Amaka Episode 3


“Amaka!!! Amaka!!!” She heard her name as she alighted from the bus

She knew only Ngozi had that kind of high pitched voice when she calls out.

‘Amaka!! Amaka, look at me here!” Amaka turns to see Ngozi waving at her from the crowd, at the other side of the road, a wide smile breaks out from her face

They envelop each other in a hug… When Amaka gets close to her

“Chei God my friend I missed you dearly, how are you? The holidays was just long abeg.”

“Too long my friend” Amaka replies happy to be back.

It was around 6am her mother had woken her up, asking her to prepare to go to the park before she misses the first bus back to the community university. The only one they had for the entire community. The government had thought they had done something nice when a large community of youths all had to fight to get into a school that could not fit in all of them. But what was her own, at least she had made it in.

“Amaka, you know you would soon finish school and soon you would have to go into the world and get a job, but you need to at least pass first. I know we don’t have much to live on, your father, God bless his heart worked so hard to give you a better life but the devil had struck and took him from us, and all that we own too, but he couldn’t take us away because we are still here, standing and breathing. Shame to the devil but all praises to God most high”

Amaka yawned, get to the point mama, my bus would leave soon. She dances on her feet, being very impatient.

“Study hard my daughter, don’t follow bad friends, always pray and cover yourself with the blood of Jesus and he would keep you safe my daughter, in times of darkness his voice shall be a light to-

“Mama its past 6, the bus would leave soon, if I don’t go now I would have to wait till 10am for another one, I can’t oh!” She cuts her mother grabbing her bag.

Her mother sighs, nodding. “Let me at least pray for you my child”

“I will pray in the bus!”

“But Amaka?”

“I promise mama, see Emeka is waiting for me outside you know I had to wake him up to escort me through that lonely path, I can’t walk alone because it’s dangerous, and the other route is too far down the stream. It would take us a least 30 minutes. …” she looks at her watch, her eyes pleading

“Ok, may God protect you and keep you-‘” her mother lays her hand on her forehead

“Hmm Amen!!” Amaka was out the tiny door before her mother could finish.

She had made sure the little boys in the area helps her mother around in the house to fetch water and clean up sometimes, not that she cared though but she didn’t want her to keep calling her and saying how she is tired or having back pains or that she had to go to the stream and fetch water and bla bla bla. Wasn’t she doing it? If she had accepted that pa ejima’s proposal they would have been back to living with the high and mighty, where they belonged, not in this dump.

‘Are you even listening to me Amaka?” Her friend nudges her, they had gotten back to the hostel and Ngozi popped back on their small bed.

“Sorry dear; I was thinking of my mother and her usual troubles, which I wouldn’t miss” she says dumping her bag on the ground.

“Yeah, at least my mother isn’t such a drag like your mother. When I go out with those men and they give me money and gifts, I give her money to shut her up. Now she is the one asking me if I have any new catch and stuff, even my younger sister understands the game sef, mama keeps saying I should carry her along and stuff but today I don’t have time. I really want to have fun and lose myself not to be wondering where that rat enters and whose bed she is on.” she files her nails, blowing it. She needed to coat it bright red.

“Hmm you are lucky. If you were my mother’s daughter she would have prayed the demon away from you tei -tei!!!!” She says laughing.

“Hain, if by demon she means me enjoying myself and not suffering but living the life? She shouldn’t bother, I love the demon. She can have her prayers…” Ngozi rolls her eyes

“I envy you. Today she wanted to start with her kabashing as I was about to head to the park, I had to run away before she said J-e-sus. Damn!! My mother can be soo annoying. I pray she should just choke on something and die already. Can you believe that when we got kicked out of our mansion, she carried out some jewels and expensive cloths in one of the boxers, she keeps it under lock and key and wears the key as a chain around her neck or hides it in her wrapper, I swear if she could sell half of those things we could move to be a better house and go to a decent school but she doesn’t, she just hoards it and we continue to live in that slum and hardly eat twice a day. It’s annoying. She even turned down one man’s proposal, if you see him, he is so rich and his kids study abroad. At least I would have had a good life but no, he is a ritualist; he killed his wives for money all because some village people were saying it, I told her they were just jealous but she refused saying God forbid. The God she is calling to forbid does he give a shit? Does he even exist? Nonsense and ingredients!!” She spat

Ngozi busted out laughing so hard she almost fell to the ground “chai my friend. Take it easy, this your mother palava and her religious shenanigans really gives you a bad side. ”

“You have no idea.”

