All In A Circle Episode 8



Sandra walked into her living room which was painted sky blue. The curtains that stood on the window and the doorways is a combination on sky blue and white and a rug of skyblue covered the floor. The couches are suede black made by a popular furniture company in italy.

Opposite the two seater couch stood a television set hung to the wall and a HD kodak camera layed on the table. Barrister Benson was seated flipping through the pages of a beauty magazine with a bottle of Ciroc and a glass cup on the stool before him.

“Sorry for the delay. I’ve been making some calls.” Sandra apologised as she walked in in a short flaying skirt that stopped above her knee, and a tank top that showed a large amount of her cleavage.

“What do you think of this company?” She asked.

“It is good but you know their offer is not up to our standard. They are not ready to pay sign on fees neither are there any chances of renewing the contract once this one expires. The only thing that excited me is the fact that they’ll give both the model and her agent/lawyer a car.” Benson explained.

“Will the car be every year?” Sandra asked.

“No. Just once.” Benson replied.

“Its better we let this one pass. Moreso, our current contract with Levis&Paige is an interesting one.”

“Yeah. They’ll come back with a better offer if they realise our worth.” Benson added.

“I’ll be back.” Sandra said exiting the living room. Benson who has been having a hard time coping with Sandra’s presence, her exposed laps are not helping matters neither is her exposed cleavege. She made it worse by sitting down very close to him. He often found his eyes wandering to those exposed part of her body.

Janet walked into the room carrying a basket full of clothes.

“Hello sir.” She greeted for the upteenth time.


“My name is Janet.”

“The maid?” He asked.

“Yeah.” Janet is beautiful on her own part. She should be contented with the level of her beauty, she is not rich and she has no class.

“You are handsome.” She complimented walking towards him in a seductive manner.

“Thank you.” Benson replied without battling an eyelid.

“Am single though. You may want to try me out. This is my pin.” She said dropping a piece of paper on his laps.

“Thank you but am not interested.”

“I know you won’t be. You are interested in Madam S.”

“Your headache.” He said spitefully.

“Let’s see whose headache it is.” She said before carrying her basket of clothes and walked out of the living room.

“Hello sir. I did it, yes he refused. The game is on.” She whispered to someone on phone.

–to be continued–

Darasimi alighted from a campus shuttle at a junction popularly known as Harmony. The street was named harmony because of a house built for student’s of the university for rentage. The lodge was known as Harmony lodge. By the roadside at the junction stood Harmony cool spot. A popular bear palour and pepper soup joint owned by Mama Harmony.

“Weldone Mama Harmony.” Darasimi greeted the woman who owned the cool spot and the lodge.

“Dara omo mi. Bawo ni?” (Dara my daughter. How is everything?” Mama Harmony asked.

“Adupe fun olorun.” (we thank God) Darasimi replied.

She was a regular stopper at Harmony cool spot where she normally have her meals when she is too tired to cook. And discount enjoyed by the occupants of Harmony lodge is enormous. Buy a plate of rice worth #200 and get a bottle of drink free or pepper soup. She was an easy going girl who lived her life in a predictable manner. Wake up in the morning, do her chores, get dressed and go to school, come back home and sleep. She doesn’t go to parties neither does she keep friends.

She had just five friends who lived inside the school hostel whom she occasionally visits and vice versa. She unlocked the black gate through the hole bored on the iron gate. She entered the compound which is the base for most engineering students of the school. Two cars were parked inside the compund instead of the normal three cars meaning one of the car owner is out enjoying himself with his car-less friends who will jump at the opportunity of a free ride.

A black Hyundai was one of the two cars belonging to Adeoye(late Hadiza’s boyfriend) also an engineering student in his final year.

“Hey babe.” A guy popularly referred to as Scorpion greeted her from his room.

“Scorpy. How far na?” She replied and opened the door into her room downstairs. Even though Darasimi was brought up in the christian way. Since gaining admission four years ago, she has since lost some of the good characters imbibed in her. she now behave like every occupants of Harmony lodge. Harmony lodge has a sharp contrast to its name. The compound is far from being peaceful, since most of the boys occupying the rooms are either cultist or influential students of the school. So its either they fight because of girls or they fight to stamp authority.

On entering her room, she opened her wardrobe and picked a packet of noodles which she planned on eating. Her roomate, Sade travelled home to check on her sick mother. She walked into the kitchen as typical of other rooms in the whole lodge. A room, a kitchen and a bathroom incorporated with convinience materials.

She began cooking and in few minutes, the compound which seemed quiet when she walked in was begining to bustle.

“Oya place your bets.” A guy said to the others.

“Na five thousand I wan put o.” A familiar voice replied. The boys were playing their usual abnormal gambling game and today’s game seems not to be different. The task is anyone who can jump into a car through the window without having any body contact with the car body.

The car being used was the black Hyundai belonging to Deoye. A short statured guy opted to do the jumping and he did it successfully.

“Oya give him his money.” Deoye ordered bringing out the five thousand he promised earlier and giving it to the boy. A two hundred level naive but rich kid who was referred to as a common jew by the big boys of the lodge put up a struggle with them.

“I didn’t say I want to place a bet. I just said he can’t do the jumping.” The boy replied.

“I close my eyes now. Go bring your laptop and give it to Samson.” Deoye ordered the boy who ran into his room which is beside Darasimi’s room. Samson is the guy who jumped.

“Who dey cook for this area na?” Scorpion asked.

“e be like sey na Sade o.” Samson replied.

“Tar! Sade don travel na. Make we go check. Boys gats to chop na.” The guys(numbering up to twelve) excluding Tayo(the jew kid) who stood holding his laptop all walked toward’s Darasimi’s room.

“Hold that lappy well o.” Deoye advised.

“Kpom kpom kpom.” Sounded the knock on the door.

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Ngozi has been sleeping for over ten hours now. Right from when she woke up the previous day and grown hyperactive and dangerous. The doctor treating her sedated her with a very strong drug and it has been having effects on her. She woke up twice yesterday and all she asks for was food and water. Same thing with this morning and based on calculations made by her watchman, Thomas. He knew she’d be up in a matter of time Maybe minutes. Just then the door into the ward opened and Inspector Burahimo walked in with the CSP(Chief Supritendent of police) of the Area F-command, Haruna.

“Sir.” Thomas saluted the two officers immediately they walked in. Burahimo eased him with a wave of hand.

“How is she now?” CSP Haruna asked.

“Her condition is improving gradually all thanks to the infatigable doctors that we have here.” Thomas explained.

“Have you asked the doctor when she’ll be discharged?” Inspector Burahimo asked.

“Actually sir….” She coughed thereby bringing everyone’s attention to her side. She opened her eyes slowly afterwards.

“How you feeling now?” Haruna asked with concern after the two senior officials had told her to stay put and not bother to stress herself in greeting them. Ngozi felt important the moment she saw CSP Haruna inside her ward. The Police boss is someone who believed in himself and thinks he is above every other policeman under his jurisdiction. The last time Haruna visited a policeman in the hospital was when the state’s commisioner of police was shot by some unknown gunmen who attacked his church. Haruna visiting her placed her cards high alongside top police officials. This shows the level at which her contribution is appreciated.

Ngozi who could vividly remember what happened last before she woke up in the hospital. She was shot in the arm and at the same time witnessed a fellow policeman killed with a grenade bomb. The sight was horrific and she passed out.

–to be continued–