Almost Pretty Episode 14


‘None of your business’ he scowled and continued towards the door.

‘We shall see’ she bit her lip and watched him walk away.

All she needed was Ryan on her side to win this battle and there was no stopping her.

‘Have you decided to work with me or against me’? She rose to her feet as Troy (Ryan) walked into the living room.

‘I’ll work with you, but swear you’ll never tell Ivan about what happened that night’ Ryan swallowed the pain that built inside him, he couldn’t believe his sister would betray him like this.

‘Hands on my chest, I swear Ryan, I would not do anything to jeopardize your relationship with your brother’ she smiled.

‘Good. I need Samantha’s address’ Ryan asked.

He didn’t feel right working against his brother but he had no choice, if Kira told Ivan about his secret, it would create a large rift between them forever and he didn’t want that.

He cherished the relationship he had with his brother but wasn’t he still on the road to ruining that relationship by working against him?

‘Here, I got her files from the Records Department, here is everything you need. Just record your conversation with her and ask her to take the matter to court. All clear’? She needed to be sure.

‘All good’ he replied in a weak voice, still shocked that his sister would betray him.

‘I am doing this for us Ryan, for our family. I know you hate me and feel very disappointed, but we are doing the right thing. Dad would be so proud of us’ she placed a light peck on his face.

‘Can I ask for just one favor from you’?

‘Sure, what’s it’? She turned to him.

‘Can you stay out of Ivan’s love life? He is really happy about Jane, I feel you should let him be considering the amount of pain we’re about to inflict on him’ Ryan begged.

‘I may consider that, now run along, you don’t have much time on your hands’ she pushed him towards the door.

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‘Brunette! You have a call’ Wale dropped her phone on the bed.

‘Really? Who? Maybe he called’ she rushed into the room to see it.

‘Your boss called, said to remind you of work, the company would be a beehive tomorrow, so he wants you to be prepared’ Wale lied.

He knew Ivan had dropped the fall once he heard a male voice and he wasn’t sorry about taking it; Ivan had destroyed his relationship with Samantha and he wasn’t going to let him destroy his relationship with Jane.

More importantly, he wasn’t going to let him hurt her.

‘Really’? Her heart fell as she stared at the phone.

‘I am sorry Jane, I told you not to get your hopes up, that guy is a real douche bag’ he put his arms around her.

‘I was so eager, I thought he would call. He even asked me how the doughnuts tasted’ she pulled away from him.

She felt disappointed that Ivan would call to talk about work; she had expected him to mention stuff about the note; tell her about his feelings and ask her out in person.

‘Maybe he just felt like buying you doughnuts, you read too much meaning, I am sorry you feel disappointed’ he smoothened her hair.

‘Do you think he noticed my makeover? Maybe I should dress sexier, you know, reveal my curves or show cleavage? Maybe he would get drawn to that’ she was really desperate for his attention.

‘Hey, you don’t have to do that. Ivan doesn’t deserve you, you’ll find Mr. Right soon enough, okay’?

‘I always feel better talking to you Wale, thanks’ she smiled and hugged him.

She had invited him over to teach her how to draw her brows perfectly and to spend some time with him so he could get over his ex. She knew what losing someone you really loved could feel like; she had lost her parents and that pain had left a huge void in her heart.

‘I have to leave now Brunette, you need to get some sleep, like your boss said, it’s going to be a beehive tomorrow’ he winked and planted a soft kiss on her hair.

‘Thanks’ she waved at him.

‘Excuse me, I need to take this call’ his phone buzzed, Samantha was calling again.

He couldn’t believe what she had said the first time and so he’d cut the call on her, but now Ivan had decided to pursue his friend Jane, and he knew very well the story wasn’t going to end well, why couldn’t he do a little mischief to him?

‘Hello Samantha, I am in’ he replied curtly and turned off his phone as Jane returned.

‘Who was that’? She asked.

‘Just a friend, I need to go now honey, see you later’ he blew her a kiss and rushed out of the house.

‘Bye’ she waved. She noticed Wale had avoided her eyes and she found it really strange, like he was hiding something from her.

‘Samantha’ she repeated the name she had heard.

A smile played on her lips, was Wale getting over his ex already? She couldn’t wait to find out his secret.

The sadness she felt quickly returned as she stared at the bag that contained the doughnuts, she fought hard to control the tears that had welled up in her eyes but the tears prevailed and she sobbed herself to sleep not knowing how she would face him the next day.

He had come up with a perfect plan that would dissuade Samantha from going to the court; he knew he was innocent and he equally knew that the court had convicted a lot of innocent people for crimes they didn’t commit.

His love affair with Samantha could be read as a form of sexual manipulation and that would affect the image of his company badly.

He stepped out of the car with a bouquet of flowers and scented candles in the other hand, he knew she loved scented candles and that’s why he had brought it to cajole her.

He hoped he was doing the right thing, he rapped on the door twice patiently waiting for her to answer.

‘Who’s there’? He could see her eyes from the peephole, but he deiced to answer anyway.

‘Ivan’ he replied.

‘You finally came’ her sapphire eyes were dim with seduction as she stared into the eyes of the man that she had always desired.

‘Come on in’ she widened the door.

‘How are you, Sam? I came bearing gifts’ he smiled and showed the bouquet and the candles to her.

‘Aw, you know my favorite’ she inhaled the scent of the aromatic candles, it was Jasmine and rose.

‘What can I offer you’? She asked.

‘Nothing. I came here to talk’ he decided to go straight to the point, there was no point beating around the bush.

‘Talk shall we’ she sat cross-legged and waited for him to speak.

‘I know you spoke to a local magazine and you told them lies; why did you have to lie baby? I thought you enjoyed our relationship while it lasted’ he laced his tongue with honey; this was the only way to get her.
To be continued