been more careful with strangers like that dude. Next time any man that comes within a few feets from me telling me nonsense I would spit on his face and use cutlass and chase him. If not that my peter loves me he would have broken up with me. And I would just die..I would just die ” she cried, Anita pulls her back to hug her petting her back, a frown on her face..
Ngozi had a different expression however as she tried to hide a triumphant smile on her face…
“Its true, he would have left if he didn’t love you. “
“Omo that na nonsense. Why would he hit her which kin love” Anita says calling it bullshit
“He loves me Anita and I love him so I am not angry with him. I deserved it. I won’t ever do anything to make him angry with me again. “
“Hmmmm okay oh. But look at your face na” she grabs Amaka’s face and turns it side to side
“Don’t worry, I would were glasses for the next couple of days. Besides, I can go buy some concealer creams that can help hide the black eyes..”
“At least you have money to suit your pains ” Ngozi offered.
“Yes I suppose” Amaka cleans her eyes and chuckles
Anita doesn’t smile. Was it just her or Amaka was just stupid. A guy beats you up and you think it’s love? Maybe she just has a different orientation than them, If he loves you he should scold you when you are wrong not to hit you and rape you I mean..who does that she thought to herself as she wondered how Amaka assumed she deserved such punishment there was something wrong with the girl, what a sick way to think.
Amaka grabs her bag to bring out the bundle of money, Ngozi whistles , Anita eyes grows big. Then again, if getting hit could make her have this much money..then maybe he was truly remorseful.
“That’s a lot ” Anita says, maybe Amaka could give her some.
“Yeah I know. He said he would be working for a day or two and he doesn’t want me to lack for anything “
“Quite a gentleman. If only I have a man like this” Ngozi says painfully, but Amaka and Anita doesn’t catch it
Oh Amaka, I hate you even more for flaunting all he does for you. Soon, all this luxury you are enjoying would be mine.
“Erm, babe. Thank God you came sef. I wanted to ask you to borrow me money to send to my mum. She isnt feeling too well and I don’t have money to send to her and my kid sis. I would pay you back”
“Hmmm. Like how much?”
“Erm..2 erm 50 k?” She said scratching her head.
Amaka smiles, taking a bundle and sharing it into half… “here”
Then without thinking she flings the other half to Ngozi… ” just incase you need to do anything with money Ngozi.”
Ngozi accepts the money, but she wished she was the one flinging not accepting change. Oh how she hates Amaka.. She was enjoying all what she was supposed to enjoy, She cursed the day she took her out with her.
She cursed the day they became friends. If she had known she wouldn’t have even invited her or told her about the party
Stupid Ngozi.
She mentally beat herself up. All because she wanted to be a good friend and do good, she had used her own hand to pour sand in her own garri.
They have a few weeks left before graduation and if she doesn’t get Peter fast, she would be doomed. Going back to the village to stay was a no-no. She would rather die.
There were opportunities in Lagos, she needed to meet up with the big girls and roll with them, making the big bucks and flying in and out of the country. That’s what she wants. That’s the life she dreams off. And she won’t let Amaka be the reason she can’t achieve that. Peter was her key to pleasant things and having him as a lover would be a plus. He was so effing fine, she wondered if his wife knew about his affairs.
“If he could gift you his girlfriend so much money, I wonder how much he gives his wife. Do you know who his wife is?”
Amaka stiffens “No. He doesn’t talk about his private life and he doesn’t want me to ask questions so I don’t. What’s my own; she must be ugly and a boring woman for him to be going out with me and professing love. I mean I am thankful to God that she is a horrible woman if not I won’t have found my Peter and, I know he wants me to be with him always and we would go to Lagos together after I graduate. I told you he said he was going to get me a car and a house there and a shop. So I know he has big plans for me. And just maybe he might just marry me.. Oh I can’t wait to be his wife. But for now, I would be the good loving girlfriend and not give him any more trouble..” she says
“Thank you Amaka, you are a life saver I swear. Don’t worry, I wish you all that you wish yourself. Peter isn’t a bad man he was just jealous. But I forgive him, as long as he has apologise to you ” Anita says
“I see” was all that Ngozi could manage..
