The Replacement Girl Episode 25


“I don’t blame your wife, it is your evil that is haunting you. Are you even sure she’s the one that is infertile and not you?” Rania said as she wrinkled one of her thick brows. “Are you?”

“Lets figure it out” I teasingly said as I gave her a sexy wink. I actually didn’t meant it at all.

“Why do you like sex this much?” She eyed me.

“Hmm” I muttered with a slight smile on my face. “It depends on the people around me”

“You’re saying I’m too hot?” She broke into a scornful laughter. “Yet you broke my heart!”

“I did that for the betterment of us, Rania” I said as I reached for her hands in the dining table. “If we had continued our relationship back then I might have got you pregnant at such early age, that was why I just… ended it”

“Silly excuse” She heaved a sigh and continued. “I shouldn’t have let you in… in the first place”

“Don’t say that Rania, I swear I wanted to marrg you after school but you were so angry with me that you ran overseas to study. You cut all ties with me, thus on the verge of getting rid of you from my head I met Naziha” I said.

“And now she’s gone for good!” She said.

“Point of correction, it is for a while not for good” I said in what seemed like a whisper.

“Like seriously?” She huffed. “Okey!”

“Your hands are warm” I said smiling.

“Hey, take your f* hands off me! I don’t really trust you, Ahmad” She pulled her hands away.

“Hmmm, why?” I queried.

“Because I once trusted you and it got me to no where. I won’t try that mistake again” She said.

“Okey,” I stood from the dining table with my hands up in surrender. “I will be in my room upstairs, I have a missed sleep to expiate”

“Suit yourself!” She said sipping her coffee.

I didn’t blame her for whatever she was doing and how she spoke with me, I knew I was a bad boy and what I did to her in the past wasn’t really right. I wished to make things right, I wished to make her happy so that she shouldn’t die (someday) with my hatred in her heart. Of course I still loved her, she was the only one I could feel in my heart right now apart from Naziha. But Humairah also kinda… I mean, yes, she was a good girl. She was a very good and caring teenager!

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The deadline of my parents’ ultimatum was today and Naziha’s whereabout was still unknown. I was now left with no other option but to divorce her. Oh Allah, please don’t let me do what I will later regret in life.

Rania and I drove to my parents’ house, they were so happy to see her. You know, she had been overseas for so long. We chitchat and also poke fun before my father cleared his throat.

“Ahmad, have you heard anything about your wife’s whereabouts?” He wrinkled a brow.

“Dad, I don’t really think she’s still in Nigeria. I heard she changed the money she stole from me into American currency and that tells me she hypothetically flew overseas” I explained.

“Shegiyar yarinya ce, and that serves you right too!” My mother chimed into the conversation.

“Mum, we’ve talked about this already” I said.

“Yes we did, and now…” She said as she handed me a pen and a paper. “I want you to issue a divorce to her. Write it down here, baby boy”

“Okey, mum” I heaved a huge sigh as I gently collected the pen and paper and did as she said. Thus, I handed back the items to her.

“That’s my baby boy” She smiled and gave me a peck on my forehead. “You did great today!”

“Bravo!” My father clapped his hands, thus cleared his throat. “Now you’re back to work”

“Thank you, dad” I huffed.

“You are welcome” He said and turned to Rania. “When are you going back home?”

“It supposed to be today but I changed my mind. Ahmad needs someone by his side because he’s weak. I will stay till he get married again” She explained to them.

I didn’t even know when I turned to her with my wrinkled brows. Did she even know what she was saying? Why would she just changed her mind without telling me? I had been resisting the urge of touching her ever since she arrived and now that I was happy she would be going she decided to stay? If she continued to live with me something might just happen. Didn’t she know I was the h—y type? My type were out there masturbating but I chose sex instead. Maybe I should just marry her if that should be the case, or what do you think??

“Rania, what do you mean?” My mother asked.

“I mean…” Rania cleared her throat about to continue when my father intercepted her.

“If you both love each other we can just wed you, after all you’re all Zaki by the way” He said wearing a broad smile on his face.

“Actually, that’s not…” Rania was saying when I vehemently intruded with a smile on my face.

“We need some time to think about it, dad” I said, thus turned to Rania. “Or what do you really think?” I wrinkled one of my brows.

“Anything you say!” She glared at me.

“Hmm” I muttered.

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After spending hours in my father’s house, Rania and I decided to drive back home. While on our way, I decided to end the silence that had crept upon us ever since we embarked on the trip.

“People say if you love something you have to learn how to let it go. I don’t believe in that bullshit until today. Naziha is gone, I know, and I ought to start a new beginning with someone I have feelings for, someone I love…” I said as Rania quickly chimed in.

“And that person is definitely not me, Ahmad!” She heaved a sigh and continued. “All I want to do is to help you feel less lonely until you get the right person but you ended up tangling me in your f* web. I’m very disappointed in you”

“But Rania, you’re my first love and I still love you. God knows why your plane had an emergency landing here in Minna and He alone knows why Naziha left” I gulped and continued. “Probably, He wants me to make things right this time around. I had discarded the thought of marrying you before but when my father brought it up I knew I just have to do it”

“I believe in the adage that says, ‘If you love a woman you will never violate her’. You violated me thrice in the past, Ahmad! And ever since I arrived you’ve been attempting to have me – All these tells me you’re only after my body” She said and that made me to pulled over the car in the roadside and turned off the engine.

“The adage you quoted is rubbish because being h—y is not easy. A man that violates you and still wants to marry you truly loves you. Sex with the right person doesn’t end love and love ends only when the heart fails to see a reason to keep holding on” I heaved a sigh and continued. “The first day I met Naziha, I had sex with her. It was in Brimstone. We did that many times before we got married, and I could still feel her in my heart. She wasn’t a virgin when I met her but I didn’t care. That is what love is all about, not what playboys show girls”

“You what?” She puzzled.

“You heard me, Rania!” I blurted out.

“I am sorry you’re the h—y type” She said.

“It’s okey, just accept me back” I pleaded.

“Okey, but if you truly love me and want to marry me, promise me that you will never make my life miserable” She calmly requested.

By looking deep into her eyes I knew she was in, I knew she had forgiven me for good and I knew we were back together. I heaved a sigh and took her hand into a warm clasp. “Rania, I hate making promises but In Shaa Allah I will not make your life miserable” I blurted out.

“In that case, I’m yours again!” She said.

“Thank you so…” I said as I drew closer to her and kissed her. “I love you, Rania Bappah!”

“I… I love you too, Ahmad Jaafar” She said.