Amaka Episode 5


Emeka had a battle within himself. Dazed he walks past Ngozi without saying anything when she demanded to know what he and Amaka spoke about and if he was able to give her the money from her mother. .

Emeka shakes his head at her, speechless he walked on, leaving the hostel, he found his way to the park, boards a bus that takes him out of the university, through the outskirts of town and back to their village..

He slowly walks through the lonely paths. It is dark, he isn’t scared or bothered by the shadows …the dancing trees and the crickets whispering to each other. He holds on to the nylon bag he had carried to Amaka, his heart heavy he walks on..

“What would he tell her mother if she ask’s him?”

“How does he tell her about Amaka?”

“How does he say the things she had said to him, to her mother?”

How does he explain to her what… Amaka meant and how she felt or how vehemently she…emphasized.. “that woman should leave her alone and take her God away with her…and die for all that she cared ..” she had said.

How does he tell a woman he has seen give her all to bring a smile to her daughter’s face

How does he tell a woman that her daughter hates her even when he sees her constantly praying for her daughter’s well being.. going hungry so that she can have something to eat. Staying cold so that Amaka can be warm. Going weak so that Amaka can be Strong. Her knees bruised as she kneels to pray on a daily so that Amaka can be able to walk on her feet and sacrifices and gives up a lot so that Amaka can at least have a better life..

How does he tell a mother that her daughter whom she loves dearly doesn’t love her back. The one she had counselled, directed, and nourished had decided to heed not to her instructions nor the good book and have joined the world, basking in its vanities. .

How does he? Or does he?

There are times when, in order not to hurt someone you have to lie.. But..was this a lie he could afford? It wasn’t a little girl who stole sweet and you are trying to protect her from being flogged. Amaka wasn’t a child, and the life she has chosen to live now was done out of voluntary decision, she didn’t look forced nor acted as though she was under duress or under an influence .


This isn’t something that one should look away from…

No matter how much he would love to protect her and keep her from harm’s way, he wouldn’t be able to protect her from the vices of such effects of her behavior if…if she hits the rock bottom. He can only plead with her to see reason, and see the folly in her ways and be able to take a step back. Before its too late. ..

But she wouldn’t listen to him.. the way she spoke to him and shouted at him. The way her nose flared up and her eyes turned to slits. The way she.. all of a sudden seemed a different person to him.

What has happened to Amaka, the girl who had a big heart? Happy eyes and the most beautiful laugh? What had happened to his friend?

The friend he had formed a friendship with as soon as they met when she went to fetch water from the stream and almost tripped from the sloppy ends before he caught her and steadied the bucket on her head.

The friend who has been shy and withdrawn, sad around the eyes amidst her laughter and words too ‘tushed’ when they came out of her mouth, the little girl who had learned to come down from her high horse so that she doesn’t appear as a snob. That was the friend he knew and liked.

Right now. ..Amaka seemed a different person. How does he tell her mother all these without breaking her poor heart. .

Emeka walked on..


“Ah ha!!! My son, Emeka is it you? it’s late I was scared oh. I was wondering who was knocking at my door by this time… is anything wrong? How is your uncle… is he well? And your sister nko and her family ? Did you see Amaka? Why did you come back so late? Come inside, the mosquitoes are deadly and I don’t have spray to spray them, come inside ” she opens the door wide for him to enter, shutting it immediately

Emeka doesn’t answer her questions but draws the stool from where it stood beside the wall and sits on it. His head bowed.

How do I begin.

“Emeka, how is my daughter Amaka..did you see her? Is something wrong with Amaka..answer me na!” She goes to seat down on their foam on the ground, wrapper tired around her chest.

Emeka could see that she had a half loaf of bread, one sachet Milo and a few cubes of sugar at the corner of the bed. She must have eaten part of that for dinner.

He sighs. .

The window could only bring in tiny air into the small house, a lantern was at the corner in which she had put on pointing it to his face to see who was at the door, her bible was on the bed and at the far end, the only thing that looked out of place in the small room was a fancy box…

Something… she must have gotten from her home after they were kicked out..

“That’s where mama used to keep all those her jewels and expensive bags and shoes and cloths that papa bought for her, the only thing she managed to take out of the house. She keeps it under lock and key and carries it every where. I just don’t understand her..that we are here suffering and if she could sell a few things we would have been able to move out of this village and be in a decent house at least, I can go to a good school. And have food to eat..instead she keeps hoarding It as though she would die and carry it to heaven. My mother is just wicked and cares about herself. .”

