All That Glitters Episode 6


The noise coming from the door of the assembly hall caused a slight uproar among the students inside, Some were definitely sure that it was members of cleansweep making such noise No order student dare react in that manner with Mr sam in charge of roll call

“Quiet all of you” Ken , the incoming headboy tried to bring back some sense to the gathering as some students were already chattering about their last Saturday show But they pressed on with their talking, Some boys were breaking off the line and forming another group While some girls didn’t even line up with their proper class

“Will you guys behave, Stand attention for the national anthem right now” Ken continued almost shouting But his words didn’t even make a difference, The students hissed and continued their chat,, others waiting patiently for cleansweep to join them, Ken sighed and said to himself

*the only way to fix this guyz is using rand high school students bane*

He quietly stepped down the podium and passed through the overexcited Boys and girls towards the hall door, He found Mr sam whipping a late student and whispered into his ears, Mr sam’s facial expression changed.

“Whaat!” He screamed And stormed into the hall, Dre looked back and saw a fuming Mr Sam headed their way.

*well,,,no need to find out how this one is gonna end* He motioned to the guyz

“Come on,,,let’s not mingle with the whole drama over there” John looked at him and asked

“Are you saying we should skip assembly”


“Muna and mike. Are probably waiting for us in class” Dre replied John simply shrugged his shoulders Then tobi said “I bet Mr grumpy would force mike away from assembly saying stuff like

“we shouldn’t mingle with other students especially if they know about our last show yesterday you know” Tobi made a mock mimicking of the way Muna talks It made dre and john giggle out loud

“Hehehe ,,if baba catch you ehn ” John warned him, They took the hall way and headed off to their classes … . It was break time already, No one else was in grade 5a class, Everyone had gone out to spend the break period Except for Mike and Muna, They stayed back in class waiting for the other guyz to show up for their usual squad meeting.

Mike sat comfortably on a chair crossing his legs over a table, Muna leaned against a wall in his usual gloomy position With his arms folded earpiece on and eyes closed

“Mhm mmmn hmnh” Mike was humming the chorus to their song nothing more “Mehn” I’m telling you ,,,that song is such a banger,, it has some catchy edges of a sweet song or don’t you think so ” He said and looked at Muna Without opening his eyes, Muna simply nodded, Mike continued “Seriously its so juicy I think we should do a refix ,,an accapella ,,apperito or acoustic or even an apocalypse” While Mike was busy blabbing on nonsense Muna slowly opened his eyes and took off one earpiece

“Mike whah-,,what the heck are you saying” Muna widened his eyes and continued “Apocalypse ke?What concerns our music and apocalypse again”

From outside the classroom john poked his head through the window and spoke

“You r only mentioning that one as if you didn’t also hear him say apperito” He shook his head pitifully at Mike

“You know Mike somrtimes I wonder what goes on in that head of yours” Mike ignored him and continued humming, John left the windowside and entered into the classroom

“Where’s Dre and Tobi ” Muna asked him, John grabbed a seat and replied

“They r on their way ,,Dre is trying to pull Tobi away from some girls at the hallway” Mike rolled his eyes at the statement, John continued “But Muna he z right though that song is truly an Ace ” Mike pushed his head at Muna in a “you see” kind of manner

“Did you guys see the way those girls were screaming our names” Mike added Then john corrected him

“Actually they were Screaming Dre’s name ,,,,then sometimes they’ll scream “Cleansweep wooooooh,,,,Cleansweep”

“Ehn whatever the fact is we rock,,,and we killed the show” Mike retorted john turned towards Muna and asked him

“so Muna what do you think about it” Muna irritatinly spoke to him

“last show was last show ,its been done and gone ok,,we shiuld be thinking of better avenues instead of dwelling on the past, we’ve been performing nothing more For over a month Now,,, Dre Better Write something New Else we will lose Our Ratings” Just when the mood is mild Muna states a reality fact that brings everyone back to earth

“Whee wheee,,,calm down mon ami” Everyone looked towards the door at Dre, He had Tobi safely Secured with his head under his arm Dre continued “Muna why u always feisty all the time ehh, that’s one of the reasons I called this meeting” He pushed tobi inside

“Okay guys like Muna said we need something new”,,,some thing fresh,,,something to increase our fanbase” Dre clicked his fingers John understood the signal, Went and dragged a table towards him, The problem with dre is he likes climbing on stuffs to prove a point when he is overexcited,,,if he is performing in a show or trying to challenge a teacher in class.

As he climbed on the table He continued “Okay guys this meeting is officially open, I need ideas on how to increase our ratings” Dre dramatically raised his two hands up while speaking like he was a priest offering thanksgiving, John revved

“Well like Muna said,,,we can’t keep doing nothing more forever,,so that means we need a new song” Dre looked at john

“Yes my friend you are right ,,, I need to write something new,,,but to do that I need an inspiration” Dre closed his eyes in a meditative mood, He was making a buzzing sound as he sat down on the table in a monk/buddha manner “Oommmmmmm” “Ooooommmmmmmmmmm” “Oooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmm” All the guyz just patiently stared at him on the Table.

