Amaka Episode 9


Ngozi cuts the call in anger.

“How dare he? Who the hell does Peter think he is? I would deal with him. I will!’’ she was in class. She had only gone to class because she had wanted to see a lecturer about her results. She had paid him so she didn’t understand how he scored her low in her test.

But first, she needed to call her friend.


“ Yes baby?” he drawls. It appears that she must have woken him up from sleep. “how are you princess, what can daddy do for you today? I hope all is going according to plan, yes?”

“Don’t baby me jor, nothing is going according to plan. The fool is daring me. He doesn’t know that when I say something I follow it through to the last. Imagine, I had done the set up last night. I was even impressed with my performances, well apart from the amazing $3x we had, I made sure to take pictures and to video us with that infrared camera you gave me. I mean with so much evidence of his infidelity you would think that he would be ready to shit in his pants, which was how he looked like initially, I mean it was obvious. He had agreed to my terms and conditions and he said he was going to break up with that stupid girl Amaka by this evening, and I have been waiting on him you know but nothing happened. I mean I didn’t see the girl lamenting or anything before I left for class you know.. ‘’ she swallows and continues

“and I thought okay maybe by the time I come back it would have but no one had called me to tell me. Because Anita with her big mouth would have or she herself would have called me to cry. But being impatient…

‘’ get to the point Ngozi, what happened?”

“ I called him only for him to tell me to go fxxk myself. Literally !” she said fuming

“really?” he sounded disappointed. He knew how much he was hoping to get from this deal if it pulled through. The senator would have coughed up a lot of money to save his ass, the 20 thousand Ngozi had given him yesterday was payment for the club scene and she had promised more after she had the senator in her corner and if the senator isn’t willing to bulge then it would be very very unsettling. No unsettling wasn’t the word.

It would be fxxked up! He had high hopes and it made him really angry that a well thought out plan was going to shits. Like hell was he going to allow it happen.

“are you listening to me?” she was talking

“ yes yes I am. That’s not good”

“yes its not and am really angry. Both of them think they are smart ba? he thinks I would allow him and Amaka date in peace, does he think that I would allow her enjoy my money…my money that is meant for me? If he thinks I would chicken out he has another think coming. I told him that if he doesn’t agree, I would make sure to make Amaka disappear and I would make sure the media carries it, the video of him screwing me, I told him I was going to fxxk him up and I would. So you know what to do, release the pictures and videos. He doesn’t know who he is messing with.”

‘”yes I would. Good thing you disguised your face a bit, no one would be able to tell its you”

‘ ‘I am a lot smarter than you give credit for. Would your friend at the Media ask how you came about the video?”

“ Nah. He is a journalist looking to break a new story, he asks nothing. By this night Peter’s face would be pasted in all local and international news and media outfits. He is literally done. “

Satisfied with the news, Ngozi nods. “now, I just have to teach Amaka a lesson. She can’t have him and he can’t have her. Come to my hostel by midnight, we would take her by then. And she is pretty, you can have your feel before we send her to the hole”

‘I sure will” he laughs

Ngozi leaves the class and heads to the lecturer’s , she had every intention on raising hell if he doesn’t give grade due her for the amount of money she paid to him yesterday. Then she was going to find another mugu to take Peter’s place. But first, she would get rid of Amaka. Peter would regret not agreeing to her plans, his life is done. She smiles to herself.


Truly the toilet had been locked; key was given to the warden. Anita and Amaka coming back from the market saw a few students carrying their “shiting bucket”.

“ hehehe” Anita claps her hands in astonishments, “ so this people are serious oh. They mean I can’t use that toilet, toilet that is been paid for from part of my school fees, una they mad. Una never serious. When I want to use the toilet if una like no gimme key, I would break down the door. “ she says to anyone who was listening

“ try it na!’ someone says passing by her

“try me then and we would see” Anita thunders

“ I am sure its you infesting our toilets with those disgusting things.” Another girl throws in

“ its your mother that gave them to me and I gave them to the toilet” Amaka retorts to the girl attacking Anita.

They begin to exchange words until they both enter into their room.

“imagine this nonsense” Anita is angry

“well, good thing I peed at the fast food we entered. Piss never hungry me if not I would see who will stop me from using the toilet’’ Amaka drops the market bag with food stuffs inside,

‘’them never jam’’ Anita begins to empty the market bag and takes their cooking stove to the kitchen when she comes back she finds Amaka frowning with her phone in her hand.

“what’s the matter, why that long face”?

‘’I just realized that I haven’t been able to get intouch with my boyfriend since yesterday and neither has he tried to call me to even check on me”

“ you were sick yesterday’’

“exactly my point. He usually calls me like a lot during the day and at night if we are not together, but since yesterday we haven’t spoken. I have been trying to call him since I woke up till now his number isn’t connecting and I am starting to get worried. Its very unlike him. Do you think he is angry with me or what? I have apologized to him about the club and he had forgiven me, we were okay and he even gave me some money, but I don’t understand why he hasn’t called me. Do you think I should go check on him?”

Anita is in deep thoughts. That’s not good. That’s not good at all. “ yes I think so. Maybe he was busy all day and didn’t have time to call you or he is in an area where the network isn’t good. Of course he isn’t angry with you anymore. You are his girlfriend now, don’t worry, when we are done cooking you can go and check on him.”

Peter had better not dump Amaka now oh, not when she is enjoying the money coming to Amaka too. No oh, it would be very bad “I will follow you if you want “

‘’ ok that would be okay”.


Emeka looks at her as she alights from the bus, she had been coughing .

In two days she had looked older than she was, sadness causing her grey hair to be more obvious, her body shaking uncontrollably when she thinks he is not looking as she cries. For two nights he had watched her fight her fears, watched her battle in tears, watched her loose her appetite, watch her pray ceaselessly for her daughter who had cast her away, watched her restless in her sleep, watched her beat herself up for her carelessness, watched her blame herself for Amaka’s behavior and waywardness.

He had watched her stand and stare into space talking to herself, tears coming out of her eyes she had wept in pain

‘’my daughter, my daughter’’ she cried “ Amaka please forgive me” she begged in her sleep.

His uncle had even cautioned him the night before, he remembered his warnings as clear as the day itself

“what’s your business with that woman, let her be. You are not her son. If her daughter doesn’t want to acknowledge her anymore as her mother what is it to you Emeka. Let her be’’

Shaking his head he said “uncle, she is all alone. She is a woman in pains. Her daughter is only being deceived by bad company. I have known them since they moved into the village and I have grown to like her. She reminds me so much of my mother, uncle. And at times when I am lonely and sad, she had taken my hands and prayed with me telling me it would be okay. Do we abandon people in their own times of need? While you were sick she sent pepper-soup down to you, she asked about you. And when I fell sick, she came with the others from church to pray for me. What about Chinwe my sister, when she was in labour she was the one who helped her deliver her child for her with the other midwives at the dead of the night when I ran out looking for who to help. Now do I also abandon her in her time of need just because she is of no concern to me or related. What would Jesus do??’

