Almost Pretty Episode 7


Jane’! He yelled, but she was far away from him.

‘What’s going on bro’? Kira moved closer to him, she had returned.

Her vision was blurry as she moved towards the gate; her clothing was stained with coffee; he’d humiliated her greatly.

‘Jane? Are you okay’? Wale spotted her from his cubicle and ran towards her.

‘Can you please stay away from me? Now isn’t a good time’ she wiped her face with the back of her hand.

‘I can’t, you don’t look good, what happened’? He insisted

‘Nothing’ she licked her lips nervously, wondering on the next action to take. She didn’t even understand herself anymore. Ivan had asked her to take the job back; she now understood what he meant. Before now, she had been captured by his aura, his cuteness, the smell of his perfume; now she felt better, her cheeks reddened as she imagined what he’d think of her.

‘Sure?’ Wale was uncertain.

‘Sure, you know what? Just take me home’ she replied.

‘Gladly, I’ll do anything for you’ he fetched his car keys and they both moved towards his Sedan.

Going home was the best thing that came to her mind, she needed a breath of fresh air, she needed to relax and think about the words Ivan had spoken to her.

‘What does it mean for a human to be called scarecrow’ she asked Wale as he ignited the engine.

‘Well darling, it could mean a lot of things, but a human scarecrow would be someone who doesn’t know how to mix colors’ Wale took a glance at her face. She was beautiful no doubt, her eyes were red, had she been crying? She seemed to fit the perfect description of a scarecrow.

‘Did somebody call you that’? He asked.

Jane stifled a soft cry, she couldn’t break down in front of Wale; she fought so hard with the tears but they conquered her and poured down her cheeks.

‘Oh, honey, why would someone do that? Why would they say something so mean’? He felt bad for her.

‘My boss did, I should’ve listened to you, I should’ve bought him coffee black’ she said.

‘Hey, it’s okay, you were just doing what you thought was best’ he gave her hand a tiny squeeze.

‘He said I am dumb, I’m so scared of working with him, he made me feel worthless and not good enough; but I need the money though’ she wiped her face.

‘You’re not dumb honey, you got that job because you’re an intelligent young woman, you know what? I know what to do to boost your confidence’ he brought the car to a halt.

There was a beauty shop a few miles away, it was trek able.

‘Where are we going’? Jane stepped out of the car reluctantly, what was he up to?

‘Boosting your confidence, I know just how to make you feel good’ he winked.

‘Are you going to buy me ice cream? Because that makes me feel good’ a smile curled on her lips.

‘Something better than ice cream, it would bring out the best in you’ he took her hand in his as they both stepped into the beauty shop.

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‘What happened? Why is the floor this messy’? Kira joined her brother in his office.

‘I don’t know’ he ignored her and poured himself a drink.

‘Ivan? Did you try forcing yourself on her’? Kira wondered.

‘Shut up Kira, how can you even accuse me of rape? That’s the last thing I could ever do to any woman, it’s a heartless thing to do’ he swallowed his drink.

‘Then what happened? Why is Jane not here to clean up this mess’? She asked.

‘I lost control, threw the cup at her and called her names’ he replied curtly.

‘D–n Ivan, you need to keep your emotions in check’ she didn’t approve of his behavior.

‘I guess it’s because I haven’t had sex in a long time’ he replied and rubbed his belly.

‘Disgusting. I have to go now’ Kira walked towards the door.

‘Thank you’ he retorted.

That did it, had she heard well or had the egoistic Ivan made a mistake?

‘I mean it, Kira, thanks for checking dad for me’ he raised a glass up.

‘Welcome bro, why do I have a feeling you want to ask for another favor’? She stared at him.

‘I need your help, Kira, find me Jane’s address, I need to see her and apologize. I feel bad for what I did’ he replied.

‘This isn’t happening, so you actually have a conscience eh’? She was surprised at him.

‘I don’t but I need to make amends, I even fired her but I told her she could have her job back, I guess she didn’t hear me clearly. I think you were right, she really needs help’

‘Well then, I’d do anything to make you happy’ Kira shrugged.

‘Thanks, Little Princess’ he winked and poured himself another drink; he was never good with apologies, but he had to be this time, he had wronged her.


She was nervous and excited about the whole shopping spree; Wale had bought her a complete make-up kit and even some new clothes; this was all new for her.

‘So Brunette, we’ll start your first makeup class together’ he joined her on the bed.

Her apartment was little; there wasn’t any living room, just the place where she slept and her bathroom.

‘Wale, are you sure about this? I don’t have money to repay you back, Ivan sacked me’? She ran her fingers through the clothes. They were of fine quality and she knew deep down, she couldn’t afford it.

‘I never asked you to pay me back, all I need is for you to be happy and confident in yourself’ Wale scanned her room. From what he observed, Jane was not a fan of Fashion.

Her dressing table was graced by a vial of lotion; a long brown comb and a mirror.

‘So why are you doing this? Why are you helping me’? She was confused, was he planning to ask her out?

‘Cause I like you and I want you to forgive me for the way I treated you the first day we met’ he managed to drag his eyes off the dull colored clothes that hung on the wardrobe.

‘Okay, thanks, Wale, but I am not too sure about this, I’ve never worn makeup my whole life’ she bit her lip nervously.

‘How old are you honey’? Wale turned sharply and faced her.

‘24’ she replied.

‘Do you have a boyfriend’? He arched a brow.

‘No, never’ she answered; why was he asking her all these?

‘Good. I see why you’ve never had a boyfriend, I’m going to turn you into a Vogue cover girl’ Wale fetched his scissors.

‘Vogue Cover girl? What’s a Vogue’? Jane wondered.

‘When I am done with you, you’ll be the definition of Vogue’ he pulled her closer to him.

‘What are you doing with that’? She turned and faced him.

‘Your hair needs some trimming’ he made a clicking sound with his tongue.

To be continued