Amaka Episode 6

Krume alights from his car, locks it and crosses the road to the other side, coming face to face with the worried looking Peter.
” What is it?” Krume stares at his friend.
“Its not working ” Peter said. Apparently those few words is something he realised had been part of his syllabus for a while now.
It’s not working
Its not working
Its not working.
He shakes his head
“What do you mean it’s not working “?
‘The girl. The pinworms are still there Krume..I saw them last night ” Peter has a frown on his face staring at the road..
“What did the Guru say?”
“Haven’t gone in yet, waiting for you “
“Lets go in then “
“Its not magic son. You don’t expect it to work over night. It’s just being two weeks and you didn’t see it for those two weeks untill yesterday right? “
Peter nodded his head
“That means it is working. She is absorbing the pinworms into her body, drawing them out of you and taking them. The ones you peed out are basically remnants. You have to keep sleeping with her. Day and night. Pour your seeds into her that’s how the worms would leave. By getting into her. It would go. You don’t have to worry. As long you are the only one sleeping with her and no once else you don’t have to worry. Make sure, It’s just you so that it doesn’t corrupt her Purity so she can absorb all. If she meets another man then the pinworms would never leave. It’s just been two weeks, have no fear. Ehen, I also made some herbal drinks for you to drink. ” the Guru said
“Yes I am the only man she is meeting but the last time I took anything herbal it turned the worms from thread white to black . I don’t know Guru maybe it’s not just working ”
“Before you came here you didn’t have hope and I have given you hope for a cure and it is working but you have to be patient. Give it a while. Soon you would be free..drink herbs, sleep with her as much as you can, when you are finally cleansed you would be free to do what you want.”
“Just out of curiosity, what happens to the girl with the worms. Does it affect her in anyway.?” Krume was curious
The Guru shakes his head. “No. She is a pure heart and have pure body. It would dissolve into her and when she pees them out it comes out like water. She would have no idea. “
Krume nods., the Guru hands Peter a couple of herbal drinks .
Peter looks at the herbal drinks. .”You are sure it would be over soon? “
”I am the Spiritual Guru, my word is true and holds no lies, you would be the one who would come back and be rejoicing . Here take them ” he repeats.
Krume grabs them getting up, The Guru places his hand on his. .
“Its 250, 000 naira. ”
‘What???” Peter and Krume both exclaimed
”My son, this herbs are gotten from Jerusalem, the fountain of the Guru lord. The money isn’t for me. The money is for the person who had travelled out to go get them. You have to appreciate them. “
“But you didn’t know I was coming so how did he go and get them?” Peter askes
“Guru knows everything but if you doubt my capabilities why did you come back? Why are you here? You should leave already and sorted yourself out. Forget the girl. Forget this herbal drugs and lean on your own wisdom. I have no time to waste on unbelievers ” he says pulling his goatee and dismissing them
“Peter, it’s for your own good.” krume nudges him
“But the money is outrageous” Peter said
“Isn’t your health more important than this cash he is requesting? After all we don’t know the side effects of this worms in your body if it turns into something worse. You need to get rid of it totally give him the money. .”
“But I don’t have that amount of money here” Peter confesses. . “Except I have to go to the bank and come back. I can’t do a transfer –
-you can do a transfer. .” The Guru says with a straight face
They pay leaving .
Zacharia comes out from the room and watches them leave
“You think they would come back?” He says over his shoulders at the retreating backs of the men
The Guru nods ” Yes! ! But it’s better they don’t find us when they do. Stupid gullible men. Let’s change location. Park our things, let’s go somewhere else. “
Zacharia and the Guru smile, as he removed his fake goatee and eyebrows.
“But how did you know, about the Virgin and all?” Zacharia askes his friend
“Lucky guess. He is a cheat. He should continue cheating. It was a lucky guess, I didn’t think he would go and find himself a Virgin. Which was a plus for us. We got 250k extra. “
“So what happens to him and the girl?