“Don’t worry, you are back in school, a few more months before we graduate, you have all the time to have all the fun you have been missing on. I told you then, if you had started when you got here by now you won’t be worried about money and anything, cloths and phones, all the bobos go dey fall on your feet and begging to eat out of your palm, you are there forming Virgin Mary and mummy’s goody-shoes girl. You are the one doing yourself. ”

“Don’t mind me, I was too scared but now I have made up my mind. Old me gone, new me birthed. Sup with the party today jor?’” She began arranging her bag, bringing out cloths and laying them on the bed, she winces seeing how old her cloths were, she sighed… Slightly angered.

“Ehen, I was able to find you a nice sexy red short dress, it’s going to bring out your curve and give you that drop dead gorgeous look next to me; you know I have to be first and slaying na. But you are going to be my wing girl, don’t worry I would teach you the ropes.” She pulls her to sit beside her, opening her bag she brings out a lyon bag,

“Whats that?” Amaka eyes her

“This is postinor 2, it’s a morning after pill, most guys might want to do raw, skin to skin because it’s sweet like that. I admit it’s really sweet, but that’s if you trust the dude oh. If you don’t, let him use a condom, we don’t want you knocked up or worse catching an STD. This pill should be taken immediately after you both are done enjoying yourself. The pay sometimes can be a few thousands, and if you are lucky close to a hundred.”

Amaka’ eyes opens, ” wait; I thought it’s just a party, is it a sex orgy?”

‘It’s a party, high class party but you also get to meet some nice guys who are willing to drop some cool cash to get some good loving for the night. I actually go for the posh and rich ones sha, if you play your card well; they would come to you. Yes it’s a party but it’s also a feel-good-during the-party-party. You make them smile and they make you happy in turn. It’s a win win. Today, some senators would be there too, my friend hooked me up with some access cards.”

Amaka looks uncertain, “But I haven’t had sex before Ngozi. I don’t know”

“Do you want to keep living in that slum of a village? Because I have a first class ticket to get a straight bus out of here once I drop my pen after graduation. I am going to Lagos, some chicks have contacted me to take me into their society of high class chicks. “City call girls” they call themselves. They get paid in dollars and pounds mehn!!. But I need to make cool cash to be able to make the trip and this is my only chance, besides this political gig happening today won’t be happening after a long time after today. So you can be chicken and stay here, highest I may dash you 2 thousand naira if I am nice and in a good mood, but won’t you rather have like so much money to even flaunt in front of your mother. When she begins to talk too much you park your things and leave. No mama, no God, no prayers… just you living your life the way you want.” Ngozi says eyeing her

“You know I don’t mind that but..’”

she scratches her head, she just wanted to have fun, drink, dance, smoke and laugh at the top of her voice and look beautiful and sexy and maybe flirt, she didn’t think she would have to sleep with anyone. She bites her lower lips.

“Time is very essential Amaka; it’s not by force. It’s either you are interested or you aren’t, so I can give to others who are begging to take your place, my sister seemed too eager and that chick Anita had being begging me nonstop.”

“Fine. But, do I have to tell them I am a Virgin? ”

“Nope, you don’t need to tell them shit. Don’t worry; this would help. Take this drug before we leave; you won’t feel a thing. ..Instead you be too high and be done before you know it” she hands her another bag,

“What sort of drug is that?!” She squeezes her face, staring at the drug and at Ngozi who just laughs and shakes her head

“Spanish fly!!” She stated, her mouth curling up with a smile.

