Almost Pretty Episode 21


‘I heard a lot of screaming and shouting and what the hell happened to youherr face’? She looked terrified

‘You. You happened. I thought we made ourselves clear, I agreed to work with you so you wouldn’t tell Ivan about Heather. But you failed me, now he is mad at me and would never forgive me’ Ryan felt hurt.

‘What? I never did tell him about Heather’? Kira was surprised.

‘But I lied, you were the one that told father about Sam…’Kira stuttered as she realized her plan had backfired.

‘You did what? I hate you, Kira, you’re the worst person in the world and big b—h’ Ryan moved closer to her and spat on her face.

‘And if Ivan doesn’t forgive me, just so you know, you ruined our family’ those were Ryan’s last words before leaving and it hit her hard.

She knew how angry Ivan would be when he returned when he found out her plot to take him down and no one could stand Ivan whenever he was angry. Only one thing came to her mind, she needed to run. She needed safety from the coming storm.


She had eaten a light dinner of cornflakes and milk, she was not hungry; her appetite was washed in the drains and nothing could revive it.

She lay flat on her backflipping through the pages of the magazine she had found in the bathroom.

She always knew that guys like Ivan Roseau came with their own package of trouble, but hearing it from Wale that he had slept with all his personal assistants got her terrified.

With Ivan around, she realized her walls of self-protection and control were down; he left her completely defenseless and she would’ve topped that list if she had not quit, so it was a good thing after all.

She had wanted to ignore her buzzing phone at first, but she decided to tell him off as she knew who was calling.

‘Can you stop calling me Wale? You betrayed my trust, just stay the hell away from me’ she said.

‘You don’t understand Jane, let me explain everything that happened’ Wale begged.

‘Go on. I am listening’ she decided to give him a chance believing that he had good reasons for trying to set up his boss.

‘I was in love with Samantha the first day I saw her, I tried to make her like me, notice me but that never happened, she ended up with Ivan instead and that really hurt me’ Wale replied.

‘Really? So this is more about revenge’?

‘Please, you don’t need to end our friendship, we both know that Ivan is a jackass, sooner or later he would want you in his bed’ Wale said.

‘Well, that’s not going to happen as I quit my job. Satisfied now’?

‘You quit? No, you shouldn’t have done that, with this plan I and Samantha have, you will be working under Kira or Ryan or whoever the new boss would be’.

‘I can’t believe you would do something like that. I know Ivan is not the best person but he isn’t also the worst’ she couldn’t believe her own ears that she was vouching for him and it really was strange.

There was a feeling she had about Ivan, he was much nicer than people thought.

‘You’re letting him get to your head Brunette. This plan would work’ Wale was confident.

‘And if it doesn’t’? She asked.

‘It will’ he replied.

She shook her head and silently wept, she couldn’t be friends with a pathological liar and someone that would bear false witness against another.

‘You know what Wale, it’s time for you to choose, my friendship with you or your plans with Samantha’.

There was silence. Thick foggy silence and suspense.

After minutes of considering everything that was in it for him, he said this: ‘I am sorry Brunette, Samantha is really important to me’.

‘Good for you then, have a nice life’ she threw the phone on her bed and cried.

She couldn’t believe he would choose Samantha over his friendship with her.

Wale had been a good friend; he had changed her wardrobe and made her look more attractive but that was in the past now.

She needed to get over him, get over Ivan. She was alone now and she needed to survive.

After crying, she felt slightly better, so she decided to rest her head.

However, a loud knock interrupted her sleep. She knew it was Wale and she wouldn’t see him, she had buried their friendship forever.

‘Go away Wale, I don’t want you anymore’ she yelled on top her voice.

‘Please open up the door Jane, it’s me Kira’.

That did it, sleep fled off, wasn’t that Ivan’s sister? What would she be doing in her house?

She rose to her feet and trotted towards the front door.

‘Kira? What are you doing here’? Jane was surprised.

‘I need your help Jane. I need you to talk to Ivan’ she swallowed.

‘About what’? Jane thought this had a connection to her resignation. Did he send his sister to beg her? Her heart fluttered at this thought.

‘I did something really bad and I think Ivan would never forgive me. Please, you must speak to him on my behalf’ Kira asked.

‘What makes you think your brother would listen to me’? Jane was flattered at her line of thought.

Kira wondered how naïve Jane could be, was she that blind to the fact that her brother was head over heels in love with her?

‘Because he is in love with you’ Kira replied.

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‘I am sorry for keeping you waiting’ Samantha apologized as she joined Ivan in the lounge.

‘Care for a drink’? He asked he had taken enough to drown his pain.

‘You look pretty drunk, are you sure we can talk’? Samantha stared down at him.

‘I am fine, perfect’ he lifted a glass of water.

‘Alright, so let me get straight to the point’ Samantha exhaled and settled in the chair.

‘Yea, go ahead’.

‘You have a lot of enemies Ivan’ she fiddled her fingers, not knowing how to begin.

‘Starting with you’ he interjected.

‘I know but you hurt me first, you humiliated me and I had no choice but you react’.

‘But I apologized, I am a changed person Sam, I swear’ he raised his hands in the air.

‘Only of recent’, she rolled her eyes.

‘Alright, go straight to the point’ he shrugged.

‘Your brother, Ryan came to me days back, he wanted me to file a suit against you; he told me Kira was in support of this’ she explained.

‘Why would they betray me’? Ivan felt terribly hurt.

‘Your father willed 90% of all his properties to you’ Sam said.

‘I can’t believe this, I see why that little b—–d told our father about the newspaper. He wanted me to look bad so our dad would resent me and take my name off the will. I am going to deal with him’ Ivan rose to his feet.

‘Sit. We’re not done’ Sam ordered, he obeyed.

‘There is another person you must be wary of, he agreed to testify against you in court, I think you should fire him’ she continued.

This was all a game for her, and she didn’t give a hoot about who was hurt and who wasn’t.

To be continued