“How am I supposed to know. Am I a doctor? The girl is a fool, allowing a man touch her without condom, does she know where he has been? All because of money and life of luxury, ehen she has made her bed she should lie on it. If the worms kills him, it would kill her too. I mean worms in your body…ewww” he shudders
Zacharia looks disgusted
“Oh such gullible men. A Virgin would take your disease and he believed Mr. .hahaha ha ” the Fake Guru laughs
“Such fools!! What was in those bottles?” Zacharia joins in
” eh don’t know. I mixed a lot of shits inside I lost count, I just wanted it to look like thick green something and hoping I get to sell it off to a fool. Guess what? I sold it. Now, hurry let’s leave this location before they come back”
“Where to now*”
“Anywhere unsuspecting gullible fools like those ones are present, “
They both laugh, existing the building. .never to return.
A few minutes later they were standing infront of Peter ‘s car
“Seriously this is beginning to frighten me. What if it never stops, what if I fall sick and die? “
‘The doctor said it’s not life threatening” krume tires to comfort him
“But he also didn’t say what the worst case scenerio might be. I …am getting scared krume. .you know I never did find that Maggie girl. To ask her why she did this to me and what if she is dead. What if the worms killed her ..what if*”
Krume laughs ” don’t be too dramatic Peter. It’s not life threatening. The doctor would know better. Besides it’s clearing right. Keep screwing the girl, pour everything inside her, and she gets it and you are free. Take the drink and drink it.. soon you would be good as new’
“I swear once I am, no more girls mehn. It’s this stupid life style that has brought me into this mess. No more girls. Only my wife” Peter says entering his car
Krume smiles ” That’s what you said . No girls yet you were back in no time. “
‘No now am serious ” Peter says
“Just go bang the girl okay. See you soon “
“Amaka, have your senses left you all of a sudden?” Emeka still held on to her mother
Amaka rolls her eyes and smiles .. “No sir, on the contrary I have never been more sane in my entire life. It’s like finally I’ve grown my long over due wings and I need to fly. Staying with this..this ” she points to her mother ” has been suffocating at best. It’s only fitting for me to tell her shouldn’t I? “
“Amaka, my daughter what has happened to you. Please let’s go inside and talk please ?”
“Nope!! We stand here and talk.”
“Amaka!!’ Emeka calls her name “your mother is talking to you”
“I am not deaf, I can hear her and I can see her too. But I say we should stand here and talk, must she come into the room that is my sanctuary of peace and disrupt it. Ampumaka biko!! We talk here ” she folds her arms
Once the shock takes a lesser level her mother moves away from Emeka and goes to stand infront of Amaka, staring her in her eyes,
“Amaka, you are my daughter, blood of my blood, you suckled at my breasts after I carried you for nine months Amaka. You crawled to me and held the helm of my skirts whenever you thought I was going away from you. You stretched out your hands and cried when you thought I wasn’t paying you any fed from my hands, you slept on my bosom and allowed me protect you in my arms. Amaka, you are my daughter, I have watched you grow, from your baby babbles that didn’t make sense , your crawling , walking and jumping to eventual running. I have nursed and nurtured you Ama, I am your mother Amaka and all I do is to love you. .but why..why this behavior towards me Amaka, tell me why? I have sent you to school, even when we have nothing to go by because I wanted the best for you and made sure you got into the community school, because you deserve to be something Ama despite our situation. Ama you know perfectly well that things are hard but God ..God will never leave us nor forsake us. If you are angry with me for some reason or if I have done anything to you that I am not aware off I am sorry Ama, please. Let’s go inside and talk Ama. ..please ” her mother holds on to her hands and tries to pull her gently inside , hoping Amaka would step back and let her in
Amaka flings her hands away.
“Its like you are daft and have no sense. Didn’t you hear that we are not going inside. .?”
“But Amaka?”
She holds up her index finger..” Do you really want to know mama? Do you really want to know why I am behaving like this Mrs Ijeoma Chimenerem? I would gladly tell you…


You see, I hate you. No, I just don’t hats you I despise you with every fiber in my being for being stupidly ignorant of reality just like your husband Mr Joseph Chimenerem. Because even as a kid I wondered how people, grown ass people would believe in a myth, a fable told under the midnightskies as tales by moonlight, I mean he was dying and what does he do, he prays, he sings, you pray and you sing and go on endless meaningless fasts, and me a young growing child you also made me believe in nonsense. .
