Amaka Episode 4

Amaka got back into the hostel by the evening of the following morning. Missing her first class of the semester.
Ngozi must have called her like 20 times and she didn’t return any of her calls, her anger evident. She flings the phone away sighing.
“Babe weitin dey do you since you come back from that parole you just dey sigh anyhow, abi dem no pay you well?” Anita says coming to sit beside her, popping her legs on the bed and licking an orange
“Mtchewww!!” Ngozi sighs looking at her time.. ” Hain!!!” She shakes her head, getting up to pace the length of the small room which she shared with Amaka and four other female students.
“What is it na, you have been sighing and cursing since morning, even in class sef you looked distracted. “
“Is it not that girl… that that useless ungrateful girl Amaka!!” She says pacing still, her finger to her lips, her brows furrowed, she looks out the window, she sighs, picking up her phone and dials her number, it’s disconnected.
“Amaka? Why what did she do. Ehen I wanted to ask you sef, where is she? Since yesterday I haven’t seen her, after you both went for that party and she wasn’t in class either. Where she dey?” Anita askes, done with her orange she throws it into the bin by the corner of the bed
“Can you imagine, I took her to the party yesterday as my friend. You know she likes to complain a lot about her mother and no money and every time she doesn’t have money for this and for that, that the only thing her mother knows how to do is pray from morning till night and they hardly have food to eat and all”
“Ehen….so? We all hear her rant. What’s the problem?”
“Yes na. So I got ticket for the party for yesterday, even my sister grace was begging me I said no let me carry Amaka so she could at least make some money for her self. She dey claim Virgin and that she has not done this or that and I was here being the good Samaritan showing her the ropes, even gave her my drugs sef to use, postinor and Spanish fly you know for easy progress and the morning after. I do bad?”
Anita laughs knowing the game “No my sister. So what now is the problem? “
“Ehen okay, so as we got there na I told the mumu girl not to use her real name nor call me mine. And since I am the one who brought her shouldn’t I have the richest dude and then she gets the seconds? But no, as soon as this senator, what’s his name again ..Ehen Peter approaches me, this girl just cornered him and offers herself to him… I was shocked. You know how doing Anal pays more that the rest Anita? and this dude was willing to pay over a 100 thousand naira, and double the amount sef, while I was trying to work my charm..this..this rat Amaka that claims she is a Virgin was saying she can do all that and more. “
“Are you serious?” Anita raises an eyebrow sitting up properly
“Why do you think I am pissed beyond pacifying ? And I was like behave yourself na what’s that, wait for your turn someone would come. Next thing the senator asked her her name and she went ‘Amaka’ after I have told her not to reveal her real name oh! You dey see? then he says he still wants me to follow him but she started making a scene and says that I am a naive stupid girl that don’t know how to please a man and that she would give him a good run for his money. Next thing the dude increases the money to about 300 k, my girl begin drag am dey go room. My head one burst. I was too shocked to say anything. Someone I was trying to help instead she spat on my face and took away a big fish meant for me. And till now she isn’t back. Can you imagine. I now have to end up with one scruffy looking thing for 10k, he was just sweating all over my body and he was screaming loudly I couldn’t wait for him to cum and roll of my body. Took my bag and the money and left because I couldn’t stay the night. I am so pissed right now…can you imagine. Someone I wanted to help decided to play smart. Let her come first!” Ngozi stated shaking both her legs sitting down, her hands falls on her knees, and her head moving from side to side
“Ha ha, that’s rather bad. Amaka shouldn’t have done that. So if she be Virgin how she know say she sabi please man and do let him do Anal?”
“If you ask me e no good. ?” Ngozi shows her both her hands and then drops them
Anita whistles “300k, for one night. ..babe that is some big money oh. kia I can feel your pain. See ehen, if I am you I would take it, afterall if it wasn’t for you she won’t have made such and also for the fact of stealing the bobo for herself. She is an ungrateful girl. That’s why me I no dey carry whoski girls dey follow body. That mumu hausa chick, you remember her na, in efe’s class. I took out that year. She thought she was smart, I halfed her money and took the larger portion and gave her the lesser one next time she would be a very good girl and jump when I ask her to. I ain’t in the business of pimping girls for dudes and you think you have become queen to not pay your dues. I would treat your Fxxk up! ” Anita says
“You should treat Amaka’s fxxkup. !” She adds, nodding her head
“I should abi?” Ngozi askes getting up and then sitting down again and thinking, her finger to her lips while the other one folder below her bosom
“Yes na, next time she would have sense. If both of you go out she shuts up until you get your man then she can mingle. She is supposed to get your sloppy seconds not you getting those. She no try, no she no try at all. And till now she hasn’t come back, which can marathon sex them dey do na?”
