All That Glitters Episode 29


Two men in uniforms stood guard at the door of the principals office

Probably to prevent unauthotised entry and exit
They are also probably cops

Then inside the office

Baro was busing arranging files

And documenting issues for the expulsion of the five boys

He was also compiling drafts which states that the school had no relationship whatsoever with the band known as cleansweep

It was all part of the propaganda that Rand high wanted to use to exclude themselves from any blame relating to the incident

Mr sam sat comfortable at a corner with a Look of satisfaction
On his face as he watched the principal reel out words of dissapointment at the cleansweep

The man shook his head again as he said to them

“I just can’t believe you guys would do such a thing,,,I mean I hear of some of your irregular activities from some teachers but I overlook them,,simply because I thought jealousy was the cause of enmity between you and them,,,,,but this is just purely dissapointing”

Mr samson smirked then moved closer to the principal as he said

“Sir ,,havnt I always said it,, that these boys were nothing but trouble,,,now Look,,,they have dropped a new stunt on our head,,,if the government finds out that ,,,state exam papers entrusted to us have gone missing,,,there is no saying what could go wrong”

He paused then exclaimed

“heck!,, they could close down the school”

The principal spat out a “God forbid”
At his last statements

He looked towards the guys in impatience and said…

“Look you boys should at least own up to your crimes,,,have you sold the papers to willing students,,,or did you stash them at your houses to use them before the exam commences”

Mike soon impatiently blurted out loudly

“We have no idea where those papers are!!,,,the only reason we broke in was!-”

Dre nudged him
Then Mike stopped talking

Then Dre moved closer to the man

Then in a calm voice…

He started

“Sir please,,,we explained everything before,,,yes we admit to breaking in,,,but we didn’t even step into the P documents lodge
..we only wanted”

The principal got infuriated and spat out

“What rubbish are you spilling like these!!,,,you agree to breaking in,,,but you don’t want to agree you stole the papers,,,did you guys just decide to enter the school at the dead of the night just for fun!”

Dre tried to speak again but the man shunned him down

“Not another word from you ,,I’ve already lost my patience enough”

Mr sam soon stood up and declared to the principal

“Don’t worry sir,,,if they dont confess now,,,I’m sure they’ll do a lot of confessing at the station ”

And with those words,, he walked off to the door

The policemen at the other paved way for him and he stepped outside

Mr sam majestically walked towards his office

Yeah,,,he was back now!

Back in business

And finally his greatest obstacle of headache which is the cleansweep will be leaving his school In a while

And probably they’ll spend some good time in jail

Mr sam smiled at himself as he pushed the door open to his office

Eversince he got posted to rand high school to teach

Mr sam always hated the cleansweepers

Call it “hate at first sight” if you may

But that’s just how it is

When a man as disciplined as mr sam sees five boys leaving free easy life
Instead of a hustle bustle live in high school

All they do is play party and play again

They come to school anytime they like and teachers will still Look at them in admiration as if they were little teenage girls,,, especially the female teachers…

That part annoyed mr sam the most


Those were his thoughts

That’s why he habours so much hatred from the cleansweepers

He see’s them as carefree human beings who had not a single worry in the world because they lived a perfect life…

How naive of him!

(Let’s just be rational for a quick moment before I continue)

We’ll start with john

The youngest and newest member among them

John’s mother is a petty trader who sells puny goods at the general market in dogara.
Now before joining cleansweep John had to wake up as early as
5am get ready …park his mothers good all the way to dogara in a wheel barrow arrange them then go back home and get ready for school…

Although since Dre brought him in he’s been making some few bucks off the team

Not to mention Dre always puts him in every drumming competition he could find just to make sure the boy gets some dough to support his mother…

Mike knows his parents are penniless

He can’t really blame them
The government has blatantly refused to pay up pensioners…
And all his relatives always have one excuse or the other when they go to them for assistance

But then again

Dre saved half of everything they made from different performance to buy him that large powerbike

Now Mike uses the bike to make home deliveries for KFC,,ultimate and other restaurants he also rents the bike on a daily bases

With the proceeds he makes from that ..added to the little his sister’s husband can offer ,he takes care of his sick father and supports his mothers little poultry…

(Yep,,,quite a celebrity huh)

Now Tobi,,,although Tobi is a nutcase …,,no argument there

Tobi’s life isn’t so rosy…
His father is a notorius hoodlord and cove godfather
Now this kind of position attracts a lot of enemies
Tobi stays with his uncle , as staying with his dad can only put him in harms way…
He has to walk around the streets constantly looking over his shoulders incase he is being targeted
The boy sleeps with one eye open

Who knows,,,someone could have broken into the house,,,quickly murdered his uncle…
And then move to find his room to finish the job

