All That Glitters Episode 37


°°A blast from muna’s past°°

the show was a success

Muna sat on the floor with his back against the wall

he smiled satisfactorily to himself as the event of last night ‘s performance played through his head

he closed his eyes and said it in his mind

*Dre,, that one was for you! *

Tobi was playing a pc game on the couch

the entire night flashed through muna’s head once again


the anchorman climbed up the podium and declared

“for the first time ladies and gentlemen,,,the judges have all voted in favour of onr single band,,,
pleaaase give it up,,,for the one,,,the only,,, the amazing,,, cleansweepers!!!,,,”

the cheer of the crowd was nothing compared to the gyration of the guys,,,

they were bobbing up and down the stage like deranged animals

Muna fell on his knees,,, eyes shut close

the other guys soon stopped their hullabaloo and jumped on him burying him into the ground

it took an extra effort for the security to contain the crowd as they looked like they were ready to bust through their barricade and barge up into the stage

amidst the excitement the lead judge took the mic and spoke out

“okay,, cleansweep I’ll be honest with you,,, usually it’s very hard to see the three judge agree on the same point so easily like this,,, and yet strangely enough our decision was already made in less than two mins,,, so what is your secret,,, can you tell”

the mic was handed over to them

and all the guys pushed it. over to Muna’s lips

then Muna begin

“honestly sir,,, we are very grateful,,, its such an honor,, being the ones to grace this occasion,,, we want to say a big shout out to every cleansweep fan out there,,, you’re the best!! ”

a portion of the crowd went wild

Muna chuckled then continued

“and sir it’s not a secret that prior to these competition,, we worked tirelessly day in day out,,, rehearsing over and over again,,, I can surely say,, that we practiced harder than all our previous practice put together”

a loud hum was heard from everyone

then the second judge(a female) said briskly

“so you mean there is no like special juice you guys took before getting up here,,, ? You guys didn’t use anything out of the ordinary,,, ”

“No we didn’t!! ”

“No oo”

“No ma,, we did not!! ”

The guys chorused one after the other

Then Muna then took the mic and said,,,

“This might sound wierd and superstitious,,, but the truth is,, we had the guidance of someone above,, someone who believed in us,, someone who we placed our joy on”

Muna paused then continued in a slightly shaky voice

“And even though he may not be around to witness his biggest dream today,,, we believe,,, we strongly believe he is up there watching over us”

All the cleansweepers cuddled closely together as the crowd rang an air of applause

The judges nodded in affirmative

It seemed like a noble feat for the cleansweeps

As they ushered some people to step forward and give them their reward money
)?: …

“Young lady you’re not allowed in,, performers only” The bouncer stopped her from going in

“But just let me see them,, they know who-”

“Can’t do that,,, pls go back”

Tobi pushed his head through the through the door to check what the entire ruckus was about,,

His face lightened up as he saw her

“Soso!! ”

He pushed the guards aside and rushed to her and they embraced

“Did you see my awesome performance,,, pls tell me you were watching,, tell me I’m watching”

She tried pushing him off

“Okay,, okay Tobi,, you were good,, you tried OK,, thumbs up,,, don’t get too cocky”

Tobi smiled he placed a hand across her shoulders as he led her in

“I know bad,,, I’m cool like that”

Sonia rolled her eyes at his smug expression

“You were not the only one out there you know,,,, where is muna and the rest”

“Right here madam,,”

He led her into a cornered section where the other guys were

In a loud voice he announced

“She has arrived!! ”

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Sonia teasingly pushed tobi for his Mocky attitude

She congratulated all of them for a job well done

They were all reminiscing on old memories

When all of a sudden

Mike’s Frank expression became deep

He stood up and announced

“Guys,, hold on,,, haven’t anyone noticed…”

They had “duh” looks on their faces

“Notice what? ”
John impatiently asked

Mike then said

“We should have been disqualified from this competition”

With a raised eyebrow

Muna said

“What,, why”

“Because,, the criteria states that,, the number of individuals registered for must be the exact number that performs! ” Mike stated

Their facial expressions changed

“Muna,, I,, I don’t understand,, what, what individual-”
Sonia tried to make sense out of what mike just said by asking muna
But he kept mute

Tobi then said

“Sonia,, Dre registered for all five of us,, but now just the four of us went for the competition,, that should have brought a disqualification,, but the judges didn’t say anything ”

Sonia now understood

But all the guys had quizzed expressions on their faces trying to make out what went wrong

“Do you think it was a mistake”

before anyone could reply him…

a feminine voice rang behind them

“it wasn’t a mistake”!

they all startled and looked behind

they were shocked as they recognised the lady clearly

“Halima!! ”

a knock came on the door

Tobi looked up

he then glanced at Muna

“I thought you said sonia was gonna sleep over at jessy’s place”

Muna nodded

“so who could that be”
he asked again

Muna shrugged

Tobi dropped his game

he went towards the door

opened it and pushed his head outside

a young man stood at the door way

the man said

“good evening”

Tobi simply snorted and peered into the mans face

the man ignored his attitude and said

“I’m looking for one munachi ikenna,,”

he was reading out the name from a card he carried

Tobi offhandedly said

“yeah who wants to know”

“I have a package for him”

Tobi stretched forth his hand

“right lemme have it”

the man flinched back

“uuh,, I know the person I’m looking for is lightskinned,,,but still you dont seem like a halfcast to me”

Tobi frowned his eyebrows

“are you here to debate race and skin colour ,,,or to deliver what you were sent to deliver,,”

the man started a little dialogue

but Tobi simply grabbed the package from him

“mr man bring something jo” he hissed

Tobi turned and slammed the door on the guys face

“freaking pokenosing mailmen!!” Tobi cussed to no one in particular
as he walked towards the chair

immediately he sat ,,,he started ripping the package apart to check what was in

“who was that?”
Muna asked

“some dude that wanted to give this to you”

tobi’s eyes widened when he brought out a nicely sealed document from the box

“what’s wrong?”

Muna asked

with a strained voice

Tobi said

“mu-.. Muna,, why …why do you have a proof of ownership file from IK group of companies”

Muna jumped up from the seat

“what,,what did you say”

Tobi simply handed over the files to him

Muna peered into the documents one by one with a shocked expression

this can’t be possible

this files never existed

how come

* only father knew the whereabouts of this files,,,how,,how,,,where did whoever send this get it from*

what exactly is going on

Muna was still blank in his mind

he didn’t hear Tobi repeatedly call out his name 3 times


he jerked and looked at Tobi

“what the hell where you thinking man,,, didn’t you hear me,,, I said what does this mean”

Muna was dumbfounded

he was speechless

even he couldn’t understand how something his father declared non existant now shows up on his doorstep,,several years later

how would he even be able to explain it to Tobi

or to anyone else

this clearly

is a dillema