Almost Pretty Episode 6


Jane, you should take over’ Kira left the office shortly and she was left facing the back of her new boss.

‘Good morning sir…’ Jane stuttered. Her hands were sweaty, her legs had grown soft, what would he do to her?

‘What is the time’? Ivan turned round and faced her. Her combination of colors s—-d and that infuriated him the more, even a fifth grader could do better.

‘9 o’clock’ she swallowed.

‘You’re such a dummy, a recluse, scarecrow’ he bit his lip as the words rushed out.

Jane felt glued to the spot, it seemed her whole world had been brought to a halt. No one had ever spoken such words to her and here he was releasing profanity on her.

‘Now, go to the coffee shop opposite Roseau Soft Wares and get me coffee’ he gave her some dollar notes.

‘Alright sir’ she left his office immediately.

Tears stung her eyes as his words kept finding their way deeper into her; was she dumb? She wondered as she rushed out of his office.

He’d call her a scarecrow, what did that have to do with her coming late? Did he have anything personal against her?

‘I wonder where she is going, that one’ Pod stifled a laugh at her large skirt.

‘To buy coffee, of course, I did that sometimes for Samantha, but she still chose the boss over me’ Wale winked.

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Jane was too focused on what had transpired in the office, to take note of the two men.

‘Hello Brunette, I could help with the coffee’ Wale ran towards her.

‘Get out of my way Perv’ she yelled at him, he was surprised at her reaction.

‘He likes it black’! Wale called after her.

‘You know what Wale ’? Pod gritted his teeth.

‘What’s that’? Wale returned to the cubicle.

‘I take back the bet, I don’t think Ivan would ever f–k that, she’s too ugly and dull, who wears such baggy clothes?’ Old Pod chuckled.

‘Not funny. A brunette is a pretty person, but she doesn’t know how to pull pretty off’ Wale explained, he was sure about this.

‘Well, let’s see how it goes for her’ Pod replied.

Suddenly, the scales of infatuation fell from her eyes and she realized whom she was dealing with; Ivan Roseau wasn’t a nice person at all. Why hadn’t he asked her for the reason she reported late? Not that she had any good answer to offer.

‘Yes, Ma’am, how do you like your coffee’? a waitress asked her.

‘With cream, lots of cream’ she ignored Wale’s advise, who was that punk anyway?q

Ivan looked like a cream person; he sure would love a creamy coffee to help with his anger issues.

‘Thanks’ she whispered and trudged back to the company.

She had stepped out of the house feeling self-confident, now she had so many questions, ones that fought with her self-esteem. She needed to know why he used “Scarecrow” on her.

‘Are you back already’? Wale tried to make conversation but she ignored him totally.

‘Sit your a-s down boy, Brunette doesn’t love ya’ Pod sneered.

‘I think Ivan’s got to her, his temper is foul’ Wale observed she wasn’t in a good mood. He didn’t like his boss much because he was one of those rich and spoilt kids that believed they could do anything they felt like and get away with it.

She climbed the elevator hurriedly, she could feel the warmness of the coffee, she prayed he liked it; she needed her first day to be perfect.

‘Can I come in’? She knocked on his door with her free hand.

He didn’t answer, so she made for the door herself.

She dropped it on his table; he stood beside the window and backed her.

‘So this wasn’t father’s plan? Pam influenced him’? Ivan was surprised at the turnout of events. Unknown to him, Kira had taken the car home and she had used that opportunity to carry out his request.

‘Yes, don’t sweat it, they want you to fall in love and be happy. They love you, Ivan, can’t you see’? Kira asked.

‘I don’t believe in love Kira. You should be on your way now, thanks. I owe you one’ he broke the call and sighed with relief.

His father had nothing against him from what Kira had said. He didn’t believe true love existed and even if it did, he would never fall for it.

His eyes strayed to the table then to her face; he realized this would be the first time he would be looking at her.

Her skin was soft and pale and she seemed young but her fashion sense was old; Jane was tall and slender, her neck was long like that of a swan bird. She was lean in a sexually attractive way, even her baggy clothes couldn’t hide that fact.

Ivan tore his eyes away from her and moved towards the table for his coffee, he loved to start his day with caffeine, he was an addict; an unrepentant one.

‘You bought me Cream’? His voice rose.

‘Yes, I… thought you’d like it’ Jane smiled weakly.

‘S–t!, you’re so dumb, I told you I like it when it’s black, get the hell out of my sight and you’re fired’ he launched the plastic cup at her. The thick creamy liquid spilled on her blouse.

Jane couldn’t believe what just happened. Why was he this mean to her?

Tears flowed freely out of her eyes and she ran out of his office.

‘D–n, I shouldn’t have done that’ Ivan sank into his swivel chair. He felt bad for the words he’d spoken to her, for launching the cup at her. Nobody deserved to be treated that way, no matter their misgivings.

‘Jane ’! He rushed out of his office, he needed to find her and apologize. He rarely apologized to people he wronged, but something in her beautiful brown eyes called out to him and he felt very guilty.

‘Jane? Please wait’ he trailed behind her but she wouldn’t stop.

‘Wait, listen to me’ he pulled her towards him.

Her brown orbs sparkled like a blazing inferno, emotions ran wild, he could see a line of tears on her face, but that wasn’t what he focused on. He suddenly realized she wasn’t ugly like she had seemed. Her Oval face and the features that graced it were very beautiful, but she didn’t know how to carry herself.

Jane wondered why he stared at her that way; his hands were tight against her and she wasn’t ready to struggle, she returned his gaze. His piercing blue eyes seemed dangerous as the waves of the sea, turbulent like a coming storm and yet soft and sincere like that of a baby’s. Why was he staring at her?

‘I am sorry; I shouldn’t have spoken those words to you. I was just in a bad place, you can have your job back; you’re not fired’ he spoke in a rush, afraid that she may disappear from him.

Jane was lost in his eyes, she realized his lips were moving, but she couldn’t make meaning of the words that came out from them.

Without hesitating, she tore herself from his arms and ran far from him.

‘Jane’! He yelled, but she was far away from him.

‘What’s going on bro’? Kira moved closer to him, she had returned.

to be continued