Almost Pretty Episode 23


Jane is not your mother. You should give it a try, if it doesn’t work out, it doesn’t define who you are. You are a successful billionaire, please bro, don’t give up on her’ Ryan encouraged him.

‘And what about her boyfriend’?

‘I don’t know about that, just give it a try’ Ryan tried to convince him.

‘I don’t know Ryan, but I really felt stupid for slipping the note inside her doughnuts. I acted like a coward’ Ivan gave a dry laugh.

‘Hey, it’s okay. We do crazy things when we want someone in our lives. Yours was a crazy doughnut note, mine was a long poem which she never read’ Ryan rolled his eyes.

This caused his brother to laugh so hard.

‘A poem? I never knew you were a poet’ Ivan sniggered.

‘A poet for love’ Ryan fetched his glass and sipped coolly from it.

‘So how do I win her love’? Ivan dropped the laugh and became serious.

He wanted a woman like Jane by his side; he wanted to wake up to a pair of gorgeous brown eyes and smooth brown hair; he wanted her face to be the first when he woke and the last when he slept.

‘After work, we’re both going to her house and you will confess your feelings. That’s the easiest thing I could come up with’ Ryan said.

‘It’s dull and boring’ Ivan scoffed.

‘Oh, would you rather I write her a long poem in your name? Telling her how magnificent her toes are and how shiny her teeth are’? Ryan asked.

‘No bro. No poems’ Ivan begun to laugh again. His laughter rang outside the mansion to the gates, where Kira hid, praying and hoping, Ivan would forgive her.


She was able to sleep at night with the thought that Ivan was in love with her; she was sure for now that he had been the one to sneak in the note into her doughnuts.

However, she had a lot of questions; why didn’t he just say it? And what about the other women he slept with? What about his past?

‘Why didn’t your brother just tell me he liked me’? She smiled and straightened on the bed, Kira had crashed at her place.

‘Because he is Ivan Roseau and all must tremble before him’ Kira rolled her eyes and jumped out of bed.

This was it, she couldn’t bear the guilt anymore, she needed to find her brother and ask for his forgiveness.

‘I don’t understand’ Jane joined her up.

‘Okay…why didn’t you tell my brother about your feelings for him’? Kira took another angle.

‘Because I don’t have feelings for him’ Jane lied but she blushed at once.

‘Such a terrible liar. The thing is, I guess this love thing is new to you both and that’s why you were so afraid to face it. Is that why you quit your job because of your feelings for my brother’? Kira watched her face the whole time.

‘Part of it’ Jane blinked and looked away.

‘What’s the other part, talk to me, I could help you’ Kira moved closer to her.

‘I saw this magazine, Samantha really said a lot and I heard he slept with all his personal assistants, what do I make out of that’? She voiced her fear.

‘Ivan has changed. I can tell you that. He has not gone on a date or been with another woman for some months now; he has feelings for you, you softened him’ Kira reassured her.

‘But why would he change now’? Jane was still unsure of what to believe.

‘Because he is in love with you Jane’ Kira replied coolly.

Tears welled up in her eyes as she heard those words, but she didn’t hear it from the right person, she wanted Ivan to confess his feelings by himself.

‘We have to go now, the earlier the better’ Jane wiped her face.

She was prepared to speak to Ivan on Kira’s behalf.

‘Thanks so much Jane, if this works out, I’ll become your personal fashion designer’ Kira winked.

‘Are you saying I don’t dress well’? Jane raised a brow and smiled.

‘I said nothing’ Kira stifled a laugh.

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The Roseau brothers stormed the Software Empire, looking all smart and sexy in their black suit and tie.

‘What’s the plan bro’? Ryan said to Ivan.

‘I already gave the evidence to the cops, Sam and Wale would pay for their conspiracy’ Ivan replied.

‘I was actually asking about the Jane matter’ Ryan snorted.

‘Oh, still not sure, I am still scared of confessing my feelings’ Ivan pushed open the door to his office and stepped into it.

‘You don’t have to be, with her boyfriend now in police custody, you are free to go ahead, bro. Play smart’ Ryan winked and stepped into the office behind his bro.

‘What a grand plan’ Ivan teased.

He paused for a while as his eyes went to the table, there was a pack of pistachio nuts on the table, his favorite snack.

‘That’s weird’ Ivan mumbled and fetched it.

‘What’s’? Ryan asked.

‘See’? He showed the pack to Ryan.

They both know who was capable of dropping something like that on Ivan’s table.

‘I am sorry Ivan, but she is still our sister. You need to forgive her eventually’ Ryan placed a hand on Ivan’s shoulder.

‘I am glad you said eventually, not now though’ Ivan shook Ryan’s hand off and moved to the window that stared into the streets.

He was still hurt by Kira’s betrayal, but thoughts about her vanished as he saw her stepping out of a cab.

‘Glorious’ he loosened his tie.

She wore a very revealing dress; her lean hips clung to the short dress and her flawless creamy thighs blazed.

His eyes traveled from her flat belly to her tiny waist and back upwards to the swell of her perky white b—–s.

It was her hair that cut his attention; she had packed it into a bun which accentuated all the features on her face; her large brown eyes, her straight nose and her cute lips.

‘Are you okay Ivan’? Ryan had been watching him, wondering all along why his brother was smiling.

‘I think I will be, she is here’ Ivan murmured.

‘Oh my…’Ryan trailed off as he stared at a totally different and sexy Jane.

‘Ivan’…a female voice called him.

‘Kira’? Ivan and Ryan chorused as she stepped out from behind the cellar.

‘How did you creep into my office’? The smile faded off his face as he stared angrily at his sister.

‘I have the keys too’ she managed a smile.

‘Go. Get out’ he wouldn’t give her a chance.

‘Please, Ivan’ she fell on her knees.

‘You betrayed me all because of a will; I can never trust you again and you’re only sorry because you got caught’ Ivan moved towards the door.

‘Ryan, talk to him’ Kira turned to her younger brother.

‘I can’t, this is beyond me’ Ryan rushed out of the office, he didn’t want to interfere; he was now in a good place with his brother and he was happy about that.

‘You lied to me. Lied on Ryan and blackmailed him, what makes you think you wouldn’t do it again’? Ivan scoffed.

‘Because I am changed; I realized how stupid I was and I am ready to take whatever punishment you would give to me’ tears rolled down her pale cheeks.

Ivan quickly looked away; he hated it whenever his sister cried; he hated seeing her so weak and vulnerable. He wouldn’t pity her, he was the one that was hurting and not her.

‘Please…’ her lips trembled.

To be continued