Amaka had said to him once… but he had cautioned her.

“Emeka did something happen to Amaka? Why are you quiet, tell me!”

Her questions bolted him out of his thoughts. He looks at her, sighing he pushes the nylon bag to her. Curious she takes the bag, looking into it she brings the items out one by one, frowning at every action.

“Emeka I don’t understand. What is this ? Wait…Isn’t this the 20 thousand I asked you to help me give Amaka? And why am I seeing another bundle of money and beverages here too?” she stares up at him

‘Those are the extra things I saved up to buy for Amaka, I thought she might want to have some beverages at least, but She didn’t want them”

“Okay I still don’t understand why and why is the 20 thousand here and ..where did you get this bundle of money from? Emeka please explain to me because I don’t understand” She sees that it’s a bundle of a 100 thousand naira

“A 100 thousand naira Emeka. .did you steal it??”

Another sigh, he shakes his head

“Mama …. its Amaka!!’

“Hain!!! Amaka…Amaka stole? Jesus have mercy! from where ?” Her voice increased, her hands flew to her chest dropping the money, her eyes bigger than before

“…Amaka… she said she doesn’t need them and asked me to give them back to you..and the money too. Your 20 thousand and the 100 k she wants you to have it as well. Everything else she said is too heavy for my mouth mama , I can not say it. But no I didn’t steal. No Amaka didn’t steal… but what she is doing to get the huge amount of money however. . is worse, But my mouth can not say it mama”

“I still don’t understand you Emeka. How can she send me back money I sent to her when I know she has nothing in her hand. And you even saved up money you don’t have and managed to buy her things and she said she didn’t want… but she didn’t have anything before so why is she refusing it? And where did she get this huge sum of money from eh if you say it wasn’t stolen..what is it that it’s too heavy for your mouth to speak. My son please you have to tell me, because I do not understand a thing and I want to. I have to. What is wrong with my daughter, what’s all this!!!

Emeka I beg you in the name of God, what did my daughter say to you. Tell me, please….. if not I will go there and find out my self oh!. I will go there and find out my self. .!!” She repeats showing him her palms and shaking her head

Emeka sighs yet again, choosing his words

“Mama, Amaka isn’t child you used to know, the one that suckled at your breasts and played around your feet. The one that must have chased round her father and enjoyed his piggy rides. The one that knelt beside you as you knelt and said those prayers, like incense to the heavens. The one that .. you have nurtured and directed and molded to follow in the right paths, come what may. Amaka isn’t the same child you know..mama”

“Emeka, you are scaring me”

”No mama, I am making sure you brace yourself. All I can say is that you pray for her, for she has gone down the paths that you must have warned her against”


The words are heavy on his heart, too heavy for his mouth to speak..

‘Mama, please,” he begged. .

No force me to say it..

“Emeka, you had better tell me right this minute! !!!!!!” She shouted , he jumped

Her anger caused his heart to skip a beat

He blurted out. .

”She..she, Amaka has a lover. A married lover who has been giving her money from what I am told. Hardly been in class since she got back to school, and she said that….” he trails off as he bites his lips

“That’s a lie, tufiakwa! !” She snaps her fingers “That’s a lie, it’s not my Amaka. I refuse that story. !!” She spat

”She didn’t exactly deny it mama when I asked, instead she got angry and asked who told me, then sent me out of their hostel, flinging these things back at me, and adding the bundle of money..saying she has more where it came from..and that , you should..” he trails off yet again.

Not able to bring himself to complete it..

‘No!!” She shakes her head

Emeka is silent,

”No, I don’t believe it. Amaka wouldn’t do such a thing.. No..Amaka is a good child. I raised her..I know. Amaka! Amaka is my daughter and I know her. Amaka …No!!” She shakes her head, slapping her thighs, hands to her chest, then her head, holding it she shakes it again

”No!” She must have repeated it a couple of times

A couple of minutes pass.

“Emeka, you would take me there tomorrow. I want to see my daughter. The person you just mentioned isn’t her”




”Can I ask you a question” Amaka ask’s, as they are lying on the bed

” Go ahead babe “

”Okay,.. you said I shouldn’t pry into your private life which I won’t. Although I am curious why I shouldn’t. I mean, we have been together for two weeks and you say you love me and I also love you. I have told you everything about me but the only thing I know about you is that your name is Peter Nwambweze, a senator. That’s it…..”


