All In A Circle Episode 12


Chief Obi Patrick was playing golf in the golfspot located at the back of his magnificent villa. In the field with him was his son, Kelvin, his polical and business friend, Prince Ogunsakin and one of his security men.

“Dad, I’ve always told you to learnt the modern way of playing this game.” Kelvin said jokingly.

“Who will I learn it from?” His father asked knowingly.

“Me of course.” Kelvin replied.

“You see, I’ve been playing golf right from my secondary school days. That is, before you were born.”

“Story story.”

“Seriously speaking Chief, playing golf way back doesn’t bring you on the same level with Tom Els or Tiger woods.” Ogunsakin added.

“I never said that Prince.” Just then his personal security brought a ringing phone to him.

“Sir, you have a call.” The security man said.

“Oh! Who is it?” He asked but on a second thought he said;

“Never mind. I’ll check it myself.” He collected the phone and walked a few distance from the rest.

“Hello Maleek.” He said on picking the call. He listened for a few seconds before speaking again.

“Look here, am not in support of you attacking top government officials. What’s your business with the Deputy governor?” He asked before speaking again.

“If you keep on attacking government officials you’ll keep on loosing your men and in no time your cover will be blown and you hideout discovered.” He warned. After ten seconds he spoke again.

“I’ll try my best to help you out of this. Your man who is in the police custody will be killed. I’ll call the commissioner and the deed is already done.” He said and after a few seconds, he ended the call and walked back to his gaming opponents.

Kelvin who is now defeating his father’s friend soundly was smiling sheepishly when his father returned.

“I have to go now. Enjoy your game.” He said and walked towards the main villa with his security following him closely.


Darasimi came out from the bathroom still dressed in her nightie which stopped just above her knees. Her other friends were still sleeping on their respective beds. Dolapo turned on the bed now facing the window. Immediately the light shone on her face, she opened her eyes as she used her hand to shield the light.

“Omodolapo good morning.” Darasimi greeted.

“Good morning Dara.” Dolapo replied removing the duvet from her body.

“How was your night? Hope you had a nice night rest?” Darasimi asked Dolapo who ignored her as she knelt down beside her bed to say her prayers.

“Snobbish s–t.” Darasimi said with disgust.

“Who again are you referring to?” Tolani who was just waking up asked.

“This useless girl ni. I greeted her and she ignored me.” Darasimi replied.

“This early morning. Dara, learn to tolerate this girl. You know she behaves like this sometimes.” Tolani advised.

“So what are you insinating?” Darasimi asked, she was on the verge of loosing her temper.

“You know you can’t pick quarells with me. I’ll rather ignore you too than reply you. I need to speak with my creator please.” Tolani said as she stood up to wear her nightgown. Her friends have in countless times warned her about sleeping with just her undies on. She claimed she sleep freely with no piece of cloth on her body something the late Dayo hated with passion.

“Are you telling me to shut up?” Darasimi asked pulling her with her hair. Off all the five friends excluding Darasimi. Chioma was the only one who keeps low cut while Dolapo loves to style her hair and Tola, Hadiza and Dayo does the same hairstyle always.

“Leave her hair alone now. You know her scalp is not strong.” Chioma who has woken up fully said.

“And what if I don’t?” Darasimi asked Chioma who was feared by her friends including Darasimi.

“Am sorry if I have wronged you but I don’t think this is the time to fight one another. We lost two of her friends, our sister last week, we should learn to tolerate one another at least this mourning period.” Chioma advised.

“Mad girl” Dolapo said as she walked out of the bathrrom with an empty bucket.

“Your mum is mad.” Darasimi hit back.

“She is in heaven, so she can’t be mad. Maybe yours is getting mad now, you don’t know.” Dolapo replied as she slipped out of the room.

“Get a life babe.” Chioma said laughing as she walked away from the room towards the bathroom to wash her moth. Darasimi drew her back and gave her a thunderous slap.

“That’s for advising me to go get a life.” Darasimi said. She walked towards the stove inside their store turned kitchen to check what was cooking.

Chioma, enraged by what just happened with full force pushed Darasim and as a result of that, she tumbled and fell on the burning stove. Darasimi screamed in agony immediately her skin touched the hot pot on the stove. The pot fell on the ground thereby exposing her body to the Unclad fire.

“Jesus!” Tolani screamed on seeing this. She quickly ran to her aid, moving her away from the fire and applying first aid materials to her.

“Chioma, see what you just did.” Tola said.

“What did I do? Its not like I killed her.” Chioma replied walking away.

Tolani succeeded in administering some first aids to her and the burning pains relieved her even though she sustained some burns and bruises.

“I don’t believe Chioma can do this to me.” She said two hours laters, after she woke up from her sleep with Tola assuming the post of a nurse.

“Forget it. Am sure, Chioma is feeling bad for her actions now.” Tola replied.

“She almost killed me. Tell me, is she my friend?” Darasimi asked.

“Dara, stop talking like that. She is your friend and will always be. The devil wants to come in between us.” Tolani replied. Darasimi kept quiet for a few seconds thinking about the event that took place in the morning and led to her sustaining burns.

“Dara, are you sleeping already?”

“Tolani, am sorry for what I did to you in the morning. Please do forgive me.”

“I already forgave you. If not, I won’t be here attending to you. I would have gone out like Dolapo and Chioma.” Tola replied smiling. Just then, the door into the room opened and three people walked in.