Lest we forget,,,tobi’s uncle only feeds him,,,but that rarely happens,,,every other bills ,,Tobi has to sort for himself,,,includin his school fees

(Sound easy ,,,doesn’t it)

Dre,,!, gosh Dre is just like an infant in an adult’s skin

At the young age of 10,,,he was already shoving through the streets,,,looking for his daily meals of survival,,,
His mother just died,,,and his dad seems to think his own son should be blamed for it,,,thank God for his grandmum ,,each time his father was this close to ending the boys life from over batterying,,,she would sheild him and ask the man to kill her first before killing him ..
Now of course he can’t kill his own mother

Dre’s father had stopped his bread winning responsibilities since before his mom died,,,but now things were worse since he started drinking
He became an added burden on Dre
Dre feeds himself,,,feeds his grandmum,,and feeds his irresponsible so called father,,,
Infact everything in the bill is footed by him from the house rent to the electricity

Its all on him

(Imagine being in that position for a while,,,I bet its not that hard for a high schooler)

Muna’s case is somewhat different…its a case even I dont understand

Where did a biracial 8 year old boy come from

How did he end up in bongos

Where’s his family,,his relatives,

Anyone who knew him before the old man picked him up from the streets and carried him home…

Before we get to the fact that the old man has currently passed away and Muna wakes up every morning knowing he’s probably the most loneliest boy on the planet

How did he survive on the streets before the old man took him in

How many dustbin cans did he rummage through to get something to eat…

How many houses did he knock on to beg for food and shelter

How many pushed him away or slapped him in the face out of annoyance because he disturbed them

How many empty stores did he sleep in before the old man found him

What kind of trauma did he pass through when at night the mosquitoes drained him

Or the cold rain made him feel like a jellyfish

Or what did he pass through in the hands of the gentle man at night

Who saw him as easy prey

The truth is we may never know the degree of such traumatic experience,,,

(But then again,,,I guess its not that bad,,to be living on the streets for half of your life,,,its not hard to be sleeping under a bridge now,,its not that bad to wait outside a house until they’ve emptied their wastebin into the trash can then suddenly rush open it, and find something edible for the day)


Well..those kinds of thought don’t pass through your head when you see five talented boys huh?

They certainly don’t pass through mr sams head as he sit in his office thinking of what to do with his free time

Mr sam checked the clock

Its only a few minutes before the school would close for the day

He wondered why those students were outside killing themselves under the sun

Nothing they say or do would stop what is about to happen

*the cleansweeps are goners already,,,so they better save their breaths and get back to class*

The increase of the protesting noise infuriated mr sam the more

He decided to grab his whip. ,,,go down downstairs and drive the naighty boys and girls away

He reached for his wardrobe

But his whip was not there


*where did I-*

He then remembered that he had locked it inside his cabinet

He unlocked the seal and drew out his cabinets

His eyebrows made a frown as he sighted something inside

*that’s not how I kept those permits* he thought

Mr sam brought out the permits and checked them properly

The entire thing was dissaranged

He had placed them un ascending order…From the oldest to the youngest

But now it was placed anyhow

It only meant one thing

Someone broke into his office…

But who could have done that…

He racked his brain for a while then his mind remembered a time Dre came to him to request for his permits and the four others

He had said they needed it for a performance or something…

Then realisation struck him

Mr sam had removed the alarm system

From his office and placed it in the staff room

The alarm went off when the intruders where in his office,,, so who where now the ones in the staff room

So this either means two things

The cleansweep were not the only ones in the school that night

And they were not in the staff room but right here in his office when the alarm went off

*or could it be ,,they shared to two groups ,,some went to the staff room,,and some stayed here*

But that wasn’t possible

That P lodge vault needs like seven people to carry down

No matter how strong the cleansweep were,,,its not possible for two of them to carry it down alone…who could carry it,,,

*maybe Mike and Muna,,,or Dre and Tobi,,,john is a weakling he can’t even carry his own weight so its definitely not him”

Mr sam was still contemplating on this when his eyes caught the scrapped metal on his window…

He noticed tampering on it

Then he remembered that the night guard had confessed to seeing movements on the roof…

*but that’s not possible,,,if they escaped through the roof,,then who were the people the security cameras caught using the front door of the staff office*

Something isn’t right here,,,something doesn’t Add up

Mr sam picked up the permits and rushed back to the principals office…

*they have an alibi,,,they actually do*

Mr sam couldn’t believe what he was about to do

What he was about to say on behalf of the cleansweeps…

Before he could stop himself he pushed open the door and stepped in to the prinicipals office

His eyes caught the two cops already cuffing the boys and leading them out

He revved up and walked briskly to the principal