“I pray he causes that place to be sore and then she comes home unable to sit or even pee sef” Ngoxi says
“Or be banged so hard she ends up disfigured ” they laughed, turning to the sound of someone walking in
“Good evening Ngozi, Anita. How na?” Amaka strolls into the room, her bag she carefully drops at the side of the bed and kicks it under, their eyes follow the movement of the bag and back to her. She didn’t look to be disfigured in anyway or limping from any uncomfortable-ness
“Who are you greeting good evening Amaka eh? Who?” Ngozi askes her eyeing her up and down , her head following the movement likened to an agama lizard
Amaka looks at her, “you na. Why are you sounding like that? Is something the matter?” Amaka stretches on her heel,
“Is like you dey mad!!” Anita says getting up, her hands on akimbo she dangled about while she made the dance, her bobos bounced too. She was quite busty
Amaka raises an eyebrow, staring from one to the other ” Why are you insulting me Anita? See Ngozi please tell your friend not to insult me. “
“Ehen shut up..just shut up. So you Amaka that I took as my sister and wanted to help, you yesterday left with that man abi, even after I told you let’s go you left with him abi? right infront of me dissing me, even when he said he wanted me but you forced yourself on him…you Amaka abi?” Ngozi gets up and points to her
Amaka was taken aback , wondering why both of them looked as though they were about to pounce on her
“What are you saying Ngozi. Shei we both were there, he came and said hi to us, you were the one who answers and spoke to him but he ended up picking me.. why are you saying it the other way around?.”
“So are you saying that Ngozi is lying? Are you saying that he didn’t pick Ngozi but you instead. I mean look at you, no class, no training and you think you stand a chance to compete with Ngozi next to you. Why are you lying? You should just shut up and beg for her forgiveness because that is bad. A girl cannot do good for you by carrying you out to go flex and make money for yourself and you try to outsmart her and take her own big fish and still have no remorse. You dey craze?” She does this with a finger touching her temple
“Look at her She now has mouth to talk, yesterday she was claiming..’I never do am before’ and she didn’t think twice to start screaming…’I know this style and that style. ..and this style….take me take me!!” Ngozi joins in clapping her hand
” Orishirishi


” she adds for emphasis

Amaka didn’t know when she began to laugh and laugh, they both stared at her as though she had gone mad
“Am sorry, now I get it . So Ngozi no offence oh, not like I am trying to feel like anything oh, but wait you told Anita that I am the one who threw myself at the guy and was saying I can do shits? You forgot to tell her that you were the one who was all over him and then he looks at me saying he would double the money and pay me if I go with him , then you became upset that he didn’t like you and told me let’s go. Of course I needed the money and well, that drug you gave me was already doing things to me…so what the hell, he wanted me, I wanted the money and I might as well start being the bad girl ba..? So I went with him even though you were angry but it’s not my fault. I apologize for him not picking you but you don’t have to lie about it, abi you dey shame to tell Anita that he didn’t even take a second glance at you but came to us only because he saw me? You- you were the one that said no real name mention and you mentioned my name, you were the one forming….I can do Anal and the likes and I kept quiet. It was you so Stop lying. And FYI…. I didn’t do Anal with him but he still paid me what was due. …..” Amaka says sitting down on her bed crossing her legs,
“You are a liar ” Ngozi says ” You. .you are a liar. Anita she just lied without …blinking ” she stutters
Anita looks at Ngozi and then at Amaka, Ngozi was just 10k rich while Amaka was 300k richer, she had to choose sides rightly…
“Yes yes Ngozi. I know. But let’s forget this ehen. What has been done has been done.. Hmmm. Next time Amaka wouldn’t do it again abi Amaka? ” Anita reduces her voice and sounds less accusing towards Amaka, Amaka just chuckles shaking her head.