“you are not Jesus, Emeka, you are a young man with your future ahead of you. Your sister has invited us to come and stay with her. Her husband is doing well and they are going to Lagos. we would have a better life there. We are leaving in the morning Emeka. Leave the woman to herself, let her own come and take care of her. “

“yes I am not Jesus, but what do you think the word christain connotes. What do you think it means? It says Christ-like. It literally means to be like Christ. Do you think he would look the other way, if he would have, we all would have perished a long time ago from our sins. I would not look the other way. If I could I would take away her pains. Mama was a good woman and she helped people even in her little. That’s what mothers do, they love and care for people around them , family or no family. And as a woman who loved God she didn’t deter to show love to others, she gave her all’

“It was that stupidly that killed her’’ he says

“No! it was death that took her and even in her last days, she says, never forsake the gathering of the brethren, never fail to help, show love and love God. Don’t forget to build treasures in heaven. Don’t bask in vanity of this world and forget that heaven is a much better place to hope for. Show love, show love , show love, she would say. Mama didn’t have plenty, but to me her heart was all that she needed to be all and everything. And even in her death, I realized that, her faith gave her peace, her faith made her content in her little, her faith alone is all that she needs and I don’t need anyone to tell me where she is ..because I know where she always wanted to be..where God has prepared for all his saints and believers.”

“your Christianity has blinded you!’

Emeka smiles, “no uncle, it has shown me the light. You should try it sometime. I have already told sister I would come next week, so you would meet her up tomorrow, they would pick you up. I have to go to the community university with mama Amaka, when I am done and sure she is fine I would come to Lagos. Goodnight uncle, I have left water for you to bath and food for you to eat.”

“You are going there again, to watch over her. Are you an angel of watch”?

“I am going there because I know she is in a bad state and anything can happen to her uncle, have a heart please. God won’t come down to do things for himself when he has us. Be our brother’s keepers, he had instructed in his words. And that is something I do wholeheartedly’’

“You are lying, you are doing this hoping the girl would love you. You think I don’t see the way you look at her?”

“How I feel for Amaka is secondary compared to how I love God. I may like Amaka, but that doesn’t cloud my thinking Uncle. I am old enough to have feelings. I am also old enough to know right from wrong and to make decisions. And this has nothing to do with feelings. This is a sense of duty, to God, to humanity, to help another person in need of help. And because she is a woman I have grown to love as a mother, a child would never leave his/her mother to cry and be in pains, because a mother would rather die than let her child suffer. So why should I look away?”

“But she is not your mother, let her daughter come and take care of her. It is not your concern!!!!” he thunders

‘’she is as good as being my mother, and I will not abandon her just because we don’t share a blood relation. Good night uncle” Emeka said leaving the door.

She coughs again, bolting him out of his thoughts, then she coughs again and again, the cough shaking her body, he pays the fare and goes to her

“Mama, are you okay, did you take the cough syrup this morning?”

She nods her head “yes I did, let’s go quick , I want to see Amaka”

Her hands were hot, her eyes were red, he had noticed her lips moving in the bus as they were coming, he knew she was praying. She looked sick, she barely eats. She had lost weight. Anyone would see that she was suffering within. The only thing that matters to her aside God was Amaka, and that same daughter has brought her nothing but pains, pains that she didn’t deserve. No mother deserved.

God, do not forsake your servant at the point of her needs please, touch Amaka’s heart, let her have a change of heart and realize that she loves her mother. Do not let her suffer anymore. He prayed

“okay mama” he holds her by her hand as they cross the road, entering into the school and made way to the girls hostel.


“Amaka, your mother is here to see you” one of the girls comes to tell her, Amaka sighs,

“tell her that I am not around’

‘’ I already told her that you are cooking here, how do I go and tell her that you are not around’’

‘’oya tell her I don’t exists. From today my name is tonia. “Anita laughs shaking her head. Amaka was surely possessed. But Amaka wasn’t smiling.

“what’s wrong with you, your mother has come all the way from the village to see you and you are saying this. Don’t you have respect for elders, your mother kwa, what sort of evil are you?” the girl is shocked.

“Look, I said go and tell her I am not here, if you don’t want to don’t but get out from my face.

Is she not your mother? the girl asked clearly confused

No. she is also not my mother, my mother died a long time ago when my father died, that one is a maid who unfortunately mistakes me for her daughter and she doesn’t want to agree she is just a crazy old bat who is supposed to be in a crazy people’s home. So again, go and tell her I am not around or just get out from my face. When she is tired she would leave’’

The girl is shocked and rooted to the spot “Amaka, how dare you speak about your mother like this, you are cursed I swear. Haven’t you read what the bible says, children obey your father and mother so your days would be long. Don’t you realize that those who insult and disrespect their parents and cause them pain would be cursed. Amaka, you know the bible does not lie. Fear no dey catch you?”

Amaka throws her head back in laugher, a deep throated laughter ‘’ chei, I have found the perfect daughter for Mrs Ifeoma chinmenerem oh. Bia, today I thereby give you the status and name of Amaka Chinemerem, I hereby pronounce you her daughter. Child behold your mother at the door, go and meet her. I am sure you both would read the bible together and pray to your mighthyyyyy gawwwwddd of valour!!!!’’ Amaka sang, laughing. Anita is shaking her head.

‘’ I wish I could slap you now. You don’t deserve a mother.”

“Thank you oh miss observer, now get out from my front. I dey cook, biko Anita, bring the garri here oh, the second pot of water have boiled let me make eba since the soup is ready, then bring that pot let me boil water for my bath oh” she ignores the girl and bakes garri and sets the new pot of water on fire. In anger, the girl turns away and leaves, Amaka is laughing

“erm Amaka, don’t you think you have to see your mother atleast eh?”

“eh eh, don’t start. If you want to talk about that witch, me and you go get our own qwatar here now. Stay away from my business’’

Think about the money you would not be getting if Amaka gets angry with you. How would she be able to give her boyfriend money when he asks, Anita thinks to herself. She should just stay out of it.

“Fine whatever. Your mother, your business” Anita shrugs

‘’Good!” Amaka smiles


“ what did she say my daughter, should we go to the room?” Mrs Ifeoma asks the girl

“erm.. mama, erm…” she scratches her head, unsure on how to tell her

“Please where is Amaka, can’t we see her?” Emeka turns to the girl who seems uncomfortable to answer the question

“My daughter, please what did she say?”

How does she tell this woman the vile things her daughter had said about her. She couldn’t, those things were heavy for her mouth to say. She couldn’t bring herself to say it. No .

“erm mama, see her..erm. infact let me take you where she is cooking with her friend. “ she moves away beckoning them to follow her

Getting to the small kitchen in which a few hostel members share, she points “ look at her there mama. And mama, please, whatever she says to you, don’t take it to heart, she doesn’t know what she says. A mother is a blessing, a child who doesn’t know that is a fool and is under a curse. I would never disrespect my mother and it pains to see another being humiliated. But that’s where she is cooking. May God bless you” and with that the girl leaves, throwing Amaka a pitiable look

“mtchewwww so that witch didn’t listen to me baa” Amaka sighs getting angry.

