All That Glitters Episode 38


he fumbled over his words as he tried to narrate his entire past to tobi

but just then.
a call came to his phone

he picked it out

and he saw the id

Muna franked his face,, wondering why Jessy was calling him at this time


” hello Muna, good evening”

he snorted


they talked for awhile

muna then asked if sonia was asleep yet

he actually wanted to hear her voice

“is she asleep…lemme talk to her”
he said

jessy kept mute for a while

muna got puzzled

“hello jessy,,i said is she there”

Jessy then said

“Muna,,, isn’t Sonia with you? ”

Muna scrunched his face

“I don’t understand,, is Sonia not supposed to be at your place now,,, or did you guys go somewhere”

Muna could pick out a strained tinge in jessy’s voice now as she said

“Muna,, I’ve been waiting for Sonia all evening,,, I called her cell,,, but it’s unreachable,,, so I thought she changed her mind and went back home to you! ”

Muna eyes flew open

“what! ” he said it with desperation

the phone slowly dripped from his ears

his brain went on default mode

he couldn’t even hear jessy’s faint “hello,, hello” in the background

Tobi noticed his expression

he said

“Muna,,!,, Muna what’s wrong”

Muna brushed off his thoughts and quickly started punching a number on his phone


he tried 3 more times

and it was the same thing

*(the number you’ve dialled is switched off… pls try again later) *

that’s not possible

Sonia’s phone is never off

Muna tried to brush off every negative thoughts coming to his head

as he was about to dial the number

a strange number started calling his phone

he saw the unknown caller…
and for a moment…

he thought it would be Sonia calling to let him know that she misplaced her phone

he picked it up and in a haste he said

“hello,, Sonia,, wher are-”

a high tone voice cut him off

“Buenos noches mi amigos”

(good evening my friend)

Muna felt like a train ran through him at that moment

not anything in the world could make him forget Carlos voice,,

the overzealous espanol who was destined to end the cleansweeps

Muna was speechless for a moment

“que se problema, mi amigos”

(what’s the problem my friend)

Muna managed to spill out a

“you? “what are you-”

Carlos then cut him off

“shh shh,,, no need for questions see,, you’ll listen,, and I’ll talk,,, in fact,,, instead,, maybe she should talk first”

Carlos put the phone on loud speaker as he said to someone

“Tenes un sexy cuerpo.”

(you have such a sexy body! )

from the background.. Muna heard a girl spit and yell


Carlos chuckled and smacked her across the face

“tu sin puta! ”

(you stupid,, little b!tch! “)

Muna was rooted to the spot

as he listened to Sonia’s muffled crying

he was enranged at the thought of what they might be doing to her

everything was happening to fast for tobi

he kept asking Muna “what’s going on,,” but he wouldn’t reply

he then went back to his seat

thinking Muna was probably talking to some individual he owed money to

but he suddenly jumped off from his seat when he heard Muna scream


Muna was mad with rage,, his fingers clenched the phone in desperation as his jaw tightened

Tobi heard the caller say something like

“kubwa junction,,(old soldado Hood),, better come alone,,and be fast,, her body is too tempting,, I may lose control soon”

the call ended

Muna shouted


but the line was already dead

“aarghh! ”

Muna screamed out in anger and threw the phone against the wall

watching it smash to pieces

he picked up a chair and smashed on the floor

Tobi heard him scream out in frustration again

he tried to calm down his friend

but Muna raged ahead to the wall and punched it repeatedly

*why,, why should Sonia,,, how could I let something like this happen to her*

he thought
the whole room was in a mess with papers scatter all over the floor, wood chips everywhere, glass and photos crumpled up.

Tobi couldn’t bear it anymore

he saw an opportunity

he took it

and quickly tackled Muna to the ground

making sure he held him down in a position that he wouldn’t be able to move free

but with the way Muna was right now

he was sure he wouldn’t hold him down for more than five minutes

but at least he would be able to get some answers and at least stop Muna from hurting himself

“speak up man!!,, what’s the matter with you! ”

Tobi yelled down at him as Muna struggled to get free

with a ragged voice

“get off me Tobi!,, get the fvck off,, arrh,,, I’ll kill him! , I swear I’ll kill that bqstard”

“who,, which bqstard! ”
Tobi asked

Muna strained again and said

“Carlos!!,, that,, bqstard has Sonia,, I don’t know how,, but somehow he nabbed her”

“what?! ”
Tobi tried registering the fact of what Muna just said

and in a split second

he got toppled over

he landed on the floor

Muna walked over and searched him took out his phone and with shaky hands

he dialled a number

still sitting dazed on the ground

Tobi watched Muna walk out through the door

he quickly reqained conciousness and called after him as he followed

“Muna wait! ..wait,, where are you going”

but Muna simply blindly walked briskly towards the road

Tobi ran after him

hoping and praying that he wasn’t going to do what he was thinking

Tobi knew very much when Muna starts using swear words and cussing,, he was in an enranged state,, and he wasn’t thinking straight,,,
he could do something irrational

(diablo territory)

carlos ended the call and looked at Sonia weeping on the ground

the spot he slapped her was red as she held it and sobbed

he bent low to her

“Aww don’t cry baby girl.” He said while placing his hand on her cheek and whipping the tears that fell she winced and moved back.
His hand went to the back of her neck and roughly pulled her back.

then he squatted in front of
her and leaned forward.

“We’re going to have some fun.” He whispered in her ear.”Wonder if that body of yours is going to handle it.
Mhmmm. Let’s see.”

“NOOO!! PLEASE!!!! DONT PLEASE!.. I said thrashing around Sonia pleaded with him as carlos and another guy tried fondling her

“please,, im just a teen,, don’t do this! ”

carlos gave out a loud throaty laugh

“has!,, you see, dear,, in my own country,, where I come from,, girls younger than you,, we’re already nympho’s,, I don’t know why you’re acting so whiny as if you’re a,, -”

carlos stopped short and frowned his face as he took a closer look at her

then he exclaimed

“oh sita a more!!!”
(oh my gosh!!)

“ooh,, no no no no,, don’t tell me,, you,, you’re a..”

he gripped his head as he stood up and motioned to a guy

they spoke in Spanish and the guy went towards the door and called out

Carlos then bent low to her again and said

“you,, you know,, at first,, I wanted to be stingy with you,, but it won’t be fair having such a gorgous virgin alone”

he ran a hand across her cheek

“my boys haven’t banged a tight hole in a long while,,, hahaha,,, this should be fun”

Sonia looked behind and saw some men entering the room

they could have been like ten in number

they surrounded them forming a circle around her

the way they smirked their lips and roamed their eyes around her made Sonia’s stomache churn inside

the thought of what was going to happen made her heart sink
her whole body started shaking with sobs.

“Shhh.shhh. Don’t worry. We won’t do it right now…but later.” carlos calmed her winking and smiling like a madman.she closed her eyes tight and continued sobbing