“Spanish fly kwa!!! It’s made of Spanish fly? You swallow a drug from fly remains??” She pushes the lyon bag away

“Oh don’t be stupid. It’s just a name. It’s an ecstasy drug, makes you horny, giddy high in a good way. Since you haven’t been poked before you need it so that you get sooo high and by the time they pop your cheery you would be enjoying it so much you won’t know till it’s over. Trust me , you would thank me after wards ”

Amaka eyes the drugs suspiciously, and shrugs “okay if you say so.”

‘I say so, now, get settled in, we leave by 8pm. I hear time table is out for lectures but, Hey! What do I care!!” She laughs leaving her

“Let me go say hi to the other chicks down the room. Catch you later bitch!” She Whistles

“You too slut” Amaka replies, she puts the drugs into her purse and zips it

“Bad company corrupts good manners” her mother’s voice came to her

She dusted it away as though a fly had perched on her shoulders. She removed her mother as far away from her thoughts as humanly possible. She was going to live her life the way she wanted and she was bent on enjoying it to the fullest.


She thanks the boys for helping her, she gives them a hundred naira note and a plate of beans she had cooked to show her appreciation.

She sat down in front of her tray of fish and waited for customers to come and buy…

“Mama good afternoon, well-done” the shadow that crossed her vision says, she looks up to see him smiling down at her

“Emeka my son, how are you. Thank you for following my daughter to the park, I hope she didn’t give you much trouble oh?”

He smiles, the smiles reaching his eyes” No mama she didn’t, how are you? How is market?”

She sighs; “My son we thank God. How is your uncle, I hope he is feeling better? He wasn’t in church on Sunday”

“He is better. God has healed him. Hmm mama, I wanted to ask you something, May I? ‘

She wonders what he was curious about. “Go ahead” she waves off the flies that had begun to gather around her fish, she waves at someone in the crowd who waves back at her

“Amaka, she… she seems to be upset about a lot of things, about life, you…God. Have you tried to sit her down and talk to her, as a mother you know? I know youths like us at this age tends to be rebellious but I thank God that I have faith in God and have started walking the good path, but it saddens me to see Amaka drifting further away from good morals. While I walked with her the things she says …I can’t repeat but, I fear for her mama.”

She shakes her head; a side smile on her face “my son, Amaka blames God for our present situation, for her father’s death, blames me for everything worth anything. I know God gave us free will to live and make our own decisions but I try and try every day to mould her in the way of the Lord. Because she can’t keep thinking that God doesn’t exists but a figments of a man’s imagination. I know she isn’t doing so well but I know she loves God inside of her, she is just being stubborn. I don’t know. I keep praying with her and for her, God is alive and he hears me. I know he would answer; I am doing my part as a mother, I know my words won’t depart from her ears, she listens to me even if she pretends not to. She isn’t a bad child, just needs to be better that’s all” she says

Emeka nods “I pray so. She told me that you are supposed to send money for her and I should help her to bring it? When I am going to visit my sister I will take it along and stop by and see her”

She had no more money left; people still owed her. She remembered her box which was near empty., she had begun selling things from the box from the moment they settled, the house rent, which was more like a hut, fish to sell in the market, transport for amaka’s school, fees, books, cloths so she can wear to school, feeding and necessities she needed. She would have to go and ask around and see some people who might want to buy, she might as well sell everything off , so that she could send what Amaka needs; she would graduate soon, she didn’t want her to lack and be worried and don’t concentrate on school. She had barely enough to survive for the next couple of months but…she had faith. She stares at the few fishes on the tray; this wouldn’t even feed her for a month if she sold all today. But she had faith… she had nothing but good natured faith, and she would hold on to it.

“Yes, hopefully before the week runs out. I would call you.” She replies him.

Emeka nods standing up, “okay mama, I would check on you tomorrow when I come back from the shop” he says leaving her

Amaka’s mother watches him leave, wishing she had a son too as caring as he was, whose faith is well grounded in the word, he would have helped to teach his sister Amaka, who seemed to be drifting further away from her..

She sends a silent prayer up to the heavens. .

“Lord please protect my daughter for me, keep her safe and hide her away from any evil eye… Amen” she prays

“Good evening ma, how much for that fish?” The stranger points to the fish in question

“500 naira” she replies “how many you want? ”

The stranger eyes her “for this small chintili thing? haba don’t you have the fear of God. Na 100 naira jor!!”

