All In A Circle Episode 11


Okoro and his new found boys continued in their quest for freedom and the boys numbering up to forty has been reduced to a figure way below twenty. Okoro knew it won’t take long before they all get killed, if by this time they are still in the underground then by the time they reach the surface of the earth, the last perosn would be killed. He stopped them by the time they reached a hallway which had three different routes that could possibly lead them outside.

“Now, we’ve reached the crossroads where we part and hopefully meet again. We’ve been moving in mass for the last five minutes and thank God we’re yet to be conered but right now, we all have to create groups and each of these groups go through one of these routes.” Okoro began.

“It will be best if we create a four man group. Meaning there will be three groups.” The boy who was doing the talking the other time replied.

“Who is with me?” Okoro asked and suprisingly all the boys wanted to go with him. They believed with him their chances of escape is high. He thought for a few seconds and decided to do the selection. He picked himself as the leader of a group, the extroverted boy as the leader of the second group and one other boy was choosed to lead the last team and off they parted after saying their probably last goodbyes.

The terrorists on the other hand who seemed to be relenting in their efforts to stop their escape devised a plan to let them reach the surface where they’ll be attacked. Reason being that, the boys and Okoro could be too fast for them to track and the best they(the terrorists) could do was to wait on them.

The routes takes one from the underground to the main building and the terrorists are sure they’ll come through at least one of the routes and they are there waiting for them.


Mike and his team were unable to hold on the terrorist’s base camp for long as they possesed weapons that are way higher than what the police had. As the policemen collectivelly killed one terrorist, a terrorist individually drops two policeman and when Mike realised that the best option for them is to retreat. He called for a retreat and about five policemen left the scene unhit without notifying Clement.

Clement’s team on the other hand couldn’t sneak in behind the basecamp because someone with a snipper was dropping them one after the other. And according to Clement, it is easier to fight an opponent physically than fight with someone whom you couldn’t see and possessed a weapon of mass destruction. He too ordered a retreat without notifying Mike and coincidentally they met at the point where they parted an hour ago to recount their ordeals.

They left the zone and the most suprising thing was that the terrorists gave no chase. On their way back from the terrorist’s hideout and back to the police satation, Clement recieved a call from the state police commissioner requesting his presence at the deputy governor’s office for a one on one conversation about the security situation of the state on behalf of the governor who travelled on that day to the country’s capital city.

Clement pleaded with the police chief that the meeting be postponed to the following day which he bluntly refused and after series of pleading he gave him a last option of visiting the number two citizen of the state at his private residence later in the evening. 8pm to be precise, one hour after he (the deputy governor) returns from office.


A black Hyundai drove and came to a halt just before the hostel gate.

“Thank you very much for honouring my call.” Deoye said.

“Thanks for the dinner.” Darasimi replied. Three hours after Deoye and his friend went to town he came back alone to pick Darasimi and they drove around the city of Lagos before settling down at one of the chineese restaurants for their dinner where they discussed extensively concerning Hadiza’s death.

As much as she tried to make him explain why he wanted her to lure Chioma out to him, he stylishly changed the topics.

“I will give you a call when I reach home.” Deoye said.

“I’ll be expecting your call.”

“Bye.” He said switching on the ignition of the car.

Darasimi opened the car door and got down. She waited until he backed out his car and drove off before she knocked on the gate and after many hassles with the gateman who claimed that it was time to lock the gate for the night, something he doesn’t do until after eight o’clock. He agreed to let her in after receiving a sum of 200 naira as entry fee. She proceeded to her friend’s room upstairs. She entered the room and was suprised to see her friends crying.

“Chioma what’s wrong?” She asked the only person she knew would gladly talk to her.

“Dayo’s mum died this evening.” Chioma replied.

“What! How come?” She asked.

“We relayed the death of her daughter to her and thirty minutes ago, Dayo’s dad called to announce her death.” Chioma explained.

“This must be as a result of shock.” Darasimi added.

“Exactly. You know she is the only child.” They all collectively consoled Dolapo who yet again has lost her mother for the second time.
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Clement drove into the GRA to visit the deputy governor on the said meeting. Soldiers are seen everywhere along the road patrolling and checking every car that passes that route. This has been the tradition every blessed day, they mount this patrol and roadblocks every blessed night.

“How far?” A soldier greeted Clement.

“I dey. Inspector Clement be my name.” He said flashing his I.D card.

“Dey go dey go.” The soldier cleared the road for him as he informed the other millitary men to let him pass. The same continued until he got to the big black gate that adorned the deputy governor’s villa. The soldiers at the entrance delayed his entry as they kept on requesting for papers upon papers which he wasted no time in providing as they requested for them. Just when he was cleared to drive in, he notice a shadow crawling beside the high walls of the villa that served as the fence. He called the attention of one of the soldiers. And together they advanced towards the suspected area. When they met the shocker of their lives. Immediately rains of gunshot started pouring down on them and it took them a few seconds to register what’s going on.

A fierce gun battle took place between the deputy governor’s security men led by Inspector Clement and the terrorists who lost their guards and were overpowered even though few of them ran deeper into the bush behind the villa in their bid to escape.The terrorists were seated around a fireplace inside a big hall all looking angry and deadly. Eight haggard looking men were tied at the extreme end of the hall among whom was Okoro.

“A bloody policeman like you had the liver to plan your escape and that of these boys.” A dark complexioned man with an Igbo(a tribe from the eastern Nigeria) accent said.

“All my life I never believed a Nigerian policeman could pull this kind of stunt and you just did. You’ll be a great asset for Khal corp if trained in the right way and blended into the system.” Another terrorist, a half caste said. Just then the door opened and a figure walked in. Recognising the person at once, everyone present in the hall kept quiet and the only sound that could be heared was the sound his shoe made as it kissed the ground.

“Who was on duty when this bloody cop was brought in?” Maleek asked.

“Konga was on duty then.” The men replied in unison. The said Konga of a man stepped forward with pleading eyes. He tried protesting but he was cut short. Maleek removed his 33mm automatic revolver and released five quick shots. Okoro from his end knew Konga or whatever they called him was not the one who locked him up but maybe they implicated Konga to cover someone’s track. Maybe the man who locked him up was a top official and the low levelled men still want him atop so he can continue to help them. His thoughts was cut short when Maleek placed his gun close to his head.

“The strong cop. Tell me all I needed to know now or I won’t hesitate to send you to where I just sent Konga.” Maleek said. Okoro who was feeling guilty because he felt he was responsible for their downfall. He surrendered when he ought not to. The moment his team got out from the route they took, they were met with gunshots which Okoro and his boys were able to shield and took cover. But because he saw a man with a GPMG,(general purpose machine gun) he dropped his gun and surrendered in the easiest of ways.

“My men outside were attacked by men of the police force. I know you gave them the tactics to use. Who led the police team?” Maleek asked. Okoro kept mute and was looking into space as Maleek kept blabbing. Maleek corked his gun and threatened to pull the trigger if his question was not answered.

“The team was led by….” He was saying when the door opened and two men rushed in. One was dragging the other who had blood all over him. “Dangerkelv, Hakym. What’s the matter?” Maleek asked.

“Their proposed attack was foiled by the police.” Dangerkelv replied. Okoro was trying to remember where he met the man who answered the name Dangerkelv.

“One Inspector Clement led the attack. The others are dead.” Hakym said.

“He managed to reach my street and he called me, so I had to go pick him and drive him down here.” Dangerkelv added.

“Kelvin patrick.” Okoro exclaimed remembering that the said Danger-kelv was his boss’ younger brother. Two quick shots were released on his forehead by Kelvin who knew his identity has been known.

to be continued–