All In A Circle Episode 6


IME: 9:05AM

Gradually, the crowds started dispersing after the policemen had successfully transfered Dayo’s corpse to the school’s teaching hospital.

“Chioma, what is there for me to do in this life? Chioma answer me nau.” Dolapo wailed as the three friends were trekking back to their hostel.

“Dolapo, you have to be strong. Afterall, Dayo is our friend to but our wailing won’t bring her back. I know how close you two are and the relationship that you’ve built but God knows the best and I know whosoever that did this won’t go unpunished.” Chioma replied in a shaky voice as she tried to hold back the tears that threatened to spill. Just then a cream couloured Toyota Camry parked beside them.

“Hello ladies.” Inspector Clement greeted.

“Hello.” Chioma replied rudely.

“I understand what just happened to you guys but I think I can be of help in a situation like this. Let me give you a ride back to your hostel.” Clement offered.

“We appreciate your kind gesture, but our hostel is only a stone throw from here.” Chioma replied.

“If that is the case lets go there together. Am the officer in charge of your late friends’ case.” Clement introduced officially.

“No problems.” Chioma replied still holding Dolapo firmly like she’ll fall if left to walk on her own.

That moment Chioma is her pillar of support, how enemies become friends during trying periods. The two of them never seem to agree on the same thing but the friendship cord is still there waxing.

+++++Inside their room+++++

Chioma offered Clement a seat just outside their room very close to the door on the corridor.

“Am sorry my friends won’t be able to talk to you. We are all not feeling too well, am forcing myself to talk to you.” Chioma said as soon as she sat down opposite their guest.

“Tell me the things I need to know about Dayo.” Clement requested.

“She was my friend and we’ve been living together from the time we gained admission. Everyone of us here met while we were in the secondary school. Late Hadiza has lived all her life here in the south-west even though she is from the north, I met her when I came for holidays in my aunty who live in Lagos. I had my holiday lesson in her school.

Dolapo, Tolani and the late Oladayo all attended the same secondary school. And the two schools are neighbours.” Chioma replied.

Clement jotted somethings down.

“Tell me, when was the last time you girls had a misunderstanding?”

“We have misunderstandings alot but it is bound to happen between friends. We can’t reason alike you know?” She paused. Clement nodded urging her to continue. “The last misunderstanding we had was on the day Hadiza was killed. Hadiza accused Tola of misplacing her eye pencil. Girl’s fight sha. You understand what I mean, don’t you?” Clement nodded. “No matter the misunderstanding, the last thing on our minds is getting one another killed. We don’t have such minds.” Chioma added.

“I didn’t say that. Do you have a boyfriend?” Clement asked.

“Yes, I do.” She replied.

“What about Hadiza and Dayo?” He asked.

“Dayo is engaged to a guy who works in an oil company, he do visit her here when he is in town.”

“What’s his name?” Clement asked.

“Emmanuel.” She replied.

“What of Hadiza?” He asked. Just then his phone vibrated. It was a text message from Sergeatn Mike. It reads, Sir, with the help of the school security, I was able to nab the guy whon Dayo said took Hadiza outside before she found her dead. He is our number one suspect. We need you here asap! Clement smiled.

“I gotta run now. I’ll be back later.” Clement said standing up.

“See you later then.” Chioma replied.

“Your number please, so I can tell you when I’ll be coming.” He requested. Chioma typed her number on his cell phone.

“My regards to Dolapo and Tolani. You girls have to be strong.” With this he left hurriedly.


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Rachel walked out of the kitchen in her pink coloured night robes with her apron tied over it and her white and pink slippers. She walked into the living room where there were litters on the three seater sofa. The sitting room is a very coulourful one painted in brown and milky white colour. The curtains that hung on the window and the doorway was a combination of the milky colour and brown patches. The chairs were made of brown leather and the pillows milky white.

A 42-inches television hung perfectly to the wall opposite the three seater and the dinning area which stood right behind the three seater. A glass cabinet stood below the television set on which a dvd stood. Two sound speakers stood beside the glass cabinet nad two others at the far corner of the spacious living room. A flower vase stood on the table as well as on the cabinet beside the dvd and on the floor beside the two speakers.

Just then Clement emerged from within one of the rooms, already dressed in a black t-shirt and a black trouser. He had his small bag with him, in which he put his laptop.

“Darling, are you leaving already?” Rachel asked.

“Yeah. The issue at hand requires me to be at the office before eight.” Clement replied.

“Will you at least have your breakfast? It is almost done.” Rachel who was heavily pregnant asked.

“I wish I could but right now. I have to run.” He replied dropping his bag. He unzipped it and started packing the papers which litered the three seater chair and kept them inside the bag.

“See you later in the evening.” He said as he walked up to her and kissed her.

“Bye sweety.” She said to him as he opened the front door and slipped out of the house. She walked back into the kitchen to finish up with the cooking out of which she will only eat a little before setting out to her boutique .

To be continued