All In A Circle Episode 5


Clement and Mike hopped into the police car parked outside the CSO’s office and drove off. Things are beginning to get complicated and interesting. First, a certain Mr Kingsley was murdered the previous week, then some gunmen attacked the police headquarters for reasons best known to them, few hours later, a terrorist disguising as a bikeman took Detective Okoro to an unknown destination. The rescue team led by Sergeant Habeeb was attacked and few policemen escaped the attack, that same night, a student was killed by some unknown killers.

“Could all this be related?” Clement asked himself as he brought the car to a halt the moment the traffic light turns red.

“Seriously sir, the rate at which crime is being committed in this state is becoming alarming.” Mike said to his boss.

“A state which was known for peace is now becoming a shadow of its former self.”

“Which one do we handle first?” Mike asked.

“It is very simple. Kingsley’s death and the attack on the police headquaters including Okoro’s abduction are all from one angle while this student’s murder is a different case entirely. We’ll start with the case involving the student, then hopefully it may lead us to the terrorists. You know we can’t do anything concerning the terrorists now unless Ngozi returns from coma and recounts her ordeal.” Clement explained.

“In few days we’ll be through with Hadiza’s case. Thank God Dayo is co-operating with us.” Mike added. Clement only smiled as he ignited the car and drove off. He knew better than his partner.


Dayo was walking on a deserted road inside the school around the engineering department building. She could hear footsteps behind her but she waved off the thougts of it being danger. She was well aware that every student must have retired to their hostels latest by 8pm for security purpose because no one wants to be a victim. But the footstep was becoming stronger and the person seemed to be catching up on her but she won’t stop walking. Just then she took to her heels.

“If you dare take anymore step. You’ll have yourself to blame.” A deep masculine voice warned. She recognised the voice pretty well and so she was less perturbed.

“Deoye. You scared me.” She said when she turned back to face her late friend’s boyfriend. Deoye who stood at 5ft 6inches, well built, fair in complexion wore a frown as his face his late gilrfiend’s friend.

“So you eventually killed her right?” Deoye asked.

“I didn’t o. Why will I want to kill my friend who I have dined with, wined with, suffered with. We’ve done many thing together why will I want to kill her?”

“Are you asking me?” Deoye asked brandishing a kitchen knife.

“Deoye, you are scaring me.” She complained.

“I don’t mean to scare you. I want to kill you.” He replied.

“But am not responsible for Hadiza’s death.” She said. She was beginning to raise her voice.

“Fine. You took her to where she was killed.”This time Deoye had closed up on her. He stabbed her and dragged her body to a nearby bush where it will be conspicous by daybreak. He took to his heels since he has accomplished his goal.

TIME: 8:30AM

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A female body was lying by the tarred road that linked the school gate to the other parts of the university. Tens of students were standing by the dead body with pity. Traces of blood were visible from her pink top and black jean trouser.

“I know this girl now.” A guy said.

“Shut up jor. Which girl do you know? You just like setting pace in your family sha. Don’t tell me you want to be the first person to be arrested by the police in your family.” The girl beside him cut him short.

“She was the one who screamed at Desmond’s party when she saw a dead body killed by some cultists.” The guy said.

“I say shut up. Were you there when the cultist killed the girl. How sure are you that the girl was killed by the cultist? Kunle, you are still in 200L for crying out loud, you are two years away from becoming a graduate. Don’t spend that two years in prison o. Lets go.” The girl said holding him by the hand and dragging him away from the scene.

“I saw the guy who killed the girl at the party…..”

“Kunle! Are you mad?” She asked.

“Okay o. I’ve heard you.” He said giving up. The two of them continued walking towards the school gate leaving other onlookers and sympathisers behind. Just then a group of four girl ran to the scene wailing.

“Oh my God! Daaaaaaayyyyyooooo!” Chioma screamed immediately she got to where Dayo’s dead body laid. She threw herself to the ground and laid beside her wailing. The other three joined.

“Dayo! Please don’t leave us now. We are three weeks away from our last paper. Dayo please. We’ve gone far enough for you to die now. Dayoooo.” Tola cried. The third girl, Dolapo just stood still trying to relate the scene before her.

“Noooooooooooooooo!” Dolapo screamed and fainted. Everyone left what they were doing and ran to Dolapo’s aid. The reason behind Dolapo’s reaction was not far fetched. All her life, she has always known pain, suffering and emotional distress.

At the age of sixteen she lost both her parent at gunpoint when some gunmen attacked their home one night. Few months later, her father’s family members sent her out of the house accussing her of witchcraft and she had nowhere else to go except Dayo’s house, being her bestfriend. Dayo’s parent accepted her like their own daughter and treated her just the way her late parents used to treat her. They both gained admission the same time, all financed by her foster parents (Dayo’s parents). How will her life be now that her friend whom she refer to as her sister is dead. Dayo is the only child of her parents who at this stage are waiting to see Dayo graduate and get married to her long term boyfriend who works in an oil producing company. When she was eventually revived, she started her own version of wailing.

“Dayo! wait for me, I must die with you. What’s the essence of life without you? What does the future hold for me. Dayyyyoooooo! Nooooooooo.” She screamed and sympathisers tried to pacify her including her two friends who were previously wailing too. Just then the school’s security convoy drove to the scene and students fled for their lives.

“Move back all of you.” A man in their usual navy blue uniform barked at the students. Chioma succeeded in carrying her small statured friend, Dolapo away from the scene. Few minutes later, the men of the Nigeria’s police force arrived with an ambulance.

“Welcome Inspectore Clement.” The leader of the school’s security team said immediately Clement got down from his own car with Mike.

“When did this happen?” Clement asked.

“I guess it happened overnight.” The man replied.

“Wait o! Is this not the girl that came to give us some helpful information concerning her friend, Hadiza’s death?” Clement asked no one in particular.

“She was the one sir.” Mike replied. Clement kept quiet for a few seconds looking into space. He inhaled deeply just then he realised he’s been shedding tears.

to be continued–