” Yes he had and I have forgiven him already. Oh, he told me when he comes back we would go shopping ..” Amaka bagan to say
Ngozi wondered what it would be like to make her choke on her happiness .
“This too shall come to pass” Ngozi says under her breath
Amaka doesn’t stop gushing about what Peter would do for her.
“Mama, you have to stop crying mama.” Emeka had gone to her sale stand and realised that she was sitting at the corner, oblivious of passing customers and she was crying
“I can’t. I am worried about her Emeka . Please, can you take me there tomorrow. I want to talk to her, I have been calling her nonstop but she isn’t picking my calls. I can’t stay ..I can’t concentrate Emeka. She is my daughter and a mother’s duty is to protect her children and lead them to the right part”
“Mama. ..
“Please my son. I would carry fish and some things for her. The money she refused is still with me. The 20 thousand. It’s for her, so she has to take it. That other money is not for me and I refuse it.
Oh Amaka, a married man !!” She cried
“she doesn’t know the consequences of her actions Emeka, she doesn’t know that it’s a sin. I am her mother and I have to lead her back to the light. She is a good girl Emeka but she is moving with the bad company. Amaka loves me. My daughter loves me she is just angry. I must go back and talk to her . Take me there tomorrow “
“But mama, she won’t listen to you “
“If you don’t I will go myself”
A deep sigh. He didn’t want to see her be maltreated by Amaka. He would never let anyone maltreat his mother that way . When she was alive, she had done nothing but love him and his sister, with the little she had she gave them. They were raised in a christain home and from a young age he had come to embrace christainity and loved what it stood for.
He may have not seen God’s face , but there are certain things he couldn’t explain ..
Like days they didn’t have food to eat, days they were practically without warmth days they felt like the world should come to an end already
He had seen his mother never give up. Never relented, reading the bible and preaching the word of God to whoever she saw. And somehow they had survived. Somehow they ate. Somehow he got into the community school and he finished. Somehow his sister found a good man and married. Somehow, things just sorted itself out. They still have nothing. They still had no food. But ….things sort of worked out one way or the other.
He could never explain it.
At a young age he came to understand that, there are certain unexplainable things.
Like life
Like death
Those things you have no power over. They didn’t have it all but like his mother would say. If you had God; you had everything. So in her sorrow she smiled. In her pains she laughed. In her death, she felt peace and because of her , his faith grew, not wavering. He was stuck on God and he understood that, though things may not work out the way you want but it doesn’t mean that God doesn’t exists.
He had read the bible; some things he had felt confused over, how can God heal the sick, raise the dead, rise up after three days and yet .
They call upon him day and night and it doesn’t seem as though he hears
“He does Emeka, God sees everything, he hears everything his ways aren’t our ways, his time isn’t ours, he works in mysterious ways and maybe just maybe it’s not time for him to act it.
What if he gave you that which you desire, would it glorify him? Maybe you may lose yourself in the vanity of material-ness and forget that God exists.
God says yes when he sees it’s right and No when he sees that what you desire may do more harm to you than good.
He knows your beginning and your end. Before you were formed he knew you, even till this present day he had foreseen.
This life is temporary so fighting to achieve things sinfully would only prepare a place for you in hell. But looking up to Jesus , the author and finisher of your faith and living your life accordingly despite trials and tribulations..because there would be. But that’s all that matters, entering your place of eternal rest, high up in the heavens. That should be your end game Emeka. love God. He won’t ever fail you. You don’t see it now..but he is doing something marvelous for you”
From his mother he learnt unconditional love and loyalty at its extreme. Just like the three Hebrew brothers .. ” we would bow to no other god but our God And even if he won’t safe us from this burning furnace, we would love and serve and bow to only him” they didn’t care about death or scared of the fire. They had faith and believed and God showed himself and kept them save.
If i don’t make it till tomorrow Emeka, she had said on her death bed. I would still not curse God. I would still love and serve him and my faith won’t waver. For what awaits me is glorious only those who don’t understand and can’t see won’t know. Don’t let your faith waver. Never doubt him.”
From her he had learnt selflessness He had learnt so much…and to think that he would ever treat her the way Amaka treated her mother was sick.
To have her cry the way Amaka’s mother cried tore his hearts into tiny little pieces. To have her be restless in her sleep the way Amaka’s mother was- was unsettling, No. It takes a new high of wickedness to treat one’s mother like that.