Anita gets up “good afternoon mama, Emeka good day”

‘’Goodafternoon my daughter’’

‘’Good afternoon ‘’ Emeka says to the Anita, turning to Amaka

“ Amaka, how are you?” she ignores him by sighing again

“Amaka my daughter, how are you?” her mother bends and touches her face, Amaka hits her hands away

“Don’t touch me you witch!!” Amaka spat

‘’Amaka, mind your tongue please. Come, we have to talk. Your mama has been worried and she can’t do anything anymore. She is worried about you, at least you should—

“eh eh eh, witch’s spokesman.. didn’t I tell you I don’t want to see you here anymore, you and this woman. What constant worry is this eh? Can’t you both just leave me alone?” Amaka gets up

Her mother goes on her knees ,

Emeka gasps, grabbing her and begins to pull her up “mama, get up!!”

‘’no my son, she is my daughter I can kneel for her”

“hain mama…” Anita begins, one look from Amaka, she bites her lips instead

“Let the witch kneel down if she wants, at least she knows her manners’’ Amaka stands at akimbo

“Jesus Amaka, don’t you have a heart. She is your mother, what has she done to you? You are her daughter and she is your mother..the only relationship she holds dear, why don’t you see that your actions and recent behaviors is bringing her pain and miseries, it would also bring you pain Amaka, don’t you know.?”

“bla bla bla bla…tell me something else please.”

“Ama, my daughter look at me. Look at me here please, Emeka my son please don’t scold her, Amaka, Amaka” she holds her hands and pulls her attention to her causing Amaka to turn away from Emeka

‘’ I love you my daughter and I would not give up on you. If I have to apologise for your mistakes I would. If I have to go on my knees a thousand times I would. If I have to hurt myself for your happiness I would. You are my daughter and I know that youths your age tends to waver down certain paths while growing up and I know this is a phrase you are just passing through. I won’t judge you for the mistakes you have made of recent Amaka, I won’t even scold you , I would lovingly nurture you back to the right paths. We as humans have sinned a million sins but despite God being a consuming fire, he has not rained down fire on us, but he forgives us a thousand times despite our short comings. Who am I not to forgive my daughter for her hurts towards me. So I forgive you, your outbursts. I forgive your wrongs. And I want you to forgive me for slapping you that day. I want you to forgive me for every wrong I must have done to you. I want you to forgive me for the death of your father because you blame me for it despite knowing he died out of his sickness, I want you to forgive me for us losing our properties and everything we own, even though you know it was out of my hands and that there are evil people in the world.

I still need you to forgive me for anything I must have done to you my daughter please. Don’t hate me. Don’t push me away, you are the only person in my life Amaka, blood of my blood, bone of my bone. Amaka if you go away from me I would be alone, if you push me away I would die. God has blessed me with you, you are my happiness, my joy, my blessings and my all Amaka. Yes your decisions at the moment are wrong but we are humans, we would err, it doesn’t mean it makes us less human, as long as we know our faults and go to God in prayer , he would change our story.

Amaka my child, I am your mother and love is all I have for you, if I had punished you for anything its because when a child goes astray it’s the job of the parents to bring them back. Do not hold grudges against me Ama, or against God. I love you, but God loves you more’’

‘’ohhhhh as you are talking my body is pinching me, woman can you shut up!!’ Amaka wants to leave, her mother holds her hands

‘’please my daughter, forgive me, forgive an old woman her lapses, accept me the way I am as I accept you the way you are because God accepted us and loved us still. Forgive me please and let us go back to being mother and daughter because your silence and you ignoring me makes me feel sick my daughter, I know you say you have money but I have kept to my word and sent you that 20k which you returned to Emeka. Can’t a mother help her daughter again with her fees? Here take it” she grabs her bag and brings out the money in a lylon bag and hands it to Amaka who doesn’t collect it, her mother drops it on the stool

“ I am sorry my daughter but this other money you sent through Emeka too, I can’t accept it. This 100k. I am sorry my daughter, I know you mean well but this money was gotten out of sin. I know you are still seeing the married man but I want to beg you as I am on my knees to stop. If not for me, if not for God, do it for you. Do it for the wife he has at home and for the children too. Do it for your future and for your life. Don’t let curse come upon you. If that woman is a prayer woman her prayers would cause you harm Ama. And think about what the bible says about adulterers. Ama, see God would bless you with your own husband don’t need this man. I know we don’t have anything but see how God has kept us despite, he had provided for us, see you are almost through with school, you have your whole life ahead of us my child. Biko, Mabennu!! Kpa sisi !!! I use God in heaven to beg you my daughter, leave that man and ask God for forgiveness…’’

‘’look…look ..look at this woman. Look at her!! Hey!!!” she claps both of her hands and places them back on her waist “ its like you drank strong ogogoro before you came baa. See how your eye is red “

“ that’s because she has been crying for the whole of two days, can’t you see its swollen “ Emeka tells her, “ mama please get up, your knee will pain you” but the woman is shaking her head, saying she is not done

“cry kwa!! Those crocodile tears she sheds ba, same one she shed for my father abi’’

Her mother coughs once and then again

“hmmm hmm hmm. Abeg abeg take her away before she spreads SARS and give to me jor. Disgusting !!’

“you cants see she is looking sick Amaka? Your mother has fallen sick and its all your fault and I am quite pained. I have refrained to talk but I won’t any more.

I refuse to think you are heartless Amaka, I refuse to think you have no iota of love within you for those people who has done nothing but love you. I refuse to think that you are senseless that you don’t know your right from your wrong. Even the bible says we shouldn’t spare the rod and spoil the child and as a child Amaka you have gone too far to make your mother feel this way and it is wrong. I am telling you to your face, as a friend. You have wronged your mother, been causing her so much pain and I only pray you see the folly of your ways before its too late. Your mother only wants what is right for you, she only wants you to go on the right paths and she only wants you to know that following God would lead you to the light but following the world would lead you into darkness. Its only someone that doesn’t love you thats would shut their eyes while you drown. Your mother loves you Amaka, God loves you more. If I don’t care I won’t be here either, but you see this..letting your mother kneel for you and apologise to you for your very own mistakes and flaws..its wrong. Its sad and its very unsettling you should go on your knees and beg her, because only a few mothers can be selfless like she is. Amaka I beg you, I beg you.. stop your ways, love your mother, respect her, do all what she askes, do whats right and leave the bad company and follow God..because when its dark and lonely, even your friends won’t be in that dark little room of your heart with you when things go soar, its just you. “’ he shakes his head, his heart is pain, he wipes the tears that slips from his eyes

“mama please get up, please” he tugs at her arms, she shakes her head

“So wait oh, you this scruffy looking scalawag is talking to me, you giving me advice, have you given yourself any advice eh. God this, God that. Let God manufacture another daughter for her na and you both leave me alone.” She looks to her mother

“you are a fool, you have nothing to live on and I sent you back that chicken change that you gave me and you stupidly bring it back to me. Even the 100k that my sweet loving amazing boyfriend gave me and I gave to you but you return are foolish. Look let me just tell you, nothing would happen to me eh, so stop bugging your grey old hair over me. Take the money and go and die. Yes, go and die. At least you can buy a very good casket for a 120k and they can bury you inside it. Better still you can adopt Emeka here as your son, his stupid old uncle doesn’t have a wife so you can marry him, and live miserably poverty ever after. This 120k here should buy pure water and bread and mineral for a small wedding ceremony. Oh shoot I forgot, those jewels you always hide and refuse to go and sell to take care of us, you can ardone yourself with them, wear the expensive bangs and shoes and George. Start a new life and forget about me. See me I am hungry oh, I made soup and I want to eat, the water for my bath is boiling. Come and be going, I am having a headache, my boyfriend would soon come and pick me jor. Get out, move from my sight” she nudges her away

“ Amaka, so have not heard all that we have said. Please Amaka’’ Emeka is trying to hold her hand

“ Oh God my daughter, you are the only family I have left, Please. Okay just say you have forgiven me and you won’t ignore me and I would go please.” Her mother holds on to her other hand

“ See Ifeoma get out, come and go” she flings her hands away hitting off Emeka and her mother who because she was kneeing down almost tumbled backwards, Emeka quickly grabs her, Anita stood at the corner helpless.