She scratches her head. ..” I mean,you have to give me more than that. You can’t say you love someone and the person knows nothing about you. That’s..not really comforting ” she pouts

He sighs sitting up… ”ok, what do you want to know?”

”Okay, everything about you ”

”That’s not possible. That’s like a looking for a pin in a haystack. You have to be specific so I don’t start blabbing” A cynical smile to his face

She pinches her nose ”Erm, okay, I know you are married, thus the ring ” she points to his finger

He nods raising an eyebrow

”That’s a no go area ”

”I know.. I know..okay , what do you do?”

”I am a senator ”

”Senator where, what. .you know?”

He laughs ” Anambra south. You do know what senators do right?”

She shrugs. .

‘” they work for the Nigerian National Assembly, each appointed under the local government/state .etc each having his own duties clearly stated in which he gets to preside over at especially areas concerning his state. Amongst other things, generally speaking we do preside over bills, enacting and appropriation of bills, and other delicate matters for the government in the national assembly plus, we also do checks and balances of other arms of the government to make sure other arms of the government are working in line with the constitution of the federal government and in the interests of the masses and not in their own favour.. in nut shell” he folds his hands

”Oh, Wow!!! So you are like an important person to the Government

” she started. He didn’t think it was a rhetorical question so he didn’t say anything. He waited

”Okay, so erm. . ” she really wanted to know about his private life but it was obvious he wanted her to stay clear from it. She bites her lower lips scratching her head.

”Really is that all?”

‘-Well no but, okay aside me do you have any other woman?”

He begins to laugh “Girls !!!’

”What? I need to know. Whether you would soon get tired of me and move on to the next available girl you see”

“Yes! !”

She looks at him. .

“My wife Amaka” a sly smile plays at the corner of his mouth

“You know what I mean” she folded her hands

He laughs , touching her face

”No of course I don’t have another except you, that’s why I don’t want anyone else to have you except me. You promised me right?”

”I did. I don’t look at other boys or men , it’s not like they can take care of or treat me the way you do”

“Good! That’s my girl, am just making sure “

“So, I was going to ask- ” she says

He pulls her closer to him, placing a finger to her lips, turning her over to rest on her naked soft body underneath him.

”Too many questions.. Don’t you know curiosity kills the cat?”

”But I haven’t even gone half of what I want to ask” she squirms underneath him

“Another time”

”You have been saying that for days. I want to know you Peter, I want to know the man I am with and I want to know…

“Ssshhhhhh! !! All you need to know is …how I am feeling right now and what you are feeling. ..” he kisses her neck

She smiles…” but I am not feeling. .ohhhhh! ” She exclaims. .feeling his hardness building up close to her thighs

”Oh you feel it now don’t you?”

“hmmmmhumm !!!” She nods

”Now let’s see how you feel” he says kissing her, savoring her lips, trailing his tongue down the side of her neck till he takes her twin towers, one at a time he suckles her mauds, using his finger, he separates her thighs to caress her core for a couple of minutes till he hears her moan, rolling her waist, he didn’t stop until he began to feel her pulsate, till he felt her water

Removing his fingers, he replaces it with his already hardened and erected member with a quick thrust, kissing her to drink her moan as her finger dug into his back.

He holds her tight, not stopping the movement until he reaches his climax and collapses on top of her, breathless, satiated.

He pulls her to him, kissing her until her body stops quaking

“You are beautiful, I love you so much” he whispers into her ears

Amaka smiles, feeling loved and wanted. Something she has never felt before. She felt happy, happy that she met him and that they were together.

Thankful for that his wife who she doesn’t know about or cares to know, for maybe ignoring him. That’s why he had to find love outside. She presumed

If not prying into his private life would mean she can keep him for herself. Then she doesn’t need to know

This right here was her happiness, her peace. This was love and soon she knows that it might blossom into something more, and if he tells her he would divorce his wife for her. ..she would be the happiest girl.

She had a rich boyfriend.

No scratch that.

A rich senator boyfriend..who loves her, takes care of her and makes her feel like a woman.. She literally has money to spend.

Soon she would be done with school. And no fear of returning to the forsaken village and to her wretched mother. She was looking forward to;

No mama!

No God!

No more suffering!!