It was understandable that she was hurting from her father’s death, but despite understanding Amaka’s pain and reason, it still doesn’t give her a right to treat her mother this way, hurt her, cause her to feel broken and like a child.
To insult her the way she did and call her a killer, nothing justifies her actions and it hurts him, so much she was her mother, nothing justifies her action
He felt pain for her and anger towards Amaka. He wished he could talk some sense into her. Does she know the pain her mother was going through. She was an old woman. .it wasn’t good for her
“Emeka ?” She calls his name holding his hand.
“Please my son..
He nods, praying to God that Amaka had gotten back some of her senses.
“Okay mama. We would go”
It was during the afternoon she realised she was uncomfortable , tossing and turning on the bed, a cold chill caresses her skin; she grabs the wrapper and covers herself .
It was hot outside but she felt slightly chilled. Her eye hurt her badly and she had taken drugs and eye drops to stop the pain and redness in her eyes. The blackness was still pretty obvious. She had no plan to attend classes so she was going to stay in.
She had left Anita and Ngozi at the boutique and came back earlier because she was having a headache .
She turns again to her left side; a sharp pain causes her to hold her tummy and moan
“Oh damn!!” She curls her self up squeezing her face, next thing a wave of nausea made her sit up immediately; she felt dizzy as soon as she got up.
“Oh God !!” She moaned. ” My tummy hurts ” she closes her eyes for a few seconds , and then opens them. Blinking a few times to adjust to the light in the room.
She moans again grabbing her stomach as the pain comes again. The turbulence in her stomach danced an African beat. Maybe what she ate was affecting her wrongly.. She tries to remember what she ate the night before..
Lots of alcohol
A few cigarettes.
Eba and native soup
And rice and pepersoup before the club.
Those were things she had on a daily and she had never had any pain.
“Owww” she curls herself again, standing up abruptly she rushes out of the door and goes to the toilet, with force she drags gown her shorts and perches on the toilet sit
It was a war storm as she emptied her bowels through her ass hole..
Groaning in pain as it came out like thick coated lumps with liquids.
“Oh my stomach is running ” the pain had her still holding her stomach as a tiny strand of tear leaves the confines of her eyes and kisses her cheeks
She comes out a few minutes later and lays on the bed.
“Hello, Ngozi. ., please can you help me buy tetracycline for me, I am having running stomach and then some flagyle for the pain” she said into the phone as soon as Ngozi picked on the second call.
“Ha what did you eat?”
“Same thing you ate “
“But I feel fine na. Even Anita isn’t having any complains..”
“I don’t know. Just please buy for me when you come I would give you the money. “
After a few minutes of battling the pain, she falls asleep.
She passes gas as she slept.
Ngozi and Anita walk into their small room to find Amaka on the bed..
Anita goes to her and touches her; trying to wake her up
“Jesus !!” She screamed.
“What is it Anita? ” Ngoxi is startled
“She is burning hot. She has a fever. Shei I told you that beating he gave her was bad. She is falling sick ” worry crosses Anita’s face as she touches the sleeping Amaka who is oblivious of their presence
” Don’t be to dramatic Anita ” Ngozi touches Amaka and realises she is burning hot.
‘Ok she is hot. But it can’t be from the hit. She said he hit her not beat her. “
“Whats the difference ?”
“Hit and beat. If he beat her she would have been worse. He just slapped her eyes..but it can’t cause this na..”
“Abeg oh. Should we take her to the hospital?”
Ngozi shakes her head ” No. Maybe it’s the running stomach she complained about. Come wake her up she has to take it..”
Maybe she could die …Ngozi muses..
They wake her up; her eyes hurt so bad she could hardly open them wide..
“Open your mouth and take Amaka” Anita gave her drugs and water
“I have paracetamol too, take and give her ” Ngozi opens her drawer and gives Anita the tablets
She doesn’t remember when she bought it but is hoping it is expired
Anita frowns, she hears expired drugs kill people..
Ngozi is harnessing joy within. Besides no one would say she was the one that gave Anita the tablet when it was Anita that gave Amaka. If she falls sicker and dies. Better for that.
Anita takes the paracetamol and looks at it, covered in light dust..
“When you buy am?”
