All That Glitters Episode 9


Dre hurried them up, They all climbed and reached the balcony of the third floor, Muna was the last one up, As he struggled to pull himself up Dre reached forward and helped him up, Their heavy grunting seemed a little loud, Tobi hushed them to be qiuet

“Shhhh!” It seems like he saw something or someone in the staff office, They all pointed their attention towards what he was looking at, He was right, There were people in the office but it was hard to make out who they were Or how many they were, They crouched low and tiptoed to the wall window to peek through, It was too dark to identify who these guys Were

“Muna” Dre called Muna nodded and came forward, It was a very useful advantage to have that kind of gift, He lifted his head slightly towards the window and peered thru the darkness, After scanning the entire area he moved from the window And turned to face the guys

“There are 8 guys and it seems like they’re searching for something” John scrunched his face

“Could it be armed robbers!” Tobi gave him a slight smack on the hand

“What will armed robbers be looking for here punk”! From inside the noise the unknown individuals were making seems to have increased

“Just break it open if you can’t find a key,,,search that place too!, ,,hey make sure you cover that area is that clear,,,!!” Their leader was busy gishing out orders, That voice sounded familiar to Muna, There is no mistaking it

*yes that’s definitely-* Muna looked at Dre “They’re not armed robbers,,,but I don’t need nightvision to remember juma’s voice” All the guys widened their eyes, Why the hell was juma and his boys here, Those guys are just unbearable

Dre mushed in worry, Juma and his boys were reckless individuals Their presence here could just ruin their plans for the night

“Look whatever it is they are here for is their own business ,,,we ourselves need to focus on why we are here ,,,and that’s getting that permit” Dre said emphatically

“But they are in mr sams office,,,and his office is the last room on this block” Mike retorted

“Mike is right,,,there is no way we can get to his office without passing through here first” john added Muna sighed and said

“We ll just wait for them to do whatever it is they want to do, when they r done we move in,,,” he sat on the floor and leaned on the wall

“But what do you think this guys are looking for” Tobi quizzed him as he peeped through the window

“I don’t know,,,exam papers,,,text scripts,,,or their life ,,thah one is their own business”

“Well we’ll find out soon” Dre added watching as juma and his boys were already moving out, It seems like they were done and were already making their way outside, Dre and the guys hurried to a corner to hide from being noticed, Juma and his boys stepped out and made way for the stairs

*finally we’ll be able to do this thing and get out of here* Muna thought Then just as they were about to start going down the stairs, Out of the blues Tobis china phone rang out loud with his ringtone being trap queen by fetty wap, Tobi quickly smashed it on the floor to stop the loud ringing, All the guys had their mouth wide open As they stared disbelievingly at Tobi

“I dont ,,,,it wasn’t,,,the thing just,,,,” Tobi couldn’t voice out an explanation, Juma and his boys who were already halfway down the stairs now started going back up, So someone has been there watching them all this while eh, They thought as they went back to face the intruders, Muna could hear their footsteps now

*dammnit,,,* Juma was not a rational thinker In a situation like this when everyone is supposed to find a way to escape he would rather pick a fight with the cleansweepers instead of running

“Tobi I told you to put your freaky phone on silent,,,!!!” Dre shouted at him

“I,,,I did,,its,,,the thing just-” Tobi tried to speak but then The school alarm went off, The loud siren could be heard all over the premises, Juma s Topped and looked at his boys

“What did you guys do,,,,!!” He grabbed one by the collar “I thought I told you guys not to touch anything without my permission”

“We didn’t ,,,we didn’t touch anything boss” the boy nervously replied, Juma roughened the boy a little but released him as soon as he heard

“The staff block,,,the staff block!!!,, the intruders must be there” That was the night guards rushing to the biulding

“Sh*t” juma cursed “Let’s get out of here” They hurried down the stairs and made away But back upstairs Dre and the guys already made into mr samsons “highly secured” office Thanks to mikes expertise They took out their permits from his Locker and replaced it with counterfeits forged documents, Unlike juma and his boy.

Dre and and his guys made a smooth OP And covered their tracks well, The office was like no one ever entered there But unfortunayely As they hurried outside The night guards were already climbing up the stairs

“In the office,,,they are in the office go go!!!” Flashlighgs and footsteps were already closing in on them, There was nowhere else to get out of the than the stairs So in other words They are trapped!! Tobi started

“Oh no. ,Dre we’re done for,,,what are we going to do ,,,I don’t want to. Go to jail, I’m too young,,,Nooooo, oh God please I beg you ,,,don’t let me ,,,don’t let my life end up like this,,,,oooh,,,mummy o,,,why me”

“Shut up!!” Dre slapped some sense into Tobi to make him regain his composure

“Muna ,,,” Dre called for his input, Muna racked his brain for a while, The guards were already at the staff office

” ahh!! My God oo!!! Maybe if I go out and surrender they will let me go” Tobi announced as he rushed off to the door, Dre nudged Mike and Mike understood, He quckly swerved and sweeped Tobi to the floor before he could reached the door he and john pounced on him to pin him down and stop him from doing something reckless, Dre looked at Muna again

“Come on man,,,anything at all” Suddenly Muna widened his eyes as he stared at the office window

*of course,,,at the back of this block is the snooker room,,,we could jump through the window and land on the roof, The idea came through

“Guys put on your mask,,,follow me” They all wore their masks and got ready to move, By now the guards were already upstairs and banging on mr sams office door

“Open up you burglars,,,open the door and come out in peace!!” They screamed from outside

“Let’s go” Muna stated, They all followed Muna as he did a tiger jump(kung) from the window and landed on the snooker room office, From there to the classroom blocks roof Then over the mast And ontop of the bathroom roof, They just kept running and jumping

