All That Glitters Episode 10


““whaaat!” Mike screamed from the kitchen, Muna quickly went on alert he grabbed the nearest stick he could find and rushed off to the kitchen hoping to find an intruder or any impending danger, he was shocked when he got there, all he could see was Mike comfortably sitting on the floor and forcing large spoons of porridge into his mouth, it was the porridge sonia brought for him yesterday, Muna shook his head in disbelief at him

“Mike,,,just tell me why?,,,,just why?” Muna said it emphatically, Mike looked up and with a full mouth he tried to speak

“omph,,,mhuna,,,yo-,,you havvh,, ommh,,,where did you get this delicioush barda” Muna simply turned around and headed back to the bathroom, Mike stood up,,caried his plate and went after him “hey answer me na,,,who gave you porridge” Mike called after him

“what’s your business I cooked it” Muna irratinly replied him, Mike broke out laughing

“you?,,,cook barda,,,yeah right,,,in your dreams or where” Muna turned around and faced him

“so are you saying I can’t cook an ordinary porridge” Mike dropped his plate and began

“Muna look,,,barda is not an ordinary porrigde,,,it is a special dish only a true nupe/kanuri tribe can prepare” Muna folded his arms and listened to him speak and Mike continued “I was born here in bongos but my parents are from jos,,,do you even know what barda dish signifies” Muna kept quiet, Mike smiled and continued “it is prepared when a girl has met her soulmate,,she asks her mother for permission to make the dish and offer it to him,,once he accepts it and eats it,,,they become betrothed,,,and spiritually linked for life,,,so tell me the truth now who gave you this porridge” Muna gave him a mock applause

“king of superstition ,,,I hail thee” Mike shook his head at him

“I don’t blame you,,,you are not worried about this because you don’t know anything about nupe tradition,,,hell,,,you’re not even a nigerian,,” Muna took the dishes back to the kitchen and replied him

“my dad is igbo you fool” mike revved up

“dude that’s not enough,,,I mean look at you,,,you don’t even look like an african,,,your accent is so weird,,,can you even speak igbo,,,cuz I’m sure your european mom didn’t know anything about the lingo” Muna simply ignored mike’s annoying teasing, this was one thing he hated about having Mike around, his uncontrollable toungue and uncontrollable attitude, Mike just kept rattling on and on as Muna prepared for school, he didn’t even notice Muna wasn’t even listening again

”’ ”’ ”’

A range rover 2017 model drove into the school compound of Rand high, the window slowly went down as a girl pushed open the door and stepped in, most student passing by stared foolishly at the pretty girl and her affluent entourage, she seemed to be making a call as she waved at the man at the driver seat goodbye, the man waved back at her and drove out again, at the other end of the phone the caller seemed to be in a non amusing conversation with her

“so just manage at your uncles place for now okay” her mood was a little blurry as she asked

“but what of the allowances” the caller sighed and replied her

“halima we talked about this ,,for now I can’t increase that untill,,,look untill ive cleared the debts I owe,,,things will be a lot harder but till then please bear with me,,” she was clearly not happy with the conversation she was having as her voice quickly changed

“but I thought we-” she was interrupted by a girl waving and calling out her name,,,she waved back and finished up her chat “look dad,,,just call me back okay,,,this whole change is not clear to me” she hung up and walked towards the girl

“hello rita”

“hi halima” they hugged each other like they’ve known each other for long halima just joined this school two days ago (I don’t understand this thing about girls ,,) they continued walking back to their class and chatted on the way

“so how are you liking rand high school,,,hope its not too below your standards” rita asked

“well its ok” alima replied, rita looked at her and continued l

“hmmn,,I know you are used to more high class facilities like the ones in hillcrest model school,,,But don’t worry, Rand also has such closely related facilites too” halima smiled and replied her

” rita ,,I’m not complaining of anything ,,,like I said,,,its perfectly okay” rita nodded and said

“just assuring you though,,,oh and by the way,,,we can continue your orientation today if you like,,,I’ll introduce you to the teachers,,,and some vip students” halima raised an eyebrow

“vip?,,,there are vip students here?” she asked rita nodded ,,,she was smiling as she said

“trust me girl,,,there are some vip you would really be interested in” halima shrugged her shoulders

“I hope so,,,so far not much has really interested me here” they reached the hallway and walked directly to their class, rita said again

“don’t worry ,,,you would change your mind soon”

”’ ”’ ”’

