Almost Pretty Episode 9


“So, for this friendship to move to the next level, we have to share secrets’ Wale worked on her hair.

“Secrets? Well, I don’t have any’ she shrugged; she loved the idea just that she had been raised by a very pious woman and had not the time to indulge in mundane things.

‘Come on Brunette, you should have one, give me something’ Wale smiled satisfactorily as he stared down her hair.

‘Okay, I have a crush on our boss’ she bit her lip as she admitted her feelings for the first time.

Wale didn’t say a word in return, he simply added more gloss to her hair and brushed it very gently.

‘Say something Wale’

‘I knew you liked him from the first day you set your eyes on him but I knew you’d get heartbroken’ Wale didn’t want to be the one to launch Ivan’s womanizing behavior at her.

‘Heartbroken? How’? She was curious to know more about her crush.

‘Let’s end it here, time to hear my own secrets’ he rubbed his hands nervously.

‘What’s stopping you? Please don’t tell me you murdered someone’? Jane swirled and faced him; he seemed unsure of himself.

‘I’ll tell you later’ he winked. He was in love with someone and she didn’t feel the same way for him.

‘Okay then, friends’? He reached for her hand.

‘Friends’ she nodded.

‘Good, now look at the mirror’ he felt proud of his work; her long and untamed mane had now taken shape; it framed her oval face perfectly and gave life to her beautiful and well-carved features.

‘Oh my God, I look different Wale’ she caressed her head, he had transformed her totally.

‘I told you baby girl, I could transform you into a Vogue cover girl’ he winked.

‘I love this Wale, I look beautiful’ she smiled and a dimple pricked her cheeks.

‘Good, now get into these clothes, start with this one’ he offered her hip clinging denim and a crop top.

‘I wasn’t expecting anyone’ she paused as she heard the door bell ring.

‘Get into your clothes, I’ll check that out’ Wale rushed towards the door.

‘Vogue cover girl’ she muttered to herself.


Ivan wasn’t too comfortable with the part of Town they’d entered; the streets looked unkept , meant for members of the lower class.

‘I can’t believe she comes to work from here’ Kira slammed the car door and joined her brother who’d already punched the doorbell.

‘Good evening Sir’ Wale was stunned to see his boss standing right before him.

‘Where’s Jane’? Ivan’s arrogance had not left him completely. He recognized the security guard; what was he doing at Jane’s house? Were they dating?

‘I’ll go get her’ he retreated into the house and called her name.

‘How’s it going bro’? Kira stood by his side.

‘Perfect’ he replied curtly.

His eyes wandered to a shapely brown haired girl that followed Wale closely, the blue jean clung to her honeyed hips and that was very sexy. The polka dot crop top she wore exposed a clean and healthy looking skin; her hair was beautiful.

‘Is that Jane’? Kira was equally confused.

‘I think not, the rainbow is her sister’ his eyes raked this beauty that surfaced.

‘Good evening sir’ Jane came forward to meet him; for a minute their eyes locked together; Blue against brown; surprise and confusion merged into one and increased the heat in the shared gazing.

‘Resume your duty tomorrow by 8, don’t keep me waiting’ Ivan blurted out and left for his car.

‘Okay….’ Jane tried to regain her balance. He had stared at her for so long, she felt lost in his beautiful blue eyes, but something hurt her; he seemed not to care about her new look.

‘You really like him’ Wale’s voice crept on her.

‘I don’t know, maybe I am stupid. Maybe I should just forget this job’ she pouted. She wondered if that was the only reason that brought Ivan to her house.

‘Well, I think he likes you too. I could see it in his eyes’ Wale had observed the way Ivan had stared at Jane; one of admiration and wonder.

‘Why? I doubt it, I won’t work there anymore’ she shrugged.

‘Well, you need the money. You can keep your feelings aside, but if you must keep this new look of yours, you need money Brunette. Money makes a woman glow’ he pecked her softly.

‘I need to go home now, we’ll continue tomorrow’ Wale said.

‘What about these? What do I do with these’? She lifted the clothes up.

‘To get Ivan, wear them’ he winked.

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He had slept lightly; her almond-shaped brown orbs haunted him and her slender figure which was enhanced by the denim; what had happened to the scarecrow?

He had gone to her house so he could apologize to her but seeing her looking that cute threw him off balance and returned him to his old self; his plans of apologizing would have been easier if she was ugly; he didn’t understand it, maybe he was an egomaniac.

Why was he even thinking about her anyway? Jane was a different girl and he wasn’t drawn to her like the way he’d been drawn to the others; there was this halo of purity and naivety surrounding her, and he was afraid to break that.

He had prepared very early for work, his parents would be traveling later in the day; he needed to be alone, he needed to have a rethink about his whole life.

‘Where are you off to Ivan? Are you sneaking around now’? Kira stood in his way.

‘I have an important meeting to get to, do you mind stepping aside’? He sneered.

‘So, you forced me to leave my dinner and take you to Jane’s, only for you to chicken out. I thought you’d changed Ivan, but it seems you’re still your old self’ she wouldn’t let it go.

‘I had my reasons for doing that’ he tried to push her away but he resisted.

‘No you don’t have any reason; I saw the way you looked at her, I saw the way she gazed at you and it scared you’ Kira said.

‘Scared me? Ivan Roseau fears no one’ he bragged.

‘But you’re scared of yourself, you’re scared of opening your heart to someone’ Kira chipped in.

‘That’s different sis, Loving somebody is scary’ he admitted his fears. How could one fall in love and not get hurt?

‘Well, dad and my mother got it good’ Kira made an example hoping to convince him.

‘The rules don’t apply to everyone, they got lucky’ he replied.

‘No Ivan, I saw the spark in your eyes when you looked at Jane; even before her make over, there was something beneath her scarecrow exterior that you liked about her; that’s why you felt bad that you hurt her. I know you well Bro, if you care deeply about someone, that’s the only time you’d apologize’ Kira explained.

‘I don’t know what to say Kira, I can’t deny it either. But how does that happen? People don’t just fall in love like a flash of lightning’? He asked

to be continued


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