Almost Pretty Episode 20


She stared at his handsome faced; well carved like that of an angel; his eyes were ever glowing and seductive and she knew deep down that she couldn’t resist his charms.

‘You there’? Ivan asked without looking up.

She opened her mouth to speak, but no words came out.

‘Heard me’? He pushed the files away and stared into her beautiful face. His heart leapt as their eyes met and he felt that spark another time.

It was going to be hard to resist her. It was going to be hard to fight all he felt for her.

‘I quit’ her lips trembled as the words came out.

‘Excuse me’? His mouth fell open. He stared at her with a shocked expression that was written all over his face.

She didn’t need to explain herself. Working with Ivan had gotten her enough salary to last her for some months, before she needed to look for another job.

‘Okay, cool’ he replied and continued working on his files, feeling very hurt that she would leave him.

Why was she leaving? He took a deep breath and stared after her. He wouldn’t stop her; she had her reasons for doing so.

He couldn’t stand up and stop her from passing through the door. He wouldn’t beg her to stay, no, he was Ivan Roseau and he wouldn’t beg anyone.

Her ego felt pricked; she felt stupid for quitting her job; why didn’t he stop her? Why didn’t he ask for the reason she left her job? Why didn’t he stop her from walking out from the door?

Slowly twilight covered the earth and the sun took her leave; evening had come upon the Roseau mansion. The gentle evening breeze ruffled the leaves of the tall palms and the golden of the sun reflected on the pool of water that lay before him.

Ivan was deep in thought; he was confused too.

She had quit her job, just like that, for no reason and he had failed to ask her why, he had failed to stop her.

He realized he was scared of Jane Atkins; he feared her like no other person, not even his own father. He was scared of the power that she had over him, he was scared of the way she filled his thoughts and yet he didn’t have the power to conquer her.

He poured himself a glass of lemonade to calm his clashing thoughts; he stared at his phone in one hand, wondering what he would do.

It would have been an amazing thing to call her and pour out his whole heart, or driven up her house and dropped her some flowers but she had someone else.

She was in love with Wale and there was nothing he could do about it.

Maybe posterity was judging him for treating all the women in his past wrongly; it was time for him to feel the rejection he deliberately met out to others.

‘Hello there, dad wants to speak to you’ Kira’s voice startled him.

‘Thanks’ he grabbed the phone from her but not without noticing a mischievous glint in her eyes. What was going on?

‘Hello, dad’? Ivan kept his eyes on the pool.

‘Ivan, I am disappointed in you’ Turquoise replied.

‘I don’t get you, is this the first thing you say to your son after weeks of not seeing him’? Ivan snapped irritably.

‘If that son is bent on tearing down everything I have built’ his father replied.

‘You know what dad? I am done with this conversation’ he pulled the phone away from his ear.

‘Don’t you cut that phone off me boy, I give you a week to clear your name in the papers else I am handing the company over to someone more capable’ his father threatened.

‘What are you talking about’? Ivan’s eyes crept to Kira’s, she quickly turned away.

‘You d–n well know. Now get it fixed’Turquoise brought the call to an end.

Ivan bit his lip angrily as he stared at his sister; Samantha’s interview had been with a local paper and there was no way their father would’ve gotten wind of it if he wasn’t told by one of his siblings.

‘How could you betray me like that’? Ivan rose to his feet and approached her.

‘I didn’t, you should be speaking to Ryan’ Kira grabbed her phone and walked away.

He felt a jab of pain in his chest as he watched her go, why would his brother betray him? What was in it for him?

‘Ryan! Come out here, you little d–k’! Ivan yelled angrily and made for his room but the loud ringing of his phone paused his steps.

‘What the F–k now’? He cursed and took the call.

‘Call back later, whoever you are, not is a good time’ he spoke into the phone.

‘It’s Samantha’ the cool female voice replied.

‘What do you want now? You’ve wrecked my life, that should be enough for you’ he ran his fingers through his hair. He was exasperated by Sam, by his dad, and by his siblings. It seemed the whole world was against him, but he was always at peace whenever Jane’s smiling face flashed in his mind.

‘To talk. I have something very important that I want to share. In fact, I am willing to consider the court matter’ she replied.

‘And why would you do that’? He chuckled, girls like Samantha always wanted something.

‘Just meet me at Rosydew Lounge later this evening’ she said.

‘Alright, I’ll be there’ he turned off his phone and left to find his brother.

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* * * *

Ryan had heard the loud screams of Ivan, he quickly rushed down the stairs to meet his brother.

‘Chill man, what’s with the shouting’? Ryan asked.

‘You son of a…’ Ivan launched a punch that landed on his brother’s jaw.

‘Ouch, that hurts, what did I do’? Ryan’s heart raced, had his brother discovered the secret? But Kira promised not to tell him, if he worked with her.

‘You betrayed me, I trusted you with everything. I love you more than I have ever loved anyone not even father or Kira but you betrayed me. Why’? Ivan clenched his fist.

‘I am sorry Ivan, it was a mistake’ Ryan wiped a trace of blood that flowed from his lower lip.

‘A mistake? But you did it, what were you thinking’? Ivan sighed.

‘I am so sorry Ivan, that night was a mistake. I still hate myself for it, I was terribly drunk’ Ryan decided to confess since Kira had ratted him out for whatever reason, he may as well tell his brother the truth.

‘What night’? Ivan narrowed his eyes, Ryan was definitely talking about something else.

‘The night I slept with Heather, your girlfriend back in college. I regret it and it never happened again. I swear Ivan, I would never betray you…Kira…’ Ryan paused as shock registered on Ivan’s face.

‘You slept with Heather’? Ivan drew a deep breath.

‘You know what? I don’t have time for you now, I’ll handle you later’ Ivan took his keys from his pocket and rushed towards his car.

‘S–t’ Ryan fell on his knees, his brother would hate him forever.

Minutes after Ivan had driven out of the mansion, Kira rushed out to meet Ryan whose face was swollen from the hit Ivan served him.

‘I heard a lot of screaming and shouting and what the hell happened to your face’? She looked terrified.

To be continued