All That Glitters Episode 7


A four walls office Heavily decorated with flowers and imported furnitures, The floor was lavished with assorted arabian rugs

*mehn,,how much do they pay this guy* Dre thought, No-one asked him to sit yet He already made himself at home in mr sams office Sitting comfortably on his rotating chair, Mr sam was in the toilet easing himself So he had no idea what Dre was upto, He was still admiring his office when the toilet door pushed open

“Whaaaat!?” Mr sam screamed out in his usual dreadful voice when he saw Dre on his chair “You ,,,you!!! ,,,you miscreant”!! Dre didn’t wait for another clue ,,with lightening speed he jumped up from the chair and made straight for the door, Unfortunately mr sam was blocking it, No way

“Come here!, ” Dre dodged “Stay still” He swerved again

*for where, as if I dont remember what you did to muna *

Dre thought He was determined not to let mr sam catch him, He turned,dodged and twisted like a pro, They were both running around the desk in the office, This continued for like five minutes Until mr sam slowed down a little to catch his breath, he rested his hands on his knees as he bent low and was panting and breathing heavily, Even Dre was a little tired as he Placed his two hands on his waist and started puffing.

Their heavy breathing was now the only thing that could be heard in the room, Mr sam now moved towards his desk and tiredly sat on his chair

“Pfft pfft,,,after we’re pft,,,erh” He was still panting as he spoke so he paused a while to catch his breath “Eerh,,after we’re done here ,,,remind me to write five points for you on my points pad for your irresponsible behaviour in my office” He looked up at Dre “You hear me!!” Dre was already sweating, His dreads were roughly scattered Over his face

“Sure thing sir” Dre replied him as if he was truly goin to remind him, Mr sam then adjusted in his seat

“We will finish that Later, But for now lets deal with why I called you here”

“Ah yes I was a little confused when that smarty pants class cap said the head of disciplinary wanted to see me, I mean duh,,,who the f**ck is that, yeah right? as if there is any such thing hehehehe,,” As Dre was spilling out nonsense and giggling Mr sam just quietly observed him, Then he spoke out

“I’m very sure with your dense brain you wouldn’t remember when I explained this thing to you and your fellow miscreants The day I caught you punks on the roof,,, Would you?” Dre looked up to the ceiling as if he was trying to remember something, distant Mr samson smiled and continued “I’ bet you didn’t notice the tag on the office door eh? Go on check it out”

Dre reluctantly stepped outside the office, He looked up and saw it boldly written H.O.D When he entered back Mr sam had that his ridiculous evil smile on again, Dre felt like puking

“So,,what do you think” He asked Dre as he rested back on his chAir to flaunt his new position

“Urh,,its uhm” Mr samson caught him off

“That’s right andre ,,I’m your HOD now, so you can see me as the Same as a HOD of a university department” he smiled again

*its true,,,this man is a freak* Dre thought

“Now I heard you requested for your school permit from the principal” Dre revved

“Yeah,,I requested for five actually,,,me and the guys got invited to this programme at nyako youth center,,,its strictly for high school bands only”

“Hmmn” mr samson was nodding his head as if he was in unison with Dre

“So you see we need that permit as proof of admission into a school”

“I see, well baro already brought the permit to me ,from the principals office, simply because as the HOD now I’m in charge of anything concerning students welfare “, He fumbled through his cupboard “Infact I have them right here,,” He brought out some papers and placed them on his desk Dre lit up

“Oh nice, so just hand it to me lemme be going”

“Who says I’m giving it to you” mr sam said

“Urh but” Dre started

“You see andre,,if there’s one thing that’s part of my job as HOD is making sure miscreants like you and your fellow hooligans don’t bring shame and disgrace to this school” Dre looked speechless

“What?,,,you want me to let urchins like you run loose messing up the school name ehn” he shook his head “not on my watch”

“But sammy” Dre started

“Eh ehn,,,don’t sammy me at all,,,I’ve told you what I want to tell you,,now leave my office,,,” he pointed towards the door

“Sir we need to perform there so we can boost our ratings and expand our fanbase, trap music is-” Mr samson looked up at him

“You ?,,,fans?,,,which fans? ,,buahahahahaha,,,” mr samson bursted out “Kiikiikii,,,see street urchins like you calling yourself performers,,,aaarh,,,please don’t make me laugh” Mr samson packed up the permits and shoved them into his locker with the perfect key combination lock that only he knew.