She would take Peter over all of these again and again

“I love you too..” she kisses him.

Slowly she drifts off to sleep.

She doesn’t feel him get up and go into the toilet to relief himself. Seeing what danced in the WC as he finished peeing caused him to sigh..

“I thought he said it would stop? ” He says to himself

‘Its been two weeks already and everything was fine. Now..this? I thought he said it would stop? ” He repeats

He frowns staring as the tiny dark slithering things feeling at home with the water inside the toilet seat

It had always made his body scrawl seeing it, scared the hell out of him when he saw it for the first time a year ago..

He had left home for a business meeting, and his friend Krume and some other of their colleagues had got invites to a party, an exclusive party .

‘”Honey, I am going to be having another meeting and I may come home late.” He told his wife over the phone that night

“How late Peter? the twins have been waiting up for you. You missed their recital today at school and they don’t want to go to bed unless they get to recite their play for you and yet you are having another day at work. ..Peter, when do you actually make out time for your family? “

”Donnalyn, can we not start this now, please?”

“I am not starting anything. I am just saying that since you made senator, from just being a youth president to entering the house of Assembly, you hardly have time for your family, you are always out of town, spending only days with us. When you are home, you are always working, when you are out, you are always working. where is the time for me and the kids?Peter, I miss you. they miss you. .

This isn’t how it’s supposed to be”

He was tired of their consistent fights and her complains .

”So I should resign? I work because I have to work. I work hard to make sure you and the kids have food on the table, cloths on your backs and to give you the extra money so that you can afford the high life and the luxury you live in and yet you are complaining, what do you want from me?”

When he was working as a clerk in a ministerial office, she always complained on how he should be doing better. . Now he was doing better and she was complaining that he wasn’t spending time with them.


” I want you to have time for us. Money isn’t everything Peter”

‘Tell me that again when you have no money in your pocket but a house of kids and a husband who can’t afford to take care of you and pay the bills. You complain a lot. Nagging every single time. DON,t it’s Tiring. Look, I have a meeting. I would see my kids when I get home I have to go”

He cuts the call before she could say anything more

“Wife trouble”? krume ask’s

“You know it all. ” Peter rubs his jaw

Krume was saying “You know, you should put her in her place. she seems to have forgotten where it used to be”.

Peter shakes his head. ..

“Married to one woman for six years is boring. I miss the fun. The freedom..the life . I can’t take it anymore and I can’t do anything about it “

“Who says you can’t?” He bends his head to the side

“The wife would kill me !!” Peter tells his friend.

”That’s if She knows. .”

“How can she not know? It’s a small town and everyone knows am married and..people know her”

“Are you a learner? ” krume says to him. .

”I don’t quite get you krume. ” Peter says

Krume hands him a access card ” well, why don’t I show you what you have been missing. there is this organisation of the brothers. .

Called the ‘Goodswill Fellowship of the Brothers “

”And what do they do in this fellowship? I hope it’s not some cult Krume. .it sounds like one”

Krume. Laughs

“where are we? In the set of a movie? No its not. .it’s just a harmless Fraternity organisation “

Peter scoffs. .

”Fraternities are cults. ..!!”

”No fraternities are made up of a group of individuals who share common goals, interests and aspirations.. Sometimes from different denominations of life..or same works of life. They share the same purposes too” he added

“And what kinda goals and purposes can that be..?” Peter eyes him

” Well, take you for instance . You have a nagging wife and you need a place to let loose without her prying eyes. .”

“That’s one”

” There are lot of men in that category too.. even yours truly who gets it on there without watching our backs.”

Now two, it’s an organisation where you get to meet elite people and mingle with them without restrictions. The who of the who comes to this parties. Senators like you, ministers, senate president, governors, this people you have to book an appointment with or have a special invitation to see on a normal day after a headache. You meet them here. Imagine that eh?

Those projects you have been pursuing you can get it signed immediately. Your finances goes off the roof. You get membership allowances. I mean money is being pumped into the organisation so that people get to have a good time. Of course shady deals too but..What’s our business. You also meet sweet looking girl’s that can make you forget the troubles at home. Sweet girls that would make your eyes pop. Money spent comes from there. I get help here too. Your finances gets to skyrocket for real. .as members tends to help each other. What happens in the house stays in the house. No one judges you nor raises an would be surprised the kind of people you meet there. I mean really surprised “

“Whats the catch?”

