Almost Pretty Episode 8


Your hair needs some trimming’ he made a clicking sound with his tongue.

The house was usually quiet except when their children returned from work; Turquoise was past his youthful days, the reason he’d put his son Henry in charge of everything. Henry was more than capable and he trusted him completely with the company.

“What’s on your mind’? Pam had set the table for dinner; soon their kids would be home.

“He is going to hate me’ he replied coolly.

“I am sorry Turquoise, Kira asked me a question and I told her everything about the plan; what choice did I have when she made mention of Ivan’s threat to sack her if she refused to comply’? Pam frowned.

Kira had showed up looking all tearful and hurt, the reason being Ivan. He had sent her to find answers to their father’s prank; seeing Kira that way broke her and knowing who Ivan was, she couldn’t hold back.

“That boy is stronger than I thought. He just wiggled out of my grip’ Turquoise sighed.

“I am sorry; it was all a stupid plan. I influenced you to do it’ she apologized.

“You don’t have to be sorry; I’ve decided to stay out of Ivan’s life. One day he’ll come around but I still have to enjoy my good old age’ a mischievous smile dangled across his lips.

“What’s your plan honey? I know that look’ Pam moved closer to him.

“A vacation. Let’s live the kids for some time, have our privacy and love each other up’ he pecked her forehead.

“Oh darling, that would be so perfect’ she hugged him.

“Guess were we‘ll be going’? Turquoise winked, he loved to see her happy.

“I don’t know, not really well at guessing’ she pulled away from him; her eyes danced with expectation as she looked into the eyes of the man she had grown to love.

“United Arab Emirate’ he fetched two tickets from his pocket.

“Oh honey, you know how much I love the Arabian world. I love you, darling, this means so much to me’ she warmed him with another hug.

“I love you too ’ he embraced her.

His first wife, Ivan’s mother had cheated on him and later dumped himself and Henry for her lover; he had been broken, devastated and felt he would never find love again but Pam found him in that broken place and their love soured like an eagle unbeatable.


“Home Sweet Home, here we come, Roseau Mansion’ Kira was the first to jump out of the car.

“Hey you two, what’s going on’? Ryan noticed his siblings were unusually chatty. Had they made up?

“Nothing bro’ Ivan grinned and left for inside.

“Seriously? You think I’m that dumb? Now spit it! what happened’ he dragged Kira back.

“Chill Ryan, nothing happened. What’s with you man’? Kira feigned ignorance.

“I feel like I am missing out on something like there’s a big part and I am not fitting in’ Ryan expressed his feelings.

“Okay, I am sorry but Ivan made me promise I shouldn’t tell anyone about it’ Kira replied.

They’d spoken at the office and he’d asked for her help. She had found Jane’s address from the paperwork department; they planned to go over there later in the evening.

“Let me hear it’ he released her.

“Well, you know his trademark. Angry outburst, bossy attitude, and tantrums, his new personal assistant was a victim of that today; she ran out of his office in tears’ Kira detailed him.

“That’s nothing, we’re used to that’ Ryan shrugged.

“No there’s something to this Ryan, I think he likes her’ Kira voiced out her thoughts.

“Are you f—–g kidding me? I know Ivan, his type is a Taylor Swift but with Beyonce’s butt’ Ryan had a good laugh.

“I am serious Ryan, I could see it in his eyes, and he felt sorry for what happened. Have you ever seen Ivan apologize to anyone’? She asked.

“Well, thanks for your time, that was a hell of a joke’ he walked away laughing.

“Crazy a-s’ Kira hissed and trailed behind him.

“You two should get a room will you’? Ivan walked in on Pam and Turquoise smooching.

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“Sorry Honies, we didn’t know you were back’ Pam pulled away from her husband.

“Good evening father’ Ivan dropped his briefcase and sat at the table.

“Evening Ivan’ his father replied.

“Wow, somebody is hungry today, had a bad day’? Pam served him, she could read him like a book.

“I’m fine’ he replied and tore his eyes away from her. This woman had tried so hard to be a part of his life; she had yearned to replace the hollowness his wayward mother had left behind but he wouldn’t let her.

“We’re going for a vacation’ Turquoise announce as his other children joined him at the table.

“Wow, can I come’? Kira was happy for them.

“No, it’s just for your mother and I’ Turquoise winked at his daughter.

“Two lovebirds’ Ryan muttered.

“I see you two plan to run off since your plan failed’ Ivan gulped some water. He would ruin dinner for his father for trying to light a fire up his a-s.

“Excuse me’? Turquoise frowned.

“Ivan’ Kira called his name sternly.

“You heard me, lucky, I don’t have time for this, and we’ll do this once you return from your absconding. Get up Kira, it’s time’ he had been checking his watch the whole time.

“But I am not done’ she hadn’t eaten half of the food.

“No arguments, I need to see her’ he replied and rushed outside.

“I told you, he’d hate me more, this vacation would help us’ Turquoise pushed his plate away, he’d lost his appetite.

“Honey, please eat your food. Ivan will find peace someday’ Pam caressed his forehead.

“Peace? When I look into his eyes, all I see is war, a fire’ he replied.

“Well dad, don’t give up hope. From what my sister tells me, Ivan is about to find love’ Ryan grinned.

“Are you sure about this’? Their faces lit with hope.

“A hundred percent’ he nodded.


“I can’t believe you didn’t let me finish my food’ Kira tried to catch up with him, he seemed to be in a hurry.

“Sorry Kira, I want to do this and get over with it’ Ivan replied.

“What’s your plan anyway, you just walk into her apartment and make a good apology speech eh’? Kira rolled her eyes.

“Not really, I don’t have a plan. I just want to say the S word, launching that cup at her wasn’t nice and I feel bad’ Ivan was being honest.

“Okay, do you like her’? Kira winked.

“Who’? Ivan raised a brow.

“Jane of course, your personal assistant’ she said.

“Nah, She isn’t my type’ he fired the engine.


Jane and Wale had conversed for more than an hour; she came to realize that they shared so many things in common; they weren’t that far apart. It felt like she had known Wale all her life which was totally ironical since they’d just started speaking to each other.

“So, for this friendship to move to the next level, we have to share secrets’ Wale worked on her hair.

To be continued