“oh my God, my God !’’ her mother wailed “who has done this to my daughter, oh God let that person not have rest . God please forgive her, forgive her “

“ ohh shut up shut up !”

“Amaka take it easy…” Anita can’t keep quiet anymore

“Tell this woman to leave here now before I do something I won’t regret!” Amaka thunders pushing Emeka away and forcefully pulling her mother up and pushing her

“Amaka, please wait..please’’ Emeka begs

‘’oh my chineke !! Amaka, please okay please wait, let me at least hold you just once please, let me hold you to myself please..” tears are gushsing out of her eyes, she grabs Amaka and hugs her

‘’ you are my daughter, my daughter, whatever you do to me I won’t hate you, I would pray for you always. I would love you always. My God would protect you and keep you, my God would show you the right path, My God would forgive all your sins, grant you all of your heart desires, my God would love you always. I will continue to pray for you tonight and always as I have always done. Even if you chase me away I would come again tomorrow I would come again and again until you realize your wrongs and I won’t judge you no, I would love you still’’

‘‘let go off me’’ Amaka screams hitting her mother hard

‘‘Let go off me you witch you want to suffocate me?. My boyfriend is a senator, senator Peter, and I would tell him to arrest and this your lover boy Emeka here ,..yes! get away from me..let me go. Let me GO!!!” Amaka screams as she pushes her mother away from her

There was no use. No use. Emeka shakes his head

‘’Mama, let us go please. We can’t help her, she won’t listen to us, come lets go”

“No Emeka not yet not yet, she is my daughter I won’t leave like this no” her mother goes to her again and holds her hands, her eyes and nose leaking “ Amaka, please ´’ she begs

“ I told you to go and never come back I told you to never come here again. You want to kill me. No, I will kill you first I will kill you first” she turns back into the small kitchen, picks a rag and quickly lifts the pot from fire, before anyone could blink, she pours the contents of hot water on her mother , Emeka wasn’t quick enough to pull her away

Mrs Ifeoma falls on the ground rolling and screaming, students who hear the screams rush out to see a woman rolling on the ground as the hot steam leaves her body

“Jesus!!’ Emeka screams, removing his shirt he tries to dab the hot water away from her mother, too late, her body is already burned, and she is screaming and rolling in pain

“Amaka!!’ Anita exclaims, shocked to her bones, she rushes inside and grabs ordinary water to pour it on her mother, Amaka hits the contents away letting the bowl of water pour to the floor, with that she sighs and walks away from the scene as people begin to gather

’’at least now you would know I am serious!!’’ she walks away , “Anita, leave there and come now”

Anita stares down at the wailing woman and the boy beside her looking for how to stop her pains and scarred skin…

“Anita!!’’ Amaka calls her again

“I am sorry mama, I am so sorry “’ Anita says, she grabs the money, hides it under her shirt when no one was looking and ran after Amaka, who didn’t look back until she enters her room.

Students ran out helping Emeka to carry her, they put her in a keke and rush her to the nearest clinic

“Doctor please, my mother my mother has been burned with hot water “ Emeka ran into the small clinic calling for the doctor,

It was the girl who came to call Amaka for them that remained with her in the keke, she was crying “ I am so sorry ma, I am so sorry ma. If I had not taken you there this wouldn’t have happened” she is sobbing and holding her hand

The doctor follows Emeka out, seeing the burns he tells them to bring her inside. They place her on the bed

“ it’s a bad burn she has. it must have been boiling really hot for it to cause this kinda burn to her face and to her hands and legs, we would commence treatment, you have to go and pay for registration first and we would begin”

“ how much is it ?”

“5 thousand naira”

“but doctor I don’t have that amount of money with me , I only have 3 thousnad naira here for our transport.”

“ I would add the remaining 2 thousand” the girl says giving Emeka the money who rushes to go register her

When he comes back he meets a disturbing scene

“Doctor what is wrong, what is wrong with mama, why is she not saying anything, why is she not saying any thing or moving?’”

‘’She has gone into shock. Whatever happened to her caused her to go into shock, whether from the burns or from the person who did it or the surrounding incident, she has gone into shock and if she doesn’t snap out of it in the next few hours she would go into a coma”

“Jesus!!!’ Emeka and the girl screams

“She has to be admitted, we would treat her wounds in the main time and try to savage the burns. It would heal in time. But if you know how to pray you should, because in this kind of case when a patient goes into shock from an incident and suddenly goes into a coma, they hardly ever come out from it. “

“oh mama no” Emeka grabs her hand and cries

“oh God its my fault!!’ the girl cries

The doctor gets a chart for her and tells the nurses to book her in, then writes on her chart, drugs and possibly diagnosis ,

“go and make the necessary payments and we would try as much as possible to make sure your mother comes out okay “

Emeka grabs the paper, looks at it and almost fainted

‘250, 000!!?”’ he breathed , where would he get that amount of money from “doctor, doctor please help me. We are poor, we don’t have any money , please help me , help my mother please “

‘’do you think we are running a charity organization here, do you think this is the place where poor people come to drop off their problems. Young man did you come here to waste my time? Or do you think this is a community hospital eh?”

“no no doctor, but..there is no way I can get this amount of money sir, okay okay, erm just reduce it” Emeka pleads,

‘’Its like you are mad. Are you seeing her, don’t you know she needs drugs, did you see her burns? Is it Vaseline we are going to use to heal her wounds, don’t you know if we don’t act fast her skin would peel off, have you ever been burned with a scarring hot water? And she is in shock and God forbid she goes into a coma, she can’t be lying down on the bed. She has to be admitted and given a ventilator and fix her up on drips and all, try to keep her alife. Do you think we are joking here? Look, take her and leave here” the doctor is angry

“nurse, remove her from this room and go and put her outside on the ground, call someone to help you or young man carry her outside so that someone else can use the room” he made to leave

‘’HEY GOD!!’ Emeka cries going on his knees and holding onto the doctor ‘’ hey doctor I beg you in the name of God please, please okay let me go and look for the money, just admit her and start treatment please”

“ no take her away or go and make a deposite and I know you are serious”!