“Where did you guys go? You almost killed her and you still went out. Dolapo, is this how our friendship started? Chioma.” Tolani attacked immediately.

“Tola, stop.” Darasimi pleaded.

“Talk to me. Tell me something I don’t know. We call ourselves friends and we still want to kill ourselves. I don’t think this friendship will work.” Tolani poured out angrily.

“Tola, please can I say something?” Stephanie, the third girl who came in at the same time with Chioma and Dolapo asked.

“Say something reasonable please.” Tola who has always had a sour relationship with Stephanie replied. The reason for this is nor far fetched. The first time the two girls met was during their post utme exams. Though the exam was computer based and the two girls were placed in the same hall. Their seats next to each other.

After the exams, the candidates were asked to append their signature on an attendance sheet which was being passed around the hall. Stephanie got the paper before Tola and she signed, but instead of giving it to the next person beside her, she passed it to the next row where one of her friends was seated. The second time was when they got to 300L, Stephanie, being the daughter of a rich business man got a brand new car as a gift from her father and her friends decided to celebrate with her.

Tola was seated behind the wheels even though she can’t drive she was acting up like she owned the car in a playful manner. Stephanie with her crude thinking faculty said,

“Anyone coming here now will think Tola owns the car, whereas, she is not the owner.” This statement caused an outburst which almost led to the two girls going physical but late Hadiza was able to settle things but Tola vowed never to enter the car again and for almost a year now, she has not entered Steph’s car or even touch it.

“I believe we should all go out and have some fun, then we settle this issue.” Stephanie said.

“There is no problem about that. Chops n Cups right? I’ll join you guys there.” Tola said. She knew Stephanie is either trying to flaunt her wealth or trying to pass the message that their room is not richly furnished. Everyone knew better not to ask Tola why she chosed not to go with them in Steph’s car. Unless they want to see the beast in her.

The four girls, Stephanie, Dolapo, Chioma and Darasimi all filed out into Stephanie’s car and drove towards the popular restaurant leaving Tola behind to look for a cab to convey her.

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Sandra was sleeping on the bed with her lawyer, Barrister Benson lying beside her both half unclad. The duvet serving as cover for their unclad body. The two adults just had rounds of hot sx, the air condition was blowing in a subtle manner and every nook and cranny of the colourful room was cool. The door silently creaked open and Janet, Sandra’s maid walked into the room with a phone in her hand. She stood just beside the bed and positioned herself. She took pictures from different angles, removing the duvet a little and snapping Benson’s bare chest with Sandra’s hand on it. She also took pictures of Sandra’s br*st and saved them on the phone.

She tip toed out of the room carefully. Mission accomplished. Janet walked out of the gate and walked towards a car parked a few metres away. The door opened and she hopped in.

“How was it?” The man behind the wheels asked.

“It went well. I took their pictures.” The man who seemed to be acting on informations provided by Janet. Janet was quick to call the man immediately Benson led her into the bedroom and shortly afterwards, Janet started hearing moans and groans. An hour later, everywhere became silent and she knew they must have been through and are sleeping already. Therefore, she swung into action and walked in with her phone to take pictures of her boss and her boss’ lawyer. She had one thing in mind, revenge and blackmail.

She was a victim of an ugly incident involving Barrister Benson a few years ago when she was in secondary school. She made a vow on that day to get back at Benson and when the opportunity came, she grabbed it with her two hands.

She sent the pictures to the man and alighted from the car. The man, her boss who implanted her into Sandra Oselu’s house to carry out a deadly mission for him drove out of the estate. Janet who wanted to start her actions by sending the pictures accross to Benson’s wife to break his home and then proceed to tarnish Sandra’s image on social network. She smiled at the thought of how the newspapers will write the headline,


She pushed the gate open and walked in.

“Janet, where did you go to?” The gateman asked.

“Hey, watch your tongue. You work here just like I do. You are not here to monitor my movement are you?” She asked.

“I’ll monitor your movements at the end of the day. When you get married to me.” The gateman said laughing heisterically.

“Wretched being.” Janet said hissing as she walked towards the main house.


The five girls were seated inside Chops n cups restaurant located around the western core of the campus where the sport centre, the teaching hospital and agricultural department were all located.

“Chioma, I want you to apologose to Darasimi and Darasimi you too do the same.” Stephanie began after they all had made their offers.

“Am sorry dear.” Chioma said holding her hand. Darasimi smiled and nodded.

“Am sorry too. Dolapo, please forgive me.” She said.

“Am sorry. And I’ll stop being snobbish.” Dolapo replied.

“Then, I think we should drive around the school taking pictures as part of our reconcilation.” Stephanie said.

“Yes, yes, yes.” The others said. The five girls stood up, paid their bills and left for the parking lot.

“Tola.” Stephanie called her. Tola who was heading to the main road turned back to face her friends who stood by the car.

“Please, do me a favour.” Stephanie said humbly.

“Yes, what is it?” Tola asked trying not to sound rude.

“Lets do this together.” Stephanie pleaded going down on her knees.

“Is this Steph or someone else?” Tola asked herself.

“Tola please.” the others, Darsimi, Dolapo and Chioma added. If there is one thing she hated, that is begging her. She feels uncomfortable when she is being begged. Even if she’ll accept your apology, that will be next time.

“I’ll enter your car. But not today. Dolapo understands.” Tola said hugging Stephanie.

to be continued-