“God will heal him. God will not let him die. He would heal him…bla bla bla. By his strips we are healed “
You must have said that a million times. But the old fool was dying and yet you and him and even innocent me was chasing ghosts when we should have found more means to make sure he got the best care in the world or better still. ..accepted his fate and let him die in peace..
I remember how long I prayed, day and night and during the mid days. I remember going without food, I remember my bruised knees to the hard ground. I remember clapping and singing till my palms hurt and my throat felt hoarse , I remember my stomach hurting from not having eaten because we were told to fast more and prayer harder.
Oh I remember how frail and broken he was looking and the fact that he still had the courage to tell me… don’t lose hope Amaka, God is alive and he would make everything all right. But did he? Did the so called God you serve do anything? No!!!



Instead his hairs continue to fall off, his bones began to show on his flesh, his eyes barely white, his body shaking and he non-response to treatment. The bleeding, the loss of appetite, the raging coughs that tore through his body, his death stricken bed…and yet. .and yet in those last hours I held him in my arms… crying my eyes out, begging him to live, begging God to let him live..
But do you know what happened, even as I felt life slowly ebbing away from him..he looked into my eyes, and says “Never give hope on God. .he loves you. He loves me.. he is your healer, protector, provider and he is your God and he is the giver of life and death and he is on the throne and He would make everything okay. He would not let me die Amaka but even if that’s the case, I won’t stop believing in his power and I wanted to tell him to shut up, but my tears won’t stop and my voice close seized “
“Never stray away from his words Amaka, never forsake him for he would never forsake you. God loves you…and He would make all things better. Don’t stop believing .Don’t stop for God is real. God is God and whatever he does or let’s happen is for a reason. He is God all by himself Amaka, All by himself. let his will be done. Trust God Amaka and lean not unto your own understanding God. Trust God.. Trust God.. I love you both…I love you both.”
Her mother had tears running down her eyes, Amaka blinks and sniffs ..
“And slowly his once weighty hands fell off mine, his eyes closes and he was gone..
Trust God? Trust God? Who the hell is God. Who is he? I mean he let him die, someone who loved and served him with all that he had and you say trust him, how can I trust you and you let me suffer till death eh? That’s what it is. . He doesn’t exists because no God who doesnt let their servants perish. After going through pains , after everything he had worked for was taken away from from him. Isn’t that a wicked God if he exists? Papa was deceived. You were also deceived and I was also but you see I came out from under the cloak of lies and deceit . I removed the veil covering my eyes from that day and guess what? The world is clearly now. I know that there is no spiritual being up there watching over us, catering for us or protecting us.. we are our own gods. We are!
There is no God mama, no devil. No angels and demons and sure as hell ain’t no heaven of heavenly places with streets of gold and immortality nor hell with fire and gnashing of teeth. There is absolutely nothing like that. just some ravings of a mad man who happened to be told to some scholar and he writes it down in a book and it spread throughout the world and you call it the bible, that it’s inspired by God or angels or things of the past? Bullshits mama!
All the things you say ‘ the wages of sin is death and bla bla bla..
If you steal , lie and kill you will be punished and go to hell is arrant nonsense. All told to scare little kids to submission to some unknown ridiculous higher caller and young and old people to acceptance of more bulshits.
I am done. But you know the worst pain? is that you still held on to that sick belief even after we were on the streets, even after from being an elite family, traveling in and out of the country and enjoying the luxurious life to being in the village and barely eating still, prayed and fasted and thanked God… I swear you are worse than a mad man mama.
“Amaka” her mother’s voice soaked with grief
“Amaka what are you saying be quiet, shut up ..what is wrong with you?” Emeka cautions her
“Oh Emeka you shut up I am talking to her not to you. You have no right to interfer. She is my mother right? so it’s between us…” she points to him, he tries to hold on to her mother, she leans to the wall, he fears she is going to fall, Amaka pushes him away from her and grabs her by her shoulders. .
