All In A Circle Episode 7



All packed and set. Tola zipped up her travelling bag and lifted it to her shoulder.

“Hey girls. Am set. Lets get out of here.” She called her friends. Dolapo and Chioma came in with their respective portable travelling bags.

“Lets go.” Tola said unlocking the door.

“Wait. Lets say our prayers.” Chioma said. The other two girls dropped their bags and held hands to form a circle and Chioma started praying.

“Heavenly father we bless your name because you are the alpha and the omega. The king of kings and the lord of lords…….” She began and her friends were saying amen to the prayers.

“I pray you grant eternal rest to our dear sisters, Hadiza and Dayo.” She got no replies and she was forced to open her eyes. She saw her two friends crying again. Knowing there is little to what she can do, she decided to end the prayer.

“I pray you be with us and our families. And quick justice is what we crave for. Thank you because you have answered our prayers. In Jesus name we prayed.” She concluded.

She embraced Tola and whispered words of assurance to her before walking over to Dolapo. Just then her phone rang.

“Hello sir.” She said on picking the call.

“Am in school. Okay, I’ll be expecting you.” She replied before ending the call. She dropped the bombshell.

“Inspector Clement is coming over to see me. So I won’t be leaving with you guys.” She said.

“No one is leaving then Abi?” Tola said referring her question Dolapo who could only nod in approval. They all sat down awaiting the arrival of Inspector Clement.



Hakym walked into the cell where Detective Okoro was being held early in the morning. Okoro opened his eyes immediately he noticed someone’s presence in his cell.

“Who are you?” Okoro asked. Hakym kicked him hard in the face thereby causing him to fall down and roll on the floor. He was bounded with a rope and had bruises all over his body. Hakym squatted beside him and puffed smoke of cigaret on his face. Okoro coughed as he tried to prevent percieving the odour.

“Do you know how long you’ve been here?” Hakym asked. Okoro kept mute. “You’ve been here for over three days and you are not co-operating with us. Tell us all we need to know and you’ll become a free man once again with compensations.” Hakym adviced.

“I don’t need your compensation here. As a matter of fact, I don’t see myself getting out of here but believe me. You’ll get your as5 kicked by the police.” Okoro replied spatting on Hakym thereby provoking Hakym’s anger.

“I’ll be back for you.” Hakym said immediately he recieved a message summoning his presence inside the great hall where Maleek sits and deliberate with his top officials.

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++++Inside the great hall+++++

The walls of the hall was painted red and a big throne stood in the middle of the hall with nothing less than fifteen chairs arranged around it. Eight out of the fifteen chairs were already occupied by men who had their head bent. Just then the door opened and another man walked in with a mask. His name was inscribed on his attire, ‘Hakym.’

“Welcome, you men of the Khabal. The time is now to let the government know what’s going on. The government is our sponsor but it is high time to attack one of them. Our next target is the deputy governor of the state we are in now. Ten men should be enough.” Abdul Maleek explained without mincing words.

“Long live Abdul the great.” The men who sat around his chair hailed.


Ngozi woke up with a start, she has been in coma for two days now.

“Thank God you are awake now.” The policeman sitting on the bedside chair said.

“How are you Thomas?” Ngozi asked.

“Thank God you still remember my name.” Thomas said smiling. Ngozi smiled too, trying to remember some things.

“Okoro. Where is he?” She asked.

“Who is Okoro?” Thomas asked.

Thomas had no idea who Okoro is. Reason being that Okoro was an officer from the headquarters while Thomas is a full time Area F officer who has never met Okoro before.

“I believe he is fine.” Thomas replied trying to calm her down. He thought Ngozi and Okoro are lovers and that’s the reason why she asked after him immediately she woke up. And to avoid any more problems, he had to tell her he is fine.

“I have to go. Where’s my gun?” Ngozi asked standing up.

“Where are you going?”

“Back to the field.” She replied.


Clement drove into the less spacious compund which shows a typical environment occupied by students. Even though the concrete floor was clean to some extent, litters were all over the place. A few rooms downstairs were locked, meaning the occupants have either ran away from school or taken cover somewhere. He proceeded to the stairs and ascended to the second floor. He knocked on the door of room 16A.

“Yes, am coming.” A female voice replied. The door opened and a beautiful girl of about twenty one opened the door. She smiled at Clement.

“Is Chioma in?” He asked.

“Yes.” The lady replied opening the door wider. Clement stepped into the room which was painted pink and white with three matresses placed around the room. Dolapo was lying down on one of the matresses while Tola was seated behind the only reading table in the room pressing her phone. Chioma walked in from within the inner room.

“Welcome sir.” She greeted their visitor.

“Thank you. How you today?”

“Am fine. Dolapo, Tola, Darasimi, this is Inspector Clement.” She introduced formally.

“You are welcome sir.” Darasimi replied while Tola was shaking her head to the music being played through the headset connected to her laptop. Dolapo only smiled sadly.

“Toooooolaaaa!” Chioma called.

“Yes!” She replied with a start.

“This is Inspector Clement.”

“Welcome sir.” She said smiling before slipping the headset back to her ears.

“Can we talk here?” He asked.

“Yes but…..” Chioma looked at Dolapo’s pale figure lying on the bed.

“Okay.” Clement replied as if he knew what she was try to pass accross but his gentleman’s instinct told him, Dolapo doesn’t want Dayo’s death to be mentioned in her presense.

“Let’s go outside.” Chioma said rising up and picking two plastic chairs from the inner room. Clement walked outside to wait for her on the corridor where they last had their conversation.

“How far have you gone in your investigation?” Chioma asked.

“We are almost done with the investigation but you girl’s cooperation will take us closer to the end. I appreciate your personal contribution but your friends are not helping matters. If we can get information from them, I believe it’ll take us a step further. By the way, who is that new girl?”

“Darasimi. She is a friend.” Chioma replied.

“She has always lived here with you girls or what?”

“She came over this morning to console Dolapo.” She replied.

“Are you girls that close?”

“Not really but she is an engineering student who lived in the same hostel with late Hadiza’s boyfriend.” Chioma explained.

“Have you seen Hadiza’s boyfriend lately?” He asked.

“No. He is probably mourning over her death.” She replied.

“He must be heartbroken by now.” He said sympathetically. Darasimi walked out of the room dresses in a blue t-shirt and a black jean trouser.

“Where are you going?” Chioma asked.

“I need to pick some things in my room.” She replied looking tensed.

“When are you coming back?” Chioma asked.

“I’ll come back later in the evening.” She replied.

“Okay. Bye.” Chioma said.

“Take care. Bye sir.” She said to Clement who replied her by nodding his head.

Darasimi walked along the corridor until she got to the end where she took the right turn and descended the staircase.

“Mike, a girl will come out of the gate now. Monitor her movement, report strange things to me directly and send pictures of people she converse with to me on whatsapp. Copy that?” Clement instructed. Chioma was looking at the police officer before her in a way that clearly showed her displeasure.

“Its nothing serious. Am just suspecting her.” He said assuringly.

“Hope she won’t be arrested sha?” She asked with concern written all over her face.

“Not at all. She will only lead us to our suspect.” He replied throwing her into more confusion but she decided not to probe further.

to be continued–