Nadia Episode 16


Stanley went back to the hospital and Nadia was already sitted waiting for him. He gave her the plate of rice he carried.

”I personally cooked this for you” he said, thank you was all she could say as she opened the plate of food and started eating, its been long she ate a good food, she has missed a lot of things, she has missed school also, for 7weekz now she has not been in school, she has not seen her sister and she had not eaten well. But she was grateful for being alive.

Stanley watched as she ate the food, he knew she had a lot in her mind and so he let her eat in peace, but after a while he decided to speak.

“Now that you have eaten, will you please tell me what happened to you? But before that tell me your name.” Nadia looked at him surprised, she was surprised that he was asking for her name.

“Why are you asking me my name like you don’t know my name” Nadia asked; Stanley was surprised by the question

“no I don’t know your name” he answered, Nadia looked at him again,

“you don’t know my name” she asked again, Stanley was by now no longer comfortable with the question. ”Frank you don’t know my name” she asked again, then Stanley smiled, he finally understood that she is mistaken him for his twin,

”I get you, I get you” he said smiling,

“well am not Frank, Frank is my twin brother, my name is Stanley”. Nadia stared at him trying to understand what he was saying, then he continued “I was the one you rescued three Years ago in that uncompleted building, do you remember?” Things began to become clearer before Nadia, it was this man standing before her that she had helped three years ago, no wonder Frank didnt recognise her at the start and no wonder he acted the way he did towards her. She finally understood the whole thing and for the first time she was glad she didnt call the police on Frank and mama.

“Wow!” She exclaimed “how can two people be exactly one person” she asked Staring at Stanley.

“I never had the chance to come back to you to say thank you for what you did that night, I wanted so much to, but I couldn’t come, I wanted to make sure I was better than what you saw that night before coming back and so I went there last year but you were gone. I asked around and no one saw you or knew where you went to.”Nadia looked at him and then asked

“hope you no longer do that thing”, he laughed very loud before answering,

“no no no not anymore, two of my friends died that night, I was lucky to escape and be alive, it was God giving me a second chance and so I had to use it well. I now work as an engineer, I sell electronics. I repair electrical faults for people also and other menial stuffs.” Nadia smiled and said

“that was okay! A good and honest job was better than any illegal job”

Nadia then told him her name was NADIA! and went further to tell him everything that happened to her. Stanley was furious and angry, he was cursing and swearing, he swore to do everything within his power to catch those boys and make them pay. Nadia then told him to please contact mama so that they will let Ruth know that she was fine and okay.

Right there Stanley brought out his phone and called Frank, frank insisted on talking with Nadia to be sure it was Nadia, after speaking with him, Nadia felt happier, she knew soon she will see Ruth again. She was glad that fate threw her to the right person. She was grateful to God. Just then the doctor stepped in.

”Mr Stanley you are here” he turned and shook hands with him and then to Nadia he smiled and asked how she was feeling to which she said fine.

”Well I’ve got some news, and I don’t know if I’d call it good or bad news” Stanley and Nadia turned and looked at him.

”What is it” Stanley asked

” well the young lady is fine now and can discharge home any moment from now, the crack on her skull is almost healed and the infections on her body is also healed, the poison from the snake bite has been extracted out, for now she will have to use one clutch until she is strong enough to walk all by herself. She has to rest a lot so she can heal completely”

” that’s no problem sir, I assure you that she will have a lot of rest” Stanley said.

“That’s good” replied the doctor “but there is something else”

“what is it doctor” Stanley asked again

“She is pregnant! Congrats ma”, the doctor said and walked away.