“Aba! No nah, this fish is big my sister, oya take it for 300 naira, make I at least sell something today.., make I put am for bag?” She made to do so

The stranger shakes her head. “na 150 last I go take am, if you no gree I go. I even see am for 120 down the road sef but I no buy. Make I go back there” the person lies,

She thinks for a second, she needed whatever she could get to send to Amaka.., she sighs.

“Ok take for 200 naira, please abeg… make una pity us small. Hmm?”

“Okay, 180. Gimme two. Do do ma, I won go cook for my oga”…

She collects two of them, wraps them up and hands it to the stranger…

It was going to be a long day.

Amaka hadn’t called her to tell her that she had gotten to school and her number wasn’t reachable.

Worry creases her forehead…

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“See eh, smile. Don’t be nervous, they can smell it a mile away you hear. Have you taken the drugs?”

“Am I to take all of them?”

“No stupid. The Spanish fly, did you take it?” Ngozi looks at her, she was wearing a white dress, fitted and which exposed her back down to her waist line, the front exposed her bosom , her shoes were black and her lip was a deep red.

“Yes yes I did. The other one is in my bag ” Amaka says patting her bag. She had on the red dress, her curves were to die for, her lips equally had a deep red over it, her black shoes were a few inches, and she was taller and more beautiful than her friend. Her hair was combed out flowing down to her neck, but she had a tiny nervousness around her.

“Hey!! Relax, it would be over soon and you would be a lot richer than you were yesterday. So now smile, flirt and have a good time. We meet later back at the hostel and you get to tell me how good the sex was yes?”

Amaka blushes, Ngozi held onto her hands and led her into the building. .

It was full with girls, dressed to kill, the men looked married and rich, politicians and senators, the music was loud, mingling evident and party well under way.

They danced a little; drank strong drinks, Ngozi lights a cigarette and blew a circle to Amaka’s face, she coughs, she places the cigarette to Amaka’s lips, Amaka sucks on it and blows, coughing. Ngozi pats her back.

“There, there Atta girl. Nice and easy baby, nice and easy”

“Hello ladies?” A grey haired man approaches them, mind that I buy you a drink and mingle?”

Ngozi smiles, and winks at Amaka, she takes a drag from the cigarette and turns… a frown settling on her face when she sees the person who spoke

“No thank you, we are lesbians!!” She says

Amaka almost chokes on her drink.

‘The more the merrier, even better!!” His eyes sparkles.

‘Nah, strictly lesbians, my gay boyfriend is coming, we don’t do straight guys. Right baby”. She turns, taking Amaka unawares she kisses her full on the mouth… and pinches her

“Ye-yes yes right babes” Amaka replies rubbing her arm “the hell Ngozi? ” She whispers to her

“Sorry Amaka, he is too old.” She whispers back

“Okay, if you change your mind, call me!” He slips his card into her hands, and walks away. Ngozi tears it up

“I thought that anything goes” Amaka smiles. .

‘Not that kind of anything, I need a strong nice tool to ride not some deflated balls… puleeze. Oh I see a nice dude coming our way. This one is for me, just smile and say nothing”

Ngozi tells Amaka who nods, she draws her dress lower to expose more bosom, she smiles and waited as the tall man, dressed in a black suit approached them,

“Helo handsome” Ngozi purrs

“Hello beautiful, my name is Peter, Senator Peter Nwambeze, and you ladies are?” He gave her his hand, he wore a Rolex and a ring in his finger. He was obviously married.

Ngozi’s eyes light up, money signs danced in her eyes.

“I am Nkiru, Nkiru david” she says giving him her hand

Ngozi had told her not to reveal her real name to them.

He smiles, “and your friend, what’s her own pretty name?”

“It’s Tonia- ….” Amaka began

“She is unavailable” Ngozi cuts her off,

Amaka was taken aback, but instead she smiles and says nothing.

He smiles. He had seen them both walk in, the other one bold and assertive, knowing her way around, confident.