“Wanda!!!” She mutters
“What do you mean by that Anita I should forget it, after what she did? Me? No I wont…” Ngozi was still fumming..
“Ahah! Babe relax.. lets not quarrel over this ehn. People would hear our voices. You know it’s not good for business. Now our reputation go soil oh. We can be airing our dirty laundries outside, besides you don’t know who is envious of us Ehen. Relax cool down, cool your temper. Commot am for fire make he no boil they pour, na the person wei im go burn first. So cool your temper. .hmm?”
Amaka rolls her eyes “Shei I was on my own she told me about the party, and she gave me a dress… this dress to wear which I am grateful for. Don’t worry I would buy you a new dress, I have enough money to. Yes I thank you for showing me the way yesterday but I have it covered from now on. Senator Peter says he would give me all that I need. He was quite generous. But what I don’t like is to be lied on, and Ngozi you lied and I don’t like it. I didn’t steal him from you. He came to me because he fancied me and you making this insinuations are wrong. I may be quiet doesn’t mean I don’t know how to talk and react and get angry. Just because I was raised In a christian home doesn’t give anyone the right to trample upon me. See I would buy your dress and even dash you some money. But I am not following you out again sef… besides Peter said he doesn’t want me to be going for those parties anymore.. he would take care of me”
“I guess the sex must have been good huh ?” Anita says speculatively
Amaka blushes…. “bitter sweet. Pleasure and pain. At first It hurt so bad and then later on….it didn’t. We just kept going and going.” She says biting her lower lips and giggling
Ngozi sighs and storms out of the room. Anita pops down on the bed next to Amaka
“so tell me, he really gave you 300 k?”
Amaka nods, bending down to pull her bag from under the bed she carries it and puts it on her laps , unzipping the bag she opens it for Anita to see…
“Whoa!” Escapes from Anita’s lips while her eyes increased in size.
“Babe, that dude must be fxxking rich. So if you both didn’t do Anal …why did he give you so much money. What else did you both do? “
“Well he wanted to do it raw tho, infact eh I was on the phone with my mother when he entered me I wanted to scream but couldn’t. She was praying… ” Amaka laughs
“Hmmmm that dude na Savage. But…” Anita was thinking.
” Did he cum inside you?”
“Hmmmm” Amaka says nodding
” A couple of times but I took the postinor 2 that Amaka gave me. She said that it helps to prevent pregnancy. I can’t shout oh. My mother will kill me.” She says
Anita nods, “be careful sha, all this men, me I don’t gree oh, I allow them only with the use of a condom . You don’t know whether he is clean. I like my life oh babe. Odikwa very risky!!!”
“He said he was clean. Checked his status that morning he is clean. He even showed me the test results . And since I haven’t done it before so…there was nothing to worry about. “
“Okay if you say so. So babe, are we going shopping or what?” Anita nudges her, there was this dress she has been eyeing for ages down at the boutique . Maybe she might be in luck today if she plays her cards right, being friends with Amaka might just pay off better than Ngozi who only likes to quarrel over Petty things.
“Hell yeah. But what Ngozi said hurt me oh. See me coming back excited and wanting to share this with her. “
“Don’t mind her she is jealous. She is always jealous when people get better deals than she does. She almost beat up a girl here last week before you came sef, all because the guys that carried them out…gave the other girl 5k extra. Don’t mind her she has issues. But you are the real MVP now oh, your first outing you made this much.. biko, does your Peter mind a threesome? “
Amaka looks at her , ” No he doesn’t do threesome and I don’t and wont” she stated matter-of-factly
She laughs “I am just kidding. Does he have friends who is as generous as he is though. I mean I don’t mind a hook up?”
“Well I suppose , I would ask him” Amaka says thinking
“Please do..I am readily available. ” amaka nods.
Ngozi comes back into the room not talking to anybody
Anita does a “Yinmu” at her, and laughs, Amaka gets up and goes to her, taking a bundle of 20k..
“NG? I am sorry. Please take this.”
She ignores her. Amaka sits beside her, “Ngozi, shei we are friends. Oya sorry, take this let’s go shopping. Hmmm. Don’t be upset. He even said he would come and take me and my friends out this weekend. He wants me to be his girlfriend exclusively. Don’t be upset. Take this?”
