All In A Circle Episode 9


Hakym and his boys had their van parked in a bush behind the deputy governor’s villa just opposite his office in the Government residential area of the state. The big mansion which was painted white housed the state’s deputy governor and few of his family members, his wife and first son to be precise. The others are far away in the western countries. The mansion stood opposite the deputy governor office as the GRA road demacated the two buildings from eachother.

“We all know how tight the security of this house is and to carry out our mission successfuly at night is very dangerous and am sure if we leave some stones unturned, we’ll end up leaving this place in pieces. So let us all pay attention to detail.” Hakym lectured.

A man in his late twenties dressed in a black pullover and a black jean trouser removed some set of papers lined inside a brown envelope.

“This is the main gate through which the convoy will drive in, it is guarded by five uniformed men on the outside and three inside. Its is a no go area. The west entrance on the other side leads to an underground system which is connected to the governor’s chamber. Ten millitary men are on ground. I believe our best option is to attack from a vantage position and drop the men guarding the east entrance. we’ll move in in mass and advance from there.” The young man continued.

“What are our chances?” Hakym asked.

“We are between twenty to thirty percent.” The man who was later introduced as Joe replied.

“Which means we are far from being successful?” Hakym asked.

“Yes. And I don’t see a reason why Maleek wanted us to attack the deputy governor. And he refused to let Danger-kelv come here with us.” Joe compained.

Darasimi walked towards the door and pushed it open. She was scared at seeing these guys in front of her door but on a second thought she smiled at them to ease the tension.

“Baby what’s cooking?” Scorpion asked.

“Noodles.” She replied.

“We came for our share.” Scorpion informed as he pushed the door open and walked in alongside every other guys.

“Its not something much. Just a packet of noodles and nothing else.” She informed them.

“There is love in sharing they say.” Darasimi walked into her kitchen to dish out the noodles into a plate. Despite the fact that she was hungry, she still had to share it with some boys who’ll finish it in seconds.

“Can we talk outside?” Deoye asked when she has dropped the plate of noodles.

“No problem.” Darasimi followed him out of her room. Deoye led her to the backyard where the storex water tank was.

“I think I asked you to see me immediately you return. So why the delay?” Deoye asked.

“Am sorry. I just wanted to eat before coming.” She said apologetically.

“I called you because of Chioma, your friend. I want you to lead her into my waiting hands. She’s been avoiding me ever since they(the five of them) killed Hadiza.” Deoye explained.

“How sure are you that they killed Hadiza?”

“Don’t ask me questions. Make sure you lead her out to me tomorrow eight o’clock in the night. How you want to achieve that I don’t want to know.” Deoye said as he handed over a brown envelope to her. Darasimi collected the evelop and stuffed it into her back pocked. They both walked back inside to meet the guys already playing with all manners of things they could lay their hands on.

“Come on guys. We gotta leave this place.” Deoye said. The guys all stopped what they were doing and filed out of the room.

“How come you weren’t sweating? He did it well right?” Scorpion whispered to Darasimi who just smiled.

Five minutes later, the guys drove out in mass leaving the compound empty and deserted. Darasimi decided to start cooking all over again but this time she opted to fry egg and eat it with bread. She checked the envelope before dashing out of the compund to buy bread at Harmony. She realised she was fifteen thousand naira richer. Just as she came out of the gate, a young man accosted her.

“Hi.” The man greeted.

“Hey.” She replied impatiently.

“My name is Jones and I want to know your name.” Sergeant Mike said.

“Dara.” She replied.

“Who is that guy you were talking to at the back the other time?” the fake Jones asked.

“Don’t tell me you’ve been stalking me.”

“No am not. Its my job.”

“His name is Deoye.”

“He lives here right?” Mike asked.

“Room 11. The other side, upsatairs.” She replied.

“Thank you very much. My name is Mike, sergeant Mike.” He introduced flashing his identification card. Darasimi was scared but she waved off the fear considering the fact that she was no criminal neither did she commit any crime.