“No be last week I think!”
“Why is it dusty.?”
“Inside drawer na. Why are you asking stupid question?”
Anita frowns and turns it expired three months ago.
“E don expire. Throw it away, we would buy another ” she flings the drugs away and gives Amaka water to drink who seemed weak all of a sudden
Ngozi boils within herself , Stupid Anita ruining my plan, not to worry , her head is still working well to plan.
She grabs the drugs and flings it into the bin.
There are other ways to kill a fish.
She and her friend still had an ongoing plan anyways..
Good thing Amaka is sick, she could use this opportunity to see Peter ….
She smiled
“Do you have call credit on your phone ?”
“No why” Anita askes, she places Amaka’s head back on the bed and covered her wrapper. She figures that Amaka was probably wasn’t really aware of their presence ..
Her body was hot and she looked weak. They should take her to the clinic if it becomes worse.
“I want to find out if the chemist is open so we can get her malaria drugs?” Ngozi breaks into her thoughts
Anita shakes her head; ” maybe Amaka might have in her phone “
Anita grabs Amaka’s phone and gives it to Ngozi.
Ngozi and Anita aren’t ever able to touch Amaka’s phone because she was protective towards it.. and because of that she hadn’t been able to get Peter’s number when she tried.
Now no one would suspect ..
She grabs the phone; having seen Amaka put in the lock code and memorised it..
“Do you know how to open it; Amaka always locks her phone and she is asleep. Let’s just stroll down to the place..”
“No its open. She must have forgotten to lock it.”
Ngozii sends his both numbers to her phone and deletes the message
Going through the phone she found out the address of the hotel and the room number and sends it to her phone as well and deleted it too.
“I thought you were calling ?” Anita’s voice starled her
“Yes, their number isn’t going through. Let’s just go down there “
They leave Amaka .
They pass a few girls talking , not stopping to listening ..
“I just went into the bathroom and I ran out “
“Even me oh , I saw it too and I wanted to throw up”
“What na?”
“Someone pooed and didn’t flush” one of the girls screws up her face
“Oh that’s disgusting ” the other girl says
“Why are girls so dirty. “
“As in eh, I have asked yet everyone is denying. But that isn’t the problem. It was what I saw crawling inside that made me run away”
“Whats that..?”
“I saw maggots abi worms crawling with the poo”
“Jesus !!! Maggots!! Worms !! How come”
“If you ask me e no good. “
One of the girls literally recoiled hugging her sleeve, Another began to feel a itch, disgusted..
“Worms. As in, someone poopped and didn’t flush now worms have gathered inside the poo”?
“No see, how worms won gather around shit where no way for the worms to enter. No hole in the toilet or worms on the ground or around the toilet seat. Its inside, getting comfy with the shit” the first girl said.
“Hain!!” Someone hands touches her chest..
“So it means that…person nai shit am?”..
“That’s what I am thinking. You saw it na.. it’s alot. Slithering black black things long and curling. ..plenty of them….Oh my body is just doing me anyhow. . I ran out “
“Jesus. .. but who shit am?”
“If you ask me na who I go ask. Shei we have asked people who are around nonhody gree say naim them. Even them Ngozi room, I knock no body answer so there were out so it’s not them… so me I don’t know..”
“Hmmm I can’t use that place again o..”
“Who ever has worms should go to the hospital oh. That kind thing. .. it can kill”
“Shei when person die it’s worms that full the corpses. What if this person na is dying inside and her body is rottening and worms have taken all over that’s why when she poos it comes out. Kai tufiakwa! !”
“Whoever that is suffering from that should go and treat herself oh. God forbid; what would make someone poo worms. Na death be that oh..”
They kept talking ..
The itching made him excuse himself from board meeting and run into the toilet… This time blood accompanied the worms
“Christ’s !!!”
He felt slightly feverish as he got to the office, the itchy had been unbearable at its bests, he goes back to his office; opens the drawer and brings out the herbs concoction the Guru had given him. It was below half already, he gulps down the remaining contents, squeezing his face as the slime went down his throat
It was bitter and sandy, thick green and lumpy. He swallows with difficulty. He places his hands over his mouth to stop bile from rising up grabbing a table water he drinks it as it washes the contents down.
