All In A Circle Episode 4


The two police teams led by Sergeant Habeed drove into the untarred road where Inspector Clement’s car was parked with its door opened.

“Someone go check if the coast is clear.” Habeeb ordered. A young policeman in his mid twenties got down from the police bus and went to the car.

“Stop right there.” A voice said from inside the bush. The young man dropped his weapon at once and stood still waiting for his doom. Meanwhile, Habeeb and the rest were watching at the drama unfolds.

“This boy is a weakling. Lets get his Bottom covered.” Habeen said getting down from the bus and advancing carefully towards the car. Ngozi came out after realising that she just got a policeman. She came face to face with Habeeb and the others.

“Sergeant Habeeb.”Habeeb introduced saluting her. She did the same before introducing herself.

“Detective Ngozi.” She said too.

“I believe Okoro has been abducted.” Ngozi took time to give account of how Okoro was carried away by the bikeman. “Their van drove deep into the forest through this path.” Ngozi explained. Three policeman advanced deep into the forest. Shortly afterwards, three quick gunshots were heard.

“Did you hear that?” Ngozi asked.

“Yes I did. What could that be?” Habeeb asked.

“I just hope they’ve not killed our men.” Ngozi said. Just then footsteps were heard approaching them.

“I think we just ran into an ambush.” Habeeb said.

“What do we do? Hold them on or retreat?” Another police officer asked.

“Its best if we retreat.” Habeeb adviced.

“No, we shouldn’t.”

“All men, fall back into the van. We are retreating.” Habeeb announced. Just then gunshots began to pour on them like a heavy downpour. Policemen scampered around not knowing where the gunshots was springing from. The gun battle continued for the next few minutes with Sergeant Habeeb nowhere in sight.

“Ngozi came out of her hiding place just when a grenade was thrown to a policeman somewhere beside a heap of sand.

“Hey! A bomb is there beside you. Get out of there.” Just then she was hit on the arm by a bullet and at the same time, the grenade went off and blew off the policeman into parts. Ngozi passed out at once.

Seeing that Ngozi is down, other policemen took to their heels and the battle stopped. Ngozi was carried into the police bus and transferred to the hospital.

Dayo walked out of the hall and got outside in search of her friend, Hadiza. She searched franctically for her friend but couldn’t find her, just when she wanted to dial her number she saw a body lying in between two cars. Curiosity got the better of her and she walked in the direction of the body.

“Oh! my God.” She exclaimed as she saw the body, a girl in a pool of blood.

“Hadiza! somebody help….. Help.” She screamed at the top of her voice. Her voice grew so loud that despite the loud music blurring inside the hall, people still managed to help. Hundreds of students trooped out and went to check the reason for the screams. What they saw put many away and they took to their heels while a few who are brave enough put a call through to the police but they didn’t wait for the arrival of the police because they knew they’ll surely pay a price which is chilling in the police cell for at least twenty four hours.

That was all Dayo saw before she passed out and was rushed to the hospital by her friends before the arrival of the police.

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+++Back in their hostel+++

Chioma was standing near the window tears in her eyes just like everyone else in the room. They’ve been mourning the death of their friend, Hadiza. An easy going girl who hardly talked, she doesn’t talk during lectures, she had no friend in her department neither an enemy. She was not the shy type but she was an introvert. She only talked when she is around her friends.

“Seriously, am going home.” Chioma announced. Everyone has been minding their business and silence has taken over the room until Chioma broke the silence.

“Going home? To do what?” Tola asked.

“Don’t you know the school is no longer safe for any of us. Let us all leave the school for a while and let the police find whoever that is responsible for Hadiz death. But…” Chioma was saying when she broke down in tears.

“I agree with you. But its late already. Early tomorrow morning we’ll all leave and attend lectures from home till the time of our exams.” Tola replied. Just then Dayo’s phone rang. Everyone’s attention turned to her.

“Hello please who is this? Yes it me Oladayo.” She said on picking the call. She dropped the call after three minutes.

“The CSO(Chief Security Officer) wants to see me in his office now.” Dayo announced.

“Its almost 8pm.” Chioma said.

“Lemme go quickly. I’ll be back before nine.” She replied as she wore her flip flop slippers and walked out of the room.

“Dayo wait. We’ll all go with you.” Tola said.

“Don’t bother. I’ll be fine.” She replied.

+++At the CSO office+++

The CSO, Mr Bankole was seated in his office with the President of the Student’s Union Government and two men.

“Thank God you came. Dayo, I believe this man needs no introduction.” Bankole began. Pointing to the SUG president. Dayo nodded in affirmative.

“This is Inspector Clement and Sergeant Mike. They are men of the Nigerian police force.” Bankole went on.

“Good evening Sirs.” Dayo greeted the two men.

“Evening. How you doing Dayo?” Clement asked.

“Am fine sir” She replied.

“We were here yeaterday but we were told you are in the hospital. Hope you are good now.”

“Perfectly okay.” She replied.

“I learnt you are the one who discovered your friend’s corpse. Tell us more about it.” Clement went straight to the point.

Dayo said all that need to be said about the party, the guy that took the late Hadiza outside to talk but she kept the part when Deoye sent her a message that he’ll kill her. At exactly 9:15pm, Dayo was asked to go. Since her hostel is a stone throw from the CSO’s office, she decided to trek down home.

to be continued–