“Do you know why I hated you more? When pa Ejinma came with that proposal for marriage for you, you were thinking of yourself instead of thinking of me. You refused, I would have had a better life but because of your stupid religion and equally stupid belief in a God you refused, calling him a traditionalists, abi a ritualist saying the rumors surrounding his wives deaths are scary. Why? Because his three wives all dies within two years, but aren’t his children enjoying. Isn’t he bastardly rich? What makes you think that they didn’t die of natural causes. And besides been though that’s the case shei you miss your husband so much, you should have married him, given me the life of money and luxury at least and if you die so what? you go and meet your husband in heaven as you claim and allow me wallow in money and a new home…. after all, didn’t you say you want to die in the Lord. You should have married him for me and died too.. besides how am I sure you aren’t the one that killed papa”
Kpass! !!!!
“Mama!!’ Emeka exclaims ,
The sting of the slap made Amaka’s face to burn, she held her face and blinked, shocked
“I am sorry..I am sorry !” Her hands shook as she realised she had slapped her daughter, she grabs her and pulls her into a hug, tears streaming down her eyes. .
Amaka pushes her away from her with force, her mother stumbles backwards and falls to the ground, Emeka wasn’t fast enough to catch her. He rushes to her and pulls her up..
“Amaka! !”
“Mama, are you okay?” Emeka grabs her and pulls her up from her arms,
“You witch!! You slapped me!!” You slapped me..!!” She rushes for her mother but Emeka blocks her and grabs her hands…
“Amaka what is wrong with you… That’s your mother ??”
“She is no mother of mine. She dares to slap me because I told her the truth. She is no mother of mine. She is not my mother. She is a witch, witch !!” Amaka spat on her
Her mother’s cries had increased
” Amaka I am sorry , please your words hurt Amaka, Amaka my baby please “
“You will never see me again. You won’t. I hate you. I hate you. You are not my mother. .I am not your daughter . Go and meet that your God. Think I don’t know you are the one that killed him with your pastors. Yes you killed him and you think you can kill me too? Yes, even the box of expensive things you managed to carry to the village you lock and hide them, when I didn’t have things like good cloths and all, instead for you to sell them. To make me comfortable you refused.. you think I don’t see you hide the key and carry it with you. And I told myself one day I would find that key, open that box and steal everything away , sell them and run away and leave you alone in the village. But you are lucky that I found my blessing here..a man who loves me and he would take me away. I hope you used that 100k wisely I sent to you eh? because that’s the payment for all those times you were my mother. Now you don’t have to be anymore. I am never returning back to that dump nor am i ever going to be there with you again. See this face? Today is the first and last time you will see me. Now you have that house ..that village smelling house to pray and fast and die for all I care for that your God that don’t exists. .. I release you from motherhood. So go and die, disappear into oblivion for all I care but if you too Emeka if you both dare to come back to look for me again I swear I will pour you hot water or get acid and pour you. Rubbish ” she spat again, turns and goes into her room, ignoring the eavesdroppers and stares, she slams the door in their faces
“Amaka….Amaka. ..Oohhhhh my amaka ..
Amaka ehhhhhhh.” Her mother wailed her hands flying to her head, her chest, on her head and all over the place
Emeka is speechless , a few students have come to console her, some murmuring, some laughing. ..her tears doesn’t stop. She refuses to leave
“She is my daughter, she is angry but she doesn’t mean all that she said. No, Amaka is my daughter..she loves me. Amaka…Amaka please come and talk to me amaka ” she calls out.
Emeka can’t believe Amaka is the same person he knows…
Oh God. .
Oh God. ..
He stares down at the wailing mother, and then the closed door..
The pain in his chests unbearable
He wished he could break that door in and drag her out and tell her all the pain and suffering this woman has gone through for her..
The burning sun she stays under, walking under the rain, fending for their well being
How she prays day and night for God to make a way for her daughter, how she would gladly cut her hands so that Amaka can have a better life.
But here, Amaka just threw every thing back to her face.
People wish they had a mother who loved and cared for them but didn’t. Some people lost theirs too early, others never met theirs and here, Amaka wasn’t appreciating hers.