“What ?”

“what’s the catch. It can’t be all of that and not have a catch. What’s it krume? “

Krume smiles. ..

“Nothing. Just come and have mad uninterrupted fun.”

He was skeptical. And a little Suspicious , but he followed him to the party. .

Lots of drinking, and mingling, lots of young girls and men openly flirt was like a large community of people orgy party if you will.

Where the single and married alike could do the bad away from the prying eyes of the Mrs, the society and the world and then there were contracts and projects discussed. Business’s struck and the money began to flow in.

Just like magic.

He soon found out what the catch was..

“Sell drugs. .really Krume?”

“Yes really. I mean, under your office no one would know nor suspect. You can ship it in and out… get a few millions in your pocket. The organisation of course gets their cut but you go home smiling.. what you get here your basic salary as a senator is chicken change. I mean look, you get to ship out drugs, others get to smuggle girls out of the country for prostitution, others are gays you know, and then we have the ass lickers. ..those who do the dirty jobs you can’t do by yourself. A long list of category. But mad money to make and fun parties like this to get paid and enjoy yourself “

It took him a month to decide and then. .he did, Signing membership forms and then he did his first two deliveries and when things started to work out for him, open doors, .more money. ..more fame. .

He knew he had been missing this in his life

There was a down side..

The ripple effects were the fact that he got to spend less time at home.. More time in these parties and their meetings..and travels and more parties..more drugs. .more money and definitely, More women on a daily..

His marriage suffered. .

He really didn’t care. What he was getting from being a part of this organisation was more wealth and fame.. Women.. Life of luxury. . Being free. .

It was fxxking-fantastic. ..

Untill he Met Maggie, Short for Margaret.

She was beautiful, voluminous. A backside that one could hang a cup..

She was new, he hadnt seen her there before. She came in a few times and had left with different men on different occasions. He waited till he could have her and he did. And he loved being with her

Life was beautiful. .

He was going to make their relationship permanent , he told her. They had begun planning things.

Until he fell sick.

For two months he had pains, itching and swelling… Under his arms, his neck and sometimes his balls.. and anus

A burning sensation. .

And then it would disappear…

It came back a couple of times for the next couple of months.

The last time he and Maggie were together and she had just left. Was the day he peed and saw this yellowish threadlike slithering things dancing in the water when he was about to flush.

He screams jumping out of the toilet.

There were a lot of them and he knew it came from him because the water was super clean a second ago.

“I need you to come please”‘

He called Krume.

They both stare at it for what seemed like minutes. .

“What are those?”

“I don’t know. What are those. They came from should be able to tell me not me telling you. So..what are those? ” krume threw the question back at him

“H-how am I supposed to know Krume. ” he rubs his head, holding his member, visibly shaken

“Well, I think. ..they look like mini tiny itty bitty snakes. . Or..maggots ” he squeezes his face

“Maggots .???” Peter looks at it again.

“Or worms. Yes, slimy worms!” Krume added, stating as they crawled above each other, some trying to get out and climb the walls of the WC

“Why the hell should I be peeing worms..?”

‘Dude, how the hell should I know. It’s your penis! !” Krume says, visibly Disgusted. .

“Dude you need to check you out..I don’t think this is something to over look. .have you ever seen it before? ” krume turns to stare at Peter

Peter shakes his head..

“But I have been feeling off and on sick for a couple of months now. But not anything to worry about. But. .this. .’” He points to the toilet ..” I have never seen it before. .”

A week later they were seated infront of the doctor , who looks at him frowning. .

‘What is it doctor..??’

“You have what is called. ..Pinworms “!


“Pinworms? ?”

they both ask. Peter leans forward.

“What is that please and how did I get it. ?”

‘” well…..” he readjusts his glasses on his nose,

“Pinworms are worms, really small — about as long as a staple kinda worms.” He uses his hands to demonstrate how long he meant.

Peter and Krume looked perplexed. .

”Ok pinworms are worms. That’s the obvious part now. did I get that or them inside of me?”

”Yes doctor how did they get into him ..?”

‘I am getting to that Mr Peter…Mr Krume.

You see they can get into the human body through different ways and through different means. Through contaminated water infested with worm eggs, from your under-nails where you must have touched anything that must have had their eggss from cloths infested with their eggs, from. .plates, spoons etc. Do you see where I am going with this?”

“But that’s not possible. I am a very clean man. It won’t have been possible..”

