Almost Pretty Episode 13


Alright, I have had enough of your attitude, what’s this? You’re so judgy and insensitive. I don’t have time for this’ he turned off the car once they arrived home and rushed out of the car..

Jane was on his mind the whole time; he wondered if she had seen the note inside the bag; would she yes? Obviously, she liked him, so she was going to say “yes”. Samantha could rot in hell for all he cared, he knew what she needed. As long as she didn’t have any proof of him harassing her, there was no case.

‘Did you just see that? He walked out on me’ Kira hissed.

‘Hey, you’re getting ahead of yourself, we’re all in this together, we’re one big happy family’ Ryan made for the door but Kira held his shirt tightly.

‘Are we’? Kira raised her brow.

‘You’ve been acting really strange lately, are you okay sister’? He sat back in the car and glanced at her.

‘Ivan is not really our brother, he is a “half” brother and we don’t owe him anything’ she started.

‘Whoa, slow down, where is this coming from’? Ryan couldn’t believe his ears.

‘I found a document in dad’s room, remember Ivan had asked me to look up and see what was going on with dad and mum…I found his will and he willed the company and a lot of money to Ivan. Ours is just 10% of the will, it made me realize something’ she licked her lips nervously.

‘Realize what’? Ryan still couldn’t believe his ears.

‘That Ivan has been given more than enough, more than he deserves; we work harder than he does and we are more responsible, why does he have to get the biggest share out of everything’? Kira sighed hoping Ryan would feel the way she felt.

‘He is our brother, my brother, we are blood, Kira. If father decided to will everything to him, then its best for us. He had his reasons why. Ivan may have his shortcomings when it comes to women but he is more hardworking, he gave Roseau Softwares her name, don’t you forget that. And I am done having this conversation with you’ he was irritated Kira would even reason that way.

‘I heard you two back in his office, he wants to go ahead with his new personal assistant. He wouldn’t kill his feelings for her” Kira observed, she had overheard her brothers right after she’d walked out of the office.

‘Is that a bad thing? Honestly, I have never seen Ivan like somebody this much; it’s rare and I feel this is real. Leave him alone, we could sort Samantha out ourselves’ Ryan warned.

‘Yes, and that is why we must work together, you and me’ she had a plan.

‘We could meet up with Samantha and ask her to go to court, that way the company’s name would be smeared and dad would blame Ivan for everything, that way, he would be cut off from the will. What do you think’?

Ryan scoffed, maybe he had not heard her well.

‘Are you asking me to betray my brother, our brother? I am really amazed, you’re greedy’ he pushed open the car door.

‘I have a little assignment for you, find Samantha and encourage her to go to court, offer her money and tape that conversation so we would have leverage over her for future purpose’ she said in a commanding tone.

‘I think you’re sick in the head, excuse me’ Ryan ignored her and stepped out from the car but his exit was not complete before she dropped the last arrow.

‘If you don’t, I’ll tell Ivan your secret, the secret that I have kept for so long’ Kira smiled a mischievous smile.

‘Are you blackmailing me now’?

‘It is what it is. That’s your job, mine is to destroy his relationship with Jane’ she sighed and jumped out of the car.

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He let the coldness of the water run down his back; the chill droplets calmed all his fears of being rejected, his anger for his sister and his budding hate for Samantha.

He stepped out of the Shower and stared himself in the mirror.

‘I am hot and irresistible, she cannot say no’ he winked at his reflection.

His skin was refreshed; his blonde strands were scattered and his blue eyes pierced the mirror.

He had never been the type to get scared while wooing a woman, but he wasn’t that confident when it came to Jane, he didn’t know why.

Even after he had found her eyes on him in a desiring fashion, he still felt scared of being rejected by her or maybe it was because he had seen her hanging out with the security guy.

He released a sigh and stepped out from the bathroom.

When she had returned to the office, she had not said a word to him apart from: “Good afternoon sir”.

He had replied with a smile hoping that she had gotten the note he slipped into her doughnuts.

“Did you like the doughnuts”? He had asked and she replied with a nod, followed by her beautiful smile.

‘I hope I did the right thing, else I’d feel so stupid’ he grunted and slipped into his clothes.

He fetched his phone and scanned it briefly, Samantha was yet to hit the internet; he knew how to handle her, but Jane was more important now.

He decided to take the bull by the horn, he dialed her number and placed the phone against his left ear.

‘Hello, Ivan Roseau on the line’ he pursed his lips, waiting for a reply, he wondered what her phone voice would be like.

‘Hello, honey, you have a call’.

That was it, that was enough to make him drop the call, a storm of jealousy raged through him as he imagined her with another man.

The male voice had called her “honey”, he had been such a fool to think she was a single woman.

‘S–t happens’ he threw the phone carelessly on his bed.

He felt hurt that he had even made an effort but he also felt better he had not included his name on the note so he had not humiliated himself in any way.

‘I was so stupid’ he groaned and climbed his bed.

Jealousy poured upon him like rain as he imagined all kind of scenes in his head; he imagined her with her lover kissing and making love; he found it hard to sleep as sleep had eluded him and left him void with nothing to think about except her beautiful face and her long brown hair.

‘I am going to get over you’ he muttered to himself.

Now he had not gotten a favorable answer from her, he sank into a bad mood and decided that this would be the best time to see Samantha.

He fetched his car key and rushed out of his room, he met his sister in the parlor but he ignored her totally.

‘Where are you off to’? She glanced at him briefly.

‘None of your business’ he scowled and continued towards the door.

‘We shall see’ she bit her lip and watched him walk away.

To be continued….