Then her, nervous, calm, uncertain.. He knew she had to be new to this environment and everything else. He liked her, he wanted her. He came to talk to her and not her friend. She would do okay for him.

“So Senator Peter, do you want us to go somewhere private and talk?” She etched closer to him, tentatively touching his arm, a tug at his sleeves, a caress to his elbow… signs to show that she was ready for anything he was ready for. He knew it well,

“How much for the night?” He looks up at her

“For the night would cost you hunny!!”

“Money isn’t a factor pretty” he says to her

She smiles broadly; “depends on what you want though. Missionary, reverse cowgirl, doggy , hands on the rail, mouth or hands blow jobs, you know… what do you want handsome. I full ground… anyone I dey!!’

“Anal!” He says

“Hmmm. A hundred thousand” she says

Amaka tugs her away and whispers “Are you mad, Anal?”

“It’s no biggy.” she whispers back, turning to smile at the man who just stood there waiting as they whispered to each other

“It’s not good. I hear it would cause involuntary discharge and the likes. Why do you want to do it Anal.? Don’t!!”

“Stop being a chicken and a joy killer. If he wants Anal I would give him Anal. Besides it pays more than any other one, a hundred k, babe, I can give him Anal all night all week long. So leave me alone and don’t pour sand in my garri” she removes Amaka from holding her hand and turns back to the handsome stranger who had a secret smile on his face.

“So?” He asked her

“Sure. Anal. 100k, deal?”


“Deal!!’ Ngozi repeats excitedly, turning to Amaka, “Don’t wait for me, we would see tomorrow. You remember what I said, mingle. You go soon catch your own okay?” She turns to the stranger. .

“Lead the way handsome”

There were a lot of activities going on, girls on the arms of men, some disappearing into rooms, the air congested with people smoking, clicking of glasses, ladies dancing, men feeling them up.

It was a full blown orgy party, Amaka swallowed..

‘Ah ha, what are we still waiting for handsome…?” Ngozi’s voice made her turn

“Actually, no offence. I would double the money if I have your friend instead. ”

“What?” Ngozi was taken aback. What the hell did he mean, that she wasn’t good enough?


“Why?’” Their question came in unison

“Preference!!” He stated.

“I can do all you want and more, she is nothing but a naive girl who doesn’t know how to lick a lollipop well, never have even. In fact she is new and hasn’t even rode on one before. I am a well experienced girl in this game and I sighted you first.” It rolled out if her tongue.

How dare he pick Amaka over her, she wasn’t going to let this money bag out of her sight, she brought in Amaka, not for Amaka to come and take her goodies on the first day. No, she can’t pass up this bundle of money in front of her. Screw Amaka, she regretted bringing her along..

‘Is that so?” He eyes her

‘Yes it’s true, my friend can take care of you” Amaka was suprised by Ngozi’s outburst. She thought she wanted her to mingle, catch a bobo, roll on the stick and make money too for herself. So why was she telling him she was a Virgin just because he was picking her instead of Ngozi . She felt…embarrassed.

Ngozi smiles, “See, even the stupid girl has sense!” She says, if Amaka had stood up to her She would have slapped her. Money no know friend oh.

He nods, “Ok. Fair enough. I still want her though and I don’t want you, how is that?” He says

“But she can’t satisfy you Senator Peter, let me- “she etches closer to him, he removes her hands from his body, and reaches out for Amaka instead

“Shall we pretty lady? I would triple the money… ” He says

Amaka looks at her friend, she was throwing daggers through her eyes back at her

“Well sir, she isn’t interested. Let’s go Amaka” she pulls Amaka away but he holds on to her

“You just mentioned my rea- “Amaka stutters shocked.

“She is a big girl she can decide for herself, are you that jealous you can’t allow your friend have her first real fun and make some money. Amaka is it? What do you say…?” He looks into her eyes

Amaka felt a tinkling between her legs, goose bumps rising all over her hands, he caresses her arm, and she bites her lips. Was this how the drug was to make her feel, uneasy, uncomfortable? Giddy. Excited and the way he was staring at her; she gulped turning to Ngozi apologetically..