He flings the empty bottle into the bin and sits down. His head was pounding.he felt uncomfortable and lossens his tie he was becoming worried
Its been almost a month now and nothing. Not a damn thing was working. He wished he could call his wife and talk to her..Maybe she would know what he should do
But how does he explain to her how he got it. She would never forgive him and she would leave him and take his kids away and maybe half of what he owns for punishment.
He should call the doctor. But ..the drugs they gave him only succeeded in stopping the itching for a while and the pain. And before long it was back. He began to scratch again, so hard that he winced in pain as he injured himself. He gets up to lock the door and strips taking a mirror he looks at his genital area.
He was a black man but his genitals were looking a slight red… he could see sores around his balls and his cap was red, with rashes around the body ..
“Jesus! !!” He exclaimed. The Constantine itching of his butt hole wasn’t helping matters too. He couldn’t see the damage there too even if he wanted.
He sits down..
Someone knocks on the door..
“Sir, sir? “
“Yes..” he calls out not wanting to open the door
“Mr Krume is here “
Thank God.
“Ok, give me a minute and send him in ” he opens the door and waited.
After krume comes in and he locks it back, stripping for him.
Krume had one of disgust and worry on his face..
“Does it hurt?” He said getting up. .
“Yes. Like hell. All my body is on fire.”
“Should we go back to the hospital ?”
‘The doctors are useless. And I can’t even travel like this. You know I have to muggle those drugs and I can’t because I need to do medical checkup and they won’t allow me. Do you know how much money I am going to lose and the fraternity Head just told me that if I can’t go for this job I can’t belong in the fraternity anymore and be playing house. What am I going to do? And they said if I don’t go they would lose their contact and money and then I have to pay for their loss. See me krume. Tell me what should I do?.
Nothing is working. “
“What about the girl Amaka? aren’t you sleeping with her and spilling inside her “
“I am krume I am. I think she is the cause of this”
Peter dresses up ” I found her with another guy which day groping each other. I think she had slept with him and now as I slept with her again it’s worse. “
“Didn’t you tell her that she wasn’t meant to and that She is supposed to be sleeping with you alone..”
“I did.. I did. I was so angry and I hit her a couple of times after we got to the hotel, and I forced her afterwards. I was angry ” he says sitting down “she deserved it “
“Did she sleep with the guy?”..
“She said she didn’t but I don’t believe her. See me now…how do I explain this … I am having pains, headaches, stomach pain and I feel like throwing up. My whole body itches me, my private area is an eyesore…I feel like shit. I think it’s thew orms, trying to kill me. I think it’s my punishment for being a cheat and a lousy husband. I am ruined. I am ruined. If I don’t go for that trip I can’t have money; and I would have to pay the fraternity Head for the losses. And I can’t. I need solutions krume. .what do I do?” He grabs his head..
Krume was wondering if it was transferable even from handshake
He suddenly remembered that the doctor had mentioned that it could, if one had suddenly scratched, it could be under their nails and touching another persons would be transferred.
He began to wonder if he too had contacted this worms. He had been with Peter going about with him; shaking hands and sharing files
Did he have it too
“Krume ?”
” hmmm? Peter, I think it’s going. Look, go home. Make sure you ask her very well. If she said she didn’t sleep with the man then you don’t need to worry. I think it would go. Try again.. continue sleeping with her and maybe we go back to the Guru. “
Peter nodded. .
“I came because you wanted to see me. Let me head back. “
Peter nods getting up, at the door he opens it and gives krume his hand to hand shake. .
“Thank you for coming . I would have run mad by now if you weren’t here for me”
Krume eyes his hand for a brief second and pretended as though he didn’t see it.. he grabs his phone and almost dropped it
“Oh goodness gracious me” he bends hitting away Peter’s hands and catches his phone
“Oh be careful” Peter exclaims
“Its okay . Let me run, I would see you later. Don’t worry about the Head, we would talk to him, he wont take that kind of drastic measure.” krume leaves
Maybe he shouldn’t be around him anymore. If this thing is deadly and transferable he doesn’t want to be near him anymore. After all it’s his stupid carelessness that got him in this mess. Why should he keep helping him and what if he gets it.
He hopes to God he hasn’t got worms in him.
He should block his number too.
