Almost Pretty Episode 11


Welcome’ he settled into his chair and watched her closely; he hoped he was doing the right thing.

She blushed the whole time as she chewed the doughnuts; they seemed to be from a very classy restaurant as she had never eaten something so delicious before.

A smile curved on her lips as she remembered the conversation she had with Wale her friend; she had told him she had a crush on the boss but he had warned her to be careful as their boss was a heartbreaker.

She stole a glance at Ivan Roseau, his head was buried in the files that he worked on; he wasn’t paying any attention to her.

Why would her boss buy her doughnuts? Why would he care?

‘I’ll like to take some air outside’ she announced and rose to her feet.

‘Oh, go ahead, you’re free’ Ivan managed a smile.

Her heart stopped as she stared into his face, he looked more handsome when he smiled; his smile brought light to the rest of his features and made him more appealing.

‘You’re free’ Ivan repeated, it seemed she had not heard him.

He had that feeling again that she desired him strongly from the way she stared at him.

‘Thank you Sir’ she crimsoned and rushed out of the office.

Ivan watched as she walked out of the office, he loved the view of her back; she wasn’t too big there, but she had a neat and firm bottom that sat on a pair of incredibly sexy legs.

‘We have a problem Ivan’ his sister, Kira burst into the office minutes after Jane was gone.

‘Can’t I have peace for once’? Ivan rolled his eyes and ran his fingers through his hair.

His blue eyes ran over his sister recklessly, what was happening?

‘We have a huge problem, something that may affect the company, your reputation and everything we have suffered to build and this is all your fault’ she dropped a magazine on his table.

‘I don’t understand you, what are you talking about’? Ivan grabbed the magazine and flipped through the pages.

His name was plastered in red at the tenth page and that made him more curious.

‘Samantha, she is such a terrible liar, I never harassed her sexually’ he threw the magazine on the table.

‘Tell that to the court, she is planning to sue us and you know d–n right that she would milk a lot of money from us, should she take this to the court’ Kira replied.

It wasn’t a secret that her brother had the habit of sleeping with his personal assistants and firing them after he’d grown weary of them. Samantha wasn’t the type to be joked with, she was ambitious and greedy and would do anything to get money from Ivan.

‘So what are we going to do’? Ivan asked. He was confused and infuriated that Samantha would tell the “Reach out Daily” that he had harassed her sexually.

‘You. What are you going to do? You brought this upon yourself Ivan and you need to fix this’ Kira replied.

‘All what she wants is money, maybe we should give her that, it could stop her from going to the court’ Ryan strolled into the office and joined his siblings.

‘But you both know I did not harass her, what we had was consensual, I don’t understand why she would tell lies about me’ Ivan replied.

‘I believe you bro, but the court wouldn’t believe you. Just get her some cash and make this disappear’ Ryan raised the magazine up.

‘And about your new Personal assistant, I think you should put a hold on the feelings you have for her, till all these is over. I don’t even think you should date her, it could cause more trouble. She looks like a broke a-s and may want to manipulate you. So quench any feeling that you may have for her’ Kira advised.

Ivan thought he had not heard his sister well, he couldn’t deny his feelings for Jane anymore; she was nice and humble and he’d grown to like her, coupled with her new look.

‘I can’t’ he replied curtly.

‘What do you mean you can’t’? Kira’s eyes blazed. It seemed her brother did not understand the impact Samantha’s interview with the magazine would cost the company.

‘I sort of asked her out’ Ivan replied.

‘How did you do that’? Ryan raised his brow.

‘I slipped in a note in a bag containing the doughnuts that I bought her’ he sank into his chair.

‘Doesn’t matter, if she knows it’s from you, you can just deny you weren’t the one. If you ask me, it’s not a big deal’ Kira suggested.

‘But that would mean humiliating her’ he said.

‘Doesn’t matter, she would get over it’ Kira replied and walked away.

‘What do you think bro’? Ivan stared at his younger brother.

‘I think Kira is right. It’s for the good of the company’ Ryan said.

‘But what about my own happiness? I would find a way to fix Samantha’s case but I would never let go of something this important, I have never felt this way for any other woman before. I have feelings for her and I am not going to quench it simply because you two asked’ Ivan wouldn’t be cowered into killing his feelings for Jane.

He was going to pursue it to the very end.

‘I guess I have no option but to support you’ Ryan winked.

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* * * * * * *

‘Hey Pod, have you seen Wale’? She asked.

‘Yes, he’s been acting really funny though’ Pod replied in a gruff voice.

‘Funny? I don’t understand’ she raised a brow.

‘Here he comes, you could ask him’ Pod returned the paper he was reading.

‘Hey brunette, how are you’? Wale winked and placed a peck on her face.

‘I am fine, are you okay’? She noticed a sad expression in his eyes.

‘Yes…I think I am’ he forced a smile, which didn’t go unnoticed by her.

‘Wow, you are such a terrible liar, can we talk? I have a lot to tell you’ she winked excitedly.

‘Let’s go to the coffee shop then, I could really use a drink’ he suggested.

Minutes later they were seated in a coffee shop which was a stone throw from the company.

‘What’s that glint in your eyes’? Wale smiled and winked. Jane looked very beautiful whenever she smiled, something was up.

‘Care for some doughnuts’? She handed him the bag.

‘Sure’ he snatched the bag from her and dipped his hand into it.

‘Where did you get this from? Looks kind of expensive’ he asked.

‘Take a bite first and I will tell you’.

He felt something light brush his fingers, he quickly fetched it out and noticed it was a piece of paper.

‘What now’? He stared at it.

‘What’s that’? She stretched her palm for the paper.

‘I think the someone just asked you out’ blood drained from his face as he read the note aloud.

‘Are you serious’? She quickly snatched the paper from him.

I want you to be my girlfriend, what do you say?

‘Who got you these doughnuts’? Wale asked after taking a bite.

‘Ivan’ she murmured her boss’ name.

To be continued