She doesn’t answer, instead the news only made her more jealous. If only she could get his number and see him once, she is sure he would forget all about Amaka after one night with him. She didn’t have all the skills for nothing.
“See Ngozi she has apologised so if you don’t want the money you tell me, me I need it dearly” Anita reaches for the money, Ngozi was quick to collect it.
“Doesn’t mean I forgive you” she stated counting the money.. at least she should collect the money and pretend she has forgotten. After all, she needs the money. Technically the 300k was meant for her if Amaka didn’t steal the senator from her. Yes, let them go shopping, she puts the money in her purse. She had no intention of spending hers.. let them spend from Amaka’s own after all she had plenty in her bag.
“Hmmm.” Amaka says laughing.
“So shall we?” Anita states,
“Yes, let’s go” Amaka grabs her bag,the three of them leaves the room.
“My son, have you spoken to Amaka ? After last night I spoke to her I haven’t been able to reach her again” Amaka mother says to him,
Emeka gets up from his chair and walks to her,
“Goodevening I haven’t oh. Is there a problem?”
“No my son I was just worried. When are you going to see your sister?”.
“Erm next week I guess. Why? For the money for Amaka?”
“Hmmm. Hopefully I would have gotten some small change for her. I don’t want her to be worried. You know how Amaka is.”
“Don’t worry mama she would be fine. Amaka can be stubborn but she is a good girl”
“I know she is a good girl. I just want her to finish on a good note and maybe something good might come so she can have a better life. Okay my son let me be going.”
“Amen. Okay mama”
” God bless you my son!”
“And you too mama” he says watching her leave.
He made a mental note to go see Amaka as soon as he could make out time.
He had managed to buy a few beverages to help cushion what her mother would have for her by the end of the day. At least Amaka would have some food and she would rest easy.
“So, have you gotten one? I didn’t see you again last night. ” krume says to his friend.
He smiles “yes I did get one. A very pretty and innocent one. It was a good night.” He says rubbing his jaw and smiling.
“Nice. What’s her name?”
“Amaka..Amaka something I can’t remember. She is as sweet as they come..innocent and succulent. I swear getting laid never felt so good. A couple of times at that, nd when I gave her the money she was so happy giving me a kiss.. in fact multiple kisses as I dropped her off.. she kept complaining of the poor state of which they live in and her overly religious mother that prays more that she acts. She told me about her father and how he died and her mother have refused to open her eyes to the reality of life and that she couldn’t wait to be done with school and move away from her…far far away from her. It’s was funny. After every round I let her talk and when I am up again we continue and.. for a first timer, she learnt very fast and even took the lead sometimes.” He chuckles
“Yeah, I hate those religious fanatics too. I feel her pain ” krume says
“I didn’t care one bit. I was just interested in taking her to heaven and back and making me happy “
“Hmmm I envy you”.
“You should. And you? Anyone?”
“Hmmm. Not so fancy but she would do” he nods
They were both standing outside and talking, other men were in front and behind them going into a building , chattering.
Some were wearing suits, from different denominations of life and careers, they filed into the entrance of the building taking the elevator one at a time until they all gathered at an open place.. a well ventilated hall but enclosed
Taking a seat they all sat down.., waiting as someone climbs the stage, touching the mic, he was dressed in an equally expensive suit, his mustache neatly shaved but the grey hair showed that he was not a man in his 30s.
Soon the room grew quiet and he looks to the crowd of men..young and old alike
The sign over his head read ” The Goodwill Men Conference, Regional chapter”
“Brothers…welcome.!!” He says
Two weeks rolls by faster than she thought.
Waking up to another missed call from her mother, she sighs and turns on her bed. Picking up the phone she saw about 20 unread messages from her mother, she scrolls through them without letting the words sink in…
“Ama how are you?
Ama are you fine. How is school.
Ama, why aren’t you picking my calls..
Ama, I hope you say your prayers before you go to bed..
Ama sorry I haven’t gotten money for you…gimme till next week.
Ama, upper week.
Ama why aren’t you picking my calls.
Amaka, call me back. Mama.
Mtchewwwwwwwwwwwww!!!” She flings the phone away..