‘’oh chineke!!! My father God help me. Please let me go and look for a deposite please. Please’

‘’I have some money in the hostel, 15 thousand for feeding, let me go and bring it” the girl says crying, “ doctor with that can you admit her ?“

“ that wont go anywhere, but since you are willing to drop anything, I would admit her while you go and look for the rest”

“oh God thank you. Thank you doctor” Emeka turns to the girl “God bless you”

‘’ let me call my room mate to bring it. You go and look for the money, I would stay with her”

Emeka nods , leaving the clinic he runs back to the hostel,


Anita stands by the door staring at Amaka who is getting dressed to go out. She was whistling and singing along to the song coming from her phone

“Amaka, aren’t you in the least bothered? I mean you poured that boiling hot water on your mother, your very own mother and you don’t feel anything whatsoever. Like , nothing at all?”

“nope I don’t. in fact I have never felt so good in my life. I feel great actually to know that that witch would never come back here again”

“do you realize that everyone is talking about you. Do you realize that they are calling you a witch, a possessed girl and even planning to report you and remove you from this hostel ,?”

“mere talks. Are they the ones paying my fees? Are they the ones taking care of me? its my family problem their own problem? They can try. Nonsense and ingredients, they can’t do nothing. Who would listen to them. Is it their mother, is it their hot water, biko let nobody disturb me. If they have mind let them come”

Anita is visibly shaken, if it were her mother she would boil water and tie Amaka up and pour her slowly so she feels the sting. Tufiakwa!! If not what she is gaining from being friends with Amaka, she would have ran far away, if a girl like her could pour hot water on her very own mother, her blood, she could definitely do worse to someone without blood ties. She has to be extra nice to Amaka and don’t scold her. But, she wonders the state of the woman, her screams and the way she rolled on the ground. God forbid.

Amaka !!!


Amaka !!!!

Amaka frowns hearing her name ‘’ who is that fool screaming my name now “ she turns and looks at Anita, “ did you hear that?”

Anita nods following the sound of the voice,

‘Amaka oh, Amaka!!!’’

It was Emeka, he was shouting from the entrance, a few students have come outside, asking him of the woman he was with, he is crying

“why is that fool causing a scene now eh mtchew !!’ Amaka gets up and goes outside, Emeka sees her and runs to her, tears falling down his cheeks, he goes on his knees, he gets up, he is pointing behind him..

“mama.. mama is in the hospital.. she is not doing good. “ he sniffs “ the burns are bad and she has gone into shock !!’

‘heyy God !!’ students scream

“ if we don’t get the necessary treatment she would go into a coma and may or may not come out of it”

“chineke moh!!’ another uproar

Anita comes behind her “Amaka, jesus your mother is in the hospital ??’

“shut up “ Amaka hisses

“ please Amaka, I know you say you hate your mother but I don’t believe it. I refuse. I know you did pour her hot water but I refuse to believe its you. I believe you didn’t mean it or have that evil intention in you. The devil did it. I believe in your heart you love her. So please I am begging you help her. The doctor is asking for 250,000 naira . you know I am poor, my family have nothing. Your mother has nothing too. You know, please , I know you have some money, just help her, just pay the bill and if you say you never want to see her again I would personally take care of her. But please help me, let me pay the bill”

Amaka stares at him for a long period of time , then she throws her head back and laughs a deep throated laughter . she laughs and laughs .

“see you, big hypocrite!! is it not you and that woman calling the money I have a sin money. Is it not both of you that came and even returned that one I pitied her and gave her. Both of you mocked me, called me a slut, said I would be cursed and bla bla bla. Now you want money for hospital bills. The money I have is $3x money oh brother Emeka, I fxxked a married man to get it. He sucks me and gives it to me well and I like it and when he is done he gives me money to take care of my body and look nice. Is it that same money that you want me to give you and that woman? You must be crazy. Sheibi she always claims to be a praying woman, a daughter of the lion of judah. God of fire and brimstone, ehen she should call on Him to send money like manner from heaven. Oh shit!! I forgot she is in shock and cannot talk?’’ she taps her jaw tentatively “tsk tsk tsk, what to do??’’

“ ok, well why am I thinking too far, you are here. Shei aspiring to be a pastor one day. You can pray. Shei the fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much, so you too can go on your knees and pray” she laughs again

“Amaka, she is your mother!!!’’

“Again, my mother died a long time ago when papa died. That woman there isn’t my mother, just someone who carried me in her womb. That woman can die for all I care’

Everyone gasp “Amaka, help her, help her’’

“Ehen!! If you all care so much contribute and help her, or shut the hell up” she spat

“ok please, that 120,000 that we returned please give me back, it would go along way so I can use that as deposit and go and find the remaining money please “ he cleans his eyes

“well I don’t know, I gave you I never took it back, shei that stupid woman dropped it in the kitchen, I didn’t take it’’

Emeka breezes past her and finds his way back to the little kitchen, he doesn’t see any money, just the lylon bag on the ground and her mother’s small bag on the ground, he picks it up and searches it too, nothing,

“its not there. Please just give me that one and I would go” he comes back outside

“Look you are calling me a liar? I didn’t take it, maybe she took it. Don’t come here and talk nonsense. Look I don’t have it, and I won’t even give you any money from what I have you hear, so go and look for how to pay her bills. In fact if you check her well you would notice she wears a key around her neck, take it and go to the village, she has a box in the room there she keeps all her gold jewels, expensive cloths, shoes and bags she stole from my father’s mansion after he died and refused to sell it and take care of us. Ehen you can put it to good use now,or better yet bury her with the box. See I don’t have time to waste, my bobo is waiting for me. You can send me the burial arrangements when she dies, I may grace it just to spit on her grave. Excuse me!!’’ with that she turns and walks away with Anita running after her,

Emeka is on the ground crying, “get up please please, how can we help’’

“that girl is wicked, I said it’

‘she is the one who is a witch. How can she treat her mother like that.

“God forbid. Tufiakwa!!’

“abeg me I am going, if she doesn’t want to help her mother is it me that would help, who knows if the mother has been wicked to her’’

‘its true oh!!

Everyone is talking, Emeka’s head is spinning. He gets up and then begins to run.

Amaka goes back into her room grabs her bag ‘’ by the way Anita, who took that money that woman kept in the kitchen because I knew I didn’t take it from her , and with the commotion I just wanted her to leave my sight and I walked away, did you see her take it or Emeka and he is just lying ‘

‘I erm.. I don’t know maybe, or some other person must have seen it and taken it. You know how money dey chuke for eye. All these thieves we have here. Their Christmas galore just came early for them na”

Amaka stares at her for a minute and then shrugs ‘’ let me go and see my baby, I am so worried that till now no word. He must be waiting for me. Where is that Ngozi sef”

“she went to see that lecturer that failed her’

‘’you mean she went to screw him abi?”

Anita laughs ‘’well that’s another way of putting it”

“ okay, I will see you later’’

Amaka leaves, as soon as she does, Anita empties the money she has been hiding under her shirt and puts it inside her cloths bag and piles cloth ontop. Then she goes and sits on her bed, her mind going back to the scene of the woman screaming and crying and the look of surprise on her face when she looks at her daughter, that moment..that moment it was as if the light went out of that woman’s eyes. That was the moment of shock.