“On the roof,!!,,they re on the roof!! The guards announced to themselves, Mike cracked a little smile, He looked at john and said

“This like playing vector or playman extreme in real life ehn” John summersaulted over a chimney block and replied him

“Except in this one there is no “play again button” if you fall you re finished,,,so you better don’t trip” They kept moving and reached the last block

“We should climb down to the field and held for the front gate” They followed Muna and hurried down

“Hey you theifs,,,!! Stop there!!,, ” Seems like there was a guard who was posted at that spot

“Quick ,,,you guys,,, ,,!!” Muna hurried them down and went to face the guard, He raised his two hands up in fake surrender, The guard approached Muna and brought out binds to bind his hands

“Good ,,,common theifs should just-” The guard didn’t finish cus as soon as he was close to Muna,,,Muna grabbed his head and brought his face straight to his knees, Blood dripped from the guards nose But he was still standing, Muna stepped back a little then gave him a roundhouse kick that sent the man flying towards the field

“What were you saying,,,,Common eh?,,” He mockingly asked him, The guys were already down, They rushed to the gate and climbed up Over it

“Stop you burglars,,,!! Stop in the name of the law!!” More night guards were pouring out from behind them, Whistles were blowing from everyangle,Tobi who was quiet all this while Suddenly burst out in his running as soon as he heard gunshots, He overtook the other guys and was screaming out

“Emi ke!!!,,,I no use gun play oh!!,,,,out of the way,,,out of my way, oooh!!,,” He forced himself forward and started running like a madman I swear if usain bolt and Tobi were in a competition right now bolt would never reach his speed

“Tobi,whah,,,where are you going,,,” john Tried calling out to him, The madman just kept running

“Johnny,,,I no know o,,,I hear gun o,,,,,man must noh die o,,,its every cleansweeper for himself” Tobi ran close And jumped onto the back of a moving truck, The guys saw the vehicle zoom off

“Chai,,,crazy kid” mike stated

“Just keep running ” Dre ordered

,,,, ,,,

The entire street was lit with noise But cleansweep at this point were nowhere to be found, Mike had found where he packed his bike and he and john made a quick escape with it, As for Dre and Muna, Well no one knows the kari streets better, They found a shortcut and made it home, The event was out of 100 ,,,,70% succesful `

Muna jogged a little on reaching his area, He headed for the door and opened it up, As he stepped in Bills barked a little

” easy boy its just me” He calmed the dog and petted it, He took off his black jackets,,and placed them on the bed Including gloves,,facemask e.t.c He fell faceflat on the bed and took a deep breath

“Pffffah,,, what a crazy day” He couldn’t believe that such a mis-fortune like juma could befall them On a day they already planned out

“Well,,,atleast we have it now” He reached for his back pockets and brought out his permit It was neatly folded in an envelope, A smile of satisfaction crossed his lips, As usual His mind wandered through the entire event that occured during the day, He closed his eyes to sleep But he flipped it open again, He tho Ught about what nearly occured between him and sonia that evening

*no ,,noh,,it was nothing,,,absolutely nothing* He convinced himself as his eyes dulled again.

“Muna,,,Muna wake up please help me” Muna opened his eyes and saw Mike with a pleading face,

“Mike, ,whah,,,what’s going on” Mike held his hands tight

“Help me Muna please,,,he wants to kill me” Muna sat up and with a confused face he asked

“Whah,, who wants to kill you” Mike was almost crying now

“Oooh,,,its mr sam o,,,he is coming for me,,,please you have to save me Muna ” With a gruntled face Muna started

“Mike,,,there is no such thing,,,Sammy is not going to-” Muna couldn’t finish As he was interrupted by mr Samsons terrible voice

“So you punks thought I wouldn’t find out eh!!!!,,, now enter my points book,,,ENTER!!!! ENTER!!!” It was as if his hands increased to size of an entire car as Mr Samson stretched to grab them, Muna looked warily at the entranged creature coming towards them

*how the heck did this thing enter my room* he tried to understand what was going on

“YOU MUST ENTER!!!,” Mr samson continued as his gigantic hands grabbed Mike and started puling him

“Noo Mike!!” Muna yelled Mike struggled

“Help me,,,pls save me Muna,,, !!oh dont Let him take me noo!!,,,Munaa!,,MUNA!!!!” His hands slipped away as Muna couldn’t hold him anymore and mr samsons book swallowed up Mike, Muna just watched with a horrified look, He chased after them but they seemed to be dissapearing Away from existence

”’ ”’ ”’ ”’

“Muna,,,Muna,,,munachi!!,,,my friend wake up” Muna opened his eyes And saw Mike staring at him with an annoyed look “How can somebody be sleeping and be calling out another persons name” Mike quizzed him “See if they’ve initiated you tell them you did not see me ,,,must you be calling me to your coven” Mike asked again

Muna sat up and cleaned his eyes, it was such a lucid vision, he looked at the clock 7 :30 am

*so its already morning * he thought

“Uh ,,,sorry Mike,,,I ,,,I think I was dreaming” Mike studied him for a moment Then sighed

” I don’t wanna know about it,,,prepare ,,,we are already late,, for school,” Mike told him and then as Muna stood up to get ready he noticed the keyhole of his door had been tampered with, He shook his head as he looked at Mike who was already stuffing himself in the kitchen

*he will never change* Muna was already in the bathroom when he heard Mike scream

“,whaaaaat!!” He rushed off tying a towell To check what was wrong

*its not possible that mr sam actually came here now* He pushed open the kitchen door and entered