The Replacement Girl Episode 27


“How do I look like? Good, huh?” Rania asked standing by the door of our inner sitting room.

“Of course you look good” I smiled at her.

“Okey, snap me then” She said.

“Alright” I said as I gave her a quick snap.

Rania and I had been married for three years now, and Alhamdulillah she was now four months pregnant. At first, I was scared lest it ends up like the case of Naziha but reverse happened to be the case. My parents were so happy, at last a grandchild was on its way.

Every blessed day, I woke up to the beautiful face of Rania. She was always trying her best to make me happy, in fact she told me there was no need for house workers for she would do the house work herself. Even when she became pregnant, she still did the house work herself!

Sarah returned back to Kumbashi restaurant, she was very happy when I gave her pension of 300k. I didn’t want her to feel like we chased her away or something. Humairah, however resigned by herself the day I last met her but I never stopped sending her monthly salary.

That day, when Humairah told me she loved me I wasn’t actually surprised. She had showed me love but I thought it was just infatuation. Teenagers could easily change their minds, you know, even in their feelings they are not stable.

I deliberately refused to contact her again for I didn’t want her to be in pain. I was already happily married, I shouldn’t try anything rash. I should concentrate on making life better for me and my family. I wished Humairah the best in her lifetime, I would keep sending her 40k every month even if she asked me to stop…

“Honey, you were saying something about the baby’s name” Rania said as we walked into the sitting room and sat on one of the couches. She always loved sitting on my lap and so she did.

“Hmm” I sighed looking deep into her eyes. She was always that hot wife that you won’t get tired of looking at.

“If it’s a boy, we name him Jaafar and if it’s a girl, we name her Manal”

“Perfect!” She squealed and drew her face closer to mine. “Hey, I f—–g hate labour”

“Why?” I bursted into laughter.

“Is it funny?” She wrinkled one of her brows.

“Nope, it’s not but…” I said with my arm around her waist. “I really don’t think it’s a problem, Rania. We just have to keep our trust in Allah”

“Yeah!” She said with her arms around my neck. “I love you and will always love you”

“I love you too, Rania” I said drawing her more closer to me. “And I will always love you”

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“Hmmm” She heaved a sigh with a smile on her beautiful face. “How many children would you like us to make? Three or four?” She asked.

“Eleven” I smirked.

“Huh? Hmm, that’s too much. Are you trying to imitate my father?” She wrinkled her brows.

“Maybe yes, but I also love children these days. I would like to have as many as eleven” I said giving her a kiss. “How about you?” I asked.

“It doesn’t matter even if I tell you. I will bore as many as you want” She said smiling broadly.

Just then, my phone began buzzing. It was a call from my secretary, Jemima.

“Can I…?”

“Yes” Rania said as she withdrew from my lap.

“Alright” I stood and walked to the window.

“Hello sir” Jemima uttered via the phone as soon as I took the call. “Good morning, sir”

“Morning, Jemima” I blurted out.

“Sorry to disturb you this morning, sir. We have a new I.T student…” She said as I cut in.

“Didn’t I told you we don’t have room for I.T students again? What is wrong with you?” I said for I already had enough of I.T students.

“I am so sorry sir, but this one here is posted for a special mission. She’s under NAFDAC” Jemima said in what seemed like whisper, perhaps the person was standing by her side.

“NAFDAC?” I gulped rubbing the back of my neck. “Okey, get her registered and keep her files with you. I will be there in some minutes”

“Okey, sir” She said thus, terminated the call.

Rania was still around so I walked to her and gave her a kiss.

“My love, I have something to attend to but I will be back soon” I blurted out with my hands on her waist. “I promise”

“Alright, take care of yourself for me” She said.

“You too, my love” I smiled and thus, left.


Immediately I was in my office, I summoned Jemima and asked her to come with the new intern student we had. I hoped that this time around NAFDAC didn’t send a spy to us. There was a time they did that, we thought the spy was a real student but reverse happened to be the case – it was a real NAFDAC official. He took many of our information to their headquarters, It was a very long story.

“Welcome, sir” Jemima said as she walked into the office with the intern student and her files.

“What?” I puzzled as soon as my eyes set on the intern student. It was… HUMAIRAH!