His heart broke,
“Mama, please get up let’s go”
She shook her head ” No my son, Amaka. .Amaka eh…my daughter. .my jewel, please call her for me. Tell her to come and slap me back. Tell her that I am sorry, tell her that she is right whatever she says but she should come and talk to her mother. Please …Amaka ..Amaka eh! No I am not leaving here, my daughter is here, I will stay here…my daughter is all I have. My father, My father, oh God most high, God have mercy, please, touch my daughter. …please ” she cries.
” Mama, get up. Its enough let’s go. We would come another day”
“No my son I will-“
“Mama, let’s go”
It took a lot of persuading from him and others to get her up and leave the hostel.
She cried all the way to the village.

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Anita and Ngozi walks into the room to see Amaka busying laughing and watching something from her laptop.
Ngozi taps her ..
She looks up and then smiles, “Oh you are back.”
Ngozi frowns and then looks at Anita who shrugs.
‘Yes. What is this am hearing all over the hostel? ‘
“Yes Amaka” Anita sat on the bed
“What are you hearing ?” Amaka looks at them
“That your mother and that boy Emeka was here and you gave them a washing of their life “
Amaka sighs “Oh, those fools ‘
“Hain Amaka!!” Anita exclaims “your mother a fool? “
“Eh ehen please abeg. I am tired of bottling things inside. Can you believe she slapped”
“She slapped you. .why?”
“As you ask me e no good?”
“You must have done or said something to provoke your mother “
“Look Anita if you want to be on that woman’s side either tell me so I know how to cut you from my life. ..”
Anita looks at Amaka.. shakes her head and keeps quiet.
Doesn’t she know curses are attached to things like this. Disrespecting parents?
“See she came here thinking that she can come and shout and make me feel like that little girl she has always controlled and tried to harass me, even that fool Emeka. I put them in their place. I have been waiting for this day to tell her how I felt and I am glad I did. I told her that she shouldn’t ever call me her daughter ever again and I severed our relationship. She slapped me. Kia I won mad. I was so angry eh, I didn’t care that people were gathering around. She should take Emeka and make him her child…carry her box of expensive things and die with it. We are done…and I ain’t going back to that damned village. After school. Peter is taking me to Lagos and all this is history ” Amaka says
Anita looks at her shaking her head, she had done pretty nasty and crazy things in her life but she would never ever disrespect her mother like that. Never!
Amaka had gone mad.
“Amaka, you should go and apologise to your mother should –
“Eh eh eh eh!!!” She raises her hands… “Look one more talk about that woman Anita and I swear anytime I have money you are not coming near me..”
Anita decides to shut up. What’s her own, it’s not her mother.
Ngozi sits beside her …”Its okay Amaka, Hmmm… sorry she slapped you..”
“Look infact let’s go out . I don’t think you should stay here. You need to distract yourself..”
“Where to?”
“I don’t know anywhere. . To have fun and forget the incidents of today “
Amaka thinks for a second “okay let’s go. Later I will go to Peters when he gets back into town’
Two hours later they entered into a club..
They danced , they smoked, they got high. .. and they danced some more..
Her number hasn’t been reachable and he was getting worried.. He decides to go to her hostel, they told him she went out but nobody knew where
He got back to his hotel and waited, sent her messages and it hasn’t been replied..
“Where are you Amaka??”.
Her number had begun to ring but she still wasn’t picking
Emeka walked her back to her small house, she didn’t stop crying or calling Amaka’s name
”Mama, Amaka would come and apologise to you. I know she didn’t mean all that she said mama..’-
“I know she didn’t mean it Emeka. Oh my daughter. God what had happened to her? ” tears treks down her eyes
“Mama, please stop crying, you would fall sick. You haven’t eaten anything since morning. Is there food in the house so I make something for you to eat ?’
“I am not hungry I am fine.”
“No mama, please let me make something for you. Or get you something to eat . ” he gets up, looking around the small house.. He saw a few cups of rice, onion and then crayfish in a nylon bag
He grabs the stove and takes it outside, she needed to eat. He kept hearing her cry as he cook. He came back to find her sleeping on the ground, her face was a mask of dried tears. He rests his back on the wall, wondering if he should wake her up to eat or let her sleep.. He decides to let her sleep, at least her heart would rest from the torture it had just received from Amaka
He said a prayer as he sat, asking God for help in times like this. Slowly he drifted into a disturbed sleep and then he dreamed that one day, Amaka was pulling her mother to the cliff and pushing her down and laughing “Call your God to safe you”
He woke up to to find Amaka’s mother crying in her sleep..