“but how come you couldn’t catch it” john asked again, Tobi groaned out loud

“arrh,,,I could not because,,,I was holding a bag heavier than a car battery” john revved

“ehn but still you could have jumped higher,,,or did you not jump at all” Tobi groaned again

“arrrgh,,johnny please not today again,,,I’m not in the mood for your twenty questions ,,puhlease” but john asked again

“so then ,,you are saying you didn’t jump at all” Tobi stood up immediately and screamed at him

“for crying out loud!!,,,tell me how I’m supposed to jump higher with such a heavy load on my back” john simply crossed his arms and said in an easy manner

“its because your skills are too amateurish,,,you can’t even handle a simple bag” Tobi clenched his fist in annoyance maybe teaching him a little lesson would shut this trap up, he stepped closer to john and as he was about to- someone placed their hand over his eyes, the girl whispered to his ears

“Guess who baby” Tobi immediately released john’s collar which he grabbed before he let his hands grip the girls hip and bring her to face him, she looked a little annoyed

“I said guess,,,or you couldn’t tell it was me” Tobi gave one of his heartmelting smile and told her

” of course not,,,I knew it was you,,,cos no one else can have such audacity to tattle with me like that” john rolled his eyes that was a big lie, Tobi didn’t want to risk mentioning a name cos he wasn’t sure which one of his girls, it could have been she revved and asked him

“are you sure,,,what about-” he stopped her by placing a hand on her lips, he then pulled her closer and asked

“what did I tell you before,,,didn’t I say,,,from the very first day I set eyes on you,,,I no longer have any business with any other girl but you,,,? she nodded and he continued ” now look,,,from now on,,you are my trap queen,,,my music inspiration,,,my all in all,,,the only pick to my quitar,,,the light of my stage,,,and the voice of my songs” the girl was simply smiling in admiration of his words, john simply rolled and rolled his eyes,,,at one point he made a puking motion at Tobi,,which Tobi quickly ignored, the gurl just kept smiling sheepishly,,she couldn’t believe her ears but they were just playboy lines Tobi used in getting into the pants of girls he had been with she had to give something back had to make him know that she was serious else she could loose this opprtunity, I mean Tobi is a cleansweeper for crying out loud, she made a bold move by wrapping an arm over his neck and whispering to his ears

“you know.,,,there is no body in the store room,,,let’s continue this talk there” something clinged in tobi’s brain, he flashed a big smile at john as the girl pulled him towards the store room, he looked back and mouthed to him, ‘I’ll be back‘ john simply shook his head as he watched them go

“that one will surely not make heaven,,,there is nothing that walks in a skirt that he won’t go after” while he was still speaking he noticed Dre and Mike coming through the opposite corridor, Mike was walking behind as Dre led with a boy beside him, he had one arm over the boy and was chatting with him as they walked from afar, one would think Dre and the boy were very close friends but actually the boy was being coerced, he was afraid of what would happen to him if he didn’t co-operate with Dre

“so you see my good friend,, its times like this you will get to test the true loyalty among best friends” he tightened his grip and continued “all I’m saying is ,,I couldn’t have a decent meal today,,,but I’m sure as my good friend you would be kind enough to buy me lunch at break today right”? the boy looked at Dre and nervously replied

“frie-,,friends?,,,but to-,,today is the first time I’ve ever spoken to you in my entire life” Dre playfully patted his head

“aww come on now,,,don’t talk like that,,,we’ve been friends for a long time you may not remember,,” he held him again “now about the food,,,I hope you fully understand me” his voice was more sterner and serious now “right”? the nervous boy simply nodded and Dre continued “now I’m letting you,go,,but make sure you don’t forget or run away,,because if you do” Dre turned the boy and looked directly to his face and spoke using a Tony Montana’s voice “I will look for you,,,I will find you,,,and I will kill you” the boy’s frightened look increased on his face as he stared at Dre then suddenly Dre burst out laughing “I’m just kidding ,,,gosh you are shaking like a leaf,,,those words are from a movie,,,they r not mine okay relax” Mike and john just giggled at the entire scene, Mike whispered to john

°are you sure that kid hasn’t pee’ed in his trousers already°° Dre patted the boys head and tilted him to go “now run along to your class,,,but just remember my food okay” the boy hurriedly left them and went away, Dre turned towards Mike and john and said “alright boys today lunch is on me ,,,eat what you want,,,I’ll pay,,,I mean that kid will pay,,,but he is paying for me so its still the same thing” Dre looked for a table to stand on but there was no table around the corrridor so he simply climbed on the iron garder then he started

