The Replacement Girl Episode 26


Ever since I heard about Ahmad’s wedding with Rania, things hadn’t been easy for me. Nothing tasted good and my mind was always filled with his thoughts. I wished I never knew him, I wished I could just get rid of him from my heart but it was impossible. I could only try but loving him was a habit I could never get over with. I loved Ahmad, I truly loved him!

I sniffed as I wiped the tears in my face while covering myself with blanket. I thought Ahmad loved me because he bought me an expensive phone and turned himself into my driver.

We also had lots of fun together in Brimstone and we ate in the dining area. I really showed him lots of love though I never told him I loved him, he also did the same thing. I really thought we were meant for each other but…
The vibration of my phone interrupted my thoughts. It was Ahmad, he called me with his second number after trying almost five times with his first number recently. I actually didn’t want to talk to him but I had no choice. If I did not pick up, he would keep disturbing my life.

“AsSalama Alaykum” I said as soon as I picked the call. Judging from the noise I perceived, he was kind of driving. I could hear accelerations.

“Wa’alaykumusSalam, Humairah. I have been calling you since, is everything okey?” He said.

“Yeah” I sniffed and continued. “Did Sarah delivered my message to you?” I queried.

“Yes, she told me you are sick” He said.

“Yeah” I muttered.

“Are you at home?” He asked.

“Yeah” I muttered.

“Okey, Humairah. Please stay there I’m coming over to take you to the hospital, okey?” He said.

“No sir, it’s just a minor…”

“Humairah, your health matters to me!” He quickly intercepted me and continued. “I’m already on my way so just stay calm, okey?”

“Okey sir, but are you not supposed to be at the Walimah?” I said reminding him that today was the walimatunnikka of his bride, Rania.

“Yes, I took excuse from her. I just want to check on you, you’ve been absent for the past few days now!” He said laying emphasis on his last words. Maybe he was very angry too.
I wanted to ask him why he didn’t cared to check on me until today but thus, promptly changed my mind. He supposed to check on me the day Sarah delivered my message to him but since he never truly cared, he hesitated!

“I am sorry, sir” I said as I terminated the call.

He called again but I quickly declined his call. The next thing I received was his text saying he was already by the door of our house. I heaved a sigh as I gently withdrew from the bed. My uncle and his wife had gone to work. The kids were in school. I was the only one left in the house. I quickly wore a simple top and put on my longest hijab, thus walked out of the house.

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Ahmad was leaning by his car and swiping through his phone. Immediately he saw me, he rushed to me. “Hey, Humairah” He placed his hardel on my neck to check my temperature.

My temperature wasn’t hot and that made him to wrinkled one of his brows. Well, I already told him it was a normal thing. Perhaps not just a normal thing, but it was something that had to do with my fragile heart – feelings.

“Your body ain’t hot, Humairah” He said.

“Yeah, I really don’t know how to describe how I’m feeling now. I just need to be alone” I said.

“Alone you say?” He wrinkled a brow. “Tell me what’s really wrong with you Humairah, is it your salary? Okey, I will increase it” He said.

That moment, I didn’t even know when tears rolled down my cheeks while looking deep into his eyes. All the care he was showing me was for nothing since he couldn’t grasp what was going on with me. His hunch was something else and that pained me more. Maybe he was playing hard to get or just not willing to tell his best cook he loved her. Should I just tell him the truth? Yes, I should! After all, I was even tired of keeping it to myself. I was in pain!

“I love you” I sniffed with my eyes fixed at him.

“What??” His jaw dropped in astonishment.

“I love you, Ahmad and that’s what is killing me. Goodbye!” I said about leaving when he held my hand so tight that I couldn’t extricate.

“When did it started?” He finally said after a prolonged silence that had crept between us.

“Didn’t you noticed it?” I managed to ask.

“This is ridiculous, I thought it was just… OMG, you should have just told me” He blamed me.

“Just let me go, please…” I implored him. “My heart aches whenever I am with you, Ahmad”

“But I need you, I need your food, I need your…” He was blabbering when I quickly turned and gave him a resounding slap.

“I am done serving you, goodbye!” I said as I walked back into the house in tears. I knew it was over between us, I shouldn’t have slapped him but I think he deserved it anyways!

That day, I cried until my uncle and his family started returning back home. I wiped my tears and pretended like nothing bad had happened.

That was the last day I saw Ahmad. I didn’t returned back to his house and he never called or texted me. I lied to my uncle and his wife that I was tired of the job. One miraculous thing was Ahmad never stopped sending me monthly salary, but he reduced it to 40k!

I decided to further my education thus, I wrote my waec and neco and eventually applied for Niger State College Of Arts and Islamic Studies. I never finished my secondary school though, just wrote my SSCE and got the result I needed!

Time traveling, LOL! Hmmm, so very fast… our Humairah is now waiting for admission. Sometimes, moving on is just the best thing to do. Please, move on!