“Am sorry but I would go with him. ”

He nods smiling…” Shall we then? ”

Amaka nods to the bewilderment of Ngozi,

“Amaka!! Amaka!” She calls out to Amaka, but they were already disappearing into the crowd.

“Amaka!!!!” She stamps her feet to the ground, anger boiling. How dare her, how dare her.

“Hey pretty lady, I was waiting for you to call me, how about we go have that drink and talk business” the same man that came earlier was behind her

She turns facing her… looking around every other man seemed to be occupied.. She might as well give in.

“What do you want?”

“Just some good’ol rocking, doggy and you know anything else. How much do you charge for the night?”

“A hundred k ” she says

“20 thousand.” He replies

“Oga look Ehen if you don’t have money to pay leave me alone. Na one hour marathon I dey run? 100k for the night that’s it. If you don’t have money no talk to me.” She spat

“Okay.” He turns away leaving, going to the corner to sit and drink

Ngozi sits by herself fuming, after an hour no one approaches her, she cites the man again, and she goes to him. At least she should not go home empty handed.

“Oga, oya let’s go. I will take the 20k” she says

“It reduced to 15k within the past hour”

“What?? What nonsense. !!” She shrieked, people turned to look towards her; she lowers her voice

“what’s that, we agreed 20k. What’s with 5k reduction eh?”

“10k now. Take it or leave it” he says dismissing her. He scratches his beards and rubbed his pot belly.

She should go home but she had barely 1k left in her purse… she sighs. .hating Amaka for being picked and the fact that she was going to get close to 500k this night was enough to make her blood boil. And she was settling for a miserly 10k..

“Make we dey go!” She says turning on her heel and walking away, he slurps up his beer, and dances behind her as they picked a key for one of the rooms


She tries again calling her, finally it goes through. She had been worried not able to get a hold of Amaka..

She waited as the call went through… waiting to hear her daughter’s voice..

Amaka sees the call and sighs,

“Who is that? Why don’t you pick the call?” He says behind her. They were in one of the rooms, he was sitting on the bed while she sat on the chair; they had been talking about nothing in particular.

“It’s my mother, I don’t want to talk to her”

“Why not?” He was curious “mothers are a blessing, they worry. Pick the call unless she won’t stop calling and we might not be able to enjoy the night” he says,

Amaka sighs picking the call..

“Mama, Goodevening” she says into the phone

‘Amaka my daughter; thank God how are you? You got to school you didn’t call me to tell me, I have been trying to call you since but your number wasn’t reachable. Are you well? Have you managed to eat something? Have you settled into your hostel? What of your friend Ngozi, she is okay? You know it’s night, have you read your bible and said your prayers, you know you need to commit your life to God so he protects you Ama!!” Her mother says

Amaka rubs her eyebrows, she gets up and backs him, pacing the lenght of the room. She shouldn’t have picked the call. “Hmm mama, I am ok. Yes I have. Hmm, she is fine. Hmmm, I was praying now before your call interrupted me. ”

She saw him smile and shake his head when she glances at him, he gets up and walks towards her.

“Okay, at least let’s say the grace together Amaka!!”

“But mama…

“Amaka, you are not here with me, let’s say the grace together so I would be at peace. Eiwortar-lar?”..

If she doesn’t her mother won’t stop calling her, she sighs…

“May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ” they began…

Her eyes followed him as he undressed

“The love of God” he was naked; she gulped but didn’t break her prayer, she felt hot; really hot

“. And the sweet fellowship of the Holy Spirit,” he came to her, pushing her slowly to the wall

“Rest and abide with us”…

The cold breeze kisses her thighs as he yanks her panties down, raising up her dress

‘now and” she continues; stuttering, he had spread her legs, gone down, his tongue finding her core, expertly sucking her there .

“Forever and forever more”

“..Amen!!” Her mother finishes

He had gotten up, grabbing her he wrapped her legs around him, and with a quick thrust, he enters her

‘Jesus!!!!” She screams…

“Praise God my daughter, goodnight!!” Her mother says, cutting the call.

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To Be continued