“Jesus, not my mother!! I hope he finds money to pay sha “’

Picking up her phone , she proceeds to play music and forgets about the woman.

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Amaka is worried, she tries again .

“the number you are calling isn’t available ‘

“the numbder you are dailing doesn’t exist, please check the number and try again”

“ no service’’

‘’ no network coverage’’

‘’the number you are calling is switched off’

‘’ you are not allowed to call this number’’

No matter how many times she dials his number she doesn’t get through .

‘’oh God what is this now eh, his number isn’t reachable, and all my messages don’t deliver. I hope he is okay oh . oga, please stop me here, thank you” she pays the cab fare and alights going into the hotel

“madam, good afternoon, how may I help you??’ she is stopped at the lobby

‘’ What’s the meaning of that, I stay here. Well my boyfriend stays here, the senator, you have seen me thousands of times come in and leave here, why are you asking me stupid questions. I am going up to room 203, where my senator boyfriend has been renting for months now. What’ your problem why are you stopping me??’

“But madam, he is no longer renting the room, its been occupied by another visitor.” The girl says, and since we couldn’t get details from him because he was in a hurry to leave we couldn’t get a hold of the other key card which he gave to you. Now that you are here we would like to have it, for security reasons, a new couple is renting that room and we don’t want a stranger to hold a key to that same room since you and your man friend no longer use it”

“what nonsense are you saying? Get out from my way” Amaka pushes her aside and takes two steps at a time to get to her floor seeing the lift was being occupied, the girl places a call to the manager and then runs after her.

“was that girl mad? She would report to peter who would take it up with the manager, or was she someone who has eyes on the senator and is trying to stop her from seeing her boyfriend. Or worse, he was in the room with another woman and he asked to not be disturbed. That’s the only other explanation, maybe that’s why she hasn’t been able to get across to him, did he bar her number or switched off his phone’? she is angry and then hurt

Oh God please let him not be cheating on me, I would die I would die. He is, my first and only love, I would die, after she kills the girl though. She ran down the hall and turns to the right going to the door of her room, taking the card from her bag she wipes it just when she sees the lady running behind her with two securities and a man she presumed was the manager coming out from the lift.

They can’t stop her from catching him red handed, Peter can’t do this to her, not when they had made plans together, when she had given him her heart and body and virginity. She loved him and he told her that he loved her too.


As the door clicked open as she swipes it, she pushes it in and ran inside to meet two naked people on the bed…

“what the hell??” the man jumps up covering his hard member with his hands, the girl screams covering her naked body with the duvet, she didn’t look more than 20. She was a student in her school too

“Jesus Amaka, what are you doing here??”

Amaka is shocked, the man wasn’t her Peter.

“where is he.. where is Peter??’’

“ I am so sorry sir, ma’am, it was just a misunderstanding , forgive us, free dinner is on us for tonight .” the manager steps forward and apologises, indicating the security to take her out of the room

“get her out of here. Who is Peter? How the hell should I know, get out from my room!!” the man bellows angrily , they just had to ruin the moment he was in cloud seven. “GET OUT!! ALL OF YOU!!’’

‘’but Peter, Peter was here …” Amaka is confused as they drag her out, the girl that goes to her school is frowning

“ sorry baby, don’t mind her, she is one of those crazy girls that goes to my school, come let me make you happy!!’ was the last thing Amaka heard before the door is slammed on their faces

“throw this lady out of my hotel now and if she ever comes back in here I would have all your jobs”!! the manager thunders

No it doesn’t make sense

“wait please, I don’t understand. My boyfriend, Mr Peter Nwambeze has been renting this room for the past couple of weeks, see this key card is the one he gave me, he has another. See your girl here knows me I have spent days and nights here with him, I don’t get, did he switch rooms, please can I have the new key’’?

“look young lady, you have caused me problems do you know that is a senator in there too, he could close down my hotel for me. Look, Mr Peter Nwambeze left the hotel today, no explanations, he just came to get his bag and he left, not giving us any details and wasn’t in the mood to talk, he dropped his key card and just left”

“left? Okay like he travelled, when would he be coming back?”

“I said he left, paid his outstanding bills and left, when asked if we should hold his room which is what we normally do when he leaves town he said no, and he never drops his key. But he is not returning and you madam have to drop the other key card, as you can see we have a new paying guest!!’’ he beckons to the security

“please escort the lady out and keep her out “ then he pulls the key card away from her hand and hands it to the girl ‘’ I would be taking that, have a good day. Security !!’ he nods

“no no, wait. You can’t kick me out. I am the senator’s girlfriend, he just stepped out when he gets back he would have your head for treating me so inhumanly. Wait, let go off me you assholes I can walk. Let go off me, wait manager please, wait let go!!!’ she screams as they pick her and push her out of the premises

“ all these girls following married men, don’t they realize that it would come to this when the man gets tired and changes base with another woman and leaves them hanging out in the dust. Stupid girls “ the girl says, she had seen a lot of them come and go, the men, the little girls old enough to be their kids, having the time of their lives and when the man gets tired he changes them, maybe this Peter was tired and has left town in search of a new woman or with a new woman. It would be bad if he left this girl pregnant, or worse with a disease. They never learn, .

“I wasn’t paying you to stand and analysis guests mirian, go back to your desk and make sure something like this never happens again” he cautions

“ yes boss”

He walks away leaving the girl to go back downstairs, she saw Amaka outside crying, she shakes her head and turns away

‘’stupid girl!!’


She had gone into a coma already by the time he got back.

The doctor was giving him a day to raise the money else he would take her off life support.

His sister chinwe says she can raise only 10, 000, her husband just got a job, he won’t be getting anything till end of month, she asks him what he was going to do

“sister I don’t know, I really don’t know’

‘and Amaka, she wont help?”

“ no sister !!’


“ Emeka, there is nothing I can do and quite frankly, nothing you can do either. You have done your path, even without being her son you have done a lot. But this isn’t your fight nor is It your battle, you just have to let her be. Uncle is already here with us, take the next bus and come to lagos, I would send you extra 5k to come , that’s all I can afford”

“so I should leave her here to die sister?”


“Emeka, God knows your heart and he knows you have tried. There is nothing you can do , abi you want to steal. Even if you sell all you own you can’t raise up to 15 thousand but you have nothing to sell, please, go to church and let them know, they have a wellfare team there they can help, then come to Lagos please. There is nothing more that you can do. May God heal her but if he doesn’t, let him take her, for she doesn’t deserve to have a daughter like Amaka, she is evil, and no mother needs to suffer like that.”


‘’yes, that’s what I said. If she dies at least she would be at peace, but you can’t take care of her you can’t. I would send you the money. Emeka take the next bus and come here, that’s an order, no questions. “’

The line cuts.