He soft cooed her back to sleep, praying over her head, asking God to calm her broken heart.
Peter had gone back to The hostel to look for Amaka but he still didn’t find her
“Hello, please have you seen Amaka? Amaka Chimenerem, she stays in this hostel. Fair skin, pretty girl.. ?” He had asked a Couple of people going in and out..
No one seem to know exactly where she had gone..
He saw two girls laughing and coming towards him..
He stops them. To ask before they entered the gate..
They directed him to where they were
“I am not interested” Amaka slurred at the stranger who kept pulling her to him, wanting to dance with her, feeling her up. But she was giggling. Clearly drunk. .
“Why not baby?” He says, grabbing her waist ”shy?”
“I am not, I am just not…hey stop that” she pushes his hands away as he grabs her left breasts
The small club was crowded, everyone seemed to be having fun. . Anita was drinking from a stranger’s cup, and enjoying a cigarette in a smoke congested air..
Ngozi was smiling watching how Amaka was going to run away from the stranger who seems interested to do her on the floor there and there. .
While Anita was dancing her heart off, smoking a cigarette and forgetting everyone else, Ngozi seems to be well aware about her surrounding, careful to drink less and stay alert.
She saw him walk in before he saw them..
She turned to look at the stranger, they made eye contact.. He follows her eyes to see what she is referring to
Suddeninly he grabs the squirming and obviously drunk Amaka, holds her tight and grabbing her legs to wrap them around him, he pushes her to the wall, taken her unwares and crushes her lips with his, grinding into her, one hand squeezing her bottom and the other hand squeezing her breast
She was drunk and high…a good opportunity for stupidity
Ngozi remembered Amaka told her that Peter had made her promise not to be with another person but only him and he wouldn’t want to share her.
So she figured, it would of cause a Serious rift in their relationship if he supposedly found her in this sort of compromising situation. .
Amaka was trying to push him off but from where she stood and everyone else, it just looks like two lovers in a fierce passionate smooching and a kissing spree who can’t wait to tear their cloths off and do it there and there..
She smiled..
From the corner of her eyes She watched Peter’s eyes s grow dark as he sighted her..
She waited until he was close before she opened her mouth
“Amaka what are you doing ??” She squealed
Amaka eyes darts to Ngozi as her mouth was glued to the mouth of a stranger as he continues to ambush her on the wall,
Then when her eyes darted to Peter standing beside her, his anger evident, she froze.
He closes the distance and grabs the stranger away from her, punching him across the face and pulls the drunkened Amaka away. .
Not sparing Ngozi or the shocked Anita a glance and clubbers who got interrupted..
‘What. .what happened Ngozi? ” Anita looks to her and the person nursing his face on the ground and the man dragging Amaka away..
“Peter found Amaka kissing and smooching a guy and he punches him and took her away..go go after them” Ngozi nudges her towards the door
As Anita goes, Amakas goes to the stranger on the floor, handing him a handkerchief as she held him up
“You good?”
He nods, ” How was my performance ‘?
“Good..that was just an appetiser. Tasting waters, let’s see if his reaction would be the same with every man. But unto the next, we shall do something somewhat drastic yes?”
They both smile..
Once they got to the hotel, parked he gets out of the car angrily leaving her inside. Fumming he paced the length of the room
Didn’t he tell her not to have another person, didn’t he? Didn’t she know that she is the one taking this disgusting pin-worms from his body so he can be free? Didn’t she know that she was not to sleep with anyone else but him?
That’s what the Guru said as long as she didn’t sleep with anyone else then soon all his worms would be gone and she would take all of it.
And just a few hours of being away she gallivants with men and gets down in a club.
He was angry. ..
He saw her walk into the hotel room,
“Baby I am sorry” she hiccups behind him..
He doesn’t turn, not until he felt her hands touch his shoulders, trying to hug him
“Baby, he was forcing-
Kpasssss! !!!!!!!