“Baby what’s the matter?” Peter says turning on his back..and gathering her into his arms
“Is it not that useless woman. Bugging my life nonstop. Who else would make me angry in the morning if not her”
He laughs, stroking her cheeks, she snuggled up close to him tracing lines down his chest and down to his middle.
“Would it kill you to talk to her?”
“Nope but it would make me go deaf.”
“But she would keep calling because she is your mother and she is worried. Aren’t you supposed to at least cause her not to worry,? I know mothers can be a handful but…you have to suffer till they leave this earth “
“I can’t wait for mine to go already. She is suffocating me”
Her phone rings again ..
“See?” She says
“Pick it. Let her know you are fine. If not I am sure she would take the next bus down here and we know you don’t want that.” He says getting up, strolling naked into the toilet.
Amaka smiles watching his back side, he had a beautiful butt, sexy build and he knows how to treat a woman. She couldn’t believe her luck.
It’s been two weeks already , seeing him every other day, she doesn’t even remember even entering class for lectures.. he got her a new phone, laptop to watch movies and browse online with steadily subbing her data. Money rolls in everytime she spends the night with him she doesn’t go home with less that 200k, and money for shopping.
He promised to get her a car but she didn’t know how to drive.
Anita and Ngozi had become her handbags, she took them everywhere she went, partying , clubbing and with she footing the bills. She had no intention of returning to that God forsaking dump of a village to stay there with her mother. She should keep the gold and expensive things in that her box and swallow the key if she wants. She had Money that were hers so she didn’t care about …those tiny things her mother was hell bent on hiding away from her. ..
She sighs…
He had promised to take her to Lagos when she rounds up, give her money for business and a house too and allowances..
She wondered why he did all this and he said he liked her, and loves her too. She knew he was married, but he never talks about his family.. he said as long as she doesn’t pry into his private life they are good.
He only wants to love her and her to be his exclusively because he loves to have her without protection because he trusts her, and seeing he was her first…he loved her more. And she couldn’t be with another.
She was content..all she needed was here. She had no interest in “chewing gum boys” anyways as Anita would call them. Boys she referred to as not having being able to finish washing their butts after taking a dump, so they obviously can’t take care of them.
Ngozi seemed to have forgotten about their issue, instead encouraging her to go ahead, and whenever she comes to school she takes them shopping and gives them money..
Her phone bolted her from her reverie. .
She sighs picking it up..
“Hain Jesus Amaka, why are you doing this to me. Why? What have I done. Why are you making your poor mother worry over you. ..why? ?”
“Mama sorry, I am not always with my phone and most times I am in class and I can’t answer calls. Infact at the moment I had to sneak out to answer you. So be fast. What is it?”
“Ehen…okay sorry my daughter but you should have called me back now eh. For two weeks, you are the only one I have in this world Ama. .are you angry with me because I haven’t been able to raise something for you? Please am sorry, these people are just owing me.. but tomorrow I will send something by the grace of God. Emeka will bring it for you oh?”
Amaka rolls her eyes ” Mama don’t bother. Keep it for yourself.”
“Amaka, why?” You are angry. I am sorry. Amaka you have to understand the situation of things. Fish is scare, market is not as full, people are under pricing despite. Please my daughter, Hmmm. “
“But I am fine Mama you don’t need to worry” she told her. She wished she could tell her she had money to take care of her needs for the next few months. But then again….her mother would demand an explanation she had no desire to give..
“What do you mean you are fine. You left home with just fifteen thousand..and I am looking for ways so I can send you something you are saying you are fine..what is this Amaka? “
She rolls her eyes,
“Sorry mama..oya send it ” she says
“Okay, Emeka would call you when he comes Tomorrow, you know he is going to see his sister from there he would come and see you oh. How is your friend Ngozi. I hope you girls are reading and not following bad friends? You know evil company corrupts good manners. Always listen to what I tell you, read your bible, don’t be deceived, you know God is a God of mercy but he is also a consuming fire. Do not let the devil have space in your heart. Things are hard now but eventually they would get better, he sees, he hears our prayers, he would make a way, so read Mattew-
“Erm mama, I have to go back to class..they are taking attendance” she cuts the call and sighs.
