Almost Pretty Episode 25 (Final)


Samantha’? Kira was surprised to see her with the cops.

‘I need to speak to Ivan, please, he cannot do this to me; I trusted him’ she cried.

‘Oh, just shut up, you know nothing about trust’ Wale groaned, he had equally lost his job, his friendship with Jane and everything about his reputation all because of Sam.

‘Well Sam, you got what you asked for’ Ryan patted her shoulder, grabbed his sister’s hand and continued the march towards Ivan’s office.

‘No! Come back! Let go’ she struggled with the cops.

‘You have the right to remain silent or anything you say or do from now would be used against you in the court of law’ one of the cops pinned her down on the floor.

‘Ivan’!!! She screamed as the men dragged her out of the building.


His heart raced, his ears twitched to hear her reply; what if she said “no”?

‘I…’ Jane started but her lips were glued.

She was overwhelmed by so many feelings, she was overwhelmed with joy, love and the peace she had found buried in his arms.

‘Please don’t say no’ Ivan’s voice was shaky, he wouldn’t take down her rejection very well.

She was about to speak when the door flew wide open and Kira and Ryan peeped through.

‘Sorry guys’ Ryan pushed his sister back and shut the door amidst her childish giggling.

‘Jane…I love you very much. I have never felt this way about any other woman before; I know you weren’t my spec at the beginning, but I just got drawn to you and as much as I wanted to deny it, I failed. Please, will you forgive me’? He sounded helpless and frustrated.

‘I could never say no to you, not in this life but what about the other women? I heard things’ she paused.

‘They are all gone, it’s only you Jane. I know I was rough in the past, I know I did things that I wasn’t proud of, but I am changed now. I swear I wouldn’t break your heart, I swear I wouldn’t cause you to cry. Please Jane, just give me a chance’ he begged.

He now understood why she was reluctant.

‘I love you too Ivan and I want to be your girlfriend’ she flashed him her cutest smile.

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Ivan couldn’t believe his ears; he had finally won her heart; he had finally conquered her love and there was no going back; there was no letting go.

‘You’re the most precious thing to me’ he scooped her up in his arms and dropped her on the table.

Jane was out of words, she was fulfilled and being in his arms was the height of that fulfillment.

As she stared into his eyes, she realized that there was no other man for her except Ivan Roseau; no other man had kissed her the way he did; no other man had ignited the fire of her love like he did.

She felt passion at his kiss; a passion that would stand the test of time.

Ivan found his missing part as he clung to her breathless; the scent of her hair spiraled into his nostrils and released him from all his fears.

She was his soul mate, he had found what had been missing all those years of incessant partying and drinking.

He had conquered his fear of rejection through her.

‘I promise to love and cherish you forever’ he whispered in her ears.

‘And I promise never to let you go’ she replied.

He held to that promise as he kissed her face; he believed in that promise as he stared into her eyes and he accepted that promise the moment his lips travelled to hers.


‘I never knew my brother was such a good kisser’ Ryan laughed as he peeped with Kira.

‘They look so beautiful together’ Kira was awed; she had never seen her brother kiss someone like that.

He kissed her slowly, gently; breath against breath; love for love and hearts engrossed they were…What else could this be than love?

******************** THE END****************