“any hope” the girl comes up behind him, he turns to her , tears in his eyes and shakes his head, he walks to the woman lying down on the bed, Amaka’s mother who isn’t moving, her eyes open, one of her eyes is burned, she has bandages around the burned areas of her body, but she isn’t moving,

He calls the church, they said they didn’t have any more money, their purse was empty due to the fact that they had recently visited the homeless and catered for their needs. They said they would have a prayer meeting this evening and tell the house, they would try and task amongst themselves and see if they can raise anything

“son, don’t worry, even if we can’t raise any money, God would heal her. He won’t forsake her now. Pray and believe, we also would be doing the same here “

There is no one else he could call for help, no one else.

He held her hands as he knelt down at the foot of the bed, staring at her. The Doctor had said that at this near-death state, they could hear you and it was important that they are constantly talked to, to bring them out .

‘’mama,can you hear me” Emeka speaks to her


“mama if you can, squeeze my hands please”

No movements .

‘mama?’’ he cried, the girl places her hand on his shoulders and squeezes

He cried the more.

He didn’t know who to meet to raise the money, didn’t know who to call or ask or even beg. He couldn’t leave her alone and go to lagos. He couldn’t.

The only thing that was left to do was to pray..

He holds both her semi cold hands, bowing his head , he prayed, harder than he had ever done in his entire life

‘’ heavenly father, please hear my prayer….’


Amaka walks into her hostel like a zombie, her hair in disarray, her eyes red, she opens the door and enters into her room

Anita turns on hearing the door open and screams

“jesus Amaka, what happened to you?”

‘ he left me..he he left me, peter dumped me, he is gone. My boyfriendddd leffffft meeeeee’’ she began to wail as she fell on the ground crying

“ holy fxxk!!!’ Anita stares down at her. Her money bag was gone.

Just then Ngozi strolls into the room meeting Amaka on the ground, “ what the hell is doing this one, I just heard that she scarred her mother for life, then why she dey cry as if she cares” she drops her bag. By now the video would been up, her friend told her he had given his friend in the media the go ahead, any time now she is expecting to see the video circulating and flooding her time feed. He said any moment from now , she held her phone just incase

“ that’s not it, peter just dumped her “

“what??’’ Ngozi exclaims “ he did, when , how”?

“ I cant find him anymore, I haven’t been able to get through to him, I then went to the hotel but he isn’t there, they said he left, without a word. Just upped and left and when I asked where they said they don’t know and they threw me out of there. My boyfriend left me ohhhhhhhh!!!’ she cries “someone else is using his room. No words nothing, my love, my life , how would I go on oh chineke God oh!!’’ ‘’ and I don’t have any more money, I have spent it all on cloths and bags and shoes, thinking that I would get more money today, what I have left is 10 thousand, thinking baby would give me a few 100 thousands today as he promised. But he is gone, my baby left me and is gone..ohh GOD!!’

Ngozi is thinking fast.

Yes, she wanted to see Amaka in pain, she wanted to see her broken and sad. She should be happy, she is happy but the happiness isn’t complete. Peter had told her she should go screw herself and that he wasn’t going to do shit. And he just upped and left, all because of this stupid girl Amaka he has ran away, she didn’t get to have him as her boyfriend, she didn’t get to enjoy his money, she didn’t get to enjoy just a little bit of luxury Amaka has been enjoying and that hurts.

That was painful, deadly so.

She is angry. Angry at Peter for ditching and running away, but his carear and life is ruined, where he was fxxked, the video must be airing any moment now and those pictures, his life was over.

It won’t be fair to not let Amaka not have a taste of unbearable pain too. Her anger would be unleashed on Amaka.

Tonight Amaka, would be your last night amongst the living, Ngozi thinks to herself.

Her phone beeps “the link is up baby, now the whole world knows about peter” was the message, she smiles and opens the link

“oh my God, Amaka see, isn’t this Peter “?

She hands her phone to them to watch,

After a few minutes , Amaka is wailing again, flinging herself on the ground, calling on the gods to punish the girl who stole her boyfriend Peter from her, cursing peter for lying to her about having another woman, cursing the woman for being a cheap slut and crying over a broken heart

“his number isn’t connecting, he has left me. What happened to the plans we made, what happened to all the love we shared, the promises he made towards me, all our dreams and how he was going to take me places, treat me right, take me to lagos as soon as I graduated, buy me a car, a house, business and possibly marry me. Oh peter, why..why me. Who would take care of me now eh, who would buy me things, love me and give me money….

Hey!! Money!!! Money oh how would I survive here, how would I take care of myself and finish school and and…eh no oh” she throws herself on the ground and rolls, she gets up again and grabs her phone dialing “ he , he loves me nah. Peter loves me he can’t just leave me like that no he can’t.”

“the number you are dialing doesn’t exist, please check the number and dail again’’

“not going through?” Anita asks, worrying hugging her face

“hey!! Doesn’t exists oh!!. I am dead oh, Peter oh my baby where are you oh, hey I forgive you, if you want to cheat please go ahead just come back, call me, text me please, anyone I would take !!’ ‘

“hey!!’ Anita raises both her hands, joining Amaka to wail

“chineke mo!!’ her money bag, no more free money, no more Amaka dashing her 20k yanfu yanfu without blinking, buying her free cloths and bags and shoes or helping her sort her course. Hey!! How would she take care of her boyfriend. Kia !!!

“oh fxxk, what is this now eh, peter peter!!’ she cries with Amaka

Suddenly Amaka’s phone rings, she grabs the phone, its an unknown number

“yes, yes , this is she !!” she sniffs “ peter !!!?’’ she exclaims “ okay, okay baby.. okay .. 8pm, okay, I will come , baby I lov- …..” the line cuts

‘’who is that, is that peter ??’’ Ngozi stands up walking to her

Amaka cleans her eyes nodding , and smiling, “yes, he said I should come to a place and that we would meet..and that its important and that…. I have to get ready, its past 7 already. “ she springs up flinging cloths from her bag, brushing her hair and rubbing powder on her face

Ah thank God , there was still hope for her “Amaka hurry fast oh, please , should I follow you?” Anita asks

“ no no, let me hurry up”

‘excuse me let me check on maryjane, I want to ask her something “ Ngozi says moving away

“ maryjane, I saw her in the hotel with one potbellied man, in the room I and peter was staying in. she isn’t back yet well… I don’t think.” Amaka is in a lighter mood. Her baby wanted to see her, he didn’t abandon her, he probably just moved out because of the scandal, maybe he wants them to run away together, he really did love her, he did. She won’t talk about the scandal he is facing now when she sees him, it would only make him feel bad. No, she would tell him that she forgives him for being with another woman and that she loves him and make him promise not to do it again.

But something was bothering her, why did the girl in the video seem farmilar to her? She couldn’t exactly see her face because she was smart enough to mask it somehow, even the pictures have her face somehow hidden, but there seem to be a farmilarity to the girl, she thinks to herself.

“ that girl in the video with my baby, that slut that has ruined my baby looks farmilar” she is saying,

“ does she?” Anita asks looking at the video again “ her face is partially mask and she knew where the camera was so she was backing it or using her hands on her face and the pictures shows her facing away or her hair over her face…. You think you know her?”

