Almost Pretty Episode 5


‘I don’t know, I don’t have a plan, maybe I would ignore father…’ Ivan realized the best way to get the old man pissed off was to ignore him.

‘Are you sure that’s a good idea? He forced you to get schooled at Harvard remember’? Kira raised a brow.

‘Yes, I don’t have amnesia but that was then. I don’t know what he wants to prove, but I will not play along, he needs me to run Roseau Soft wares, but if he forces my hand, I’d resign and go to some painting school’ Ivan smiled as he crafted the perfect plan.

He knew deep down, his younger brother wasn’t that efficient when it came to running such an enormous organization, that left his father with nobody, what exactly was the old man planning? He needed to find out.

‘I was pretty mad at you darling sister for hiring Jane Atkins’ he started.

‘Jane the rainbow’ Ryan scoffed as he remembered Ivan’s new personal assistant.

‘Yes? Are you saying you have forgiven me and you wouldn’t do anything to harm me in any way considering you’re related to the devil’? Kira asked wide-eyed.

‘Sure honey, I just need you to do me a favor’ he replied.

‘What could that be Ivan’? She asked sweetly.

‘Dad adores you, Pam loves you, get closer to them, find out what dad is up to. Find out why he wants me to get married before I am thirty-three’ Ivan patted her head and slid out of the car as Ryan brought it to a halt.

‘What the “H”? How am I supposed to do that’? Ivan had put her in a very tight corner.

‘Well, you gotta do what you gotta do to keep your job, remember’? he winked and left his office.

‘Did you see that Ryan, he is blackmailing me? That’s payback, he has not forgiven me’ she pointed at his figure.

‘Well, you brought it on yourself, Ivan likes Pretty girls and you failed in your assessment of Jane ’ Ryan replied.

‘I can’t believe you’re on his side, what was I supposed to do? The way I see it, that girl needed help. I just did what my mind told me’ she fired back.

‘Well, your mind better tell you how to get Ivan answers, till then, good luck sweet pea’ Ryan kissed her face and left.

‘I am doomed, so doomed’ she sighed.


They were on a beach, running wild like little children, burrowing in the clean hot sand of it and playing with each other.

She wore a pink bikini and a straw hat; her lean body curled against his and she inhaled the fragrance of him, it was drugged, its scent was beautiful.

‘Kiss me, baby, you’re so beautiful’ he caressed her face.

She moved closer to him and was ready to receive his mouth in a hot kiss when the alarm clock cried shrilly and woke her up from sleep.

‘S–t!’ Jane jumped out of bed.

‘No, no, I am so late’ she checked her time and realized the clock was an hour late.

How on earth could the stupid clock do this to her? this was her first day at work and it would totally ruin it.

‘Help me dear lord’ she hurried into the bathroom.

Five minutes later she was out, thankfully she had set out the clothes she would wear to work the next day. For her first day, she had chosen a pleated red skirt and a flowery blouse to go with it. She didn’t wear make-up, she just brushed her thick mane of brownness, fetched her only brown bag from where it hung and dashed out of the house

‘8: 30, get out of my way people’ she burrowed into the crowd, she was supposed to resume at 7.

‘Hello sweetheart, where are you off to’? An old cab driver beckoned to her.

‘Roseau Softwares’ she spoke hurriedly.

‘Chatter’? He asked.

‘No, yes’ she was confused; she didn’t have enough money on her for chatter.

‘Better make up your mind girl, I got other places to be’ he mumbled.

‘Hey Brunette!, come over here’ a familiar voice yelled and she followed the direction of it and found the face of the person she hated most.

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‘Are you coming in or not’? She heard the cabman ask but she wasn’t paying much attention, so he drove away.

‘Come Brunette, from the look of it, you’re already late, Boss gonna be mad at you’ he called to her.

‘Okay’ she decided to join him, she had no choice.

‘Morning’ she muttered under her breath and slid into the car.

‘Good morning Sweetheart’ Wale regarded her steadily, his eyes strayed to her large skirt, didn’t she have friends at all?

‘What! Why are you staring at me’? she shifted uncomfortably.

‘Just so you know, I am not a Perv’ he chuckled but she didn’t share his humour.

‘I am really sorry Brunette for hurting you like that; I want us to be good friends. I have a lot to offer you know’ he winked.

‘Really? What can you offer me’? She mocked him with her gaze.

Wale was a young man, maybe in his mid or late twenties; he was tall and lean with a pointed nose, thin lips, and blonde hair. He was biracial.

‘Fashion tips’ Wale replied.

‘Excuse me? Are you saying I don’t dress well’? Jane felt offended.

‘Honey, I am not saying that, but you could be more than this, you are such a pretty person but you’re covering it up with ugly baggy clothes. You’re tall, slender, perky b—–s, full lips, dimpled cheeks, freckled face, nice hair, you’re hotness personified, but you don’t know how to wear it’ he pulled over as they reached.

‘You’re so stupid and full of yourself. Stay away from me and it’s Jane not Brunette’ she banged the door angrily after she stepped out.

‘Wow, Brunette’s got a temper’ he chuckled softly, he knew people like her, she’d come back running to him once she realized he had said the truth.

‘Kira!’ Ivan yelled angrily, he had arrived an hour earlier than his personal assistant, his files were scattered everywhere and she wasn’t in the office.

‘Be patient bro, I tried her number, let me fix this’ Kira tried to arrange his office.

‘I told you, that scarecrow girl isn’t worth it, I’m sacking her. Samantha was never this late, I got meetings to attend and I thought I could trust her to handle things well around here’ he grumbled. Ivan was a very principled man and hated it when anyone or anything stood in the way of those principles.

‘Patience is a virtue bro, just handle it’ Kira replied coolly. She didn’t regret hiring the girl, there was something in her, and she had potential.

‘Come on in’ Kira called to the person knocking as Henry had turned his back on her, he was facing the window now.

‘Good morning Miss Atkins’ Jane stepped into the office gingerly.

‘Jane, you should take over’ Kira left the office shortly and she was left facing the back of her new boss.

to be continued