Almost Pretty Episode 12


‘Who got you these doughnuts’? Wale asked after taking a bite.

‘Ivan’ she murmured her boss’ name.

Wale quickly spat the pieces of flaked of doughnut from his mouth.

‘Are you okay’? She noticed he now wore a frown.

‘Yes I am’ he quickly gulped down some water.

‘But there’s no name on it, it may not be from him’ Jane felt really excited and was hoping Ivan had really asked her out.

‘Honey, this note is from him. You need to keep your distance from that guy, he is bad news. I don’t want to see you hurt’ Wale quickly tore the note to shreds.

‘How could you do that? Why would you tear the note’? She snapped at him.

‘Because I know Ivan Roseau, I know the way he acts around pretty women like you; he doesn’t like you Brunette, he just wants to get into your pants and you will be a fool to let him’ Wale snorted.

‘I don’t like the way you’re speaking to me. What makes you think I am like the other girls? I am special you know, you told me that and maybe Ivan sees this too, I like him, I really do’ she pushed the rest of the doughnuts aside suddenly losing her appetite.

Wale was about to say more; he wanted to tell her about how Ivan had slept with all his personal assistants and dumped their a-s; he wanted to tell her about the bet he made with Pod and how everyone in the company was expecting her to fall for his charms but he wouldn’t; he couldn’t.

He knew what it meant to like somebody. Love blinded people and that was what it was doing to Brunette.

‘Okay, I am just trying to look out for you’ he shrugged. He had been distracted a few minutes from his own personal problems. But the hollowness and the pain he felt had returned.

‘I know you are worried about me, but I can take of myself’ she was defiant.

‘Okay okay, can we go now’? He asked.

‘No. Talk to me Wale, what’s wrong with you’? Jane asked, her brown eyes dancing all over him.

Wale was a cheerful guy, he made her laugh most of the time they spent together but now, he was the dull one and it bothered her.

‘My girlfriend broke up with me’ He replied.

‘Oh, I am so sorry about that, I thought…I’ she stuttered.

‘That I am gay? Why does everyone think that’? Wale scoffed.

‘Well, you know a lot about fashion and make-up’ she shrugged.

‘That’s not enough reason to make you think I am gay. I am a 100% straight and the woman I loved most just broke my heart, I feel horrible’ he was dead inside, only Brunette’s smile gave him a reason to be happy.

‘I am so sorry, what was the reason for the break-up’? She asked.

‘She is into rich guys and I am just the Security man’ he shrugged and beckoned on the waiter.

‘Whoa, that’s really hard and cruel to her, she doesn’t know just how amazing you are’ Jane reached out for his hands and gave it a comforting squeeze.

‘Thanks, Jane, promise me you will be careful with our boss’ Wale stared into her beautiful eyes, he hated Ivan with everything in him and hoped Jane wouldn’t fall prey to his ways.

‘I promise, what do you really have against Ivan’? She asked.

‘Nothing’ Wale replied and released a breath.

How could he tell her that he had been dating Samantha? He had helped her get a job as Ivan’s personal assistant and immediately she got the job she started sleeping with him.

He had forgiven her and continued with their relationship; he was deeply in love with her and was ready to overlook all her shortcomings including her cheating ways but she had ended their relationship that day.

She called him a punk and a loser who is unwilling to make cool money and get rich.

‘So, what do I do about this note because I have a strong feeling my boss just asked me out’ she jiggled and jumped on her feet feeling very excited her dreams had come to pass.

‘Ask him’ Wale replied curtly.

‘Are you kidding me’? She laughed.

‘You need to be sure the note is from him, don’t raise your hopes only to get it dashed. Okay, take for instance, let’s say he was trying to woo another lady and she rejected his doughnuts and he brought them to you, what do you think about that’?

She was silent for a while as she pondered on Wale’s line of thought; he helped her to see clearly.

She had been so excited and her love for Ivan shielded her eyes from seeing the truth.

‘I have been so stupid Wale’ she released a breath.

‘No, you are not stupid. Liking him does not make you stupid, don’t ever say that’ he curled his arms round her shoulders.

‘I just really like him, from the first day I set eyes on him, something stopped inside of me. I guess you are right, I am not even his spec. I am not pretty enough like the girls on Vogue magazine, why would he want me’? Her confidence dropped to a zero degree.

‘Honey, trust me, you are more beautiful than all the models combined together on the Vogue or the Elle, but I don’t think Ivan is the right man for you’ Wale repeated.

‘Can you stop saying that? I feel worse whenever you do’ she rolled her eyes.

‘Sure, I need to take this’ he quickly took his hands off her and fetched his buzzing phone, Samantha was calling.

His heart raced as he imagined she had called him to mend their broken relationship.


The day was over and he’d driven his siblings back to the mansion; the car had been very silent as no one was in the mood to talk.

Kira busied herself with plans on how to takedown Samantha, her brothers’ ex who was bent on tarnishing the image of the company.

Ryan was torn between his elder brother and Kira, whose side was he going to take?

He loved Ivan very much and wanted him to be happy but Kira was seeing beyond love, she was being realistic and practical; she knew what would be best for everyone.

‘So Ivan, how do you plan to handle Samantha’? Kira asked.

‘You don’t need to worry, I can work my magic on her’ he replied coolly, his sister was starting to get on his nerves. She didn’t have to act like she owned the company and everything Samantha would launch would fall on her. He was deeply involved in this mess more than the rest of his family.

‘You should really be happy dad and mum went on their vacation, the more reason you should act fast before the news spreads globally’ she added.

‘Alright, I have had enough of your attitude, what’s this? You’re so judgy and insensitive. I don’t have time for this’ he turned off the car once they arrived home and rushed out of it.

To be continued….