All In A Circle Episode 10


A door was left open along the corridor. Okoro slipped into the small room which had a small bed and used condoms littered on the floor. Certainly this is where these b——s rape their hostages or so he thought. He fastened the lock behind himself and started drawing out plans on how to effect his escape now that he had called Clement for immediate backup. He knew he had not much time before his disappearance became known and any bleep up means he’ll be locked up again or be killed and as far as he could remember, he is not yet married talkless of having kids.

His eyes wandered around the four corners of the room and just then he saw an opening which has been covered with an iron sheet fastened with screws. His curiousity got the better of him and he decided to know what was behind the opening. He knew there was only one way to do that which was to go back into his cell and pick the screwdriver he left on the window. But he was well aware of how dangerous it is, he could be spotted by his abductors, anything could happen and his plans could be foiled.

“I won’t let this disturb me.” He said as he gently unlocked the door and hurriedly crawled back his cell and picked the screwdriver and ran back to his new found hiding place. Just as he was about to enter, one of his abductors bumped into him.

“Shhhhhhhh.” He said foolishly. Just then he realised the danger that looms if he allowed this one person to foil his plans. He dragged him into the room and stabbed him in the process. He carefully laid him to the ground as blood trickled out from his neck forming a pool around him.

Okoro fastened the lock once again and started undoing the screws as fast as he could.


Two police vans came to a halt at a junction by the right with a signpost Khal corp. Clement who sat down with the driver inside the first van picked his phone and dialled a number.

“Okoro, we just got to the Khal corp junction.” Clement said.

“That’s good. Let the second team move ahead of you towards the next junction by the right, they should take the first turning and drive along the untarred road. The Khal corp junction leads to the main gate of the terrorist’s hideout while the second juntion ahead leads to their base camp.

The second juntion ahead has an ambush and someone of Mike’s calibre should lead the team and engage in the shootout while you slip behind them with your team while Mike’s team hold them on for the time being.” Okoro explained to his boss.

“Like how much men are we talking here?” Clement asked.

“When I was brought in, About ten to fifteen men occupied the base camp while at the main gate just four are guarding it from the inside. The main building has over thirty men inside and the main target, Maleek lives in the underground and their main hitman, Danger something lives in the town with us.” Okoro explained impatiently.

“We are on our way to get you out.” Clement replied.

“Is there an evacuation team or backup team?” Okoro asked.

“District police command promised to send us a backup team alongside a medical team if things get bloody.” Clement replied.

“Okay.” Okoro replied and the line went dead.

Clement ordered the men inside the two vans to get down as he addressed them and the men numbering up to twenty listened to him with rapt attention.

“Mike you lead the second team to the junction ahead and like I said earlier, hold them for as long as you can while we slip in behind them.” He concluded. Mike led his team back into the second van and drove off towards the second jucntion ahead. Clement did the same and drove into the Khal corp juntion on the right.

Mike’s led team advanced deep into the forest with one sole aim. Try and not fall into the waiting hands of the terrorists. Mike ordered his men to stop as he waited for instructions from either Okoro or Clement.

“What’s the situation like?” We are moving very close to their base camp and we planning on sneaking behind them and accessing the building.” Clement informed.

“No intelligence report still?” Mike asked.

“Ngozi is keeping up with us, giving us what lays ahead.” Clement replied.

Mike ordered two of his men to go far ahead of them to spy on the terrorists as they waited for their return. Five minutes later, one of the two men returned with reports.

“The coast is clear ahead. No one attacked us and the base camp seemed deserted.” He replied.

“Then, the second team can advance.” Mike said as he relayed the development to Clement who pleaded for him to wait a bit while he speak with Okoro.

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+++Back inside the building+++++

Okoro was still hiding inside the room, he had successfully opened the iron sheet covering a passageway. Just when his phone vibrated.

“Yes Clement. They are beginning to search for me. They just noticed my disappearance. You guys need to be fast before they get hold of me.” Okoro said and discovered the phone was beeping already. And it powered off.

“Dammit! Battery empty.” He murttered between breathe as he proceeded to jump through the opening of what seemed to be an underground. Just then the door handle turned. then he heard angry voices talking at the same time.

“Who locked this place?” A voice asked.

“We all knew the lock isn’t working. It was locked from the inside.” Another voice replied.

