Almost Pretty Episode 24


He wouldn’t pity her, he was the one that was hurting and not her.

‘Please…’ her lips trembled.

‘I cannot punish you. I just feel so weak that my own sister would do that’.

‘I can fix this. I have already called father and he believes in you. He is mad at me. Please just give us a chance’ she begged.

‘I don’t know Kira…I don’t know…’ he sighed and looked into her eyes, searching, to see if she truly felt sorry.

‘I have a gift for you’ she jumped on her feet as her phone buzzed.

‘A gift? Is this some kind of bribe’? Ivan almost laughed but he controlled himself.

‘Maybe’ Kira smiled and moved towards the door.

Kira had taken time to dress her up even better than Wale did; her confidence grew bigger than the skies; people stared at her, men drooled at her. This was all new for her.

She had told Kira to meet her brother first and talk to him, she would show up later.

She suddenly felt stupid as she stared at the door leading to his office; once that door was opened there was no going back.

Though Kira had spent the whole night telling her about Ivan’s, love, she still wasn’t convinced, she wanted more; she wanted him to say it, but what if he didn’t feel the same for her? What if Kira only said those things to cajole her into begging Ivan on her behalf?

‘I can do it’ she took a deep breath and pushed open the door. Her heart stopped as she found him looking more handsome than ever.

His seductive blue eyes ran all over her, she couldn’t miss the desire she found in them.

‘Are you kidding me’? Ivan swallowed and moved towards his window. She was even more beautiful than he had seen from afar.

Tendrils of her mahogany hair fell on her fairs and made her look so angelic, so pure and innocent.

‘I’ll leave you two to talk now’ Kira smiled and stared at her brother.

‘Wait’ Ivan stopped her.

‘Yes’? Kira looked at him with tearful eyes.

‘I have forgiven you, but you must understand it would take a while to gain your trust. You have to work hard to fix that’ Ivan said to her.

He felt glad that his sister had convinced Jane to return to work; all his anger and resentment towards her fled.

‘Thanks, I totally understand and this is more than I expected, you are amazing’ She rushed and flung her arms over her brother.

‘Thanks. I love you’ he pressed a soft kiss on her face.

‘I love you too’ Kira cried.

‘I must go now, this is your chance, she loves you too and there is no boyfriend’ Kira whispered.

‘I hear you, go now’ Ivan released her and she rushed out of the office happily.

Jane almost cried as she watched the siblings; Ivan was not a devil like Wale had made her to believe.

‘Hi…’ Ivan stuttered not knowing how to begin.

‘Hi…’ Jane replied curtly as blood crept to her cheeks. She suddenly felt very self-conscious as she realized his eyes were focused on her b—m.

His mouth felt dry, he didn’t know how to express his love for her; his feelings choked the words in his throat; he was overwhelmed by her beauty and the nature of her soul.

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‘You bought me doughnuts’ the words rushed out of Jane’s lips. She felt awkward standing there and staring at him.

‘Yes…’ he smiled. ‘Did you see the note’? He summed up the ourage.

‘Yes. Yes’, she nodded.

‘I…I like you’ he looked away.

This was it, she was done with the pretense, she couldn’t deny the love and attraction she felt for him.

‘I am sorry sir’ she took a deep breath and rushed towards him.

It was quick; like the flash of lightning.

She flung her arms around him, throwing caution into the air and pressed her lips against his.

‘Wow’, Ivan was amazed by her show of courage.

This was all he had ever dreamed of, this was all he wanted.

He took in her lips and caressed her face; their lips entwined together; dancing, biting, and teasing till they were both fatigued physically but stronger in love.

It was only then they pulled apart and stared into each other’s eyes.

‘I love you, I love you Jane’ Ivan confessed.

‘Me too. From the first day I set my eyes on you, you left your mark on me’ she laughed.

‘It was obvious’ he laughed as he remembered that day.

‘I am sorry for the way I treated you in the past; like you were not special like you meant nothing to me; You are unique and I love you so much’ he caressed her beautiful face.

‘This is like a dream…I love you sir’ she bit her lip.

‘Sir? Darling, don’t make our love formal’ Ivan laughed.

‘I am sorry Ivan’ she called his name the first time, and it felt strangely sweet to relate with him on a new level.

‘Thanks, honey’ he pressed a kiss on her forehead.

‘Would you be my girlfriend’? He asked.


Ryan was in his office wondering what went on with his siblings; he was still mad with Kira for lying against him, for painting him black before his brother.

On a lighter note, he imagined what Ivan’s reaction would be when he met with Jane; was he going to confess his feelings or would his fear of rejection get in the way of his expression?

‘Ryan…’ Kira stepped into his office unannounced.

‘Before you say anything, I am very sorry for what I did; I have realized my mistakes now and I am truly sorry’ she said.

‘I have forgiven you Kira, but it is Ivan you need to talk to; he was pretty mad and hurt after Samantha ratted you out’ Ryan went on to tell her about Ivan’s meeting with Sam and how he recorded their conversation.

‘I feel so terrible but there’s good news’ she smiled.

‘Good news’? Ryan raised his brow.

‘Yes,’ she couldn’t wait to tell him that Ivan had forgiven her. ‘He forgave me’! She blurted out excitedly.

‘Wow, that was fast, did you do anything else than cry’? Ryan was surprised as he knew how revengeful his elder brother could be.

‘I brought him Jane’ Kira winked.

‘Really? I see…’ Ryan laughed.

‘Let’s go over to his office and drink some reconciliation wine’ Ryan dragged her hand and took her out of his office towards Ivan’s.

“Get your hands off of me, I am innocent” they heard some struggling as they matched towards Ivan’s office.

‘Samantha’? Kira was surprised to see her with the cops.

‘I need to speak to Ivan, please, he cannot do this to me; I trusted him’ she cried.

To be continued