All That Glitters Episode 30


•truths uncovered••

°°So it was you°

“Enough of your rubbish talk!” The principal shouted

“Oh ,,,do you guys think you’ll get away so easily,,,just who do you boys think you are,,”

He turned to the two cops at the door

“Officers,,,pls take this boys away,,,from henceforth you guys are hereby expelled,,,never step foot in this school again,,,atleast the police will make you talk where you’re hiding the papers”

As the officers bundled them out of the office

Dre felt infuriated

Why should they be insulted in this manner,,,

Why should they be punished for something they didn’t do

This didn’t seem right

He brushed off the officer holding him

And walked to the principal

“Atleast give us a chance to explain,,,we could even help catch who the real culprits are”

The man couldn’t believe dre’s ridiculous words

“Haa., !,,,so culprits want to catch culprits now enh,,,ok fine go ahead,,,but not in my school,,,you’re no longer part of this school,,,”

The man looked back at a file he was handling

An officer came and took dre’s arm to lead him away…

But Dre whipped of the hand in annoyance

He glared at the principal and bared out his entire mind

“Fine go ahead, and expell us,,,atleast the worst would be we would end up in the streets living miserable lives,,but that won’t make a difference,,,”

The principal looked at him and asked

“Mr man,,,what exactly are you saying,,,you get expelled,,,you go home , ,your family takes care of you,,,i wasn’t the one who told you to break into school at night, ,so pls don’t spill anymore rubbish to me”

Dre revved up and started

“Yes,,,that’s the thing, We have families,,even though they don’t function properly,,,at least we have”

He continued

“But what about someone who doesn’t have,,,I mean we all could go home,,,and meet our family waiting for us ,,,I admit,,,my dad is nothing to write home about,,,but what about someone who doesn’t even have a father,,,someone who leaves an event knowing there is nobody waiting for him at home,,,Knowing that when he opens his door,,,no-one would be there to ask him,,,hey how was your day,,,”,,, the only comforting sound he hears is the sound of a dog barking,,,that’s his only companion all day,,,you should atleast think about that sir”

The principal flinched a little
And stared quietly at Dre as he continued

“Sir you could expell us., you could get rid of us. ,,but you should atleast consider this person,,,if we go I go to jail today,,,atleast my grandma would come to bail me out,,she would come to claim responsibility, ,same goes for Mike , Tobi,,,and john,,,but what about one of us who has absolutely no one related to him to come for him, ,tell me sir what is he supposed to do”

Dre spoke in all earnestness

But the principal kept mute

The questions rang in the air

The answers also lingered in the air

But the principal still kept mute

Everyone in the office at this moment knew just what he was getting at,,,but nobody signalled to reply anything

The officers now impatiently held Dre to take them away

“Alright young man,,,that’s enough lets go”

They were about heading to the door…when mr sam burst in with his eyes all weary…

He darted his gaze all around the room before he walked to the principal

“Sir I need to speak with you”

The principal acknowledged him

Then they both went to a corner and were speaking in hushed tones

All the guys exchanged curious looks

As they watched the both of them talk…

The principals face changed from surprise to shock

He quickly called baro in

And asked him to Look through some stuff on his desktop

While he was doing this….

Mr sam was busy suffling through some files at a wardrobe nearby

The officers soon asked

“Sir should we be heading out now,,,”

The principal looked up at him and said…

“Officers,,,I think you’ll need to hold on for a while”

He motioned for them to come over saying he need to disclose somethings to them…

They soon joined the principal in a conversation

While everybody else in the office including the cleansweepers watched in amazement and confusion…

Its been a long day…but Muna finally has a chance to relax

Ever since the whole episode in school

He had made himself busy by arranging stuffs in the house…

He was trying to clean out the room which used to be for the old man

So he could be using it

Then he’ll let sonia use his own room

But he barely started when he noticed that,,,not just that room..

But the entire house needed cleaning

Its not like the house is dirty or something

But its just a little stuffy and rough

Cos it was just him,,
But now a female is going to be living with him

He’ll need to soften things a little

Just for her

He wondered why he was going through extra length

Just to make sure she was comfortable…

It wasn’t like him

He simply brushed it off as him showing a modest gesture to his guest

Although Muna couldn’t still believe

That mr sam of all people came to their aid

The man actually stood up for them

*I knew that dude will surely one day become decent * Muna thought as he remembered the Way the man proved them inmocent of the charges of stealing infringed documents belonging to the government…

The interesting part was,,,

This wasn’t the first time juma and his boys were doing stuff like this they usually stole the papers each time the SATs were close around the corner,,,then they’ll sell them to interested participants at a price that would cost someone a fortune..

*that explains a lot*
Muna thought as he walked towards his bed

Although the charges of breaking and entering still remained…

But the school took full responsibility

They had to give the guys one week suspension so as not to make other staffs and teachers raise eyebrows at them

It was hard to convince their fellow students that They were only being sent away for a week ,,,they would resume fully the following week

On the case of them stealing from mr sams office

That issue was overlooked simply because they were only taking something that otherwise belonged to them in the first place

Muna thought about the Look of gratitude in sonia:s eyes when the policemen left without taking them along ,,

The sigh of relief was like a huge burden was taken off her chest

He smiled when he watched her relax in comfort of not seeing him bundled away…

But he was quite shocked when out of nowhere

Halima pulled him into a tight hug…
That lasted for minutes

Sonia was at that moment walking towards him in truimph

But she suddenly stopped when she saw him interrupted by halima

He caught a Look of void in her eyes at that moment

He was hoping she didn’t read any meaning to that.