“Then we have to pull it down.” Then he started hearing sounds like they were corking their guns. Okoro without thinking twice picked the weapons he took from the first gunman whom he attacked while working on his escape and his second victim whose dead body lay in the same room with him. He dived through the opening and landed on a staircase.

He descended the stairs and his feet touched the ground after ten steps. He found himself inside a very big hall which was brightly lit and forty young boys were seated on the floor. The boys on seeing him scampered off and ran around the room in fear.

“Don’t be afraid. Am a policeman.” He said to calm them down.

“Please help us. We are being held here and trained for a course we know nothing of.” A boy replied.

“For how long have you been here?”

“Months. Maybe six months but its not up to a year.” The same boy replied.

“First, one of you have to go up that staircase. Jump through a window and you’ll land inside a small room. Fasten the screws and close the opening through which you got there. Don’t worry, the door is locked. You can have this too.” Okoro said to them and handed a small 33mm pistol to a young boy who volunteered to do it.

“First you have to change your clothes.” Okoro said. The boy obliged as he removed his shirt and trouser, Okoro gave him his shirt to wear and pick the trouser of the lifeless armed man he’ll meet up there. Off the boy went.

“How do you communicate with these b——s?” Okoro asked.

“We press that red button and at least three men will come asking what the matter is.” The same boy who has been answering his questions replied.

“Fine, once they come, lynch them and take their weapons. Then we’ll advance from here. Let me take covers behind this shelf, if things go wrong. I’ll be of help.” He said assuringly.

The boys did as instructed by Okoro. They pressed the red button and a loud alarm kept blurring and a few minutes later, the door opened and three armed men walked into the hall.

“Yes. Any problem?” One of the men asked.

“Sir, we need you to help us check something up there.” The boy who was talking to Okoro said. From what Okoro had seen, it seemed the boy is an extrovert or someone who loved talking. One of the armed men walked towards the staircase landing and made to ascend the stairs. Just then, as planned, ten of the boys attacked the man at the staircase and the others took care of the other two armed men, squeezing life out of them as the stangled them and continually hit their heads on the tiled floor.

Okoro came out of his hiding place and as usuall, he was able to take nine weapons from the three men. Three Ak-47 hung on their shoulders, three table knifes and two 9mm automatic revolver and another 33mm pistol.

Bringing the total number of weapons to fourteen. He distributed them to the boys and divided them into groups.

“We’ll advance from here and we’re are to move together. One step at a time and we are expected to watch each other’s back. Okay?”

“Yes sir.” They all replied.

“Now lets get this done.” Okoro said as he walked towards the opened door. Just then a sound was heard and the door was gradually shutting automatically. Everything in the room seemed computerised. Just then a gunshot was heard from a distance and the light inside the room flickered off and the ventilation system began to shut out.

“We’ve been discovered. Now we need to advance out of here before they close up on us. In few minutes, we’ll be out of oxygen. We need to be fast.” Okoro said as he slipped out of the door and boys followed suit in twos and threes and later one by one till a boy got in between the door and he got stucked. The door crushed him hard and despite his yelling there was nothing the others could do to save him. He died moments before the door cut him into two equal halves.

About five boys were still remaining the room and no doubt they will all die for lack of ventilation unless they climb the stairs, and the boy who went up earlier is still alive to save them. But the gunshot they heard few seconds ago seemed to be from that part of the building.

“Lets go.” Okoro said leading the way. Okoro walked towards another step but stopped in his tracks when he discovered one of the boys was not moving.

“Hey! Lets get out of here or you die. You know the ventilation system has been shut out.”

“Am ready to die. He is my twin brother, my other part. Life and its futility. Lemme die.” The boy said sniffing back his tears as looked at his brother’s half body that laid on the floor with blood everywhere.

“Join us if you value you life. No time to waste.” Okoro said advancing towards the wooded door that stood up the stairs. Okoro, with the help of the kitchen knife opened the door which had no handle but just jammed.

They got to a dimly lit part of the underground and are faced with what next to do. Just then rain of gunshots began to pour on them. Some of the boys who had sharp sense of alertness took cover behind the tables and chairs in the room just like Okoro had hid behind a shelf. The few unlucky ones were hit by the bullets.

to be continued–