All In A Circle Episode 3


Five girls were seated in their room getting dressed for a birthday party. The girls, Dayo, Dolapo, Tola, Chioma and Hadiza are in their final year in the Lagos state university.

“Hadiza, why are you looking gloomy?” Tola asked.

“Deoye asked me not to go to that party.” Hadiza replied.

“Who is Deoye?” Tola asked.

“My boyfriend nau.” Hadiza replied.

“Oh! sorry. I thought you guys have broken up.”

“Why will he ask you not to go to the party?” Dayo, a computer science student asked.

“He said it is dangerous for me.”

“How come he knew that?” Dayo asked.

“He gave no tangible reason.” Hadiza replied.

“Babe, abeg free yourself. Nothing do you. We’ll all stay together throughout the party” Chioma, an Igbo girl studying English said assuringly. With these the ladies trooped out of their apartment and boarded a cab at the bus-stop that conveyed them to the venue of the party outside the school.

+++++++AT THE PARTY++++++++

As the party progresses, everyone was having fun and music was being played by a disc jockey who is expert at what he does.

“Baby lets talk outside.” A guy said to Hadiza as they were dancing and she obliged since they couldn’t hear themselves properly inside the party. They went outside and started talking. Dayo’s phone vibrated, she checked it and discovered she has a message which reads,

“You persuaded her to go with you bah? I’ll get you killed.” From Deo. Dayo knew Deoye was a dreaded cultist in the school. And messing around with his is as dangerous as messing with a lion. She quickly exited the hall and went in search of Hadiza whom she saw when she left the hall with a guy. But she met the shocker of her life when she got outside.

“Hakym, did you notice that cream coloured car has been on our trail since we left the police station?” Don, one of the gunmen asked one of his colleagues seated at the back of the van.

“You don’t mean it!” Hakym exclaimed.

“What’s the matter?” Kelvin who was behind the wheels asked.

“See that cream coloured car on our trail.” Hakym pointed. Kelvin looked through the rear mirror.

“Eh! This is my brother’s car. This is the end.” He matched on the accelerator and the van barged forward. Moving at its fastest pace.


Inside Clement’s car Okoro was trying hard to keep up with the blue van as well as trying not to make his speed suspicious to the occupants of the van. With the latest development he knew his cover has been blown because with the way the van sped off, he has been seen. He increased his speed too but the van was miles away from him.

“What’s the problem?” Ngozi asked as soon as Okoro swerved off the road to join an untarred road which the van went through few seconds ago.

“Sincerly speaking I don’t know.” Okoro replied. Okoro continued to pummel the car along the deserted road.

“I think its the fuel.” Okoro replied.

“Fuel? How come?” Ngozi asked looking at the fuel meter to see it blinking a red light. “What do we do now?” He asked.

“I don’t know. The neares petrol station is over hundred kilometre away from here and no car seems to be passing.” He replied himself. Just then a motorcyclist came passing with a sunshade covering his eyes. They both stopped him and he obliged.

“Please take me to the nearest feeling station.” Okoro pleaded. The bikeman urged him to mount the bike and rode off the bike leaving Ngozi who is scared of staying alone in such a deserted place. She removed her phone but the service was very bad, so she couldn’t make calls or recieve any.

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+++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++


Burahimo was loosing his temper and Mike was trying to calm him down while Clement was making a call.

“Habeeb, report reaching us now states that Okoro and his partner followed the gunmen that attacked the headquarters. They took the route that led to the boarder. Get two teams and provide backup.” Clement ordered.

“Right away sir.” Habeeb replied and sent a message accross the police headquarters requesting for eleven men who will make up the two teams.

+++In the deserted road++++

It over twenty minutes since Okoro left with the bikeman and there has been no trace of him or the bikeman. No other vehicle has passed since Okoro left and she is begining to feel uneasy and scared too.

“I pray nothing happens to him.” She said as she got down form the car and went to stand in the middle of the road with her gun firmly held and her sense of alertness activated.


The bikeman took the turning by the left at a junction marked with a sign post Khal corp.

“Excuse me. Is this the way to the gas station?” Okoro asked.

“I think you should shut up.” The bikeman warned. Okoro sensing danger at once jumped down from the bike and rolled on the floor. He removed his gun and just when he wanted to cork the gun, five armed men came out fom inside the bush.

“Pull the trigger and consider yourself a dead man.” One of the men warned as he shook the bikeman who drove off through the pathway.

“What do you want from me?” Okoro asked.

“You bloody policeman. Pick him up.” The man ordered as the remaining four men carried him. Suprisingly, he offered no resistance and he calmly let them carry him and off they went in the direction where the bikeman had gone. Okoro was praying in his mind as he was being carried into the deeper part of the forest. Just then he started hearing voices, percieving smells of marijuana and burning flesh. They came into a gathering of men who all had guns hung on their shoulders jubilating as they roasted a big antelop on fire.

“Who is this?” One of the men, a half caste asked.

“A policeman on our trail.”

“B—–d.” They yelled at him as they threw all manner of things at him. They kicked him before he was carried away. He was brought before a big gate which adorned a very big mansion, a warehouse in the deepest part of the forest.

“So something like this existed here.” He wondered but he didn’t let his current situation disturb him. He knew if he was to get out of here alive, he needed the help of his colleagues so he took time to take note of strange and things that could speed up his escape.

to be continued–