Almost Pretty Episode 19


By keeping that away from me? By trying to pull him down? You have said it all, if Ivan slept with Sam, it meant it was consensual and not harassment. Why would you take sides with her to hurt your boss’?

‘It’s bigger than that’ he said. He couldn’t tell Jane that he had feelings for Sam and it had hurt him real bad to watch her with Ivan. This was his chance to have her back and he wasn’t going to lose it.

‘Well, if you go ahead with that plan of yours, we’ll cease to be friends’ she fetched her bag and walked out of the coffee shop.

He felt terrible that she had walked in on his plans to destroy Ivan’s image but he couldn’t go back now; he was already knee-deep; he was this close to winning Samantha’s heart. And at that point, nothing else really mattered to him, not even Jane’s friendship.

‘I am sorry brunette’ he murmured.

After his meeting with Samantha, he decided to give his sister feedback.

He felt terrible for doing this but he had no choice, either this or Ivan discovered what he did in the past which was way worse.

He ran up the stairs that led to Kira’s office. Coincidentally, he found her stepping out of her office.

‘There you are, how did the plan go’? She paused by her door and stared at him.

‘Perfect, Sam is moving forward with the case’ Ryan replied.

‘Fair enough, let’s talk inside, the walls have ears’ she scanned the ceiling, knowing very well there were cameras everywhere.

Ryan gave her a brief of what he had discussed with Sam and what she had also told him in return.

‘Where is the recording? You were supposed to make a recording which would give us power over her in future’? Kira asked.

‘I couldn’t record our conversation. She would have known and wouldn’t have opened up the way she did’ Ryan felt frustrated. It was bad enough he was betraying brother, why would Kira make this more difficult for him?

‘Really’? She scoffed and rolled her eyes.

‘Someone is going to testify against Ivan. Someone who works in this company’Ryan said to her.

A lazy smile danced on Kira’s thin lips as she realized how perfect Samantha’s ploy was.

‘She is smarter than I thought. Who is her mule’? Kira inquired.

‘She wouldn’t tell me, but she did tell me she would file in the case in two days time’ Ryan replied.

‘That’s smart, once father realizes how irresponsible his first son is, he would be left with no other option but to will everything back to us.

The words had not escaped her lips fully when the door flew wide open and Ivan stepped into the office.

‘Ivan! What are you doing here’? Kira jumped to her feet, she as unnerved by this unexpected intrusion.

‘What a question’ Ivan chuckled.

He noticed how guilty Ryan looked and how bland Kira’s face was. Something was up, his siblings didn’t seem too happy to see him in the office.

‘What’s up with you’? Ivan asked.

‘Nothing’ they chorused.

‘Nothing’? He focused on their faces.

Ryan looked like he was about to disappear; his face was pale and completely drained of blood.

Kira was restless; she looked angry about something.

‘I realized we have not talked after the fight we had’ Ivan drew a seat.

‘That’s really not necessary, you can date whoever you want. You’re an adult’ Kira replied.

‘That was so easy’ he watched her carefully, she had been so uncomfortable with his feelings for Jane and now was giving up completely? Another clue, that was out of character. Kira was not the type to give up on things so easily.

In fact, once her mind was made up, it took someone of a much bigger willpower like himself to dissuade her from taking action.

‘I’ll have to excuse you both’ Ryan grinned and rushed out of the office. He couldn’t stare his brother in the eyes, his conscience wouldn’t let him.

‘Ryan…’ Ivan called after him.

‘Are you okay’? Ivan asked.

‘Yes, bro’ Ryan nodded and rushed out of the room.

‘That’s really sneaky if you ask me’ Ivan scoffed and turned to his sister.

‘Sneaky? How’?

‘Like he is hiding something, well, I came to tell you that I went to Samantha’s house the night before and she was so difficult especially when I told her I have feelings for another woman’ Ivan said to his sister.

‘Are you saying her choice to taint your name is solely based on revenge and not the desire to add more zeros to her account’? Kira raised a brow.

‘Something like that, I don’t know what to do Kira. I am honestly scared; if this news should get to dad. It wouldn’t only ruin his trip, he would be so disappointed in me and I don’t want that’ he reached out and grabbed his sister’s hand.

‘I know Ivan. I understand’ Kira nodded her head.

‘That’s why we need to work together. I am sorry I yelled at you, let’s work together and defeat Samantha. You are a very smart person and I know you will work up a plan. Please, Kira, I need your help’ he begged.

‘That wouldn’t be a problem, we would fight her together’ Kira agreed.

‘Thanks, I have to go now’ he pressed a kiss on her head and strolled out of her office.

She scoffed as she watched Ivan leave, who did he think he was anyway? He felt by walking into her office, he could just give a command, one she would obey without questioning.

‘Your time’s coming too Ivan. You’re gonna crash and you’ll have no idea what hit you’.


She felt worse after what Wale had told her concerning Ivan; she brushed her wet face with a hankie and rushed towards the company.

She felt like a fool after the revelation; Ivan had slept with all his past personal assistants and fired them after. He was really a devil.

‘You will never get to me’ she whispered as she climbed into the elevator leading to his office.

What if buying her the doughnuts were a signal that he was romantically interested in her?

But she loved him, yes she loved him and that felt more stupid.

Even after Wale had painted him so black before her, she still liked him and it hurt her more.

What if she was the next in line? What if Ivan planned to use her next and she was falling so easily for his plan like fish to bait?

There was only one way to end this; she didn’t want to end up like Samantha and the rest of the girls who had worked for Ivan. There was only one way to end this.

She knocked on the door of his office twice and only pushed against the door when she heard his voice ‘Come in’.

‘I need you to get these files to the legal department and make me a cup of coffee or get one from that coffee shop’ he dished out orders without looking up.

She stared at his handsome faced; well carved like that of an angel; his eyes were ever glowing and seductive and she knew deep down that she couldn’t resist his charms.

To be continued