“Yen..yen..yen..yen.yen .!!!!” She mimicked her mother. .. “I will not hear word again for this life because of you mama. Tufiakwa!!!!” She snaps her fingers
Peter comes out from the shower, bathed, he shakes his head…
“Oya go and shower let me drop you off at school. I have to get to the office”..
Amaka rolls lazily off the bed, walking past him she gives him a loud kiss which he returns.
“Okay babe”

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” Please my daughter, help me.. my daughter is in school and I only was able to raise small money for her please ” her mother says to the young woman sitting opposite from her
They were in her house, she had opened her box to bring out her last set of jewels, one George wrapper and a matching bag and shoes. They were still new because she hardly wore them. Designers infact.. the gold embroidery around the bag sparkled..
“So how much do you want to sell the case of jewels now?”
“A hundred and fifty thousand my daughter”
The woman looks at her as though she was mad , ” Mama is like you don’t want to sell anything. This thing that is going for 20 thousand in alaba market in Lagos you are saying 100 k ke? “
“Ha my daughter take a look at it first before you talk. . My husband used to be an elite before he died, we shopped at expensive places, he usually likes to spoil me but ..I hardly had time to wear all of them. Even if I didn’t go to an expensive school I do know designers when I see one and a fake and this my daughter isn’t a fake. Look at it..” she pushes it to her
The lady looks at it, Turning it in her hands, looking at her bracelet she could see the difference. Hers was a sad imitation. She wondered who the mama’s husband was and what condition led her to be here in the village. But if she admits that indeed the old woman’s jewels were original she won’t be able to buy it for less.
“Mama, they lied to you. It’s a fake. Forget the fact that it’s shinny”
Amaka’s mother smiles, nodding
“if you say so my daughter. “
knowing that lady knew the truth and that the jewles were indeed original, but decided to lie to her. She was hoping to sell them for a good price; but everyone had only wanted to beat it down to a few thousand, and she was slowly giving up when the merchants and tourist travellers left town yesterday untill she saw her, the younger woman pricing some antics down the market and approached her asking her if indeed needed to buy some original jewels
“So, let me give you 20 thousand then.” The younger woman was talking
“But my daughte , for each piece wasn’t less than 50 , please be considerate. “
“Madam 20k for all of them. See the people who come to buy things have gone and wont be here till the next market fare day which is in another month. And the longer you wait the more it depreciates in value. So are we agreeing on 20k or I go?”
Amaka had a few more weeks to go in school, how would 20k be enough. She looks to her box, the George , bag and shoes one pair each still remained…
“Mama, if you do well I will come back and buy the shoe and bag, I have an occasion next week and that would match very well with it. And I can get my friend to buy the George for her mother. You know young women like us don’t tie george” she says bringing the money to count it infront of Amaka’s mother
She sighs putting her jewel back in the tiny box. Only one out of 10 she had left, she hands it to her.
The lady smiles handing her the money, she was going to make 10 times from this expensive set of jewels. She didn’t believe her luck. This older woman must be really desperate to sell her things for this cheap price for her daughter in school.
“Your daughter what’s her name.”
“Amaka. She is in the only community university in the outskirts of town. In her final year”
“Hmmm. That’s nice. She is lucky to have a mother like you. Okay welldone” she gets up, bending her head to pass the small door because she was tall.
Amaka’s mother covers back her box, locking it and keeping the key. She dails emeka’s number.
“My son please you can stop by before you go home, I have the money for Amaka “
“What do you mean you haven’t seen her. It’s been two weeks since she returned to school.” Emeka askes the girl in front of him.
“Doesn’t mean I have seen her. She hasn’t been to class since, just once or twice” the girl says.. they had just rounded a class and she was their course rep. Emeka had seen her a couple of times when he came to visit Amaka in school when he brings things for her from her mother.
He was expecting to catch up with her after one of her classes he knew holds on that day, he never liked going to her hostel because of the ways and manners the girls usually dressed, walking around half naked and causing troubles for them men.
Her number wasn’t going through and he was tired of waiting..
“So how can I get intouch with her?”
“Her hostel, maybe she is there. You would have to ask her room mate, Ngozi”
“Do you have her number? “
The girl nods giving it to him. Then she walks away to meet up with the other students for the next class
Ngozi told him to come to the hostel, with reluctance he boards a cab to the hostel and alights, 30 minutes later he is in their room. Amaka wasn’t even there.