“Maybe Deoye is on the wanted list. Afterall he is a cultist.” She thought as she walked into Mama Harmony restaurant.

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“Tell me more about Dayo, since you said you live under the same roof at home.” Clement said to Dolapo.

“She keeps a diary where she writes a host of her dealings and worries. I can get it for you but not now.” Dolapo said.

“I’ll give it to the CSO then you can collect it from him.” Chioma volunteered.”

“Thank you very much. I have to go now, we are currently interrogating the guy who led Hadiza out of the party. And you guys be careful in your dealings with Darasimi or what’s her name.”

“Thank you sir.”

“I should be thanking you.” Clement rose up and went downstairs where he parked his car. He drove off to pick Mike at the juntion and they drove off to the school’s security post.

Clement was driving along the University express way with his partner, Mike.

“There is something suspicious about Darasimi leaving for her lodge and thank God I have you on ground to follow her. Now, our main target is Deoye and we keep tabs on Darasimi.” Clement said.

“Definitely. So how do we go about it?” Mike asked.

“Very simple. We’ll stay put for now, you and I to avoid suspicion. Habeeb will disguise as a student, then he’ll try and get fact from them. He has done this before anyways so we don’t need to put him through.” Clement explained. Just then his phone rang.

“Inspector Clement.” He said on picking the call.

“CSP Haruna.” The caller replied.

“Yes sir.” He saluted even though he was not there in person. He swerved off the road and parked by the roadside.

“Ngozi is up now and she is ready to take us to where the shootout took place. Drop whatever case you are handling now and get down here for the debriefing.” Haruna explained.

“Am actually on my way back to the headquaters.” He replied.

“Fine. We’ll be expecting you.” Clement dropped the call and faced Mike who has been anticipating to know what was discussed with the CSP.

“Its time to face Okoro’s abductors. No more questioning and student’s trailing.” Clement said smiling. Understanding what he meant by that, Mike smiled too. Just before he(Clement) reignited the car, he put a call through to his wife telling her he’ll be a bit late.


Okoro stood up from the ground where he has been sitting and walked towards the iron bar serving as the door into his cell. He strained his hears to know if somebody is near his cell but the silence that enveloped everywhere is a defeaning one. He shook the iron bar to at least get someone’s attention. Just then a gunman walked in and approached his cell.

Okoro smacked his lips and smiled. The gunman who had tribal marks which looks exactly like the one given to babies in the nothern part of the country stood before Okoro, the iron bar between them. Okoro mumured some inaudible words to the man who couldn’t speak english. The man moved closer to the iron bar so he could hear him much better but Okoro who had his plans all laid down grabbed the man’s head and forcefully pulled it untill it entered through the iron opening.

Now his neck is inside the cell and the other parts of his body stood outside. The man screamed loud forgetting the fact that he had three weapons with him, the Ak-47 which was hung along his shoulder, a shortgun inside his hip holder and a knife which was clipped to his trouser’s waistband.

“Where is the key?” Okoro asked.

“Par! Walahi, key e no dey.” The man managed to say amidst the excruciating pain he was experiencing. Okoro intensified the force being exerted on his head and when the man was on the verge of passing out, the key jingled as a result of his struggles.

Okoro stretched his left hand and took the key from his waist. He unlocked the door and used his right hand to squeeze life out of the man who still remained stuck to the bars. Okoro at once picked the three weapons on him as well as his mobile phone and began his escape quest.

He walked in the direction where the man had come and saw a group of the gunmen who were enjoying themselves watching a young lady of about twenty five dance before them Unclad. They were touching her sensitive body parts and the lady gladly danced to their tunes. She can only refuse them if she is ready to die.

Okoro knew the only way he could get out of there alive is if these dangerous men leaves the exit and he couldn’t kill all of them. The best option is to distract them and slip out on them but first he needed to call Clement.

To be continued