And maybe tell the fraternity Head to terminate his membership so he doesn’t ruin others.
He goes hurriedly to his office, grabs soap and water and washes his hands, back of his neck and his face, then uses senitizers.
On second’s thought he grabs another suit, strips out of the one he had on and changes, putting it in a back he calls his secretary to throw it away, avoiding her Curious and questioning stare.
“If Mr Peter Nwambweze comes to look for me, I am unavailable. I don’t want him in my office. Do you understand.
“But sir I thought he was your friend and’
“Do I pay you to observe or to work?”
“Sorry sir”
“Get lost and do what I say”
“Yes sir .”
He didnt want to have anything to do with him anymore. He washes his hands off.

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Amaka wakes up something after a few hours, she is feeling fatigued
“Anita?” She managed.
Anita rolls off her bed and comes to her..
“How are you feeling? Here we bought some malaria drugs for you. They said you should take them as soon as you wake up. Here is rice I bought too. All together it’s 16 thousand naira ” she lied.
An extra money to her pocket wouldn’t be so bad.
“Artesunate already is like 7,500 for original one not those cheap drugs. Blood medicine is like 5 thousand naira and other drugs are included for pain and stomach and your running tummy. That’s how they sell it and they said we shouldn’t buy you cheap drugs. So I used from the money you gave me to buy.’”
“Hmmm. Okay. I will give you. Where is Ngozi. ?” She grabs her bag, turning the key and opens it and gives her the money spent. Anita is smiling
“She went out. “
“To where?”
Anita shrugs “am not her mother.”
” okay. Whats the time? I am supposed to go back to the hotel before Peter comes back “
”Are you high? As you are like way. You better go there when you are well . Can’t you see how sick you are? Just eat and take your drugs and rest. Peter isn’t running away. .”
“But he would get worried and I don’t want him to-
“If he is worried he would call and when he does I would let him know that you are unwell. You need to get well. Eat and take your drugs they said it’s pretty strong so it might knock you off again. Eat Amaka; see how sick you are looking.”
Amaka reluctantly nods and proceeded to eat and take her drugs
Emeka helps her pack her things to the house for her, fetches water and sweeps.
She still hadn’t eaten, so he made beans and bought bread for her and waited until she managed to eat.
In between she cried, in between she between he felt his heart about to burst out through his chests
He calls Amaka but she does pick, he gets tired and stops calling her
She didn’t want to stay home so both of them went to church together. She was on her knees for a long time, praying and tearing up
He said a word of prayer on his own.., asking GOD to answer her ..
Today he won’t be sleeping at his house again, he would stay with her, he saw her constantly staring into space, talking to herself and calling Amaka’s name.. Shaking her head and then carrying.
She didn’t look stable anymore but who would, when your daughter practically calls you a murderer and insulted you and made you feel as though you are the worst thing that walked the surface of this earth. The only thing she had was her daughter and yet she was rejected by that same daughter.
He would watch over her again today also and tomorrow they would go and meet Amaka and he prays to God that she was herself.
Ngozi had found the hotel and walked in heading to their room Amaka and Peter stayed in
Someone stops her at the entrance. .
“Goodday ma’am, how can I help you. Ma’am how can I help you, ma’am ?” He taps her ”And you are?”
“A paying guest. How disrespectful. Don’t you know me?”
“No ma’am am sorry; but you just walked past us and heading to the lift and-
“Yes because I am going up to my room. Should I give you my name or should I call my boyfriend to come down and raise hell. Can’t you see my room card with me? Did I steal it from behind you people… Didn’t you give me…in fact I need to see the manager . Call me your manager, this is highly preposterous. How embarrassing, with all the money I spend here. I would have your job. Call me your manager right this minute” she threatens
She could see the evident scare in his eyes ” No ma’am.. I am so sorry don’t be offended. Can I help you with anything ?”
“Sorry for yourself. Get lost ” she went up the stairs ignoring and pushing past him.
He shakes his head “Arrogant bitch. She should have just told me nicely. .” He walks away.
She had gone through Amaka’s bag when Anita had gone outside to meet a friend and found the key, Ngozi had been watching Amaka for days so she knew where she kept her valuable things. She had seen her place the card key in her purse when she emptied her bag.
Thankfully , Amaka wouldn’t know it’s missing till she comes back.