After waiting for 10 minutes straight Muna couldn’t bear it anymore

“Ooooh for crying out loud,,DRE!!!? Dre rapidly opened his eyes in shock “Anytime but today, Please ,,I’m begging you its enough” Mike and tobi were busy giggling as john shook his head in pity Dre took a long sigh then finally spoke

“Okay then its official,,,the god of music isn’t allowing me into the deep realms of inspiration” He stood ontop of the table and spoke again “Well ladies and gentlemen, any other ideas? Tobi leaned forward and whispered to mikes ears

”ladies and gentlemen ke,,,how many ladies dey here” From the corner of his eyes dre caught him whispering something to Mike

“Yes apostle Tobi would like to share that idea with the rest of my disciples” Dre asked candidly Tobi nervously replied

“Hehehe,,,no need boss ,,nothing important”

“Come on don’t be shy,,infact I insist” Dre said it with a stern face, Tobi looked at Mike then at dre then back at Mike,,,who was already pretending to be examining something on his shoe He swallowed nervously then opened his mouth to speak

“Well-” He stopped when he heard john chuckle a little, He bit his lip and demonstrated a choking action at him, He cleared his throat Then continued “Well wacko boss-, I mean dre, One thing for sure is a good hardcore rap-verse will go a long way in upgrading a new song, if you could just lemme deliver one of my flows I assure you, our ratings will multiply the following week” Dre nodded his head in approval

“Its true, trap music these days doesn’t deliver enough bars,,,we will Add that I think, “ Tobi smiled in satisfaction and brought out his tongue at john “But there is only one problem”dre said Tobi raised his eyebrows

“What problem is that” Dre looked down at his feet then looked up at tobi

“Your rap verses are too vulgar and filled with explicit contents that are not suitable for public performance ” Tobi looked alarmingly at him

“Aww come on man, that’s not true” Dre stared disbelievingly at him

“What do you mean is not true, mr man you’re are a complete parental advisory element both in your lifestyle and your music too”

“YEEEEBAA”,Mike and john chorused together Tobi gritted his teeth at them Dre continued “I’m not sure what it is,,maybe your ancestors cursed you with waywardness and promiscuity” John screamed again Mike covered one of his eyes with his hand and whispered “ela part 2”

“My point is anyone making you a role model in his life or choice of words in music is a complete disaster ,,so don’t tell me its not true” John and Mike couldn’t help themselves and burst into laughter, Muna from his exact position simply opened his eyes and shut them again,,his arms were still folded as he leaned against the wall, Tobi dropped his head down in shame, Dre just gave him a serious washing Although he was simply thinking of how to hurt Mike and john for their outrageous behaviour Looking at them

*don’t worry I’ll still get you guyz later* He thought in his mind, Dre shifted his attention from tobi towards Muna “TrAp guru any ideas pls” Everyone kept quiet as they all stared patiently at Muna to speak, The whole room waz so quiet you could almost hear a pin drop, Muna took off his earpiece and opened his eyes Then he opened his mouth to speak

“Dre, you said you need an inspiration to write a new song, then find yourself a muse” Dre’s eyes opened wild like it would pop out

“Genius genius, of course why couldn’t I think of that” ,he jumped down from the table and grabbed Mike by the neck ”You see I told you that dude was awesome ,,to get the perfect inspiration ,,you need the perfect muse so you can write the perfect SONG!” He placed emphasis on the word song, John had a confused look on his face

“Abeg o,,,,what’s the meaning of muse” He innocently asked, Dre was still overexcited to answer him, He still had Mike tight held in his headlock because of excitement,Tobi sighed and tried to explain to him

“Newbie,,,a muse is like a point of contact for your inspiration” John was still confused

“Erh,,can you be clearer pls” Tobi sighed heavily again

“Okay look,,,like as dre said he needed an inspiration,,,he could use the muse to get his inspiration,,,it could be an object ,,a situation,emotion or even a person,,especially a person” Nodding understandingly

“ ,,that’s why u said its like a point of contact for the inspiration”

“EXACTLY”! Tobi exclaimed, At this moment there was Sounds of grunting and choking noises around them, Muna quickly glanced at dre and Mike and then at tobi and john

“Ahem” He nudged tobi and john and they looked at what he was pointing at Unbelievably Dre was still choking the life out of Mike in his crazy excitement, Tobi and john raced alarmingly at them

“DRE!!!”. ,,,,”LET HIM GO” They both chorused at the same time As if he woke up from a slumber

“Uh erh ,,what” He looked down and saw Mike trying to gasp for air, He quickly released him from his grip “Oh uh sorry man ,,,I got a little carried away in the excitement” Dre said, Mike coughed and panted for air until he found a chair to sit

*cough cough* ,,really “A little carried away eh”” He was staring disbelievingly at Dre who was still scratching his head, Just then a boy walked into the classroom, He was the class rep of The class which Tobi and dre shared. (Actually this was me,,,yeah I attended the same school with this crazy guyz ,,,ps my name is kenna,,,,I just got elected as class rep tho)

Anyways as I was saying I stepped into the class room cause I had an urgent message for dre, I pushed open the door and walked in, As I stepped inside I saw the whole crew members of cleansweep in a suggestive manner ,,,seems like they were in a meeting or something,,,ehn wats my own busines

“Um Andre,,,the-” Dre interupted me while raising a finger

“No no no class cap, Only my pops call that ,a’ight”,, He stood up and walked towards me, He spoke into my face “I am Dre ,,,okay,,,just dre ,,that’s all,,,no additives ,,Capisce” He turned and looked at his guys “Em is it capisce or capish” he asked them.

They all shrugged their shoulders, I wanted to correct him but I decided to hold my tongue, Me I no like wahala o

“Okay then,,,anyways the head of disciplinary asked me to call you” Dre was looking at me like “whah”

“Who the heck is that, , the head of whatever-you-just-called-it” Tobi asked in a nerving manner I had a quizzed expression

As I repli Ed “Don’t you guyz know,,,its mr Samson of course,,,” They all revved up on hearing that I turned and saw Muna open his laser eyes quickly…