“Sam you’re not being fair” Dre said, Mr samson looked at him with fake concern

“Ooh my dear boy,,,it is my duty to make sure I’m not fair to vagabonds like you, no no,,it is my life’s mission” Dre clenched his fists, This was the third insult today He overlooked the rest but this one, Mr samson stood up from his chair and went to open the door wide “Now if there is nothin else,,,please excuse me ,,I have more important thins to take care of” Dre slowly stood up and walked out of his office, his face was completely hardened with annoyance as he walked away


“Well students you have a newcomer today,,,please welcome her” Mr kang announced the arrival of the newgirl as he led her into the classroom, She was a fairskinned girl with average height and a slim frame, She had a proper bust but a really pumped behind, Very gorgeous for her young age, Everyone was staring at her like she came from another planet, She walked past the roving eyes And found a vacant seat, From the back Mike stopped poking the boy infront of him And stared at the girl like he hadnever seen a female before, He was overwhelmed by her beauty

“Oboy oboy, Muna this gyal make sense die” He touched Muna thinking he was sleeping, Muna simply opened his eyes slightly, He had heard mr kang talking about a new student but he didn’t bother to know more about it, He looked sideways at the newgirl and noticed by the clothes she wore and her jewelry, she was probably from a well to do family

*this Rand high school just like money* He thought in his mind But there was something familiar about this girl Something catchy *could I have met her before? mtcheew,,,or Is it because she is pretty”

Cleansweep has a lot of female fans He may have come across her in one of their shows or something


“Ahem no more murmuring listen up” Mr kang called attention back to the class “Where is the class rep” (Class rep being me) I stood up

“Sir” He looked towards me

“Yes kenna ,,I want you to give the new girl our class schedule and orientate her around the school,,,Okay” I nodded

“No problem sir” I sat down Mr kang continued

“Now where did we stop” He looked towards the board to continue “Right we’re trying to find the missing coeficient of x,,,now if 2=5 what will be the value of x”? He turned around expecting an answer But everyone was quiet “Value of x somebody” He was tapping the board impatiently “Class rep value of x?” I racked my brain but I couldn’t figure it out

“I’m still working it out sir ,,” I replied him, Muna opened his eyes and looked carefully at the board

*2=5,,,coeficient of x will be negative ,,now-2*-2 = -4 ,so value of x should be -4* He calculated the entire thing in his brain but wasn’t interested in supplying the answer he, folded his arms and closed his eyes again Mr kang was almost furious

“So none of you can tell me the answer,,,such a simple process,,,are you people telling me you’ve not been following? Kenna! ,,Rita”? He called out the class rep and assistant expecting us to provide an answer But we didn’t have a clue, He was about to get really furious when suddenly

“Uh sir I think the answer is minus 4,,,” the new girl called out, Everyone looked towards her in awe Even Muna seemed surprised

“Brilliant,,,very good young lady,,,give her a round of applause please” The whole class applauded her except Mike and Muna “Yes,,we need excellent minds like yours in this school,,very good”,,, mr kang continued, Muna studied the girl as she brought out another notebook to jot down some details, The class came to a close and people started leaving for the next period, I and rita(my assistant) went towards the new girl to exchange pleasantries

“Hello there new girl,,,my name is kenna I’m the classrep,,this is my assistant Rita,,,”

“Hi” rita said

“Hi,,,I’m halima ” She told us

“Here’s the class schedule “I handed the schedule to her “Our school is very large so if you want we can start the orientation right now” I told her

“Oh sure no problem” she had such a sweet voice

“And also kenna is usually busy most of the time at the staff office so anytime you feel like you can come to me and I’ll continue your orientation okay” Rita assured her She nodded

“Okay sure” As she stood up to follow us,,I noticed she was quite tall for a girl, taller than rita ,,,apart from her height I also noticed some distracting qualities as we walked along the hallway (But I refocused and continued our normal discussion ,,,incase you are thinking something else)

She followed closely behind but she looked back and noticed that two guyz just sat behind not bothering to go out for the break,,,her eyes shifted from Mike and rested on Muna,,,Muna opened his eyes and caught her staring at him ,, Quickly she looked away as rita pulled her out of the class

“Mehn did you see the way that girl was looking at you” Mike started Muna sighed

“As you can see Mike I barely notice anything that happens in class so I don’t really care” Mike placed his feet on the Table

“Damnit is that girl a mermaid or something,,,see her pointed nose” Mike asked Muna shrugged his shoulders “Let’s bet,,,she will be next on tobi’s hitlist, he won’t let this one escape from his player hands, Mike said, John who has been watching closely from outside the class spoke through the window again