Besides she had told Anita to make sure she doesn’t go anywhere. While they bought the drugs she had told them to give her sleeping pills because she needed it and mixed some with Amaka’s drugs when Anita and the sales person wasn’t looking.
Then gotten some ecstasy drugs as well.
Anita had been curious what she wanted it for..
“A customer is having some problems down there; just using this to help boost him up some.”
Anita half smiled stupidly and didnt ask any more question that. While they got home she told Anita to make sure Amaka takes her drugs and rests. it wouldn’t make sense if Amaka decides to go out in her state. She needed rests. Lost of it.
Anita had nodded
For a girl who claimed she was smart, she was stupid and gullible .
Ngozi opens the door entering into the cosy room.
Peter would come and meet her here today and they were going to have that amazing night she hoped for, blow his minds away and he can forget Amaka.
She opens the fridge to see water; Amaka had told her that Peter liked to drinks a lot of water..and she leaves on out for him when he comes back from work on the table so it isn’t so cold.
She opens her bag and brings out something wrapped in a nylon. It was a white substance. She had grinded both the sleeping pills and ecstasy drugs together, she pours it into the water; shakes it and watches it dissolve. then she places it on the table, goes to draw close the curtains tight. She strips and puts off the light, climbs the bed, placing a night camera by the side and waited
Peter comes back to find her in bed, lights were off.
He didn’t want her to see how he looked in the light if not she would ask questions he didn’t want to answer.
He goes to the bathroom and takes a shower,
Coming back he finds her still covered, he was naked. Going to the bedside he grabs the bottle of water and drinks it, he is usually very thirsty
He stares at her for a long while; should he wake her up and ask her again. But she would only deny it.
He was tired, he yawned .. he wasn’t too tired when he got back. He felt a tickling sensation to his groin and he yawns again, feeling dizzy.
He should just wake her and have $3x with her again. And hope that it would go soon.
If he gives it another couple of days and nothing happens. He would have to brace the storm and come clean with his wife..
He tapss her awake; she doesn’t move ..
‘Amaka, wakeup! ” he says
“Hmmm,” she moans.
It was dark; the curtain was closed tight. He wanted to see her face and know wether her eyes had healed but he was feeling too tired to get up.
“How are you I missed you” he says leaning close to her.
He felt strangely excited. He wasn’t in the mood when he got home, he was just going to ask her to make him be in the mood so he could spill into her. But getting close to her he was fully aroused and he didn’t understand why
She doesn’t say anything but grabs him to his surprise and begins kissing him.
There was something different about her, her scent and her body
“Amaka didnt you change your perfume ?” He askes but she doesn’t let him talk..
Kissing him and moaning, she pushes him and straddles him, it felt good.
She places his hands to her breast and squeezes
Even her breasts felt smaller, she kisses him on his lips, neck; chests and nipples and before he knew it she was going down his novel and grabbing his member..
He stops her, if she goes down she down notice the toughness ..
“Baby stop. No Bj today please ” He yawned. How could be so tired and yet so damn horny at the same time
She doesn’t say anything, she goes back to kissing him.
Her body felt firmer ..
Strange .
Amaka was always soft , smooth but her skin was different.
The more she kissed and grinded into him, the more he was getting excited
Without so much of a fuss, she sits up, pinning his hands over his head, spreading her legs over his waist slowly goes down and sinks herself, ushers him into her
She bites her lips in other not to make a sound as penetration occurs
Slowly and steadily… she rocked him. Excitements gets the better of him, shooting to his head, he grabs her and begins to kiss her in the dark; caressing her and groaning in pleasure enjoying every bit of it
Amaka was daring tonight. Maybe she was using this to apologise to him for being silly last night but whatever she was doing, he was loving it.
She made him groan out in pleasure, telling her to ride him harder
She rode him till he reaches his edge, and he screamed out his release underneath her while holding onto her tight
She had been biting her lips to keep her from screaming. ..
Collapsing on top of him she kisses him until she felt him give way to sleep and began to snore. .
She smiled, rolling off from him. She grabs her camera and takes pictures of both of them together in bed, she kiss him and his hands on her breast and inside her thighs.
