Almost Pretty Episode 18


She knew her had a temper but he didn’t look like a perverted person, why hadn’t he made advances towards her? He apologized for yelling at her once and he bought her doughnuts.

‘Freaking doughnuts’! She rolled her eyes and was about closing the magazine when her eyes fell on the name: Samantha.

‘I need to speak to Wale’ she dropped the magazine in her bag and rushed to the coffee shop where they usually met.

What if she was wrong? What if she was quick to assume Ivan Roseau was a nice person. She reminded herself that she had not spent a lot of time with him and so she couldn’t be in the position to vouch for him.

‘Hey there, what took you so long’? She was lucky to meet him right on time. Wale was feasting on some doughnuts while in his cubicle.

‘Brunette, how are you, I heard you asked of me’ he dropped the snack and stared at her.

‘Sure. Can we talk now? I really need to talk to you’ Jane said.

‘Miss me much’? He strode out of the cubicle and together they both left for the coffee shop where they usually met for lunch.

‘You look worried, everything all right’? He arched a brow and dragged her a chair.

‘And you look like you have gotten over your heartbreak’ she stared at him.

She was starting to wonder if his partner was right, why would Wale lie to her that he had a girlfriend when in truth, he didn’t.

‘Oh, I am strong’ he stuttered and looked away from her.

‘Tell me more’ she forced a smile and scanned his face, Wale always made eye contact, why was he avoiding her now?

‘Can we talk about someone else other than me’? He winked.

‘Sure. Something terrible happened back at the office’ she drew and deep breath and begun.

‘Terrible? What happened? Did Ivan do something to you, you can trust me, go on tell me everything’ he seemed very eager to her.

She wondered why Wale was so obsessed with Ivan; why did he feel that all her problems encountered at work were tied to Ivan Roseau?

‘Um, yes, why would you guess that’? She wondered.

‘Well, he is a devil and I know him’ he replied.

‘Oh’ she licked her lips, feeling more nervous and suspicious of Wale. Her desire to tell him about the “near kiss” experience with Ivan faded, she decided to keep that event to herself.

‘I am waiting for the news’ he asked.

‘Oh, I heard people saying some really bad things about our boss’ she said.

‘Bad things like’? Wale asked. He felt his phone buzz and quickly took it from the pocket of his denim, dropping it on the table.

‘He harassed someone, could this be true? I know he is many things but that tag doesn’t sit well. Why would Ivan Roseau, one of the youngest billionaires harass someone’? She scoffed.

‘Why wouldn’t he? He is such a d–k’ Wale replied.

His eyes were icy and in his voice was hate.

‘Such a big word’ she rolled her eyes.

‘I read in a magazine that his former personal assistant that goes by the name Samantha attested to this fact; I just don’t believe it’ Jane continued.

And truly she didn’t, Ivan was a successful and wealthy man; he had the good looks to attract an ocean of women, why then would he harass one?

‘Because he is a pervert’ Wale replied and rose to his feet.

‘Where are you off to’? She asked.

‘I want to use the bathroom’ he replied, he wanted to set up a meeting with Samantha to discuss their plans further.

‘Alright then, will be waiting’ she replied and called one of the waiters to bring her a cup of latte.

She quickly fetched the magazine from her purse and scanned it.

‘Here is your coffee ma’m’ the waiter said.

‘Thanks’ Jane replied politely and with a smile.

‘Your phone has been blinking, it’s probably important’ the waiter called her attention to Wale’s phone that blinked incessantly.

‘Oh, thanks so much’ Jane quickly grabbed the phone.

Her eyes followed the direction of the bathroom and she decided to run through his call log. She could swear she heard him call “Samantha” back at her house.

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* * *

There were so many irregularities in Wale’s break up story. People didn’t just wake up and get healed of their broken hearts; it could take weeks or months for people to completely heal.

And there was what Pod said, about Wale not having a girlfriend, it was not making sense.

She drew a deep breath and flipped open his phone; her hands were shaky, she had never done something like this before.

She closed it back and dropped it on the table.

‘I can’t do this’ she folded the magazine back into her purse and rose to her feet. She needed to return back to the office.

But then the phone began to vibrate against the table, leaving her with no other choice but to take it.

She took the phone a second time and flipped it open, only to find a strange text message from the name “Samantha”.

“Hey there, you didn’t reply my first text. I just met with Ryan Roseau; apparently, this case would be a big win. I still need you to cover my back. Love you. Sam.”

Tears rose up in her eyes as she read the text as she realized that Wale had been lying to her.

‘Brunette’? Wale’s voice intruded her moment of discovery.

‘Who is Sam and why do you have to cover her up’? She dropped the phone on the table and stared at him.

‘I…she is just a friend’ Wale shrugged.

‘A friend? Why did she meet with Ivan’s brother? What’s going on Wale’?

‘Is there something you should tell me, about this’? She raised the magazine upwards.

Wale was startled as he saw the caption on the magazine. He had been thrown off balance.

‘I can explain…’ he started towards her.

‘You never really had a girlfriend, did you? The way I see it, you and this Samantha girl want to connive to set Ivan up’ she spelt it out. She was not a fool.

‘You don’t have to put it like that, Ivan is not who you think he is. Don’t let your love for him fool you’ Wale came to his defense.

‘Really? Tell me why you think Ivan is such a bad person’ she folded her arms across her chest.

She really felt hurt that someone she trusted with her entirety had lied to her; he had seemed so honest and so sincere and now, she didn’t know what to believe anymore.

‘Ivan had slept with four personal assistants before you and he always fired them whenever he grew weary’ Wale explained.

More tears ran down her cheeks on hearing this.

‘And you’re just telling me this now’? She raised her brows.

‘I just wanted to protect you’ Wale moved closer to her.

‘By keeping that away from me? By trying to pull him down? You have said it all, if Ivan slept with Sam, it meant it was consensual and not harassment. Why would you take sides with her to hurt your boss’?

To be continued