But then wait

*why do I care if she did* Muna thought

It wasn’t like he thought of sonia in any other way other platonic

Muna laid down on the bed

He was about to doze off when he heard a knock on the door

He wondered who that could be

Sonia had extra lessons so she wouldn’t be back untill after 6

He stood up and walked towards the door

He opened it

And was surprised

As halima threw her hands over him in a tight embrace

She looked up and pecked him on the cheek…

He still had a bewildered Look on his face….

She smiled and said to him

“Whah,,,are you surprised to see me,,?”

He stuttered a little

“I…I wasn’t expecting you,,”

She revved

“Yeah I just wanted to see how you were doing, I know you must have been pretty shaken up with that whole thing that happened in school right”

He nodded

She then smiled and continued

“Don’t worry,,,I’m here for you now”

He forced a weak smile

He let her in by spacing the door

She didn’t go to the leaving room instead she walked into his room

And sat on his bed

He had a raised eyebrow on as he watched her

He enterred and saw her staring at him suggestively

She tapped the side of the bed ,,asking him to join her

He shrugged and sat beside her

Her gaze never left him

He opened his mouth and said

“Halima we’re already done with the project,,”

She nodded

“I know,,,I’m not here for the project,,,I just wanted to see you”

He started

“Soo …what is this about”

She tilted her head to the side and asked

“Have you eaten?”

He raised his eyebrows again

“Not yet?”

,”are you hungry”
She asked

“Urh,,maybe a little but not-”

He couldn’t finish talking

Before she planted a kiss on his lips…

His mind went blank

He didn’t understand what was happening

Until she clutched him right and they both fell back on the bed

They were still kissing and holding

Until halima released her hand from his neck and started unbottening his shirt

He got wired back

And quickly disengaged from her

She had a suprised Look on her face

“Whah,,,did I do something wrong”

Muna ran a hand through his hair as he glared at her

“Why the hell did you do that ”

“Do what”

“Why did you kiss me”

She peered at him

“But you kissed back”

Muna didn’t reply

Although it was true

He responded

But that was not his fault

He was caught off guard

Halima saw his distraught Look
Then she said

“Im sorry,,,I acted irrational, ,but I just couldn’t help it,,,each time I’m close with you ,, I try hard not to throw myself on you,,,but today I couldn’t control myself,,,I’m sorry” She placed her hand in his shoulders

Muna stood up

“Its getting late,,,you should get going”

She had a hurt Look on her face

“Don’t do that Muna. Don’t push me away like that,,,I can’t bear it if you also reject me,!”

Muna still looked enstranged

“Im not rejecting anything,,I’m just saying maybe we should just like step out for a while”

Halima couldn’t believe her ears

“Step out,,,,I mean I just kissed you , I just exposed to you. ,,I was ready to do more than that ,,I was ready to offer yourself to you,,,and you’re telling me to leave”

Muna folded his hands over his arm

“What exactly are you saying,,halima,,,I don’t understand “girl talk” pls explain clearer”

Halima stood up abruptly
And almost yelled as she said

“I’m saying I’m in love with you ok!,,, its been driving me nuts for days,,,but I admit it now. ,I have fallen for you,,,and I was trying to prove it”

Muna had a blank Look in his face as he stared at her

*so that’s what she wanted to say that day*

Halima searched his eyes looking for clues

“Muna do you feel the same way about me”

Muna kept mute

“I mean why did you respond at first,,,then you pushed me away later”

Muna revved

“I just didnt think its appropriate,,,I mean,,,you are a very attractive girl,,,but you’re too young for stuff like this”

Her face turned into a frown

“What the hell are you saying! ,,,I’m 18+ for crying out loud,,,I just thought you were also mature enough to respect my feelings,,,but I guess I was wrong”

Muna then glared at her then said

“You just came on to me with a frenzy,,,do you think every guy is interested in that”

He saw another hurtful Look in her eyes again

“Hold on I mean-”

She brushed him short

“I’m sorry I cared to come and see you,,,I’ll be leaving now”

She angrily grabbed her phone and dashed off towards the door

As she passed him

Muna tried to stop her by reaching out but she brushed off his hand

She walked ahead but didn’t notice bills running swiftly across the way…
The dog was probably chasing a mice or something But it made her flinch and she stepped back a little and tripped over a shoe

Muna quickly rushed off and held her from falling

At that moment

A flash of recognition bursted in Muna ‘s brains

His mind quickly raced a few weeks back to a club far from bongos

The same pose

The same feeling he felt when he held that girl

He couldn’t believe it But it was her

No wonder he always thought halima looked familiar

*she was the one,,*,he thought

Halima quickly regained her composure and said

“Uh,,,thank you,,,I wasn’t watching”

yes it was the same apology he heard that Day

There is no mistaking It

This was the girl at the club

Halima was the girl

He slowly released her

Although halima was surprised at the shocked Look on his face

“Whah,,,why are you staring at me like that”

“It was you:,,, you were that mysterious girl at the club”

Halima looked bewildered

Has he suddenly gone insane?

“Muna,,,are you ok,,,what are saying What girl… What club?”

He pressed on

” the girl who offered me a drink at clubmate,,,it was you,,,I’m definitely sure about it”

The mention of clubmate made halima drop her mouth open in shock

She did a quick flash back

Could it be

That boy

Was him

Was actually Muna

*no way,,that can’t be possible*