“I thought when you said I should come here Amaka would be here?”
“No she isn’t. She hasn’t been here for over a week now”
“What do you mean?”
“Amaka now has a man that she goes to stay in his place, she doesn’t go for lectures anymore, she has no time for friends. She practically lives with him and he is a married man. “
“Amaka?” He askes shocked
“Yes Amaka chimenem. How many of Amaka’s do you know.?”
” But, No! I don’t believe this. Since when did all this begin ?”
“Since we got back. I try to talk to her but to no avail. She doesn’t know that money isn’t everything …is that money for her?,” she askes eyeing the envelop that had Amaka’s name written on it, a bag with beverages visible was resting by his leg
He looks at his hand, and nods “from her mother. Wait I can’t believe that Amaka is following a man and a married man at that. “
“Men. She is Following men” she nods her head
He sighs shaking his head, his heart sad, how would he tell her mother this, how would she take this..
” when does she come back?
“Anytime she wants oh.”
“Okay I would wait for her.”
Amaka sees him sleeping on the only plastic chair in the small room, she kicks him awake
“Emeka you are here? How long ?”
Ngozi had told her someone was here for her just now as she saw her, the rest of the roommates were out
“Too long. Where are you coming from?”
“Went to see a friend”.
“A friend that doesn’t have a name? Where are you coming from Amaka? “
“Hain are you my daddy. I said I went out to see a friend. Don’t ask me stupid questions Emeka you are not my father nor my mother to be questioning me. Why are you here?”
“Amaka, your poor mother who worries about you, practically struggling to make ends meet and gave me money to come give to you. Hoping you would live right and follow instructions, haven’t her endless prayers taught you any thing, haven’t her good counsel taught you anything. You come back to school and the next thing is to start going into the world. A married man Amaka a married man. Don’t you have any shame? Didn’t you think of his family? Your mother is back in the village struggling, sitting under the sun every day and sometimes rain beats her, selling to make sure you have something to eat here in school and the only thing she ask of you is for you to focus in school, finish well and come out with good grades so that you can eventually have a better life when doors open for you…but you are here…gallivanting not going to class and strolling in by this time of the night and dressed like that” he points to her
She begins to laugh and clap,
“Look at emeka oh, this small boy talking to me. Is it because I used to talk to you in the village and pitying you and became friends with you you think you can talk to me like that. Who told you I am following a man? Who is the person tell me? Besides did I ask my mother to do all those? Did I send her. I even told her not to worry about me but she is stubborn just like her husband always wants to do what pleases them. See, look at me well. I am fine, I am perfectly fine and I don’t need her miserly change because they can’t do anything for me. So go back and tell that woman to in fact stop calling me and praying for me. Who prayer epp? Who good council epp? Didn’t my father still die? All those pastors kabashing and shaking head up and down, how has it bettered their life? See ehen, let me warn you emeka or whatever you call yourself, don’t come here again..don’t. Go back and tell her am fine. Look at your torn shirt and worn out shoes, see use that money she gave you and buy something for you. Hmm, in fact, take ” she opens her bag and collects a bundle of money and flings at him..
“Give that woman. That should be about 100k. I have enough of those. Let her buy something nice for her self or better still a bigger padlock for her box that she would take to heaven and adorn her mighty lawddddd and king Hmmm? ” She says turning around and sitting on the bed
Emeka was shocked, He never would have believed Amaka would turn out like this, not in a million years. Yes she complained a lot of the situation of how they were living, she complained a lot about her mother, but he never knew how deep the hate she had for her mother was to the extent she wished her dead. How bad she thought her life was to the extent she decide to hop on the fast lane. This was terribly..very terrible
He goes to her, and gets on his knees..