Ngozi is at the door

“I feel so but I don’t know… but if I catch her I would kill her for daring to seduce my man, see how, I hope he doesn’t get kicked out from being senator, how would we survive. But let me go and see him first, am so happy, I thought he left me “

” I am coming let me go to maryjane’s room, maybe her roommate can check if she has my bag with her that she borrowed”

Ngozi leaves, as soon as she is outside she dails her friend

“hello princess?” He drawls

“ hello Andrew, change of plans, that bastard just contacted her and that he wants to see her. We won’t take her by midnight anymore, we would take her now, be by the junction by 7;45pm, we would take her before she crosses birabe street, she is going into the hole tonight and I would make sure to throw away the girl. If I can’t have him, she can’t either. if I can’t have happiness, she won’t get her happy ever after ever.”

“what do I bring ?”

“ropes, a lamp and a bible for her last prayers”

And she laughed and laughed and laughed .


‘’what do you want to do Peter, ?’ his lawyer is staring down at him

“ I want to make sure I take the fraternity down with me. My life is already over. My wife asked for a divorce, I don’t blame her, its all over the news, I am sick, this worms are killing me, I went to the hospital and they said my insides have been eaten up, I pee blood, I cough blood, my body feels like my insides are crawling over, I feel weak and bloated. they say there is nothing they can do. Its too late for me. I am a dead man walking..all because of my creed for money, lust for women and pleasures of vanities. You see, growing up mama used to say… whenever we come back from church, she would sit me down and say

‘’ my son, do not close your ears to the word of God, live right, act right and do what is right. Flee from women, just like joseph did, turn away from those women who lurk at the corners, don’t be like david coveting another man’s wife, instead when you do get married I should be content in the bosom of my wife, savour her to her fill and love her with all that you are, praise her the way Solomon wrote about when talking about women, love your wife and only your wife, and that strange and worldly woman brings nothing but downfall.”

I should have listened “ he coughs, the hanky is patched with blood now, two worms came out, dancing shyly as they hugged each other in the folds of the hanky..

‘’babyworms?”, he laughs “ they even have $3x inside me and give birth “ he laughs mockingly, flinging the hanky away

His lawyer’s face is a mask of disgust, he moves back. Good thing he wore gloves and high socks and covered his body well, he came prepared after Peter called him and told him his predicament. He pities him, they have been friends for a long time, and he had been his lawyer for a longer time but whenever he advised him, it fell on deaf ears. Now, look at him now..a dying man.

“you know, what Krume said, what he said I have heard a thousands times “the wages of sin is death” I have been preached that a thousands times, mama told me too. My know she is a christian and goes to church, she tells me that. And today, for the first time in a long while I opened the bible to read it… you know its in Romans 6:23, it reads “ for the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ”. And while reading it I saw something else in chapter 6 vrs 12 it said “ let not sin therefore reign in your mortal body, that ye should obey it in lusts thereof’’

Or 13 that says “ neither yield ye your members as instruments of unrighteousness unto sin: but yield yourselves unto God, as those that are alive from the dead , and your members as instruments of righteousness unto God”

Do you know what this means? It means that with my hands and mind and by my actions and thoughts I have willingly brought this upon myself, I Peter Nwambeze accepted to belong to the fraternity club of the brothers, I accepted to follow after strange women and live my wife at home and kids, I lusted after this women and had sinful relations with them, even chased money, smuggling drugs and making lots of money, I by myself followed Maggie into that room and I thought I was living the life. My wife would call me and cry, she would complain about my behavior , she would ask me and I would lie, lie about my infidelity and because I was tired of her complain I relocated them to the states so that I can have time to do what I want, when I want and how I want, and when she calls me I don t pick anymore but send her lots of money hoping it would shut her up, it didn’t stop her from calling and praying. I missed everything about my children, their happy moments and plays and recitals etc. See, all this things, what I am going through I brought it down on myself, and because I didn’t and refused to take responsibilities, I went and got deceived by the fake Guru and went to infect an innocent girl who has her life ahead of her, at least I have enjoyed life a bit if not fully, I have kids who would have a future and a wife who would carry on with her life. But Amaka, Amaka is just beginning to live and I ruined her, I killed her too.

Yes, if she had left bad friends and company I am sure she won’t have been in the party that day, and I am sure just like my mother warned me to change from the folly of my bad ways when I clucked 20 and thought it was time to exhibit my youthful exurberance, I am sure her mother would have cautioned her too. All mother would. but she , just like me have refused to listen now…see, see..just like me, she would rotten from the inside and she would pee and cough blood, she would feel so sick, and slowly she would die..just like me, because just like me, she refused to listen to her mother or pastor or believed the word of God and stayed clear from sin, and all this is my fault because my mortal body to sin..and my wages of this my sinful nature is death. I am dying. I am dying, I know, my life is family don’t want me, everyone is talking about me. I am dead already, but I would make sure with my dying breath I would bring down that fraternity club so they don’t entice others like me, I would expose them. I have transferred all that I have , all my properties I have put them to new names for my wife and kids, the money too. You already have my will, you know what to do. I have a camera here to record and documents I had to go in there and sneak into the office to collect, as if I knew I kept copies of the dealings I had with the fraternity brothers, I have names, I have locations everything, account numbers and contacts, they are going down. I have sent copies to the police, Dss , Efcc.. the full extent of the law will come down on them. I know I have sinned, I know I am done for, but with my last breaths I would make sure no one falls again . I take responsibility for my actions because I wasn’t forced, I was stupid and I refused to listen. I hope God forgives me, I hope he does, I know its too late for me. I only hope he forgives me “ he coughs again

“ and Amaka, you called her , she is coming to see you here , what do I do?”

“you would be the one to see her, not me. Give her the letter I wrote for her, tell her to forgive me..tell her I am sorry, you have the papers, the accounts information for family and the other, you know what to do’’’ Peter gets up staggering, he felt dizzy, he gets to the door

“ where are you going to now ?”

“to do the video, end this people and maybe…die in peace “. He walks out, never looking back.


Amaka is in a keke , just entering birabe street when a black Honda swerves right blocking them , the keke jolts to a stop almost tipping to the left.

‘’Jesus!!’ Amaka exclaims hitting her shoulders, she cries out in pain as the keke balances back on its legs, the driver shouts “ chineke !!’ he falls out of his keke to the ground, sustaining minor injuiry to his arm and leg due to the force.

Someone wearing a hood and black shades jumps out of the car, rounds the keke and gets to Amaka

“can’t you drive?!’’ she screams at the stranger ‘’oga, oga ?”” she calls the keke driver who is struggling to stand up “ you .. you want to kill us, you want to kill us ?” she screams at the stranger who was staring at her, but it was his smile that freezes her,

“not US…YOU!!!’’ and with that he forcefully drags her out of the keke with a hanky over her nose , she began to kick and scream, he slaps her once and then twice and replaces the hanky over her nose, suddenly she stops kicking and slumps, he flings her over his shoulders and takes her to the car, dumping her inside the booth and then enter s into his car and drives away

People who came later say they heard a man screaming ‘’AWOOO AWOOO AWOOO RITUALIST !! THIEF !! THEM DON CARRY AM, OH…AWO AWO AWOO!!’’ he wailed with hands on his head and bruises to his arm and legs. No one knew who the girl was or why she was taken.

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To be continued!!!