Nadia Episode 26


Nadia sat patiently waiting for Ruth to return and it wasn’t long before Ruth came in with Frank and Stanley, who still had a bandage in his arm. When Nadia saw him years glowed from her cheeks as she held him in a warm embrace,

“oh thank God you are alive. For a while I thought you were dead, I wouldn’t know what to do if I lost you,” she held onto him so tight like he will disappear if she let’ him go.

Finally she let go of him, ”I heard the doctor say we lost him, and I thought it was you”, Nadia said.

“No no you got it all wrong” Frank responded, “he was talking of the second guy who was shot among the kidnappers, he lost so much blood and didnt survive it. How about their leader?” Nadia asked.

“You mean Dagger,” frank answered, “he confessed to everything and said they wanted to kidnap your friend Vic, and mistook you for her, they wanted the dad to pay a big Ransome for her but unfortunately they got you instead of her.”

”Where is he now? ” Nadia asked. “Its so unfortunate , because he is also dead. He slit his throat with a razor blade after confessing. He said he rather dies than spend the rest of his life in jail”. Nadia kept quiet for sometime,

“justice is served” she finally said, then she tried to sit up again. And then she felt a sharp pain underneath her bosom. Aaaahhh! she shouted and looked at herself, then she noticed it!

“What happened” she screamed, “where is my baby, where is my baby? Why am I not pregnant anymore, where is it ?” She asked squeezing Frank on his shirt.

“Nadia please calm down, when you fainted and was rushed in here, the doctor said your baby was not having enough oxygen, they had to take you straight into the theatre to bring it out, since we didn’t know when you will wake up. A fast surgery was done on you to bring out your baby, but unfortunately it was dead before they brought it out”. Nadia started weeping and crying . Ruth held her and they both cried together. She demanded to see the dead baby and they took her to see it. She cried as she carried it and wept bitterly,

”my child though your method of conception was an abomination, but you were not an abomination, I want you to know that I love you, I wouldn’t have allowed anything to happen to you, you were my reward from my weeks of suffering, you were my price from my weeks of torture, I am so sorry that I couldn’t save you, please forgive me my child, I am so sorry…..,”

Nadia kept on crying until the nurses came and collected the dead baby from her and took Nadia back to her bed to rest. The twins, mama and Ruth sat by her. It was a sad moment and they want to be there for her. They had all grown to love the unborn child and have deeply prepared for it’s arrival but God know why it had to be like this. They knew within them that tomorrow was gonna be a new day for them.

Nadia losing the baby was it good?