“Amaka, please. This isn’t the life you want to live. Please …it doesn’t pay I tell you. I know life is hard but you don’t need this baggage with you. Amaka, biblically speaking there are repercussions to this things, a curse that follows a woman who sleeps with another woman’s husband, and ripple effects for sin. You were raised in a christain home, you read the Bible or it was read to you,..’the wages of sin is death!’. You know it all…I know the temptations are much but my dear it’s not too late to let it go. Your mother loves you and she won’t correct you if she doesn’t. She won’t pray for you if she doesn’t. She won’t suffer for you if she doesn’t. She got 20k yesterday and she gave me all for you saying you need it more than she does for books, food, transport and the likes while she survives with the little she makes from the market. Why don’t you think about her sacrifices for once Amaka, and stop thinking about yourself…” He tries to touch her hand
She pulls away… ‘please please abeg. Even my father would be rolling in the grave if he could hear you. I am sure he is regretting believing in vain things like a God. If your God loves you or us dearly trust me…with a snap of his fingers with the way they say he created the world he would have changed our stories so please tell me something that actually makes sense. Wages of sin is death. How utterly ridiculous a motion.! The politicians looting our money on a daily, they are all hearty and happy. The armedrobbers stealing and raping girls, they live flamboyant lives. The fornicaters and adulterers, they do so and still make their millions. The prostitutes aren’t left out, na them they buy houses and getting married. What of the yahoo boys, buying houses in London and stuff. Yet you that is forming spiro, look how tattered you are. Those pastors in the community see how they are..yet they claim they are rich in the Lord. Riches kwa! Is it spiritual riches? Then every Sundaythey collect offering and would be forcing people to pay thithe ..thithe they use to feed themselves…please. My father was a devoted christain yet he died like a fowl, shrunk in size and bones showing, hair falling out and he looked like an Egyptian mummy.. I didn’t see the gates of heaven open and the angels sweep down and touch him to heal. Yet you all would be singing…”He touched me, he touched meeeeeee” Oh what a joy that filled my soulllllllll
Something happened, now I know…he touched me…and made me whole….!! Yet he dies in my arms, and every fxxking thing went to shits. We lost every thing he had worked hard to own, kicked to the streets and living in one room in the village
A devoted man Emeka. A devoted wife Emeka. A young child Emeka…we prayed and prayed and not a fxxking stone turned. So spare me this religious holigans. Take yourself ..and that money out of my sight and don’t come here again…tell her what I said…”
“Ohhhhh!! I will shout oh?”
“Amaka …Amaka , please don’t let the devil occupy your heart like that. “
“Emeka If you don’t live now I will scream rape and people would pounce on you. Don’t dare me..”
“Jesus Amaka!!”
“Amaka is my name, the other one belongs to a folklore deity that is nonexistent. Now leave. Here don’t forget to carry the money with you. You and that woman need it more than I do because I am not lacking” she picks the money, puts it into the bag she notices on the ground had beverages and hands it to him and pushes him out of the door.
His protest falls on deaf ears as she shuts the door to his face
She pops back on the small bed “Nonsense and ingredients! !”..
Ngozi comes back into the room, “Ha Babe, what happened to Emeka he looked like he saw a ghost!!”.
“Maybe he did. My awesomeness was too much for him to bear. Come who told him about Peter?”
She shrugs “I don’t know. You know people are jealous of your relationship with him, everyday he comes to pick and drop you with different cars, you wearing expensive things and you staying with him. Who knows we have parrots here. I just told him to wait for you when I saw him. So what happened? “
“Hmm. Let me catch that person first. Nothing, I just told him what’s up. If he comes here again chase him out. I don’t need him and my mother to rain on my parade..coming here to be preaching for me.. him dey mad?”
“Hain. Amaka Amaka …no bulshits girl. You don wise up. .no dulling”
“That’s the way na. See, I am going to Peter’s tonight
“But you just came back. Babe what of lectures..”
“Ehen he says he would pick me after work ..lectures? I already have fined those lecturers something. What’s the point in reading na.. please abeg. Can you believe he says he would take me to lag and get me a house and a car? Oh babe I can’t wait to round up..”
“Hmmm..really “? She tries to hide her jealously .
“Yes really..” Amaka proceeds to tell her all that they discussed.
While she was talking , Ngozi was thinking on how she was going to get senator Peter for herself, .. Maybe she should visit her friend tomorrow, he might have a solution for her. There was no way she would allow Amaka enjoy all this by herself… She was meant to be in Amaka’s shoes not the other way around. If only she had gone alone..
She smiles nodding as Amaka continues. .
Yes, she should visit her friend tomorrow. Something had to be done.

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