“From the look of things I think she has fallen for Muna already” Mike and Muna looked towards the window

“How come you r always the first to get here when grade 1 class is like 6 blocks away,,,but Tobi and Dre’s class is just opposite us” Mike asked him, John raised two fingers up “Two things man,,,1,,I am way faster than any of you guyz , 2,, you don’t need to know” Mike revved up “Now look here you little-”

“Hey” Muna chided him and he kept quiet, Just then a text entered john’s phone, he took it out and checked it

“Uuh its Dre he and Tobi are at the snooker room he said we should meet him there” Mike was about to start grumbling about walking all the way to the snooker room just for squad meeting when they could just do it in class, Muna took off his earpiece and motioned john to come in

“Carry this bag with you as we’re going,,,” he pointed to his quitar bag on the floor As john picked it up and they both made for the door, Muna turned back and looked at Mike who still stubbornly sat down, He quietly said “I won’t call you twice, on your feet now!” He ordered him, Mike grumbly stood up and followed them, the threatening look muna gave him was enough to convince him


“But why”? John asked for the third time Tobi groaned out loud

“Mr man I don’t know go and ask your teacher ” Tobi tried to concentrate on playing his 8 ball pool while answering john’s endless questions

“But are you sure dre told him how important that stuff is needed”? he asked again He tried hitting another ball but his stick bounced off the table

“Aargh,,,john yes,,yes!! He did, let me be for crying out loud” Tobi shrieked out as he went to get another stick, Mike shook his head

“Sometimes i m just not sure what is mr sams problem, he just can’t be decent for once in his life,” he cried out

“No, he is not a freak, that man is a nutcase” Tobi declared Dre and Muna were at the extreme end of the snooker room chatting privately

“Muna this is a major problem, nyako youth center only hosts highschool bands once in a year, and without that school permit there’s no way we’re getting in” Muna looked distraught

” but why the heck did the principal send our permits to that freakshow in the first place,,,” Muna asked irritatingly

“I don’t know man,,,something about him being the HO whatever”

“Gosh Muna I can’t believe we are going to loose this opportunity ,,,we are talking big bucks after the show ,,,,,we could buy new drums and other equipments with the money, And let’s not forget that the both of us are still owing our tuition fee for last term,,,this money will come in handy especially if we can place the first position which I’m sure we will” Muna arched his eyebrows, He placed his fingers together in his usual position when he is trying to work out a strategy, After roving his brains he looked up In a confident voice replied dre

“No,,we are surely not gonna miss this opportunity,,,!” Dre seemed lost


“Yes Dre,,,if he has our permits,,,then we will take it”

“But how are we gonna-” Muna pulled closer to him

“Here’s what we will do” After chatting for like 10 minutes Dre who looked sullen before now cheered up and walked towards the other guyz with is hand over Muna ‘s shoulder

“Well boys after much consulting with this guru,,,” he looked at their faces for expressions Then said “We have a plan”! On hearing that Tobi dropped his ball stick, Mike and john shifted a bit

“A plan” john asked

“Yes my boy a plan” Dre continued “As you all know,,,our not so friendly HOD has refused to give us our permits,,,so therefore we shall take it” Mikes eyes brightened in excitement

“We are breaking in!!?

“Yes we a But this is not an ordinary break in,,,we need steatlh and espionage we simply have to get to mr sams office and get out without being noticed.,,so in other words we were never there”

”So Mike that’s where you come in handy”Muna added “With all the hightech security gadgets I use around my house this one still breaks in easily” pointing to Mike

“We’ll use the corver of darkness so we will go at night, at 7pm prompt we shall all rendesvous at munas place to go through the floor plan” Dre said

“Give thee what is yours or give thee nothin at all”Van gogh 1875″ Tobi quoted the ancient painter

“Wow man you’ve been reading too much shakespeare ” Mike teased him

“That’s not shakespeare you fool-” Dre his usual excitement climbed ontop the table

“Well boys save your energy,,,go home,,,eat,,sleep,,,and rest,,,for tonight we strike” He jumped down Then put his hand forward “For the team!!” The guys did the same placing their hands to the front

“For the team!!” They replied

“For all that glitters!”!!”(Dre)

“For all that glitters!!’”(altogether)

“Cleansweep””!! (Dre)

“Both now and forever!!”!!( altogether)


Operation 101 just got activated