She had been recording. She had borrowed the camera from her friend. It captures even in the dark,
If Peter didn’t agree voluntarily to be her boyfriend and give her all she wants, then she could easily blackmail him.
And the pictures would also be useful to show Amaka how she and Peter had been having an affair behind her back
But in all, he was a good shag. If he was nice to her , she would make him feel good like those every day. He wouldn’t even remember the name “Amaka!”
She rolls to the side of the bed; not bothering to go clean up and goes to sleep. She couldn’t wait till morning when he realises who he had been in bed with
She laughs…
Amaka had sleepily dragged herself to the toilet and used it; and crawls back to the bed a couple of times during the night
She had felt like belching and did, but she swore she must have thrown up but she wasn’t sure. She was too dazed to be aware if she was sleeping or dreaming.
She felt as though she couldn’t feel her feet and then her body was hot
She coughed during the night and her body felt like someone had poured ants on her, crawling on her body
The itching started from her head; to her nose, her ampits and then within her thighs; her butt hole was the worse.
Her eyes hurt and she could barely open them and now she felt like her tummy was bloated
She kept rolling from abdominal discomfort as the pain increased , she felt weak and tired as though she had been carrying a trailer load of things on her body..
Pain after pain ; she cried out. She itches till she felt a tear to her skin. Yet she couldn’t open her eyes nor stop the pain
She felt someone use cold water on her forehead, she wondered if she was dreaming .
“Mama” she called out, her mother used to put damp cloth to her forehead when she was sick, yes it was her mother by the side of her bed ” Mama? ” She calls out again but no one answers
She falls back into sleep, her pain doesn’t stop.
She spat out something from her mouth; and wipes it with the back of her hands.
She was pressed; she rolls off the bed but doesn’t make it to the bathroom and pees on the ground, she crawls back to the room and gets back into her bed and falls into a restless sleep
Her mother wakes up with start
“Amaka?” She exclaimed. .
Emeka is startled from his sleep. He was lying on the ground close to the door. The small room was hot despite the small opened windows
He sits up and rubs his eyes. she was on the bed but her hands where on her chest as she sat up abruptly staring out the window
“Mama, what is it ?”
“Amaka?” She says turning and looking at him..
“mama, go back to sleep ” he tells her
”No I have a feeling something is wrong with her, with my daughter “
“Mama; you have just been worried. Just go back to sleep. shei we are going to see her today ?”
“My son; I am a mother, I know something is not well with her “
“Mama, you are worried about Amaka , yes with what has happened your mind is not at rest. You cry in your sleep, you pray in your sleep, you call Amaka in your sleep and sometimes you cry about your husband in your sleep . This is affecting you badly mama, please try and be okay, you would fall sick mama. Please don’t worry nothing is wrong with her. We would go and see her today “
She looks at him and nods , lays back on the bed . it took a while before she goes back to sleep
It wasn’t a peaceful one. He saw her tossing and turning untill she calmed down..
He wondered if Amaka was okay. A mother’s instincts isn’t so wrong. He should know..
He had a mother who knew when he was hurt and sick when he was far away and called him saying she felt that he wasn’t okay.
It wasn’t magic.
It wasn’t juju
It was just pure motherly instincts. He figured the only explanation was the fact that because they had carried their child for nine months they could literally feel if the child was happy, in discomfort, jumpy or in distress.
He hopes that’s not the case with Amaka.
“Oh God, let Amaka be okay and bring her back to your light. Amen” he prayed..
Peter wakes up with a start and couldn’t believe his eyes when he sees a black lady on the bed with him and not his fair Amaka
“Jesus !!” He jumps off the bed and backs to the corner
Ngozi turns on her side and opens her eyes yawning
Good, he was awake.
“Baby, you are awake? Goodmorning my senator” she smiled
“Who are you and how did you get in here and in my bed”
“I am Ngozi, and you brought me here last night and we had the best night of our lives”
“What??” He exclaimes
Ngozi had an epic smile on her face, she wished she could take a picture of him right now. She wondered if Amaka’s face would be as epic as his own when she finds out that she and her loving boyfriend has been lovers under her nose
That’s the story she intended to spill. She was going to spill the beans with a twist.
“Yes Peter …you don’t remember? “
He sat there shocked to his bones. ..
What the hell happened last night..!!!

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Continued ..