“Boys!!,,last night operation was a blast!,,kudos to you guys for playing your respective roles properly,,thank you very much,,,altough it would have been better if that good-for-nothing cassanova had switched of his phone like I asked him to” john and Mike chuckled

“yeah it was Tobi ‘s fault the school alarm went off,,,but thanks to Muna for marking out that perfect escape plan” john said

“yeah we owe Muna some kudo’s for that,,,but you know Tobi is a very reckless individual,,,I’m not surprised his phone rang at such a crucial time” Mike added

“hmmn” Dre nodded his head but suddenly he raised his eyebrows “speaking of the two devils where is the guru and that useless cassanova ” Dre asked them, Mike looked at john and john replied Dre

” I’m not sure where the guru is,,,but mr cassanova is over there” john pointed at the direction

“what is he doing in the store room”Mike asked him john scrunched his face and started

“well the thing is,,,there was this girl and um,,he-” Dre simply sighed and shook his head

“its only God that can help Tobi ,,,Even in school too!” he blurted out

”’ ”’ ”’

Muna strolled slowly along the staff office corridor, he looked as vibrant as ever with a new fitting uniform, he hadn’t cut his hair for a long time,,,but had allowed it to grow atleast 5cm longer, he just walked easily with his hands in his pocket and his white earpeice glued to his ears, there were sometimes he just felt like spending time alone,,,even away from his clean sweep buddies, as he walked along he saw the principal walking towards him and chatting with a stranger, the stranger had a very coperate dressing and a tone of confidence in his voice, Muna wondered what kind of profession the man was into

*well,,,not my business,,,who cares* he took off his earpiece and bowed a little to greet the principal

“good morning sir” the principal stopped for a while and replied him

“eh,,morning my boy ,,how you doing” then continued his conversation with the man, as Muna passed them he could hear a few words from their chat

“so just do your best please” the man smiled and replied the principal

“don’t worry at all sir,,,the investigation is already being carried out and the culprits would be rooted out soon” the man replied, Muna stopped for a while on hearing that he wondered in his mind what their coversation means

*what investigation,,,which culprits* he had a puzzling look on his face as he walked faster to find the other guyz

”’ ”’ ”’

the small store room was a little dark but visible enough for Tobi to see the right places to use his hands, he had pinned the girl to the wall and was smooching her all over, silent moans escaped her mouth as Tobi continued his assault, they were both breathing faster now as their lips interlocked, he lifted her up and placed her to sit on a table while he stood facing her, he cupped his hands on one of her boobs and fondled it generously, she made a light sound then Tobi unclipped his belt and one hand started lifting up her skirt as his hands moved on her bare laps closer to her undies she stopped him and pulled his hands away, they continued kissing Tobi tried again but she did it again he now had a puzzled look on his face

“what’s wrong,,,don’t you love me as I do” she calmed her breath

“I do,,,I really do”

“then what’s the problem,,,or don’t you think I meant it when I said I love you”

“no no,,,its not that, I know you mean it,” she replied Tobi revved

“then just relax let me-” she interrupted

“no babe,,,not here,,,some one could walk in and catch us”

“don’t worry I locked the door” she raised an eyebrow

“Tobi you don’t even have a condom with you,,,how do you expect us to continue without it’ Tobi opened his mouth to say something but closed it back again, the truth is if she hadn’t stopped him he would have banged her right there without caring for a condom, he had a dissapointed look on his face, she raised his head and said to him

“don’t worry babe,,,my mom won’t be around tonight,,so you can come over to my place alright” tobi lightened up and smiled wildly like a fool, he held her and started pouring kisses all over her which made her giggle and smile as he was doing it he was

“I swear,,,I will never,,,ever have anything to do with anyother girl with my life (mtcheew,,,story for the gods) the school bell signaling the end of free period, the girl gently pushed Tobi from his rummaging on her

“tobii,,come on enough,,,we should get to class now” he disengaged from her and they left the room

”’ ”’. ”’

all the guys except for Muna were already making their way towards their different classes they saw Tobi on the way, he was adjusting his uniform and stupidly singing /eeh love o,,,30 billion for your account my baby,,,/ /but I must chuku chuuku you/ Dre simply stopped and stared at him with disbelief he said it simply

“hey Tobi”


“you disgust me”

“thank you my brother” Tobi replied and continued his song walking in front of them,