He swung his hands back to her, hitting her across her face, she fell to the ground due to the force. .
“He did what? Didn’t I see it with both my eyes of how you both were having a good time giving the club visitors a good view …Didn’t I?”
She shook her head, holding her face, hot tears sting her eyes “No Peter, I ..I was trying to push him from me but he was pining me to the wall I swear… I would never cheat on you. I promised”
“You… you promised me and yet I see another man groping you. Don’t you know why I am with you? it’s your body- ” He stops himself. .
No. He wouldn’t tell her in his anger. .
He backs away from her
She gets up running to him and holding him tight. .
”I swear I didn’t cheat on you. I don’t know who he was or why he did it. I had a few drinks but I swear he was forcing himself on me and I tried to pull away but he wouldn’t let go. I would never. …
“Stop. Saying . Nonsense’”
He slaps her again and flings her to the wall
He was angry. His one chance of finally getting rid of this worms that had suddenly become a part of him wasn’t going to be ruined by this girl whom he had suddenly and hopefully found as the cure. She could ruin it all because she couldn’t keep her promise and stay away from other men.
If beating her would make her keep her promise he would and until he was done and cleansed she had to do all that he wants.
Even if it comes to locking her in this hotel he would..
He didn’t want the pinworms to become life threatening for him even if the doctor says it isn’t.. but how does he explain his contact pain he feels, the itching a few swelling, the insomnia and the dizziness, what if they begin to die and rotten inside of him
what if, it actually Somehow kills him.
No one knows what happened to Maggie. Was she one knows. .
If the Guru says Amaka is his cure by taking it away from him, he would not let her jeopardise it by sleeping around. No
His anger resurfaces
“You want to be treated like a whore right? Don’t I give you anything you want. Money and more money? Don’t I treat you nice? Don’t I Make you feel good and screw you good? How long have you been seeing him Hmmm?”
‘I haven’t ..I swear I haven’t ” she cries
“Since you want to be a whore, let me treat you like that then “..
He grabs her by her hair and pulls her to the bed, dragging her dress up he forcefully pulls down her panties exposing naked flesh
‘Peter! Peter please I am sorry. ..please , I didnt do anything. We didn’t do anything. He was forcing me to kiss him but I have never being with him nor had anything to do with him. Please Peter stop!” she cries
“Well next time when I tell you something you would listen” he unzips his trousers, pinning her down he forces her legs open..
She cried begging him to shop, but he doesn’t. He doesn’t stop not until he screamed his release and collapses on top of her..
Rolling of off her goes the toilet to take a shower, leaving her to cry on the bed
Coming out to find her on the bed still crying , he ignores her and goes to bed, snoring loudly.
Amaka drags herself to the bathroom,
Still crying she managed to enter under the shower to bath and wash off, blaming herself for being drunk and stupid and not able to push the stranger away.
If she had been sober, she would have kicked and slapped him, he would have let her go and her baby, her Peter won’t have been mad at her
She winces in pain as she washes up, feeling pain from her core from his hard thrusts and she knew she was possibly injured.
A tear escapes from her eyes ,she sniffs.
She didn’t want to lose him, if he didn’t love her he wouldn’t have dragged her away or punched the stranger
If he didn’t love her he wouldn’t have punished her.
Yes, he punished her because she was stupid and went out drinking and clubbing and allowed another man touch her. It was her fault.
She won’t upset him anymore and in the morning she would go on her knees and beg him. She loves him and she knows he loves her back, when a child misbehaves, that child is punished and since she too had misbehaved, even if it wasn’t her fault she should have known better. .
Yes. She would beg and apologize to him and he would forgive her and things would go back to normal.
She winced as she tries to pee, the hot liquid stinging her sore core, she closes her eyes and bites her lips, letting the water from the shower wash away the blood that mixed with water away. But she didnt look down nor did she notice the tiny slighting thread whitish things that followed the water and blood down the drain.
She finished showering, wipes her body and puts on a night gown, she leaves the bathroom, lays on the bed and she watches him till she falls asleep.
Tomorrow she would make things right with him

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