“Yes he has the worse case of OCD..” Krume says nodding

“Okay… but let me keep explaining. Their eggs get inside the body through the mouth for instance, if that’s the channel that was used, after you touch something which is contaminated with pinworm eggs, and then you proceed to touch your hands to your mouth… The eggs found a way into your mouth now after getting in your mouth, the eggs pass through your digestive system.

Eggs don’t remain eggs so they hatch in the small intestine of your body and the baby worms grow as do other living things and move on to your large intestine. There, the pinworms grab onto the wall of the intestine, like leeches and cling themselves there. Let’s say making themselves really comfortable like it’s their house…Yes? It takes a couple of weeks by then, the female pinworms then gets tired and seeing their work is done, move to the end of the large intestine, and they come out of the body at night to lay their eggs around the anus…”

They are both staring at him dumbfounded, he continues

“The duration of time that passes from when someone swallows the eggs until the worms lay new eggs is about one to two months at least. ” he added. “So you tend to find them, when you pee, poop and in your underwear’s in the morning”

“Okay okay. But…how did I get it say if I didn’t get it from touching things that are dirty because ..hello. OCD!!!”

“From people. People who have them, handshake, their cloths, etc. And it is also possible you may have contacted it through sexual intercourse with someone who is already infected with pinworms.. if you can pee them. Poop can as well..Cum them. Technically speaking…I suppose “

“But..but ” Peter stammers

“I think that’s the only other possible explaination if you are ruling the others out..” the doctor states

“Oh that’s messed up!!” Krume throws his hands up

“I only have sexual intercourse with my wife and she is as clean as clean can be. I mean, that’s what attracted me to her in the first place. .” Peter says

“Erm..not only your wife Peter ” krume nudges him

“I mean..I only have unprotected sex with my wife” he corrected the doctor nods understanding. .

“Which means you have been with other women and one of them may have been infected. . If you are positive you didn’t get it through other means due to your OCD. Don’t you always use protection? ” He didn’t want to judge. ..

“I always use protection with the girls. ..” krume says ” don’t you Peter?”

“What kind of question is that. I always use it with them.. infact. .always.. I always use. ..Oh Shit!!!” He says

“What is it??” Doctor and Krume askes


“What happened to Maggie?”

“Who is Maggie? “

‘We have been. .you know. .Once or twice. .’ He face-palms moaning

“How can you be so careless dude. You have a family always always use protection. That’s one of the rules do you know where and where they have been and with who”?

”I always make sure we do a home tests. Plus..she was clean. .she looked clean and she was clean..I checked. .how was I to know to check for worms, erm pinworms! !!” Peter raises his voice

“You are a fool!!” Peter says shaking his head. . ” A careless fool.”

‘Its your fault! You took me there and now see ..I got pinworms! !!’ He retorted

“I didn’t force you to have sex without protection. How foolish is that “

“Was I supposed to know she had them..

“Gentleman. Please calm down..there is no need for this. .and besides it’s not death threatening.”

“Its not!!!” They both turn

”No its not..”

“Phew!! That’s good news ” Peter says

“Indeed!” Krume joins in

” Itching and rashes yes and the occasionally excretion of them yes. For males you have nothing to worry about but for females, the worst case scenario can be life threatening due to the fact that it could lead to-

“Doctor. ..forget about the female and tell me how I can cure it please ” Peter interrupts

“Ok. a few medications and treatments and you would be fine. Wash your hands and cloths constantly and avoid reinfecting your self after treatment and you would be fine.. I would write you some prescriptions. .’ He begins to write. .

” You can get them from the drug store and please stay away from the wife till after and the kids too at least till after the treatment. You don’t want to infect them. Once you are cleared you can go back to your normal life but be careful you can get infected again. . Get sanitize-rs too. You never know who you shake or hug or kiss might have it. ‘

‘So everyone does?”

“No, I assume that one of your sexual encounters, Maggie you say? might have recently been to an area where she got infected and unknown to her and you both. .well” he says not finishing

As soon as he left the doctor’s office he began dialing Maggie’s number. .

It didn’t connect.

He got the drugs? He got cleaned and stayed away from the parties. Her number never went through till this day.

But..after a couple of months he was back..

No more pinworms, his confidence was back.

His wife was a Nag. His finances were dwindling down and he missed the life he enjoyed being part of the fraternity. ..

