All That Glitters Episode 5


°°The big show°°

(backstage of the s–d hall)+

“Tobi tighten the chords on your bass” Tobi nodded and picked up his instrument

“Mike make sure you re check your strings,, I don’t want any slacking”

“Yes boss” Mike answered him

“Johnny! Johnny! Get over here ” John left the mirror where he was busy styling his hair and ran to where Dre was, Dre put an arm over the kid and said “Go to the technician and tell him that I need those lights on *cymbal style*

“Repeat after me

*cymbal style*

“Cymbal style” John repeated

“Good now go” As john left, Dre attended to his hairstylist who was already feeling fed up cuz the guy won’t stay one place, Dre was like this each time they had a show, always raking orders and making sure everything was in place before the time is up.

Someone opened the door and walked in, mike stopped working on his bass and looked up, His face lit up when he saw sonia smiling and waving at them

“Soso!!!,,” He screamed out, Tobi and Dre’s attention were moved to that direction, they both smiled and beckoned her to come in

“Hey guys! I brought you some snacks”

“Mmm” ,,tobi said as he gently took away the nylon of snacks from her hand and tiptoed to a corner…of course MIKE ran after him

“Hey you punks better leave some for john o” Dre called after them, he turned and Faced her …only sonia could come to the backstage without troubles, the bouncers at the door wouldn’t just let anyone enter like that

“As if you knew I was feeling snackish” Dre said Sonia smiled and replied him

“Hm I guessed since its a big show tonight you guys would need some warm up” Dre also smiled, He playfully pinched her cheeks

“Always thinking of our welfare eh, You should be our manager ,,,infact from tomorrow I’m gonna sack mr yaro and put you in charge of us, I don’t even know what that guy is doing ” Sonia widened her eyes

“No No pls Dre don’t do that ” It was better to stop Dre when he Is all excitedly talking like that, He could really do somethin as Rash as this

“Are you sure ,,,cuz I could really…”

“No Dre pls ..No need for that.. I’m ok in the sidelines” She smiled again, Dre sighed, You could tell he’s been aimin to do somethin rash for a while, By this time sonia was lookin left to right And all over the room Dre noticed her and asked

“Are you looking for something” She stiffened

“Uuh, No I was just uhm, Just I havnt noticed Muna since I came” Dre grimaced

“Oh mr Grumpy is over there” Dre pointed to a dark corner of the room Where Muna was sitting on a couch With his arms folded,,earpiece on and eyes closed shut, By this time john retuned to the room, Dre looked up and saw him “Soni I need to take care of somethin I’ll be back ”

“Okay” she replied

As Dre left she turned and stared at Muna

*why is he sitting in the dark* She wondered to herself, She thought for a while then she went to him

“Hello Muna” Muna opened his eyes and looked up at the figure in front him

“Oh hi ” He looked around first “did you just get here” He asked her

“Yeah a while ago” she replied Muna nodded

“Hmn ok ” he said as he put back his earpiece and continued what he was doing

“I um ,,I got something for you” She told him as she pulled out a wrapped package and handed it to him, Muna didn’t even look up, He pointed towards the table by the chair, Meaning she should drop it there, She slowly went to the table and dropped it, She still stood in front him, Muna looked up and gazed at her

“Anything else” he quizzed

“Well I,,I wanted to tell you something” He was mused, He stood up

“Ok ,,let’s hear it” He glanced at his wristwatch as she opened her mouth to speak, The technician peered his head thru the Door and said

“Cleansweep you guys are on in five minutes” Ruffling noises as Dre and the guys pickedup their stuffs and headed to the Stage

“I’m bouncing in first ” Tobi yelled

“No me first” MIKE countered As they both struggled to pass through the door at the same time John sighed and used his feet push the both of them out

“Good work boy” Dre