Almost Pretty Episode 22


This was all a game for her, and she didn’t give a hoot about who was hurt and who wasn’t.


‘Wale’ Samantha provided.

‘I could provide evidence, call logs, text messages, voice recordings’ she unzipped her bag.

‘No. That wouldn’t be necessary, what do you want in return’? Ivan was determined to punish all his enemies.

‘Five million dollars’ she fetched a tiny list.

‘Done’ he replied.

‘A yacht’ she added.


‘And a very expensive house and a ride’ she winked.

‘Done, I’ll send you a fat check tomorrow’ he bent low and placed a kiss on her forehead.

‘Thanks, darling, I’ll be waiting’ she smiled and waved at him.

A mischievous smile carved his face as he turned off his phone’s voice recorder.

Samantha thought she was wise, but he was wiser.

His anger slowly returned, he would never forgive Ryan and Kira for betraying him; he would make their lives a living misery and as for that punk, he would not only sack him, he would turn him over to the authorities as he did not deserve a beautiful soul like Jane.


Ryan watched as his brother stepped out of the lounge, this was the right time to meet him.

‘Ivan’! Ryan came out of his hiding place and raced towards his brother.

‘You? Are you stalking me now’? Ivan shut the car door and strolled towards him.

‘No. Remember our GPRS is connected, so I can easily track you’ Ryan licked his lips nervously not knowing how to begin.

‘I am so sorry Ivan, please forgive me’ Ryan fell on his knees.

‘It’s already done. What is broken cannot be fixed’ Ivan sighed.

‘I am sorry; I didn’t mean to betray you. I know there’s no excuse for that, but I really am’.

‘I am not hurt about the Heather part, everyone knew she was a s–t back then but this? Are you going up to meet Samantha? I know about the will, she told me everything and to think it’s you that went to meet her, it really hurts’ Ivan expressed his feelings.

‘I was being blackmailed, you know I could never betray you, Ivan, I swear’ a tear slipped from his eyes.

‘I know nothing’ Ivan looked away, he didn’t want to change his mind about not forgiving his brother.

‘Kira blackmailed me. She started it all, she told me about the will and was mad dad gave you almost everything and she asked me to work with her. I swear Ivan, I was never moved by the content of the will. You’re my brother and you are more precious than wealth’ Ryan begged.

‘So why did you do it? Why did you let her get to you’? Ivan almost believed him, he knew Kira was the ambitious one.

‘She threatened to tell you about Heather and I didn’t want you to see me in bad light’.

‘Which light is worse? Heather or Sam? Because if you ask me, Sam is worse’ Ivan replied.

‘I was helpless and terrified of you, your wrath. Please, forgive me’ more tears trickled down his face.

‘But you should have come to me. You should’ve told me the truth instead of letting Kira work on you’ Ivan replied.

‘I am sorry, I was scared of losing your trust’ Ryan replied.

Ivan understood where Ryan was coming from; he wasn’t exactly the best big brother in the world; he was foul tempered and controlling and knew why his brother hesitated.

But he was willing to forgive Ryan; he was willing to trust him again but for Kira? That would be almost impossible.

‘Get up’ Ivan commanded.

‘I have what it takes to nail Samantha forever’ he announced excitedly.

‘Really’? Ryan beamed.

‘Yes and I forgive you too bro’ Ivan spread out his arms.

‘Thanks, man’ Ryan gave his brother a bear hug.

The moon smiled on them as they had reconciled and become brothers again

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* * * * * *

‘Why would you say that your brother likes me’? Jane asked.

‘Because he does. He actually planned to ask you out in grand style’ Kira smiled.

‘Really’? Jane thought about the doughnuts.

‘Please, I need you to follow me back to the mansion, you need to beg him’ Kira changed the topic.

‘Why? What did you do’? Jane wondered.

‘I betrayed him and it is quite unforgivable’ Kira replied and then took fifteen minutes and explained how she had found their father’s will and felt bad about it.

‘That is cruel’ Jane felt really bad for Ivan, he must have been hurting so terribly, she suddenly yearned to comfort him.

‘I know. I am sorry’ Kira replied.

‘No you are not Kira, you’re only sorry because you got caught’ Jane differed.

‘I am still sorry, please, help me’ Kira pressed on.

Jane saw that there would be no way she would get rid of this clingy visitor, so she had no other choice but to agree.

‘Yes, I will’.

‘But not tonight’ she quickly added.

‘Tomorrow’? Kira was eager to make peace with Ivan.

‘When I am ready to face him’ Jane replied and placed a hand on her chest.


The boys returned home jesting and laughing just like old times.

‘I can’t wait to see the look on Samantha’s face when she realizes that I have played her’ Ivan laughed as they both jumped down from the car.

‘Me too, she thinks she is really smart, show her bro’ Ryan elbowed him.

As they both stepped into the house, they realized Kira wasn’t home. Knowing his sister really well, she must have packed her things and traveled down south as she would be too scared to face Ivan.

‘I know you’re thinking about Kira, but let’s not talk about her for now, let’s focus on us’ Ivan said as he moved towards the cellar to fetch them both a drink.

‘Yes. Let’s focus on us’ Ryan replied.

‘So what’s up with Jane? Ask her out yet’?

‘No. She quit’ Ivan returned with two glasses and a bottle of red wine.

‘Yes. I don’t know why i couldn’t ask her, I just watched her leave’ the scene replayed in his mind and he was suddenly filled with regrets.

‘That’s a bad move bro, you should’ve grabbed her and kissed her breathless; you have never been slow when it comes to women, what happened’? Ryan asked.

‘I…I think I am scared’ Ivan voiced out his feelings to someone for the first time.

‘Scared? Why? All women would pay to be yours’ Ryan replied.

‘Rejection doesn’t sit well with me, especially when I remember how my mother dumped me for her lover’ he sighed.

This was the first time he had admitted what hurt him most; the reason he was such an angry and bitter person. The reason he slept around, to cover the pain of rejection and vulnerability that he felt.

‘Ivan…’ Ryan dropped his glass, he had never seen his brother this way. He was being brutally honest.

‘Yea…’ Ivan replied.

‘Jane is not your mother. You should give it a try, if it doesn’t work out, it doesn’t define who you are. You are a successful billionaire, please bro, don’t give up on her’ Ryan encouraged him.

To be continued