That was a year ago.

4 months ago… the itching started again, The rash. .and then the worms.

He went back to the doctor ..

The drugs wasn’t working. . It keeps coming back after a couple of weeks.

“Lets go for traditional herbs then. A friend said it would work”.. krume told him.

The herbs they gave him seems to be making it worse..and made the worms turn from thread white to black slithering worms ..

“Krume it’s not working. ..” he lamented one day.

“‘Phew!!!!’ Krume shakes his head

‘You know I know someone who can help. He is sort of a spiritual Head, he cures people and gives them solutions to their problems” a guy who identified himself as Zachariah says to them, he had overhead them talking after leaving the herbal shop.

“Oh please. …Spiritual head. .like a native doctor or a pastor. Do you think this is some Nigerian movie where people get gullible to fall for that?”

Krume laughs,

Zacharia shakes his head. . ” No. He is a Guru …!!”

“A Guru! !!” Krume and Peter exclaim

“Yes a Guru. A spiritual Guru. Come

I will take you. “

They seat in front of him two hours later. He has both legs crossed in front of him, his long goatee reaching the ground and a piercing gaze. .

‘Tell him?” Zacharia breaks silence..

Krume nods. Peter sighs and then tells the Guru who just stares at him..

He is still quiet when he is done..

“Your pinworms as the doctor says aren’t normal. And the only way you can get rid of them finally is to… have sex with a Virgin .. Someone who hasn’t been with another man. It would cleanse you totally. She would absorb the karma, and the worms too”

“Are you kidding me! is he kidding me??” Peter askes zacharia pointing at him

“Spiritual Guru doesn’t kid Mr Peter. .’ He replies him

“Okay. .supposing I listen to this. How do you mean it’s not normal. ?”

” You have been cheating on your wife so this is your punishment ” he says

‘So in order for this supposed punishment to stop even if I think It’s totally ridicules I need to cheat some more??” Peter tries to understand

He nods..

‘This is ridiculous! !!’ He laughs shaking his head.

‘No. It’s Rhema. !!” Zacharia says

“A Virgin? That’s like searching for a pin in a haystack! !” Krume states

‘Exactly! !” Peter admits

“That would be 50 thousand naira ” the Guru says to him.

Peter scoffs, Krume laughs, Guru and Zachariah aren’t smiling .

‘Wait you expect me to give you money for telling me this?

” Its Spiritual information son..’ Guru says

“Yes spiritual. No one can tell you that except Guru” Zacharia tried to make them understand. . ” So you pay that money to appease the gods”

‘Spiritual information my Ass.. lets go Krume! !”

They leave.

Fast forward to two weeks ago..

He had continued taking the drugs and avoiding to mingle …. But he was bored stiff. He was Horny. His wife was a consistent nag.. She had stopped being intimate with him. And he didn’t bother. ..

Plus how was he going to explain to her that he can’t have sex with her anymore unless he uses protection. Too many explanations he didn’t care to give. So he provides her with money. .loads of if. Sends her and and the kids on holidays… Learning to live with it..

He continued to frequent the parties… Merely to take his mind of things by doing his task and making more money… But then..he saw them come in and he liked what he saw.

It had been awhile….and he missed having a woman. He might as well… He approached them.

Her friend was pissed but he didn’t care, when her friend let it slip that she was a novice, the girl Amaka, an amateur …

“She doesn’t even know how to lick a lollipop let alone rif a joystick ” in her words , his ears pricked up

The words of the Spiritual Guru came back to him..

“Its your punishments for cheating on your wiife. It can only stop if you sleep with a Virgin. She takes the worms and you are free. You have to have sex with her, unprotected sex with her. ..because she hasn’t been touched ..which means she is pure.. and a pure soul can absorb a corrupt soul with sins. .even worms. That’s the only way you can be free’”

Ridiculous. .!!!!

That was what he said then. .

But what the hell? No harm in trying. ..

And so he had doubled the money… despite the friend fumming and he had gone with her..Amaka!

After a couple of days…

Truly. ..he hadn’t seen the worms, nor had any itching or rash..

He had gone back to the spiritual Guru, with smiles on his face and gave him an extra 50 thousand..

The Guru smiled.

Zacharia smiled.

Krume too.

And he was happy…

Finally he was free…

And he sort of liked Amaka… and told her not to be with anyone except him and she had promised. .

He didn’t want her to be with another so that..

