Almost Pretty Episode 15


I know you spoke to a local magazine and you told them lies; why did you have to lie baby? I thought you enjoyed our relationship while it lasted’ he laced his tongue with honey; this was the only way to get her.

‘Are you kidding me? Do you think that line would work? You’re more shallow than I thought’ she rose to her feet and walked towards her cellar, fetched herself a glass and a bottle of scotch.

‘What do you want from me, Sam’? He scoffed, this was going to be more difficult than he thought.

‘You used and dumped me like I didn’t matter; I thought I was different from the rest of the women that you slept with; I felt like a princess favored by her prince charming; I even dumped my boyfriend because of you. I want you to suffer for humiliating me’ she gulped the hot liquid down her throat.

‘And I want money too, lots of it’ she quickly added.

‘I could arrange for that’ Ivan exhaled; he knew her type, easy to get or silence with money.

‘Is that all you’re going to say? Aren’t you even sorry for dumping me and treating me like trash’? She couldn’t believe him.

‘What do you want me to say, Samantha? If I told you that I am a changed man, that I have realized the value of others; that I no longer sleep around, would that make a difference? If I told you that I am sorry for hurting you, would it make a difference? Tell me, Samantha, would it’? He rose to his feet and walked towards her.

She had never seen him this way; something had changed in him.

‘I am truly sorry for the way I treated you, but you shouldn’t tell lies about me; you know my reputation would smeared along with the company’s, please don’t let me lose everything. Everything we did was consensual, have a rethink Sam’ he begged.

She said nothing. Silent and surprise numbed her lips. Who could believe that the great Ivan Roseau could apologize?

‘I’ll talk to the magazine to take off the interview and I promise not to go to court’ she swallowed the last remains of her drink.

‘Oh my God thanks so much’ he felt relieved.

‘Don’t thank me yet, I have not forgiven you totally, I want us to be in love again. I want us to go back to the way we used to be’ her eyes were dreamy as she spoke.

Ivan’s euphoria swam away in the water of reality as her words registered.

‘I can’t do what you’re asking’ he replied without thinking.

‘Why’? She narrowed her brows.

‘Nothing. Just forget me Sam, take the money I would offer and leave’ he replied.

This was totally unlike Ivan. How could he expect her to let go of him that easily? How could he tell her to forget the passionate way he had kissed her or the way he made love to her like no man had ever?

‘I am sorry Sam, but I am not that man anymore’ he sighed. He truly regretted his past; his feelings for Jane had bought him a new conscience and a new mind.

‘What is that look in your eyes’? She couldn’t miss it. It was the look of a man in love.

‘You’re in love with someone else and that is why you are repulsed by the idea of us being together’ she observed.

‘Yes, I am’ Ivan replied and rushed out of her house.

She felt greatly enraged as his cologne faded from her house; she had thought of granting him a pardon, but now, she would visit Ivan with full force.

How could he fall in love with another woman after all the things they had shared?

She poured another glass of scotch and settled herself on her sofa ready to drown in the liquor when she heard a knock on her door.

She had called him earlier so they could work together; her eyes strayed briefly to the clock that hung on the wall; it had to be him.

Without an alibi, someone to stand by her, she wasn’t going to win this case against Ivan; she had thought about it deeply and had approached him.

‘You came’ her lips twitched as she stared into his face.

‘You look beautiful tonight…’ he stuttered as he took her lovely eyes and her golden brown hair.

‘Come on in Wale, we have a lot to talk about’ Sam winked.

Wale had always been an ardent admirer of blondes and brunette; from the very first time he had set eyes on Samantha, he developed a crush on her but she did not feel the same.

She had been sleeping with Ivan at the time and that really bruised his ego.

‘I would do it’ he said curtly.

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Ivan deserved to be sued and milked dry of millions, he was the reason he had lost his darling Samantha and he was about doing the same thing to Jane. He needed to be taught a lesson.

‘Wow darling and here I was thinking you didn’t have guts, apparently you’re the kind of man I should be looking for’ Samantha felt pleased that he had agreed to work with her.

‘What I am about doing is dangerous, I need something from you’ Wale rubbed his hands nervously as he raked his eyes all over her.

‘And that would be? Name your price, I could write you a check’ she dropped her glass and swiftly rose to her feet.

‘No, I don’t want money, I want more’ Wale joined her standing.

‘What do you want Wale’? She rolled her eyes.

She felt irritated that he would crave for her; she liked men that were made like Ivan; made and polished and not some Security man with a cheap salary.

‘You’ he replied.

‘You cannot have me’ she replied bluntly.

‘Why’? Her words flayed his flesh once again.

‘I am not in the dating market right now’ Samantha lied smoothly; she needed his help to bring Ivan down.

‘Alright. Then I am not helping you’ he shrugged and quickly turned towards the door.

‘Wait’! She called after him, she couldn’t lose Wale now.

‘Once we win the case, we’ll go on a date’.

‘Are you sure about that or you’re just trying to act smart’? He scanned her carefully.

‘I promise’ she crossed her heart.

‘I guess I am in, when do I get to testify’? Wale couldn’t wait to tell the court how Ivan was sexually harassing Sam.

‘In two days time’ her eyes glowed with confidence and determination.


Ryan had stood a few miles away from Sam’s house. He watched as his brother left and he was more astonished when he saw Wale, one of the security guards at Roseau Softwares stepping out of Samantha’s house.

‘What the’? He fetched his phone and took snapshots, something was fishy.

He pondered on Kira’s assignment, how could he walk in there and tell Samantha to file the case to court; an action that he knew would ruin his brother’s life and damage his career forever.

To be continued