Whatever Purity she sort of had wouldn’t fade away and the worms don’t come back…

He gave her money…which he knew she wanted .. He have her his time which he had and his attention too. His family were out of the country. He had lots of time to spare.

All he wanted was her body…and sex. Sex he had missed so much..and for the worms to go into her body and be free from him.

That’s what the Guru said.

Now he can have as much sex that he wanted from her. .. At the same time he gets to be cured from his pinworm-ness. .

When he is completely healed..he would let her go.. And he returns back to his life and to his wife and family. ..

He sighs coming back to the present. ..

It didn’t make sense that the worms were still dancing there..oblivious of their worried host. He thinks to himself

He should go back to the Guru..

This wasn’t working. .

He flushes the toilet and goes back to bed. .

He would go back to the Guru.

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Ngozi had left early in the morning, saying she had to go meet up a friend for money she was owed. Anita went to class, she needed to sort a professor for a course

Peter had told her he was going to be out of town for the rest of the day so they won’t be seeing till he comes back.

So she was stuck in this hostel Or in classes for the rest of the day. The latter held no interests to her so she decided to stay in the hotel. Listening to music from her New laptop and watching a movie. Her new phone was beside her. .

She busied herself eating biscuits, and drinking juice, laughing at a funny episode as time slipped away

It was mid afternoon when Emeka and her mother arrived the hostel. ..

Emeka led the way.

Amaka is bolted from her movie due to the knocks

‘Who is that? ” she called out. She knew her roommates were in class…Ngozi was out and Anita who stayed down the hall wasn’t close by and she wouldn’t knock. None of them would knock

She decides to ignore it. But the consistently knocking only succeeded in pissing her off..

“Who is that? She called out again

No answer still.

“Who is that bastard who is knocking on my door and disturbing my quite time….

She gets up annoyed and flings their door open…

“Who is this fool…” she spat. Seeing the people standing there she folds her hands and rests on the side of the door. .

“Oh it’s you again. And decided to bring Mama jehovah witness along. How nice. If you are here for drama… I am well prepared. Don’t think Mama bear can do a thing ” she smiles

Her mother looks at her daughter who had on a tube top and a bum short

“Amaka!!? ” She has her hands to her chest, taken aback by her words

“Yes that’s my name Mrs Ijeoma Chimenerem. !!”

“Amaka Chimenerem , are you seeing me here. Your mother has come to see you. Please go inside and lets talk, and please put on something decent..please ‘”

Amaka laughs ” Look Ijeoma. … I wear what I want …and no we stand here and talk. Be fast, my movie is playing. .I know you want to talk about God and nonsense. In fact I have a lot to say to you too. Now I am prepared to tell it to your face how a useless woman you are…

“Jesus Amaka! !” Emeka exclaims.

“A-amaka, me your mother??” She staggers back from shock, Emeka holds on to her

“Oh here we go, the drama queen have started. I am ready too…” Her words were solid and she didn’t blink.

Finally..she can get rid of this woman.


‘So princess, who do you want me to take care of for you?”

“My friend, she took what was meant for me and I want him back.” Ngozi says backing the person she was talking to

“Hmm.. what exactly do you want me to do to..your friend?” He was feeling her up and kissing her neck.

This was the third time she would be using him to do her dirty work.

The first time was when one of her friends who had tried to be smart. Accepting more money and hiding it away from her after she pimped the girl to a customer who wanted fat chubby girls. The other time was when she needed to blackmail a client for more money and the third time would be to teach Amaka a lesson..

“I want her to understand that…she shouldn’t take things that don’t belong to her. I want her to be remorseful but not forgiven and then I want her out of the way..and I need my man back “

“Why don’t you get another man?” He wraps his hands around her and presses her to him

“Because he is rich. And I need to get out of this dump and he would be my ticket out of here, all the things he is promising her is supposed to be meant for me and the fact that she gets all the benefits and flaunts it makes me want to break something. So I want him.. that man. And I want her out of the way first. Think you can handle that? ” she turns to face him

He smiles nodding. .” Anything for you princess. But first. .you know how I liked to be paid..”

She nods, it was either cash or kind. When there was no cash like right now, kind is his second favourite. .

She pushes him to the bed and stradles him..

“As long as you do the job…you can get another after a Job welldone” they sink into each other’s warmth

Ngozi smile never leaves her face

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To Be continued.